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CoodaShooda 21st Aug 2014 23:58

In contemporary politics, the Rule of Law is trumped by the Court of Public Opinion. :E

Andu 22nd Aug 2014 00:07

It's been said already, but I agree that Shorten's future hinges upon how the complainant sells herself on TV. If she's articulate, looks good on camera** and comes across as believable, he's gone.

I have to agree that there will be "deniable" third parties making all sorts of "suggestions", offers and possibly even threats to the TV network managements and to the woman to keep those interviews in the can. And it wouldn't surprise me if the interviews do not go to air, much as the very recent [and very selectively edited] Fox News "Barak Obama is a Muslim" segment did not. (But interestingly, that same segment did make it on to YouTube.)

**Anyone who thinks this isn't important need only remember Monica Lewinsky. If she'd been uberskinny and smokin' hot, Bill Clinton would have been toast.

500N 22nd Aug 2014 00:16

If she'd been uberskinny and smokin' hot, Bill Clinton would have been toast.
Don't you mean toasted ? ;)

parabellum 22nd Aug 2014 01:43

Channel 7 would use such an interview only to discredit the girl, (by selective editing), they love ALP.

Other than photographs or eye witness accounts it is difficult to see what usable evidence there will be after 28 years. I read somewhere that between 30% and 50% of all rapes go unreported because the victim doesn't want the public attention and embarrassment.

Personally don't fancy uberskinny women, I thought Monica was quite fancyable!

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Aug 2014 03:47

The whole problem I have with the "I have been cleared" scenario, is it can imply a potential victim was lying. That may not be the case, and could do significant damage.
Fair enough. I agree that the announcement had more spin than the Ministry of Sound. And yes Cooda, very true.

I read somewhere that between 30% and 50% of all rapes go unreported because the victim doesn't want the public attention and embarrassment.
I wouldn't be surprised and TBQH I can understand the sentiment, particularly if the offender was a member of the victim's social group.

bosnich71 22nd Aug 2014 05:23

Regardless of whether there was a conspiracy by the press to keep Bill's name secret .... and I don't think that there was ..... it is noticeable that neither the Oz or the U.K. press had any such qualms in the case of Cliff and the 'Young Ones'.
One could be forgiven for thinking, therefore, that there are separate agendas according to who you are etc.

500N 22nd Aug 2014 05:33

Interestingly, The Age has published what she wrote on Facebook which is her version of what occurred and she uses the r word.

I wasn't looking for it, I just noticed it at the bottom of the article about
people supporting Shorten.

Captain Sand Dune 22nd Aug 2014 06:56

BS (wonder if he likes those initials?:}) has clearly stated that 'the matter is closed'. He seems to forget (or ignore) the matter will only be closed if the complainant allows it.
What BS really means is "I hope to God that she doesn't take it any further, otherwise I'm f*cked!"

Takan Inchovit 22nd Aug 2014 10:26

I think he's a dead man walking. I wonder who will fill his boots. :E

Andu 22nd Aug 2014 12:10

I wonder who will fill his boots
There isn't one among the front runners who gives me one iota of confidence.

David bloody Bradbury would be better than any of them - and in case anyone misunderstands that comment, that's about on a par with saying I think Jaquie Lambie would be preferable to any of them. That's an indication of my opinion of Albasleazy and Pillbershriek.

I'm half expecting another female to come forward (with another Short Willie story - not as a potential Labor leader).

parabellum 22nd Aug 2014 12:12

Won't it be a run off between Plibersek and Albanese?

SOPS 22nd Aug 2014 13:17

As much as I would enjoy seeing the ALP in turmoil with a leadership challenge, why do we think BS is on his way out?

Captain Sand Dune 22nd Aug 2014 22:05

I don't necessarily think BS is on the way out, but I reckon there's a few maneuvering the background.
The ALP can certainly pick their leaders though. Surely they can pick someone other than someone who was implicated in the knifing of two PMs and has baggage.
Plibersek and Albanese would be more creditable leaders in my opinion.

Andu 22nd Aug 2014 22:13

The ALPBC must be getting desperate - they've just had Malcom Fraser on their AM programme. Every time I hear the man speak, I'm reminded of "Weekend at Bernie's" - with Malcolm as Bernie.

7x7 23rd Aug 2014 00:22

if true, this adds a bit of weight to the "she said" side of the argument.

From the Australian Nov 14, 2013.... The alleged victim claims the first person she told about the alleged assault, several months after it happened, was a close friend who she was living with at the time but had since lost contact with.

The Australian has spoken to this friend, who asked not to be named but confirmed the conversation took place between the two women, who were about 16 or 17 at the time.

While she did not remember the name of the alleged assailant mentioned at the time, this second woman said her friend had described a sexual assault taking place during a Young Labor overnight camp in 1986.

The alleged assault had devastated her friend, she said, and resulted in her losing her faith in politics. The two women have not spoken to each other in several years.

parabellum 23rd Aug 2014 00:44

why do we think BS is on his way out?

Because the ALP rely heavily on the female vote and females won't forgive sexual assault, an affair, not so bad, a few admirers even, but sexual assault is a big No No.

Someone less union orientated and more prone to bi partisan agreement would be good for Australia.

500N 23rd Aug 2014 00:53

Damaged goods.

You can't afford to potentially alienate 50 per cent of your voters.

I hope Plib the pleb doesn't get it.

PinkusDickus 23rd Aug 2014 02:40

Plibersek and Albanese would be more creditable leaders in my opinion.
They are the least worst options and Australia needs and deserves far better. The labour party can only succeed with a leader with courage and vision willing to represent ALL Australians, which will never happen while they are the Canberra branch of the trade unions.

7x7 23rd Aug 2014 09:28

Should Tanya get the gig and then the gold fish memory span of the Australian electorate allows Labor to win government again, (a distinct possibility - don't fall into the trap that everyone thinks as most who post here do), it would be interesting to see how many countries quietly drop their ban on people with a major drug conviction (or at least one particular person with a major drug conviction) visiting their country - particularly if he's travelling on a diplomatic passport.

My guess is, most, including the USA, would.

500N 23rd Aug 2014 09:32


Who are you talking about ?

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