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SOPS 2nd Oct 2014 05:49

This guy will have Two Dads self combusting.

'There would be no self harm in the centre if they hadn't gotten on a leaky boat': New Christmas Island chief's hardline approach over conditions for asylum seekers | Daily Mail Online

Andu 2nd Oct 2014 06:35

I can almost see SHY doing her best Colonel Kurtz/Marlon Brando impersonation on the news tonight: "Oh, the horror..."

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Oct 2014 09:03

Andu, I remember that clown. IMO they should have prosecuted him, which I don't think they did.

Just some kind of database that tells them when someone has already voted and some photo ID would be a good start.
A photo ID requirement was introduced at the last Queensland bye election without too many dramas. However, it was a relatively wealthy, inner city area where most people would have a photo ID. From experience a surprising number of people don't, particularly oldies.

I'm not an IT guru but I imagine that a realtime data base would be very expensive to set up across the whole country. As an example, the inbound/outbound passenger processing system is huge, and it only handles a fraction of the numbers that an election system would have to deal with. It also used to fall over fairly regularly :{, which would be a nightmare during an election.

On another note, has anyone read Howard's new book about Menzies and if so, is it any good? I'm thinking of buying it for a conservative friend (partly as a stir :E), but only if it's actually a decent read.

bosnich71 2nd Oct 2014 12:18

Worrals .... and while they don't seem to prosecute the clowns and the fiddlers at our elections western governments send observers to 3rd. world countries to make sure that their elections are "democratic".

rh200 2nd Oct 2014 12:21

You're not serious making that statement, are you?

Our current system is designed to be scammed
A paranoid statement, statistics is a good thing, and though it can be scammed, its unlikely to be done in a way that can systematically swing an election and be gotten away with.

All systems are a trade off in cost versus return or robustness. The idea to use technology to make some fool roof voting system is fraught with danger, any such move done that direction should be very carefully thought out.

Frankly I trust the pen and paper more than I will ever trust software/technological solution. In I'm not exactly technology ignorant.

That said we should always be vigilant and looking for ways to make the system more robust and take advantage of any efficiency that can be robustly implemented.

7x7 2nd Oct 2014 23:16

Some more details on the Indi situation.

TWO lawyers who strongly backed independent Cathy McGowan to win the federal seat of Indi are among those in a *confidential dossier of 27 alleged enrolment fraud cases referred to the Australian Federal Police *yesterday.

One of the lawyers with close ties to Ms McGowan switched to Indi shortly before the electoral roll closed on August 12 last year after being enrolled in the federal seat of Melbourne since 2010…

Her social media output, deleted since the weekend, described plans for “Indi expats” to celebrate Ms McGowan’s narrow win at a bar in Melbourne in September last year, with the preferred venue in a city suburb “right below my place"…

A third voter under scrutiny is a person close to political contender Jennifer Podesta, who ran in the seat of Indi and directed preferences to Ms McGowan.

The person close to Ms Podesta, now Labor’s candidate for the seat of Benambra in the upcoming Victorian election, switched to Indi from a seat in Melbourne in June last year…

AEC acting head Tom Rogers said police had been asked to investigate 27 voters in the Indi electorate, following reports in The Australian that revealed suspicious switches of enrolment by strong backers of Ms McGowan. The number may rise.
I think that last sentence would be about as certain as "the Sun will rise in the East tomorrow".

Andu 4th Oct 2014 01:57

Wonderful comment from Julie Bishop on ABC radio this morning as the interviewer took her to task (!) over the delays in getting the bombs falling in Iraq. "I can't believe I'm being interviewed on the ABC and berated over not going to war."

I don't think I'm the only one who wishes we weren't staying well away from this one. I can't help but feel we're racking up a very big bill (in more ways than one) for little to no gain.

parabellum 4th Oct 2014 04:43

Trouble is Andu, that the job has to be done and the quicker the better to discourage yet more young hot heads from joining up. The Iraqi army is in total disarray and incompetent any way so, with capable and sophisticated forces going in, it might be possible to contain IS and eradicate them.

I think it is a bit optimistic of the government to say the SAS are going in as advisors only and not as combat troops!

Pinky the pilot 4th Oct 2014 07:01

I think it is a bit optimistic of the government to say the SAS are going in as advisors only and not as combat troops!
Er..well parabellum, Whatever the SAS get up to over there we will never hear about it anyway!:hmm:

And for the outcome from 'meetings' between any ISIS thugs and the SAS, my money would be on the SAS.:ok:

Andu 4th Oct 2014 07:35

to discourage yet more young hot heads from joining up.
Parrabellum, Tony Abbott (or should that read 'his advisors'?) is (are) totally misreading the Arab/Muslim mindset. The Arabs respect one thing over and above all else - strength - and in leaders, the strong man. (Look at their history; democracy as we know it is totally foreign to them.)

If he came out and said "anyone who goes to Iraq or Syria - or commits any act of terrorism here in Australia will never be allowed back into Australia or will go to gaol for the rest of his life, no thank yous, no goodbyes, no parole, AND THEN DID IT, 99.9% of the Lakemba Carbineers would pull their heads in and get back to what they're best at - re-badging BMWs and welfare scamming. (Standing by for the cries of outrage from the Usual Suspects for that comment.)

With his (let's call it what they are) pitiful attempts to be all things to all men and 'reaching out' to the 'vast majority of Muslims who are good Aussies', he is seen as weak. Trust me on that point. I lived in the Middle East for 20 years, spent many a long hour talking with highly intelligent young Arabs. (Ultra long haul flights can lead to some very interesting conversations.)

owen meaney 4th Oct 2014 07:53

Andu, at one time our immigration policy ensured we were importing only the best for our society. Our current "policy" ensures we get the dregs.


Kodachrome 4th Oct 2014 08:22

Owen sums up the anti-immigration movement simply: Racist.

You might want to consider editing your post Owen because it looks like you're harking back fondly to the days of the White Australia Policy.

Remember that the immigration issue was politised by Howard as a cheap ploy to gain votes. Really it should be left to a bipartisan commitee or some such, because, as has been proven in this case, people are idiots.


bosnich71 4th Oct 2014 09:22

Crikey, Owen, you poked your stick into the ant's nest there mate.

SOPS 4th Oct 2014 09:48

Have to agree with Andu 100%. Nice guy won't work with these people.

parabellum 4th Oct 2014 09:52

Andu, you and I both thought Abbott and a LNP government would be better than the ALP, we were right. The difference is you seem to expect over night radical change, you have been criticising Abbott for months! Give the guy a chance, he has been Prime Minister for just over a year, all the bad news comes in the first year or two and he had a lot of mess to clear up that required 'bad news'. Abbott is very strong and is showing it in his handling of the Muslim problem, that is internationally recognised, Abbott and Bishop are possibly the strongest internationally recognised team Australia has had for a long time, way stronger than Hawke and Keating, for instance, how come you lose faith so quickly? Forgot to mention, many years living and working in the ME too.

Pinky the Pilot - Yes I totally agree, quite familiar with such things.

SOPS - "Talk quietly and carry a big stick" or similar, as someone famous once said!.

owen meaney 4th Oct 2014 10:28

Kodachrome - You might want to consider editing your post Owen because it looks like you're harking back fondly to the days of the White Australia Policy.
Is that an attempt of humour? May antecedants predate Capt Cook so find your statement quite droll.

Are you saying that letting in the poorer people, no western education, no interest in Australian culture or way of life, has been an improvement on the Fraser Governments policy?

Andu 4th Oct 2014 10:42

parabellum, I lived in Canberra when Whitlam came to power and saw, at very close hand, the immediate and radical changes made by the Whitlam/Barnard 'two man cabinet', (which Whitlam said was a team with one too many members).

The utter disaster wrought by Rudd/Gillard/Rudd over six years needed as radical a change as Whitlam/Barnard brought on in a matter of weeks immediately after the 1972 election. Instead, Tony Abbott has done quite the opposite, leaving so many people in senior positions who were up to the ears in orchestrating the debacle that was Rudd/Gillard/Rudd and whose loyalties are firmly with Labor.

I appreciate that Rudd and Gillard set the Abbott government a series of major time bombs (I said so here a number of times in the lead up to the election). In the last months (and even weeks) of the Labor government, they also renewed the contracts of many of the cronies they had put into into high positions, so that it would have cost the taxpayer a fortune to remove them.

I believe that Abbott should have bitten the bullet on that front. He didn't need to sack them, just re-assign them to shuffling paper clips - put them all in meaningless jobs where they could continue to pull in the high dollars, but where they could do no more damage. I know this would have drawn much criticism for the 'waste', (the ABC would have gone ballistic), but surely to God it was more important to show the whole electorate that the new government was CHANGING things from what had gone before.

I'm disappointed (and I don't think that I'm alone in this) that Tony Abbott has on too many occasions since September 2013 ignored his voter base attempting to bring on side the other half of the electorate - 99% of whom will never vote for him whatever he does.

Rant over.

parabellum 4th Oct 2014 11:04

Fair enough Andu. Nothing to add, unless you are in Melbourne some time, in which case I'd be happy to shout a beer or two.

Solid Rust Twotter 4th Oct 2014 11:35

Melbourne, Mr Para? Did I imagine it or were you living in WA at one time?:confused:

Pinky the pilot 4th Oct 2014 11:38

Kodachrome; Thanks for your post Comrade! I needed a laugh.:D:rolleyes:

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