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Fubaar 10th Mar 2015 11:36

i see that the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Afairs, Mr Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno has just announced that if Australia does not back off in its current campaign to save the two drug runners from execution, Indonesia will open the flood gates and allow asylum seekers to form a "human tsunami" that will overwhelm Australia.

Interesting times ahead, I suspect... and soon.

PLovett 10th Mar 2015 12:49

Worrals, members of the ADF can serve overseas on secondment to selected foreign services. I doubt that the French Foreign Legion would come under that heading. What the legislation was designed to stop was Australian citizens serving as mercenaries with foreign forces.

It was introduced in or about the mid-1970s' when it was discovered that an Australian army officer had taken extended leave after secondment to a British regiment and signed up for a two year contract with the Sultan of Oman's army that was then fighting a communist insurgency in Dhofar province which neighbours Yemen. It was ironic as Oman had an arrangement with the Brits that officers could transfer to Oman for a 2 year service contract. They were still on the British list and retained all of their rights and privileges but were paid by Oman.

Flying Binghi, given the level of intelligence shown by most neo-Nazi groups it wouldn't surprise me that they could get the symbol back to front. Ironic really as in that form it is a Buddhist symbol.

Stanwell 10th Mar 2015 14:41

Greece's defence minister is threatening the EU with the same thing unless they 'come to the party' financially. :hmm:

Ethel the Aardvark 10th Mar 2015 14:42

I hear that aborigines live in their communities due a lifestyle choice. Good old Tony, I knew he wouldn't let me down. That's the pensioner and black fella vote lost this week and it's only Tuesday.

Dark Knight 11th Mar 2015 00:03


PM Tony Abbott is telling it like it is for a change.

Since the days of Whitlam we have spent tens of billions dollars for aboriginals and still they say they are far behind.

The question which must be asked is why and particularly asked by the aboriginals themselves is why, where has the money gone and what have we done to help ourselves?

chuboy 11th Mar 2015 00:20

Have to agree with Dark Knight on this one. This will of course be Tony's "gaffe of the week" but he is telling it like it is.

Mundine reckons this is not about lifestyle, it's about being connected with the land your people grew up on for thousands of years.

Well 40000 years ago there was no Centrelink and the ancestors seemed to get on just fine. So if you want to stay connected with the land and your people be my guest, power to you and I think it's great. But you don't need any help from the government.

If you want welfare, and I 100% believe in having a welfare net for people to get a hand up, then it comes with strings attached. You shouldn't expect to have your cake and eat it.

PinkusDickus 11th Mar 2015 02:13

There are those so dumb they'll believe Labor lies, and other deceptive enough to broadcast them. To his detriment, Abbott calls out the lies at the risk of losing votes from aboriginals and guillible pensioners.

That's the pensioner and black fella vote lost this week and it's only Tuesday.

Abbott blasts SA pension ads as 'lies'
15 MINUTES AGO MARCH 11, 2015 12:51PM
TONY Abbott has threatened to unleash a taxpayer-funded "truth" campaign to counter "utterly dishonest" South Australian government ads about pensions.
RETIREES in the state will have to pay an extra $190 in council rates from July after the federal government cut $30 million from a fund the state used to subsidise rates for pensioners.
Premier Jay Weatherill says his government can't afford to continue subsidising pensioners and plans to ramp-up a $1.1 million television advertising campaign to force the federal government to reverse the cuts.
But the prime minister blasted the ad blitz as "totally dishonest" because every other state had continued to pass on the concessions.
The state Labor government was itself making budget savings.
"Frankly, they should not be wasting taxpayers' money to promote lies," Mr Abbott told reporters in Mount Gambier on Wednesday.
"If they're not careful there will be a taxpayer-funded truth campaign to counter these lies."
Jay Wetherill is the premier who paid self acknowledged drug cheat Lance Armstrong millions of taxpayer dollars to appear in Tour Down Under - go figure.

rh200 11th Mar 2015 02:27

PM Tony Abbott is telling it like it is for a change.
Yep, don't apologies

Since the days of Whitlam we have spent tens of billions dollars for aboriginals and still they say they are far behind.
Fancy that I was just speaking to young bloke the other day about this very aspect. He is of Vietnamese lineage, in fact his mum who can barely speak English helps out in his business. He was just shaking his head at the percentage of welfare that goes to aboriginals out of the budget.

As some one who comes from the parts of the state where there is a large amount of these communities, I can say the vast majority of them have nothing to do with being part of the land. Frankly the vast majority of them are just degenerate sh!tholes with people just alive feeling sorry for themselves.

That said, the answer is not to just "Shut them down" and transplant them in the nearest sh!thole mainstream town (such as Wyndham, Derby, headland), all that will do is move the problem. There is no easy quick way to solve it. But a good first step is to acknowledge that, and work out a non group huggy solution.

Fubaar 11th Mar 2015 03:20

The biggest favour an Australian government could do for Aboriginal Australians would be to treat them exactly the same way as the rest of Australians are treated.

For those who say we need to continue the current reverse discrimination which has been holy writ for the last 40 years, I can only say it isn't working.

Fubaar 11th Mar 2015 03:41

Interesting clip.

Farah 4 Kidz - Today Tonight Adelaide

It will be interesting to see if Scott Morrison puts a stop to this rort.

PinkusDickus 11th Mar 2015 04:54

When these children grow up they'll be rebirthing cars and collecting Centrelink under their own names (plural).


Stanwell 11th Mar 2015 05:24

How about a little appreciation of Australia's history...

In the late 1800s, the Abos were expected to die out (become extinct) within a few generations.
Well, they didn't.
Bloody inconvenient, that - it would have solved a few problems, wouldn't it?

Righto, you people still with the 'squatter mentality', what's plan B?
What do you reckon is fair rent?

Generously 'granting' many square miles of semi-desert or land otherwise useless to the whitey?
Admittedly, some mistakes were made. A number of those areas contained previously undiscovered mineral resources. Sloppy work, there.

So, the idea now seems to be to move them back into the towns...
So that they can more easily attend Centrelink interviews??

Hang in there, Blackfella - we know what's best for "our" country. :ok:

p.s. Before the ranting, rabid right come in... I've lived and worked with them - Have you?

rh200 11th Mar 2015 05:41

I've lived and worked with them - Have you?
Lived with grew up with, fought with, worked beside, in country towns, on stations, on mines, in the city, have you?

Stanwell 11th Mar 2015 05:55

And I've gotta say that they were generally better fighters than me. :{

p.s. I must add that a number of those 'differences' came about as a result of me saying..
"Look mate, I don't call you 'coon', so don't call me 'whitey', OK?".

gupta 11th Mar 2015 05:59

10 years living & working in Central Australia, worked with, for & lived among in the remote areas, worked with, lived & socialised in the urban areas.

There's the long standing example & sore point of Papunya Hospital, where a complete hospital was built in the remote community but no major medical procedures were carried out due lack of readily available emergency backup.
Building is now an empty ruin - another "win" for the East Coast do-gooders.

In truth, many remote dwellers are certainly out there by preference, but not expecting full utility services - that requirement comes from the "aboriginal industry" advisers. And each time the infrastructure gets built, some people go further out & away by preference, as they didn't want to live with all the encumbrances.

Pinky the pilot 11th Mar 2015 07:24

Heard Noel Pearson on the ABC radio get stuck into the PM's comment re the remote settlements and thought I heard him say that there are remote Whitefella settlements that would not exist without the taxpayer funding them.


Can someone name one for me?

CoodaShooda 11th Mar 2015 08:44

Darwin :E:ok:

Fubaar 11th Mar 2015 09:46

Canberra. .

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 11th Mar 2015 10:27

Having lived and worked in East Arnhem Land for a number of years, the trouble with the "Outstation" system is that, while yes it does allow the locals to live the "idyllic" (romanticized?) lifestyle they have lived for 40000 years, it is also expected that all the trappings of 21 century life are also included. Thus even though there is no one to call, the public phones are installed and maintained at great cost. The only access is by light aircraft or 4wd track, so there is no industry or often any employment, but the dole is still paid even though there is no chance of work. Schools are built, staffed, equipped, and maintained, even though truancy is rife, but it's the white mans fault that education is below the national average, and there's no where to use the education anyway. Medical clinics are built, staffed, equipped, and maintained, but it's still expected that the government will come and take them to the nearest hospital when they feel sick. 30 people living in the bush have satellite internet installed, even though they have no running water. The waste of government money is profligate.
I remember the Mayor of Alice Springs being pilloried because he refused to install showers and drinking taps on the bank of the Todd River where a camp had been set up, because he said that they had just installed them 50 metres up the river where the camp had just been, and were not going spend the rate-payers money every time someone sat down for a couple of days.
One of the islands of the north coast had a jetty built, and tracks bulldozed to a new settlement site chosen by the locals, building materials shipped in and transported at great cost, and construction of the dwellings almost completed, when the "owners" decided that all the gear needed to be moved to the other side of the island because the "fishing was better". And it was.
To be blunt, it is a "Lifestyle" decision. Half their luck to have it pandered to. Good on TA for pointing out to the hand-wringers that a few people who choose to live in the middle of the great fcuk all, for whatever reason, cannot expect the same services that larger communities get.

Fubaar 11th Mar 2015 12:01

I could name a pilot friend who, quite some years ago now, (in the 80s), was chartered in a light twin to fly from Darwin to a remote settlement with a load of family sized buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Your taxes at work.

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