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bosnich71 26th Jan 2015 10:53

Worrals ... Prior to about 1980 ... give or take .... a British citizen could join the Australian armed forces without being a citizen of Australia. More than likely after the rules were changed they would have been advised to become an Australian citizen probably because of security reasons, i.e. if you're not an Aussie we won't clear you to work on anything remotely secure so ipso facto you don't have a job. Happened to me and I was a mere civvy working on defence projects. Ironically some of the Australian born blokes I worked with took a lot longer to be cleared than I, the foreigner,did.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jan 2015 11:00

if you're not an Aussie we won't clear you to work on anything remotely secure so ipso facto you don't have a job
That's as I recall it in the 2000s. Kiwis and Brits used to get a bit upset, but them was the rules. To join the APS (and the ADF) you had to be either an Australian citizen or eligible to become one within the next six months. Being a dual wasn't a problem.

Stanwell 26th Jan 2015 11:03

Re your post 15791..
Are you sure?

My memory might be dimming, so I'm not arguing.
It's just that I was involved in that bullsh1t and I don't recall encountering any non-Australian conscripts.
Could you provide a reference for me, please?

bosnich71 26th Jan 2015 11:03

Ethel .... as I remember it all the left leaning Numpties got their knickers in a twist when Abbott announced his Aussie knighthoods 12 months ago. Most seemed to think that such awards were irrelevant so why are they all now banging on about Phil getting a gong ?

bosnich71 26th Jan 2015 11:23

Stanwell .... As I said to Worrals prior to 1980 ish ... and I'm sure someone on here will know the exact date .... if you were a British citizen you were regarded as an Australian citizen with reference to such things as voting rights, joining the civil service, the armed forces etc. and of course you were liable to National Service as well. This could lead some to believe that only Australian citizens were called up. Take a look at the casualty lists for Viet Nam. You'll find some who are listed as British and as I've said they did not have to be citizens. By the late 80s' when my youngest joined the ADF he had to be an Australian citizen. Funnily enough it took the Army nearly 12 months, after Infantry training, to discover that he was still a Pom and had him go down to Sydney and become one of God's chosen few or else they would chuck him out.
Before the changes newspapers carried adverts for the above jobs which stated something along the lines of " must be Australian citizens or of British descent".

Hempy 26th Jan 2015 12:14

It was "The Regularisation of Status Program" in 1980 that changed a couple pf things. Residents were offered Citizenship, and rules changed in regards to requirements for citizenship in Public Service employment.

Not only were Brits who were residents in Australia required to register for National Service, at least 400 British Army soldiers joined the Australian Army in London and went straight into training for Vietnam. See 'Australia House Men'.

There's an interesting video on Brits serving in Vietnam if you have the time. Other than the SAS/SBS doing their thing on the periphery, most Brits who fought in Vietnam served with Australian forces.

Ethel the Aardvark 26th Jan 2015 12:45

Thanks Boz, it appears the right wing numbties are now getting their smalls in an uncomfortable creation for wearing. I guess Phill and Dum Dum have a lot in common when it comes to off the cuff chit chat.
I also understand Mr Hockey has told the great unwashed that he expects people to live longer and maybe even long enough to see him pass a budget

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jan 2015 21:59

Cheers for that, Hempy.

Ethel the Aardvark 27th Jan 2015 05:28

Classic Newman election photo

bosnich71 27th Jan 2015 07:20

Ethel .... perhaps Hockey is, like most of us with at least half a brain, waiting for the Tart and the V8 enthusiast to die and then the world can carry on turning again.

Ethel the Aardvark 27th Jan 2015 12:13

I didn't know Abbott was a V8 enthusiast!
Where is Pyne the poodle in all this, surely he must still be on team Abbott,

bosnich71 27th Jan 2015 21:31

Ethel ... you really are a plonker.

PinkusDickus 27th Jan 2015 23:30


By your posts you convey more about yourself than you do about Abbott and Pyne - you really are a plonker.

I didn't know Abbott was a V8 enthusiast!
Where is Pyne the poodle in all this, surely he must still be on team Abbott,

Pinky the pilot 28th Jan 2015 00:28


By your posts you convey more about yourself than you do about Abbott and Pyne - you really are a plonker.
bosnich71 & PinkusDickus; Come on, you blokes. You should know by now that you cannot expect anything better from a Greens staffer!

I agree with your observations BTW.

Hempy 28th Jan 2015 03:21

You blokes really are funny. Every time someone posts an opinion different to yours suddenly theres a massive conspiracy going on. Ethel is variously a Greens Staffer or an ALP stooge, John Hill is North Korean etc etc. Talk about paranoid...:rolleyes:

Tin foil hats on as well lads? :ugh::ugh: Nutjobs.

bosnich71 28th Jan 2015 03:35

Hempy ... Ethel doesn't have opinions, he never replies to anyone, just repeats his drivel, a bit pathetic really. Surely you've worked that out by now. If he is employed as a 'green staffer, ALP stooge', or whatever, he would surely have come up with at least one statement worth reading rather than his present total of S.F.A.

parabellum 28th Jan 2015 04:25

:*Don't think I have ever heard so much hot air and waffle over an award to anyone! What actual difference does it make? None. Who missed out because of it? No One. According to the published lists, hundreds of people have been recognised for their services and Phillip's support of Australian activities, particularly in the rural agricultural areas, some years ago, is still much appreciated by those it affected.

Of course the Republican movement, led by Shorten and heavily supported by the media are jumping on the band wagon, trying to make a meal out of it and suggest it has far reaching and damaging effects when the truth is the opposite. There is no way awarding an honour to Phillip should, in any way, effect Campbell Newman in Queensland yet it is front and centre on at least one major rag and yesterday the Herald Sun claimed that the award to Phillip was "an insult to all Australians", how exactly?

Talk about mountains out of molehills.:*

MTOW 28th Jan 2015 05:01

Sadly, parrabellum, as crazy as it may seem, it probably will affect Campbell Newman. Few don't think it isn't going to be a very close run thing whether Newman holds or loses his seat. The patently silly Duke of Edinburgh storm in a teacup, along with Alan Jones' stirring of the possum in Queensland, might just tip the balance one way of the other.

I wonder how Jones will feel if he succeeds in rolling Newman? I still can't get over a senior media figure going spare because a politician lied to him. Politicians lie damn near every time they move their lips, Alan.

parabellum 28th Jan 2015 05:26

Well, MTOW, I will hope for the best! Jones is now collecting writs like Christmas cards, mainly from politicians.

Worrals in the wilds 28th Jan 2015 06:08

I wonder how Jones will feel if he succeeds in rolling Newman?
The voters of Ashgrove decide that, not Jones :8:}. That said, I read or heard somewhere that political geeks estimate that Jones can affect an election result by 2-3%, though I don't know how scientific that is.

I was also surprised at a poll a fortnight or so ago, that found a big percentage of voters were taking federal issues into account. That surprised me, because generally I think most swinging voters can separate the two.

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