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bosnich71 6th Nov 2014 21:58

Ken ........ good one !

Andu 7th Nov 2014 21:39

Pickering, on his blog site, makes a couple of very good points about Jacqui Lambi's latest sound bite. However, what's disturbing is the number of people responding to the article supporting Lambi, seeing her a champion of the poor downtrodden Digger.

It would seem you can fool some of the people all of the time.

I would think that most servicemen find her as cringeworthy as I do, and I'm SO looking forward to someone who served with her as an MP to put pen to electronic paper and give us all some insight into how she was seen by her contemporaries.

7x7 8th Nov 2014 01:35

Police foil Remembrance Day terror attack in London

If the bros managed to pull off an attack like this successfully, I wonder what changes we would see in British (and our) society? The poor sods in charge of royal security must have ulcers the size of soup bowls, for I really don't think it's 100% possible to defend anyone against a team of assassins who are all willing to die.

SOPS 8th Nov 2014 01:52

Is it not time that we stopped this PC, Multi culture clap trap stuff and say enough is enough? Either we start deporting or set up a large camp somewhere south of Ayers Rock.
There is an enemy amongst us, what will it take for the those in power to admit to it?

Andu 8th Nov 2014 03:52

If the homegrowns manage to murder the Queen, (as these four are alleged to have been planning to), I wouldn't be surprised to find the Poms eventually switching from Chamberlain mode to Churchill mode and re-opening one of those cold, bleak, Godforsaken islands off the Scottish coast to 'house' the malcontents. (A good one would be the one where they did the anthrax trials during WW2 and let the internees 'self administer' the facility.)

However, I couldn't see "call me Dave" having the spine to do it, and I haven't seen anyone in the Conservative Party since Maggie was given the flick who has the spine to do anything even remotely like that. A UKIP government perhaps? I daresay they'd get a lot more votes than they might now after any such event.

I wonder how outrageous an 'event' it would take here to shake our mob into any such action? A successful attack on Lucas Heights that made half, if not all of Sydney uninhabitable? (Remember, one lot were locked up a few years ago for planning just that and the reaction of most Australians was 'ho hum, put another snag on the barbie'.) I can't think of anything short of that that might - stress might - shake the resolve of the (many, it would seem) Sarah Hanson-Youngs and Julian Burnsides in our midst to continue to make excuses for these poor, alienated, lost souls who want to kill us all.

Pinky the pilot 8th Nov 2014 06:15

I wonder how outrageous an 'event' it would take here to shake our mob into any such action
Choose any of the 'events' that have featured anywhere in the Western world over the last few years and I suspect that if it happened here, then our mob would do something! Well, they'd have to be seen to be doing something now, wouldn't they?:rolleyes:

However, it's what they would actually do that worries me in more ways than one.:uhoh: For instance; assume that it is an attack made with firearms.

Would law abiding firearms owners with legal, registered firearms be subjected to yet another round of taxpayer funded confiscations? And we have already seen how that affected the criminal classes with illegally held firearms. Far easier to grab guns that you know about than ones you don't.:*

One other thing I also find somewhat worrying; After the 'event'.....oh hell, let's call it what it would be.... A Terrorist attack/outrage, I have a quiet fear that there would be a severe backlash against people such as the Hanson- Youngs and Burnsides amongst us; people who actively supported the immigration to Australia of the people who and lets face it, would in all likelihood be the ones responsible for such an attack!

Such a backlash as I fear would quite simply be not warranted or excusable. Instead, it is my opinion that they should be made to account to the Australian people their reasoning behind allowing the offenders to come here.

Just my 2 cents worth.

SOPS 8th Nov 2014 06:58

I'm a listening via the Internet to LBC radio in London. It is very interesting. They are discussing the plot against the Queen. The number of people calling in to say basically ......can we please stop calling these people 'dis effected youth' and call them what they are..Islamic terrorists...is incredible. Maybe, just maybe, slowly things are changing.

Andu 8th Nov 2014 08:00

If the Brits ever do reach the point where they 'react' to the Islamic invasion, I believe we'll see a 'reaction' that will make the Cronulla riots look like what they were - a very tame and reasoned response to long term unacceptable behaviour.

bosnich71 8th Nov 2014 09:49

Andu .... " a very tame and reasoned response to long term unacceptable behaviour".
That may well be true but the MSM at the time, and since, have always laid the blame on the Anglo Australians. You and I and heaps of others know that that is a heap of cow manure but the chattering classes live in a parallel universe.

SOPS 8th Nov 2014 10:26

Until the PC rot stops, Anglo Australians will always be blamed. But when the 'event' happens, things will change quickly.

SOPS 8th Nov 2014 11:08

And on another note, a big thumbs up to the Queen, saying she will attend remembrance services tomorrow, despite the threat on her life.

Hitler could not scare her family, I am sure she feels the same about a few bearded whack jobs.:D:D:D

7x7 8th Nov 2014 20:51

On the topic of PC rot, this morning's article about comedian Bill Maher on the Morning Mail is interesting, and the comment following it (which I've cut and pasted below) says it all.

Qur'an ? is it hate speech? Is Islam just another religion? Bill Maher. ? News

Jack Richards 08/11/2014, 8:21 am

Australia does have laws against “hate speech” that are rigorously enforced. “Hate speech” is any comment on immigration, religion, culture, aborigines or refugees uttered by any heterosexual white male. Anything screeched and screamed by anyone other than a heterosexual white male is fair comment and must be celebrated as aiding the achievement of equality, diversity and multiculturalism.
There's also an article defending Jacqui Lambie.

Ethel the Aardvark 8th Nov 2014 23:00

Did I see you lot on that TV show 'doomsday preppers' the other night.

Hempy 9th Nov 2014 00:53

Oh Ethel, will you stop being so naive? Can't you see the threat here? They are all in Jihadist camps right now learning how to hack your head off with a blunt carving knife. Muslim hotbeds like Condobolin, Boort, Walla Walla, Yarck..they are everywhere! I say we need to relax gun laws so that we can all arm ourselves against the enemy amongst us, and certainly open up some camps somewhere (I don't care where, as long as they are not near me) where we can concentrate all the Islamists into. I don't know how the average Australian sleeps at night tbh, with such a threat right here on our doorstep. I know that my daily routine has had to change immensely so that I can continue to stay 'safe' with all the bad people running around here. I'm so scared.

7x7 9th Nov 2014 05:16

Do you two get time and half working on Sundays?

Ethel the Aardvark 9th Nov 2014 06:46

I thought it was double time on Sunday's but Hockey has probably cut it back to time and a half! :ooh:

Hempy 9th Nov 2014 07:51

Mines built in but I do get an extra weeks leave..

Ethel the Aardvark 9th Nov 2014 09:19

I watched the Bolt report today. Several times he announced how frightened he was watching the ginger jihadist. I now understand why the rest of his disciples are building panic rooms.
When you announce that sort of crap you are giving the jihadists exactly the response that they are after, why even show there propaganda on the news? the gov doesn't want us to be scared do they!

Takan Inchovit 9th Nov 2014 18:45

Have you put that sign up in the grounds of your local mosque yet?

Andu 10th Nov 2014 02:07

Is Ben Roberts-Smith taking his first tentative steps towards seeking Liberal Party pre-selection some time in the future?

They could do worse.

I for one would like to see a rather large number of MPs on both sides of politics in the not so distant future who had done some time in uniform, particularly if they had done some time on active service. Jacquie Lambie being the glaring exception that proves the rule.


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