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allan907 10th Jul 2012 15:32

"Another boat, another policy failure"

And on a daily basis too :eek:

Andu 10th Jul 2012 22:51

I haven't heard, has today's boat arrived yet?
two boats yesterday, apparently, and a 43 year old Indonesian fisherman found innocent of people smuggling after 18 months in Australian detention.

Apparently, he was offered $300 to be a cook on a tourist fishing trip and was utterly surprised to find the boat filling with strangers. Then the captain got off the boat after giving the hapless cook a compass bearing to steer. "Wassen me, I wassen even in the country. I was just a poor fisherman duped into crewing the boat."

The gentleman, heavily disguised so he could not be identified by those dreadful people smugglers, said he had no complaints about the way he was treated. He was given "good accommodation, was treated very well, a health check, English lessons. Australia is a great place."

What's the bet he was also given tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation after having been found innocent?

parabellum 11th Jul 2012 09:32

Gillard doesn't have any more other peoples money to give away so she is now dispensing largess! Brisbane get the next conference (and the bill for public disorder).:rolleyes:

Andu 11th Jul 2012 09:58

...and we've all had it wrong all these years. Just as 'hyperbole' is actually pronounced 'hyperbowl', Labor Party' as 'Labor Pardee', Yeppoon, (S23.07.48 E150.44.00) is pronounced 'YupON'.

Another display of Juliar's wide knowledge of the nation she 'leads' (!!) that is not likely to go down well with the Central Queenslanders.

allan907 11th Jul 2012 12:47

not likely to go down well with the Central Queenslanders.
and certainly not likely to go down well with West Australians. The leader of the Labor party here (Mark McGowan in case you were wondering!) has stated that Gillard is not welcome in WA to help with electioneering in the run up to the State election.


david1300 11th Jul 2012 23:53

Smugglers' distress call rescue tactic
  • by: Paul Maley and Peter Alford
  • From: The Australian
  • July 12, 2012 12:00AM
PEOPLE-SMUGGLERS are instructing asylum-seekers to call Australian rescue crews as soon as their boats are barely off the Indonesian coast in a new tactic that is further stretching Australia's already overworked Customs and navy crew.
As authorities yesterday moved to assist an asylum boat north of Christmas Island after a distress call from those on board - the second in 24 hours - sources close to the smuggling trade in Jakarta told The Australian people-smugglers were encouraging passengers to use the Australian navy as a collection service to Christmas Island.

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Howard Hughes 11th Jul 2012 23:58

Time for a fecking big fence me thinks, I know we can do it, after all we built the 'dingo fence' didn't we?:ok:

allan907 12th Jul 2012 01:36

So it's not only Australians that think Gillard is a joke.

Much more of this and maybe the citizens will start to take the law into their own hands. Thanks for getting us into this postion Jooliar. :yuk:

Andu 12th Jul 2012 06:31

Queenslanders will be pleased to have learned today that, according to our Prime Minister, Brisbane is "a world class ciddie".

Meanwhile, yet another boat arrived today, with at least three "poor, oppressed" asylum seekers among its passengers with enough money to have sat. phones with which they made (it would appear HOAX) distress calls not long after leaving port.

....oh, and (of course), they're now on the way to Christmas Island on HMAS Taxi.

SOPS 12th Jul 2012 10:27

When HMAS Rescue arrives at the "boat in distress", if it is found not to be in actual trouble, why cant the just turn around an head off again?

RJM 12th Jul 2012 13:35

Meanwhile, for our entertainment, there's a by-election on Saturday 21st July in the Victorian state seat of Melbourne. The principal candidates are both Melbourne city councillors - for Labor, Greek schoolteacher turned Labor lawyer Jennifer Kanis and for the Greens, environmental sustainability activist Cathy Oke. There's no Liberal candidate.

The money's on the Greens, with the Labor candidate saying, without a trace of a laugh, that hardly anyone she's talked to mentions Gillard and federal Labor in relation to their voting decision.

The Greens have wheeled in Mad Bob, but Gillard hasn't been 'helping' the Labor campaign, other than by staying away.

Relations between the two ladies are still fairly civil, but there's every chance of things livening up before the poll.

SOPS 12th Jul 2012 14:06

Not being up with Vic state politics, why no Lib Candidate?

1DC 12th Jul 2012 14:58

I believe that it is compulsory to vote in Oz, so what does a liberal do if he or she has no candidate?

RJM 12th Jul 2012 15:36

The Liberals are in power in Victoria, with 45 pro-Liberal seats to 42 anti-Liberal. Melbourne is regarded as a Liberal 'dead zone', with any Liberal candidate unable to win outright or on preferences.

Imho, the Libs are not running a candidate in order to force Labor, especially Gillard, to campaign hard against the Greens, their federal partners whose support Labor needs to stay in power in Canberra. That's one of the reasons this should be entertaining.

It's a bit rough on the local Liberals, but they'll either have to vote Green (which is most likely) who have preferenced Labor ninth, or for one of the fringe right-wingers among the big field of candidates, or vote 'informal' (ie in a way that doesn't count. Last time in this electorate, Labor won on Liberal preferences, and a Labor win is the last thing the Liberals want now, even though it wouldn't change the Vic parliament numbers. Far better a Greens victory. It still won't hurt the local balance of power, but it would pour petrol on the federal Greens/Labor stoush.

Compulsory voting makes preferences very important in these situations, and even if you vote for a candidate who gets almost no votes, your preferences stay alive. As low-polling candidates are progressively knocked out in the count, your preference trickles on finally to be distributed between the last two standing.

RJM 12th Jul 2012 20:11

Getting desperate...

On the day of the Melbourne by-election, Julia will be holding her own little media event:

"On July 21st, Deakin University, Google+, Fairfax and OurSay are hosting an Australian first: Prime Minister Julia Gillard will answer your questions in a “Google Hangout”, an internationally live web broadcast.

Want to be a part of it? Post your question for the Prime Minister on OurSay.org and vote for your favourite questions too. The three people who ask the most popular questions will join Prime Minister Julia Gillard for a Hangout moderated by Fairfax political reporter Misha Schubert.

Voting ends on July 19th at 5 PM."

Misha Schubert is a 'friendly' of course, so there'll be no questions like the popular "Why don't you p*ss off?"

Andu 12th Jul 2012 22:49

It will be interesting to see the number of informal votes that are lodged in the seat of Melbourne by-election. Me? I'd scrawl "none of the above" in very large letters on my slip - and I'm damned tempted to do in my own electorate.

CoodaShooda 13th Jul 2012 03:55


From what I gather there's a tussle on between Bolt Followers and Get Up to promote the top three questions.

Last I heard, the right was in the lead with climate change/tax questions.

Democracy at work. :hmm:

Buster Hyman 13th Jul 2012 05:01

The Bolters will win that. Those GetUp guys have no stamina...they collapse at the drop of a hat!

Saltie 13th Jul 2012 07:12

No boat(s) today?

Or should that be "yet"?

I'm a bit surprised someone hasn't come up with some new lyrics to Craig Emerson's "No Whyalla wipeout" along the lines of:

Watch a horror leader ruinin' my country,
Horror leader runiin' my country,
Horror leader ruinin' my country,
Shockin' me right outa my brain...
Shockin' me right out of my brain...

She's bound to do ya in, get ya under your skin
With the sound of her bray, oh yeah
She's bound to be a nation killer, we're all bound for the chiller
She's bound to be a nation killer, oh yeah

Horror leader, ruinin' my country,
Horror leader, ruinin' my country,
Horror leader, ruinin' my country,
And.. it's... shockin' ... me ...right ... out of ... my ... brain...

allan907 14th Jul 2012 07:39

In the meantime in order to demonstrate how much notice the Indons take of our Dear Leader :yuk: the following appeared in today's papers:

The Indonesian Government is growing impatient with the 10,00 or more asylum seekers using its country as a waiting room and wants Australia to accept more to reduce numbers.




It was up to Australia to ease Indonesia's burden by "opening your doors as wide as possible" Johnny Hutauruk, deputy head of the Human Trafficking, Refugees and Asylum Seekers desk said.
So, Indonesia appears not to be able to stop them at the airports by applying the immigration and passport checks that every other country does and we have to fling our doors wide to accept them.

Thanks Jooliar :yuk:. The Indons are laughing at us - can you hear it?

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