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rh200 21st Oct 2014 06:27

United Nations Flag" is to be flown in a position of honour
Do they print it on toilet paper? I've got a position of honor for it.!

Ken Borough 21st Oct 2014 06:29


Why exclude many Austealian citizens from such a poll? Many or most of them have greater pride in and respect for the Australian flag thann most home-grown citizens.

Andu 21st Oct 2014 07:07

Tim Lester on Channel 7's evening news just breathlessly announced that Whitlam got the troops out of Vietnam. Do these clowns do any research before going before the cameras?

Captain Sand Dune 21st Oct 2014 08:06


Worrals in the wilds 21st Oct 2014 09:01

The largest group was those who couldn't be bothered to turn up (30.7%).
That's lousy, even by bye election standards :(. I'd guess that the Greens picked up a fair chunk of dissafected Labor voters. Either way, it sounds like NT Labor have some major work to do. Even though their MP has retired early (which always annoys voters) that's a terrible result; if the CLP stayed steady then I'd guess that a lot of the no-shows were disgruntled Labor voters.

How long will we have to wait before we are forced to endure a similar bullshitfest when "hawkie" (!) goes to join Gough and meet his Maker, (the one he does not believe exists)?
I'm sure Howard will generate a similar level of mawkish fawning when the time comes. Possibly Fraser won't...:E

I wouldn't be surprised if ABC TV even suspended normal programming this evening to run 'a special.':rolleyes:
Channel Nine have beaten them to it, though suspending A Current Affair's 'normal' programming could be seen as Whitlam's last gift to the nation. :}

bosnich71 21st Oct 2014 09:07

Ken, you are correct! I will away and re-write my election manifesto.... for the umpteenth time.

P.s. Bronny has since stated that the U.N. flag will NOT fly above parliament house, but failed to say where else it will not fly.

Worrals in the wilds 21st Oct 2014 09:28

P.s. Bronny has since stated that the U.N. flag will NOT fly above parliament house
Today's flag... glad to see that at least Parliament House can still do 'half mast' properly. It's not supposed to be halfway down the flag pole...:*
EDIT: For the JB Leftie minority, Keating's currently on the 7:30 Report discussing Whitlam.

Pinky the pilot 21st Oct 2014 10:16

Bronny has since stated that the U.N. flag will NOT fly above parliament house, but failed to say where else it will not fly.
Good for her!:ok:

glad to see that at least Parliament House can still do 'half mast' properly
Exactly! One flag width below full staff.

ABC TV news tonight was nauseating!:yuk:

Takan Inchovit 21st Oct 2014 10:35

Sadly, I suspect when Fraser passes there will be a pair of jocks at half mast.

Worrals in the wilds 21st Oct 2014 10:56

Exactly! One flag width below full staff.
Yep. Death's flag (which is invisible) takes precedence and flies above the other. :8

Sadly, I suspect when Fraser passes there will be a pair of jocks at half mast.
A dear friend of mine was suspended from school for doing just that, on the day the Archbishop came to visit. :E:E None of the staff were agile enough to climb up and retrieve them in time. When I questioned how visible they were (it's a big flag pole) I was told that they belonged to another kid's mum, who was quite a large lady. :cool::eek:

parabellum 21st Oct 2014 12:49

I'm reminded of The Two Ronnie's sketch where they are each on a TV programme slamming a fellow politician when, in midsentence, they receive the news the said politician has died and without a pause move straight into gushing praise for the dearly departed! (can't find it via Google).

One point several commentators seem to have missed is that it was Whitlam who started the (never ending) age of ' entitlement'.

bugged on the right 21st Oct 2014 15:40

From Larry Pickering.

I used to say that I would go to Margie’s funeral to pay my respects but I would go to Gough’s funeral to make sure he was dead. Of course that is quite uncalled for and in extremely bad taste now that he has gone.

But to be honest, he disliked me intensely and I detested him. As the Left today will recall with sombre reverence his many legacies, I will remember him for the irreparable damage he caused this nation, damage that will continue to last generations.

I recall his economic illiteracy, the unwavering belief in himself, his disdain of mere mortals and his self-acclaimed intellectualism, it was painful. Had he been competent in the slightest, it was a pain I could have endured.

Gough, with his corrupt Cabinet, was unable to serve two complete terms of Office and what he did serve was utter mayhem.

The Left decry his sacking but Gough, bereft of supply, was quite prepared to go down in flames and take the nation with him.

The ensuing general election was an exercise in what the Australian people really thought of him.

Crean, who printed money like there was no tomorrow. Connors, who tried to borrow even more from a shady loan shark called Khemlani. Cairns, the unabashed communist root rat. Attorney General Murphy, who escaped jail by dying. Grassby the drug lord who dressed with the light off.

Gough’s team made Gillard’s look like the Luton Boys’ Choir.

Just one example of Gough’s economic empty headedness was his grand idea to provide housing for young Labor voting couples who could not break into the housing market (much like today). He dumped a borrowed $500 million (a lot in those days) into the banking sector at a ridiculously low rate of interest.

Instead of assisting young couples, the banks predictably lent the money to existing home-owners who upgraded to bigger, better homes. Why not? After all they had the security in their current homes the banks wanted. Not one new house was built and the resultant increased demand on existing houses put them even further out of reach of the young couples, who were supposed to vote Labor, but in the end they didn’t.

But Gough’s real crown of thorns was his Schools’ Commission and his fixation with phonetic spelling. The real legacy left by Gough is the kids of today who cannot spell, or construct a sentence.

But never mind, Gillard’s Labor fixed that with a multi-billion Gonski scheme that will do nothing to educate teachers, but will certainly ensure they are paid better.

Kids now lack communication skills, the ability to express themselves, and there is no-one to teach them because the teachers of today were Gough’s pupils of yesterday.

English Expression and Latin are lost subjects, exchanged for ethereal ideological Social Studies’ subjects that extol a global-warming hoax and a One World Government.

Yes, that’s the real legacy of Gough... kids without communication skills who in frustration resort to violence to explain themselves and journalists without the ability to sub-edit their own work.

Most wars are fought between nations who don’t speak the same language and if one has lost the art of its own language what chance has interpretive negotiation?

Prepare for an avalanche of teary tributes today but my tears are for my kids and my country.

Agree, a good summing up. I am a victim of one of this man's policies.
Hawke and Keating next.

Solid Rust Twotter 21st Oct 2014 19:00

we all know that once they are ousted another mob whom are as equally vicious will replace them. Arabs cannot cope with democracy, and only respect violence.

Western liberal democracy is a wonderful thing for those living in western liberal societies. Not so much for those in the dodgier bits of the world.

rh200 21st Oct 2014 21:00

One point several commentators seem to have missed is that it was Whitlam who started the (never ending) age of ' entitlement'.
Yep I was going to say there are always two side to things and how you view it. Nothing in life is free, someone has to pay for it.

What is the forward projection costs for Medicare and education again?

BenThere 21st Oct 2014 21:29

But we all will inevitably get to the point where what can't go on, won't, and we either have to stand up or lay down.

Buster Hyman 21st Oct 2014 22:04

Ding Dong the Whitlam's dead!

Closest we ever got to a Dictator! Australia's Il Duce'. :suspect:

Whitlam highlights for me, Indonesia's invasion of East Timor while he looked the other way, and his lack of control when he set the dogs onto Kerr & drove him to an early grave...(that, and a spot of alcohol of course)

410 21st Oct 2014 22:07

Hopefully, the Gough Whitlam adulation was only a 24 hour bug/virus. I'm not sure if I could handle another day of cant and hypocrisy like yesterday.

Captain Dart 21st Oct 2014 22:39

...but wait until Hawke croaks. It will be on again. Hopefully that wife beating, beer swilling, pilot hating, Fleet Air Arm decimating 'silly old bugger' will be off to join his mate Gough very soon and we'll get it over with.

Ascend Charlie 21st Oct 2014 22:46

At last we don't have to "Maintain the Rage" any longer. Far cough Gough.

rh200 22nd Oct 2014 01:01

Andrew Wilkie seeks to prosecute Abbott Government over ?inhumane? treatment of asylum seekers

Wilkie must be feeling left out, the fruit lop wants the government tried for crimes against humanity. With all thats going on in the world you would think the ICC would laugh at him. But I'm guessing they'll take up the case for headlines sake and the fact their not relevant anywhere where they should be.

As I have said before, the problem is the obvious enemies, its the enemy's with in, till you deal with them you can't deal with the others.

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