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MTOW 28th Aug 2014 05:49

Julia Gillard to be quizzed by ICAC? Standby for Bill Clinton's infamous "That all depends on what is the meaning of 'is'" obfuscation in his impeachment proceedings to pale into insignificance after hearing most of her "answers".

Let's face it: if she actually answers a question put to her by ICAC, even if that answer is a baldfaced lie, it will be a first. She got through six years in "government" without ever actually answering any question put to her. Instead, all she ever gave in reply to any question was the Labar Pardee catchphrase of the day. Over and over and ***ing over again.

While I look forward to her suffering at least some discomfiture (not) answering ICAC's questions, I'm really not looking forward to hearing that awful, atonal, "woikring cliass", FAKE!!! accent again and nor do I think for one moment that her ICAC interrogators will take her to task over any inconsistencies, contradictions or outright lies in the non-answers she will give to them.

Captain Sand Dune 28th Aug 2014 09:24

Julia Gillard called to appear before royal commission into trade unions
A little earlier than I expected:E
Cue the howls of denial from the usual lefty media (and from the 'usual suspects' here:rolleyes:).

parabellum 28th Aug 2014 11:00

Thought it quite amusing today, turns out Jackson and the SC for the 'prosecution' at the RC in the AWU, had several adulterous flings in the hay, I think around 1992, now Jackson has asked that he not be allowed to question her, that was over ruled so when he starts to question her she tells him not to look at her as though he had never seen her before and a few more choice retorts!

500N 28th Aug 2014 11:25


I did like the judges response to the request.

Kind of put her in a spot !

500N 28th Aug 2014 11:50

Well, it seems some people are fighting back over this PC BS !

One complaint, one word and they pull a book. Glad to see some people
are telling them that is pathetic.

The vote at the bottom of the page is 90% against Aldi !

Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes pulled from Aldi shelves over use of word 'slut'

RJM 28th Aug 2014 14:37

At least it's still ok to publish self-serving BS in this country...

By Lenny Carter

I've worked out why it is that these bloody Laborites, having left us behind in the flotsam and in Kevin's case, jetsam, of the shit fight they created, feel they have to madly get pen to paper quick smart. The tomes are literally queuing up at University Press and others in the wake of the worst 'Gummint' we have ever endured. Barbara Cartland has nothing on these pricks!
The reason is not only did they not get to finish the job (for which we can be eternally grateful) they didn't get time to explain themselves or justify what was six years of unmitigated garbage as a party before being elbowed off the rostrum by a happy, but extremely bewildered, Liberal Party.
The mess, when coupled with the residual joke that is today's Senate, is going to be the toughest that any government has ever had to deal with.
So our bungling Kruddsters have been belting their keyboards well into the night turning out volume after volume of fanciful crap, essentially a rewriting of history, except for the bits where they bag the man they all stood behind at some time or other. On that they are rock solid. Kev was a cretin. Kev was an arsehole. Kev was a control freak. And Kev was a bully. A bad tempered one according to Wayno.
Which is undoubtedly why Kev hasn't written his book yet... although I will lay London to a brick that he will have the last word. It's his nature.
Former Governor General, Quentin Bryce will formally launch 'My Story', the memoir of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard next month. This will probably live in the fiction section of most libraries because if she actually tells the truth about anything she will be locked up.
The nine books by Labor figures, from 2012 to the present are:
• My Story, by Julia Gillard; a work I am sure of complete fiction. Probably about the fight against misogyny or something equally ludicrous.
• The Good Fight, by Wayne Swan; another work of fiction except for the bits about Kevin.
• Power with Purpose, by Lindsay Tanner (2012); A work about power withOUT purpose.
• Hearts and Minds, by Chris Bowen; A nice lead up to Bill Shorten's book, which may be called Tits and Bums.
• Diary of a Foreign Minister, by Bob Carr; a work of complete delusion by someone up the sharp end of a jet with too much time on his hands when he wasn't listening to opera or his wife snoring.
• The Fights of My Life, by Greg Combet; another 'fight' themed book. It's all about fighting in the Labor Party, but we knew that already.
• A Letter to Generation Next, by Kim Carr; er, generation next doesn't exist yet, basically more bullshit about Labor realignment strategies that will never work.
• Tales from the Political Trenches, b Maxine McKew (updated 2013); political trenches? Get outa here! The silly cow knew as much about politics as she did about responsible broadcasting! The only time she went near a trench was when she fell in the gutter carrying three bottles of bubbly from the Crow's Nest Deli.
• Glory Daze, by Jim Chalmers (former Swan adviser now an MP); Jim got that right at least. It was a daze! A complete daze. And we are still dazed. One thing it wasn't. Happy Daze!

Andu 28th Aug 2014 23:22

Courtesy of 500N, pasted from that other thread:

Person who was in charge of child services in Rotherham from 2005 - 2008 now works in Oz.

"The report says by 2005, nobody in authority could say “we didn’t know”."
Last sentence she says
"When she took on the role she was briefed on the town’s sexual exploitation problem.Tackling sexual exploitation
became a key priority for her, she said."

What a load of crap.

A HIGH-ranking Victorian education official was a senior figure in a town where a massive child sexual exploitation scandal is now rocking the UK. Dr Sonia Sharp is the Education Department’s deputy secretary of education and early childhood development and leader of the early childhood and school education group.
From 2005-2008 she was director of children’s services at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, South Yorkshire.
A damning report has found at least 1400 children were sexually exploited in the town from 1997 to 2013.
The report says by 2005, nobody in authority could say “we didn’t know”.
Dr Sonia Sharp, who has worked for the department since 2012, issued a statement to the Herald Sun. She said the report was “painful reading”.
“You can’t be a director of children’s services and not take responsibility for what happens to children. I am sorry that these children and young people suffered terrible abuse and I wish we could have done more to prevent the abuse of children and young people in Rotherham.”
When she took on the role she was briefed on the town’s sexual exploitation problem.
Tackling sexual exploitation became a key priority for her, she said.
I suppose the only guarantee we have over this is that the lady will not only keep her new job out here in 'the colonies', but she'll probably be promoted.

Captain Sand Dune 29th Aug 2014 06:02

Interesting, and quite pertinent:

“George Mansford enlisted in the Aust. Army in 1951. He served 40 years as an infantryman; most of that time in the RAR. His service included Korea, the Malayan Emergency, Thai Border, Vietnam, New Guinea and Singapore. He was commissioned from the ranks in 1964. He raised and commanded the Army’s Battle School (which is now used by the foreign military units including USA, and UK); 11 Infantry Brigade; and the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Force in Far North Queensland. George was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1975 for outstanding services and retired in 1990 as a Brigadier. He is the author of two books; “Junior Leadership on the Battlefield” and the best selling novel, “The Mad Galahs”.

G’day Fellow Ockers,

I would like to think that above all I am a proud Australian and far from being a racist. It is never colour or religion but the behaviour and attitude that influences me to either accept, tolerate or simply reject an individual. If that makes me a racist then so be it.

In my view, Australia has always been a proud and generous race. Migration to our big southern land down under is such an example. History clearly shows the wonderful and most successful migration from the old world to our shores, particularly in the aftermath of WW2. Such history also records how brave and determined migrants enriched our culture and became very much part of the Australia we love. However, while many of us basked in the glory created by those before us and sipping Coffee Latte, we slipped into dreamtime and apathy. We thought we were the best and that the lucky country was a god given entitlement which allowed us to sit on our arse as the rest of Planet Earth admired us from a distance.

We became leeches and sucked our culture dry, did our best to distort history and encouraged political correctness with its smothering limitations and remained mute while noisy do-gooders led the push for our big brown land to take every Tom, Dick and Harry. We were so busy admiring our image that we ignored the lessons learnt and that the key to our successful history of immigration in the immediate post WW2 years was called assimilation.

No such luck with many of the recent waves of migrants. There are those who don’t intend to assimilate.. How stupid and lazy we were not to wake up and see the obvious and say OOPS, no more of this mob for OZ. On the contrary we have persisted with the blunder. We have encouraged them to stay together with their past and they continue to remain in their own little world which is certainly alienated from Oz and we wonder why there are increasing hostile, non- productive and costly ghettos of various cultures in our midst?

It gets worse. Despite the evidence of radicalism including arrests and convictions after attempted terrorist acts, despite the increasing hate and deaths inflicted by global terrorism, we remain in dreamtime and Politicians simply keep being Politicians, inept, pathetic and in the main with questionable IQs but with lots of cheap band aids in lieu of vision, planning and preparation.

So this very day when radicalism is spreading and would be Ockers now roam the old world cutting off heads and vomiting hate, we have a government trying to establish a security plan with expensive and impromptu band aids. It is a plan which political parties should have considered and implemented decades ago. (Talk about closing the stable door after the door has bolted). We have a government which is now trying to find out ways to prevent young fanatics leaving OZ to head for the Jihad and take a few heads. Mind you, the tax payer it seems still provides such fanatics with funds from social welfare including disability pensions. Can you believe such stupidity and inefficiency with modern and sophisticated communications system available at the press of a button?

So there are many questions and one of them includes the million dollar one. Just what have we done to try integrate the very young offspring of those senior migrants we knew would be very difficult if not impossible to assimilate?

Just what is taught in their private schools? Do we really try and integrate students of all races and back-grounds with common purpose? Forgive me for being old fashioned but how about “One Flag, One People, One Nation.” Are they encouraged to learn about their new nation? Where are the integrated social or sport gatherings? The youth seminars? The boot camps? The challenge of the historic Kokoda Track? Just what do we do other than hand out certificates, welfare and appeasement as well as placate them with bullshit?

So here we are in the once great lucky country and continue to screwed by our political representatives and other useless bastards who sell OZ down the drain with sheer arrogance, megalomania and incompetence. We have been flogged, cheated and lied to by a never ending column of Canberra Suits whose main trade is peddling divisiveness and gimmickry.

Could we please have some consistent leadership and unity in the interest of our Nation. I am sure there many like me who have had a gutful of the never ending pathetic acting in this expensive and disastrous Canberra Play. How about a bi partisan new immigration policy which creates unity and pride as well as enhances security and a sense of purpose such as pursuing the most important asset for our Nation’s tomorrow - our youth and their development no matter who they are, or where they were born? Failing that, pull down the curtains and organise a double dissolution so we can try and start again. Our Nation has surely deserves better than the current political environment. Here are a few words I wrote last night. Like it or hate it, it is as it is.
Tomorrow Is What We Make Of It

Often our people faced adversity to protect a precious way of life
A nation of volunteers, shoulder to shoulder whatever the strife
Remember the sweat and blood that made young Oz great
Droughts, floods, ANZAC, Kokoda and always “she’ll be right mate”
Fair dinkum generous happy people in a free and lucky land
Yet given dreamtime and radicals, the following could be at hand

The last footy grand final has ended with a fiery blast
A few drinks at the local pub belong to the past
Forget Swy and the Melbourne Cup; such events are forbidden
Freedom of speech has been stolen and true history hidden
Gone Easter and Xmas and the good old ham is taboo
A prayer mat is now compulsory for me and you

Sheilas in Bikinis will be punished cos it’s a terrible sin
Hoods and black attire from the dark ages are back in
Women belong in the kitchen and bedroom
Told who they will marry and do it soon
Prowling, prying and religious police always in sight
Our beloved Southern Cross no longer glittering bright

Bigots and lunatics busy bullying by day and night
Laughter and joy replaced by gloom and fright
No more the words of Banjo and Henry to be read
Silent now the Christian faith as it cowers under the bed
Missing is the carefree playground and the sound of a school bell
Simply the piercing chanting cry of death to the infidel

Do we have the courage to confront the reality of future strife
To defend and protect our heritage and a most valued way of life
It’s not too late if we amend our laws and shut the bloody gate
Plus fair dinkum measures to educate them and us to assimilate
Surely it’s our duty to ensure a sweet tomorrow for all who follow
The joy of freedom and not oppression with bitter sorrow

George Mansford©August 2014

Ascend Charlie 29th Aug 2014 10:59

The government has got this whole terrorism thing @rse-about.

They should not be intercepting the young potential jihadists leaving Australia.

In fact, they should be actively encouraging them to get their non-Australian @rses out of our peaceful country. Let them go to some horrible sandpit with no trees in sight, and shoot the snot out of like-minded violent people.

But then stop them from coming back. If their families say they want him to be with them, send the families to the same place.

These mongrels have already formed the decision to be violent medieval feudalists, keeping an 8th-century feud going by viciously killing people and making the deaths as public as possible. We don't want such people in our country. No point stopping them from leaving, as that will just make them angrier, and redirect their anger from the 8th-century foe to our 21st-century lovely country.

So, send the little bustards overseas, get rid of them, and repulse any attempt to come back.

Oh, and cancel their dole and disability pensions too.

SOPS 29th Aug 2014 11:01

Agree 100 percent AC. :ok:

parabellum 29th Aug 2014 12:46

They should not be intercepting the young potential jihadists leaving Australia.

Think this is more to do with pacifying the already resident Muslims here who will always blame the government if they can, otherwise I agree with what you say AC.

criticalmass 29th Aug 2014 20:52

Ascend Charlie makes a very good point. Let 'em go, and hope they die fighting for whatever their concept of God requires.

Once they leave Australia, they lose citizenship of this country, and they lose their right of return. Furthermore, their family lose their right of repatriation of the dead bodies for burial...let then lie where they fall.

The Middle East for recorded history has been a running sore on the face of humanity. There is no evidence it will not continue to do so until the next Ice Age...after which there will be no Persians, Arabs or Jews left. The 300 million heavily-armed Norther Europeans driven south by advancing ice-sheets will have seen to that.

The final nail in the coffin for these extremists will be the abandoning of the failed political doctrine of multiculturalism. This failed legacy of the Harold Holt Liberal government has outlived any usefulness it might have had, and is now a convenient vehicle for Fifth Columnists and unelected left-wing social-engineers to shelter under whilst they re-engineer the culture, religious views and ethnic composition of the Australian nation, ably assisted by all those on both sides of politics who have hitched their wagons to this seemingly unassailable Shibboleth.

If the Dutch and the Danes can abandon multiculturalism, and thus begin to reclaim their own national and cultural identity so can we, it just requires a leader with enough visceral-material to pass the legislation. The great majority of the nation would be behind such a move and it would flush out the true enemies of the state.

500N 29th Aug 2014 21:14

Agree, let them go. In fact, even assist them once they have made the decision, make sure no hiccups !

rh200 30th Aug 2014 00:28


gree, let them go. In fact, even assist them once they have made the decision, make sure no hiccups !
Absolutely, and then send SAS out to make sure they don't come back. Is there any sort of recording advice you can get for snipers rifles. Nothing like evidence of them partaking in a prohibited action.

It would be good if you could get some sort of tracer on/ in them could use that as a locater for guided bombs, take out a few mates at the same time.:E

Saltie 30th Aug 2014 00:42

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
The Spanish has a fix for exactly the same problem about 400 years ago - mass, as in total - deportation of every member of the Muslim faith.

D'pirate 30th Aug 2014 00:51

Have you noticed how just about every spanish meal has something 'haram' as an ingredient - :ooh:

Saltie 30th Aug 2014 00:55

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
If Vegemite added bacon pieces to its mix, I might start buying it again. How the **** do you make yeast extract Halal? Ritually kill the vegetable? We're being taken for mugs - maybe because we are.

Saltie 30th Aug 2014 04:19

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Makes you wonder if Larry Pickering doesn't 't read Pprune. http://pickeringpost.com/story/you-got-rid-of-the-carbon-tax-tony/3736

Captain Sand Dune 30th Aug 2014 07:55

This from news.com.au:

FORMER environment minister Peter Garrett has been found to be at fault by the royal commission probing the deadly home insulation program.
The commission’s findings, which are yet to be released publicly, are also expected to make adverse findings against other politicians and public servants.
Mr Garrett has copped adverse findings because he, as minister, was ultimately responsible for the maladministration of the $2.7 billion scheme, it is understood.
The commission provided Mr Garrett a copy of its adverse findings and an opportunity to respond.
It could now formally consign him to history books as a former rock-star-turned-political pariah who quit office.
The findings have no legal bearing but will harm his reputation. It is understood Mr Garrett vigorously responded to the commission’s initial report to him.
The Abbott Government, which set up the $20 million probe, will table the commission’s report next week.
Mr Garrett, who had planned to be in Australia for the handing down of the report, is in Europe. A spokeswoman for him yesterday refused to comment.
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd and former parliamentary secretary Mark Arbib refused to comment.
When Mr Arbib was asked about whether he had any adverse findings against him he said: “Talk to my lawyer’’.
When his lawyer was asked he said he could not comment because he had no instructions from his client.
Former climate change minister Greg Combet did not return calls. He is not expected to face criticism from the commission.
It is understood the report questions how truthful some witnesses were. It is believed some of those witnesses include politicians – but not Mr Garrett – and public servants.
It comes as Commissioner Ian Hanger, QC, has raised the prospect of failed businesses – which believed they had a form of contractual agreement with the Commonwealth – securing compensation.
Lawyers for the Commonwealth have argued against the measure, saying businesses who feel they have a case should use the courts and sue.
Ultimately it will be a decision for Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is yet to decide whether the Government will cough-up ex-gratia payments to the grieving families of Matthew Fuller, Rueben Barnes, Marcus Wilson and Mitchell Sweeney.
The Sweeney family asked the former Labor government for an ex-gratia payment of $300,000.
The families have urged the Government for a swift response.
It comes as Brisbane-based firm Knauf Insulation is suing the Commonwealth in NSW for damages.
A statement of claim, obtained by The Courier-Mail, reveals Knauf suffered significant financial loss due to the then-government’s decision to suddenly shut down the insulation program.
THE father of the youngest Queenslander killed in the home insulation scheme hopes the commission’s findings will provide the answers he’s been looking for since November 2009.
Rueben Barnes, 16, was electrocuted in a Rockhampton roof five years ago during his third week as an insulation installer. He had received no training.
Solicitor Bill Potts spoke on behalf of Rueben’s father Murray Barnes yesterday, saying his client hoped the recommendations would ensure another child was not killed.
“He hopes the royal commission will make findings with respect to the decision-making process, the way in which it was rushed and botched. And he hopes all future governments have both the wit and the wisdom to change their ways so that other families will not suffer the tragedy that he’s suffered,” Mr Potts said.
He said Mr Barnes was “deeply unimpressed” with the evidence former prime minister Kevin Rudd gave at the inquiry.
“He felt (Mr Rudd) was prepared to express sorrow but not prepared to accept either blame.”
The family of Matthew Fuller, 25, who died at a house in Brisbane’s south a month before Rueben, urged the Federal Government to release the findings as early as possible.
So will Garrett be the fall guy, left to hang out to dry by his Liarbor 'mates'. Or will the mud spread a little wider?:E

Saltie 30th Aug 2014 08:06

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I had heard that Garrett had letters he wrote to Rudd warning that it was all being done too fast for any kind of safety to be assured. Rudd ignored these letters. The fact that Garrett had kept copies kept him in the ministerial job long after the pink batts scheme all went pear shaped. It will be interesting to see if those letters surface now.

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