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rh200 14th Oct 2014 20:59

she's batting for his side
Maybe Putins pants might be in trouble, is he well hung?:E

BenThere 14th Oct 2014 21:23

C'mon Ethel. Did you ever give a flying fick when your folks were spending like the wives of Melbourne?

No, you didn't. And I'll offer a suggestion. Going after conservatives on the basis of government deficits, waste, etc., is a losing proposition if you're a Lefty.

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Oct 2014 23:41

Nobel Prize for economics challenges Hockeynomics
Apparently Hockey is defending Tony dum dum for the use of shirtfront.
He thinks dacking or short sheeting would be more appropriate.
If only he concentrated more on our appalling climate figures.:ugh:

CoodaShooda 15th Oct 2014 00:04

If only he concentrated more on our appalling climate figures
Please explain? :confused:

owen meaney 15th Oct 2014 00:36

Hi Ethel
I see you are still pushing traffic to the puerile site calling itself Independent.
Is this independent of coherent thought?

7x7 15th Oct 2014 01:15

Owen, cut Ethel some slack. She has to show she's posted 'n' number of witty, cut and thrust posts per day, every one of them guaranteed to cause utter consternation and self-doubt in every conservative heart when she submits her job sheet at Sussex St every week.

Can I assume that the lady from Rotherham Council in the UK is still working in her senior job at the Victorian Education Department? And that the Vic Government is not planning to make any move to cancel her contract?

Clare Prop 15th Oct 2014 01:23

I have a horrible mental picture of Gillard simpering and batting her eyelashes at Putin, like she did with Obama. :yuk::yuk::yuk:

Andu 15th Oct 2014 02:19

More evidence that Julia Gillard's 'memoirs' are, as many said when they were first released, a work of fiction.

Gillard, My Story, 2014:

(I ATTENDED the) 2010 annual Minerals Council dinner in Parliament House, while representing prime minister Kevin Rudd. The disputation over the Rudd government’s proposed resources super-profits tax (RSPT) was raging, so it was always going to be like entering a lion’s den. As the guest of honour, I was one of two women seated at the head table. Keeping me company was my chief of staff, Amanda Lampe ... at a hand signal ... (from MCA boss Mitch Hooke) ... a tray of what looked to be rum and coke was brought to the table. A glass was dutifully put in front of every man except (then BHP Billiton CEO) *Marius Kloppers, who declined it. Neither Amanda nor I was offered one. The two of us exchanged a look and afterwards uproarious laughter about this rudeness.

Joe Aston, Australian Financial *Review, yesterday:

BUT hang on, Gillard didn’t even attend the 2010 MCA dinner. Nobody in the Labor caucus did. She wasn’t representing Rudd that night, she was in his office ending his leadership. Gillard and Lampe did sit at the head table the year previously with Hooke and Kloppers. But the RSPT wasn’t announced until May 2010 — that’s when the miners’ disputation with Labor began. So why was attending the 2009 dinner “like entering a lion’s den”? This is supposed to be an authoritative telling of political history and (Gillard) can’t even get her basic facts straight? ... Hooke remembers the moment (not just the date) very differently. Ian Smith (… then of Newcrest Mining) asked Hooke what he was drinking (Hooke only drinks Bundy and Coke) and whether he could have one. Hooke then asked everyone at the table if they’d like one, including Gillard, who declined on the basis she was about to speak. Hooke’s reply? “So am I — that’s why I need one.” Shortly after, drinks arrived ... and that was that. Or so they thought ... In 2011, Gillard’s version of the story finally circulated back to the MCA. Hooke contacted Lampe’s successor, Ben Hubbard, who assured Hooke he needn’t worry. Hooke still sent Gillard an SMS apologising if any unintended offence had been caused. She never responded.

True? My Story again:

JOHN Howard skilfully rode the *political momentum that can be *created around *asylum-seeker issues at the 2001 election. Coming after the terrorist shock of 9/11 and in the atmosphere of fear that it created, Howard took a hairy-chested pol*itical *approach and deployed our elite military forces to stop a Norwegian freighter, the Tampa, from bringing rescued asylum-seekers to our shore.

Dennis Shanahan, The Australian, October 1:

JOHN Howard has called on Julia Gillard to correct a “false” claim that he used the September 11 terror attacks to take a “hairy-chested political *approach” on asylum-*seekers and send SAS troops on to the Norwegian freighter, Tampa ... In fact, the Tampa episode took place weeks before the September 11 attacks in 2001. “Any storyline that we somehow played off Tampa or the September 11 attacks against each other is false and I completely reject it,” Mr Howard told The Australian _yesterday. “The former prime minister has her chronology wrong and should correct the claims in the book.”


Another Gillard blue in a memoir surprisingly full of them. Senator Nick Xenophon has forced Random House to agree to remove a false and defamatory claim in future editions of My Story that he was suspended for stuffing a ballot box in student elections. He’s still after damages and an apology, says the Financial Review today.

Gillard calls her memoirs My Story because it’s no one else’s.

bosnich71 15th Oct 2014 03:42

Andu ... I won't hold my breath but do you think that Ethel will comment on this report ?

SOPS 15th Oct 2014 09:48

I'm starting to like this Lambie chick. I agree with her, I think there was nothing wrong with the Woolies T shirts. Of course the greens would find them offensive. That goes with out saying.

Pinky the pilot 15th Oct 2014 10:14

Of course the greens would find them offensive. That goes with out saying.
I find the Greens offensive,(mostly) so I guess the feeling is mutual in a way.:ooh:

SOPS 15th Oct 2014 11:44

I have asked this question before, but I am going to ask it again? Just where do these people get the money to appeal to the high court? I bet there are hundreds of genuine Australians screaming out for legal aid, and these illegal boat people can go before the high court. Something is seriously wrong.

Baby Ferouz, born to asylum seekers in Brisbane, denied protection visa | Australia news | theguardian.com

Ethel the Aardvark 15th Oct 2014 11:45

Always happy to comment Boz,
I imagine you agree with sending the elite SAS armed to deal with a group of men, women and children. No wonder you are all [email protected] yourselves when you see a woman wearing a burka.
I remember an article where Menzies daughter had asked for parts of Howard's book Lazurus lying to be removed because they simply did not happen. It appears all ex PMs have a bit of trouble writing a reliable memoir.

bosnich71 15th Oct 2014 12:18

Ethel ... the Tampa was taken over by the "asylum seekers" and the crew were ordered to take them to Christmas Island. I think that equates to piracy and justifies the use if special forces even if we were 'crapping our pants' as you so delightfully put it. No doubt you won't agree as you never have agreed with anyone on this blog in the past however it is amusing to read your rantings so please keep on contributing your pearls of wisdom and wit.

Ethel the Aardvark 15th Oct 2014 12:44

Always happy to oblige, by the way Wiki indicates this little snippet
The Australian government responded by dispatching Australian troops (SASR) led by squadron commander Major Vance Khan, under Colonel Gus Gilmore, to board the ship and prevent it from approaching any closer to Christmas Island.

The SASR doctor later reported that the rescuees were generally dehydrated, malnourished and unhappy. Many were suffering from dehydration, exhaustion and minor ailments including sixty one cases of scabies, forty six of head lice, and twenty four of gastroenteritis. They also attended to four pregnant women.
Certainly did David Stirling proud

Stanwell 15th Oct 2014 15:36

I'd talked with a former crewmember of the Tampa who was on board at the time.

The behaviour of the rescuees was, from the start, most difficult to deal with - to put it mildly.

Putting it bluntly, they put the ship in danger.
It was only due to the actions of the Captain and crew that things turned out OK (sort of).

I'll say nothing of certain politicians' role in that debacle.

bosnich71 16th Oct 2014 04:00

Ethel ... the original question was, will Ethel comment on this report"? As usual you haven't but have once again gone wandering off on to another subject altogether. Nice to see that you are acting true to form.
As for us all "crapping" our pants when we see a woman in a burka, the problem is that we, obviously don't know that it is in fact a "woman" wearing the garment do we ? A comment on that from you perhaps or some more waffle about the nasty Liberals etc.

parabellum 16th Oct 2014 05:03

The SASR doctor later reported that the rescuees were generally dehydrated, malnourished and unhappy. Many were suffering from dehydration, exhaustion and minor ailments including sixty one cases of scabies, forty six of head lice, and twenty four of gastroenteritis. They also attended to four pregnant women.
Certainly did David Stirling proud
The condition of the illegals and the SAS have absolutely nothing, repeat nothing to do with each other. The condition of the illegals is the state they came aboard the Tampa in after many days at sea, in a leaky boat, with crap conditions and rotting food. Never let facts get in the way of a good troll Ethel.

Hempy 16th Oct 2014 05:22

parabellum, I'd suggest that no one is blaming the SAS on the very poor condition of all the people on that boat, as you so accurately describe. Perhaps though, Ethel might be suggesting that given the people were all so weak, malnourished and dehydrated, perhaps maybe your local rent-a-cop would have been sufficient to quell any 'threat'? The CWA could probably have handled it!

Unless you are suggesting that the SAS were ordered to board the Tampa because of their medical training??

Saltie 16th Oct 2014 07:38

Some of them were well enough to threaten the crew and insist the ship did not take them to Indonesia.

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