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500N 15th Aug 2014 12:00

God she is predictable. Just like that link the other day from the priest
or whoever in the link I posted.

Why the need to take 5000 straight of the mountain ?
And how many Yazidis are there in Aus already ?

And why were should they jump the queue ?

Worrals in the wilds 15th Aug 2014 12:18

Now to a completely different topic, am I the only one who is REALLY enjoying the last few days, which seem to have been Sarah Hanson-Young-free? Or has she been on and I've just been lucky in missing her unique, simplistic views of national events?
Come on now, 'fess up. You'd miss her if she wasn't there :E. It's a bit like me and Pyne; everyone needs a MP to hate on. :cool::}

Back into serious mode, I think children born into high profile families are 'blessed'(!) with a two-edged sword. While there are certainly advantages to being born into money and fame, there's quite obviously a downside to it as well, particularly if the parents are more absent than on the scene during the child's formative years. Sadly, for the children of politicians, that's almost a given (at least for the politician who is the parent).
Had a good catch-up with a GF today (in between coo-ing at said GF's new baby :ok:) and this topic came up. In between coo-ing, cups of tea and a first class gossip about everyone we know, knew and went to school with :\, we concluded that from observational evidence, upbringing/family wealth means nothing wrt future success. Some people we knew had everything handed to them and achieved nothing, others had nothing and achieved amazing stuff. Others had a good start and made the most of it.

After discussing everyone we knew we concluded that it's not who you know or what you know, it's what you do with it. A person's upbringing (whether privileged, poor or somewhere in the middle) seems to have little bearing on whether they achieve or fail. At the end of the day, that's up to the person, and if they're a (bad? weak? vulnerable?:confused:) person, all the wealth and privilege in the world won't save them from themselves. So it seems in this case :(.
Of course the difference is that this is public debate. Ms Wran's father was the Premier of New South Wales. If Ms Wran's father had been a crane driver then we probably wouldn't have heard of this case; at best it would have made the local NSW news as a standard murder trial on page 2. Her family connections have parachuted a 101 drug related murder trial into the national news, and this is where upbringing and family connections actually play a role :hmm:. If the accused's father had not been a former state Premier, dya reckon any of us would have heard of the arrest?

500N 15th Aug 2014 12:24

(in between coo-ing at said GF's new baby :ok:)
She's gone ;) :p

Don't get clucky on us Worrals :O

Any by the way, No, I would not miss SHY if she never appeared on the
TV or radio again. She is one person I really detest.

Worrals in the wilds 15th Aug 2014 12:53

Not at all; we were both quite happy when I handed her back to the expert. :O
And that's my view on Pyne, so maybe we're still in agreement. Pyne and SHY inhabiting a Satre style Hell, annoying each other for eternity. Truly, Hell is other people. :}

7x7 15th Aug 2014 12:57

Worrals, if SHY was never seen or heard again EVER, even for her jams and sponge cakes at the Ceduna show, I for one would be a very, very happy man.

Jackie Lambie is a grade 'A' bogan who hasn't yet come to terms with how she deal with her fifteen minutes of fame. She's a little embarrassing, but hey, she's a bogan and 'bogans is bogans' - (to coin a grammatically incorrect phrase) - and everyone with an IQ above a summer's day temperature - in Celsius - knows what they're getting when they see or hear her just lurrrving her brief window of totally undeserved fame.

SHY on the other hand is beyond embarrassing, an incredibly immature individual who honestly believes she is in a class above us, a class that knows what's best for us, the pig ignorant hoi pilloi (as she and her like see us), and she will inflict what she believes is best for us upon us whether we like it or not - because she knows best.

One day, she may grow up and realise what a total fool she has made of herself almost every time she has opened her mouth in public since entering public life. (Her appalling performance in the Senate inquiry where she earned the nickname 'Sarah Sea Patrol' stands out - beyond even her usual level of bad.)

But on the other hand, maybe she won't. To date, she has demonstrated a level of delusion that nothing short of a her barely surviving a physical attack by a half dozen of the darlings she wants brought here by the tens of thousands will ever shake her from that bubble of delusion.

So to repeat myself, I wouldn't miss her at all.

What troubles me is that there are adults out there who continue to vote for the woman. What are they thinking when they tick a ballot paper against her name?

500N 15th Aug 2014 13:09

(Her appalling performance in the Senate inquiry where she earned the nickname 'Sarah Sea Patrol' stands out in a class of its own.)
That will go down as one of THE most pathetic performances in Australian Political history. Apart from her attempted put down of the General, the fact she cocked up the rest so badly made her look the village idiot.

The fact that the Chairman in the end told her to address the General as General really put her in her place.

I reckon the CDF or someone up there might have had more than a few words to ALL pollies after that performance about how to address senior officers in the future at these type of committees and that they are not punching bags.

Apart from being a Green which means I am pre disposed not to like her,
I think she is a 30 second of attention grabbing pollie who doesn't know what she is talking about.

Adam Bandt on the other hand, even for a Green at least seems to have some brains. Milne, well, she got the job by default.

Worrals in the wilds 15th Aug 2014 13:20

What troubles me is that there are adults out there who continue to vote for the woman. What are they thinking when they tick a ballot paper against her name?
They see the opposition, so they tick the box. 'My enemy's enemy must be my friend' 101. :ugh:

Now personally, I'm not a fan. I have made this point several times before. I think she's a loud-mouthed, gobby former bank worker with zero real-world experience and a keen eye for the Press.

Amongst baby chatter one of today's discussion topics was a psychologist mutual acquaintance who seems to spend her life finding things to be outraged about. :bored: She never knows quite how to take me, firstly because I have a hard hat, protective boots and all the other PPE and secondly because I refuse to be outraged by stuff. I have better things to do, but I can't be dismissed as a sell-out to the Female Cause because I'm statistically much more of a minority than she is. The modern world is not short of female psychologists. :} TBQH it irritates the :mad: out of her, which I'm not sorry about.

However, as you mention the current PUP MPs are equally embarassing. Politics has been infested with bogans, whether Greens, PUP or <insert party here>. As you say, adults continue to vote for them :(. There are two responses to this; 1. universal suffrage was a bad idea (which naturally I disagree with) or 2. The major parties are so unappetising to the public that many people will put their faith in bogans, on the basis that at least they're honest bogans. :{

The easy answer to that is to decry the universal suffrage. The harder answer is to admit that in recent times the two major parties have failed so badly, and betrayed the public's trust so completely that the public will support any feral who stands against them.

Of course the parties will blame this on the public and will claim that the public Fail To Understand Them. We've had a lot of this up in Queensland from the incumbent LNP governnment :ugh::ugh:. IMO they're wrong; the public DO understand them, and also understood the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd federal government. The public understand that they suck, and are scraping around looking for a better option. IME the public are far more aware and far smarter than either major party or the media give them credit for. They can spot a dog when they see it.

However, unfortunately the only other available options are PUP and the Greens, and as discussed, they're about as attractive as a measles outbreak. :(

bosnich71 15th Aug 2014 13:57

7X7 .... we'll take it that you don't like her then ?

500N 15th Aug 2014 14:06


Does anyone ?

SHY or Lambie but particularly SHY ?

Not sure but I think the Greens must know SHY makes people lose respect for the Greens
in the sensible voting public.

bosnich71 16th Aug 2014 04:39

500 .... I'll amend my last post .......... to "them". ( and all who think like them).

Ethel the Aardvark 16th Aug 2014 05:29

Oh lammie,
Ex military, intelligent as canine droppings and appears not knowing of whence to talk or not.
Does that remind you of anyone here recent like:E

Dark Knight 16th Aug 2014 05:36

Oops! Think someone just passed by a mirror?

7x7 16th Aug 2014 05:42

I see that Sky News is smart enough not to provide a comments field following this article on their website.

Asylum seeker child to seek damages

We really are seen as Grade A suckers, aren't we? Even under a Coalition government, the courts will find in favour of this child. We can only hope (faint hope!) that the courts will insist the money be held in trust until the child turns 21. As I said... faint hope of that. If the court did that, the parents would probably go to court claiming more damages because they were denied having the money to "provide for the child".

I suppose a big payout would allow them to pay their people smugglers' bill off more quickly - and provide passage on Asylum Seeker Cruises for another dozen members of their extended family.

bosnich71 16th Aug 2014 06:07

Too true, Ethel, all the ex military on this site went round bonking everyone they could lay their hands on, discovered a back injury when called on to travel as part of the job and then went on national T.V. to talk about blokes with big Todgers or birds with large Bristols. The similarities are so obvious that I'm amazed you didn't notice them before now.

SOPS 16th Aug 2014 07:15

Time to crack down on this....real quick.


And in other news, it's all coming out now. These...I don't know what to call them...idiots..have grown up in Australia...living off welfare, but for whatever reason have completely failed to grasp an of the values that Australians hold dear, but instead aspire to kill us all, while collecting welfare provided by the taxpayers they want to kill..WTF is going on?


Solid Rust Twotter 16th Aug 2014 10:47

There are cultures where kindness and compassion are perceived as weakness, and that kindness and compassion is punished unmercifully by those who are part of that culture. It is to your detriment as someone who subscribes to kind and compassionate norms in everyday life to have those people around you.

1DC 16th Aug 2014 11:12

SOPS.. these people aren't here to contribute anything to Australian values, they are here,just as in the UK, to colonise you and impose their values on you. they are always looking for opportunities to gain advantage, unfortunately Australian, and British, society is considered to be weak and generous so they think that the opportunities are endless....Unfortunately for us our governments seem to allow them to gain this advantage..

parabellum 16th Aug 2014 11:59

If I went along to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers with a problem I wanted them to solve they wouldn't even write my name down on their blotting paper before I gave them a cheque for $5000.00. I wonder where this young girl gets her money from? :rolleyes:

Of course she is thin, sad and anxious, what she really wants is to go home, maybe that is where the court will send her? :mad:

Solid Rust Twotter 16th Aug 2014 12:33

Strangely WITW, those are the cultures from whose bottoms Labor seem to be unable to separate their lips.:E

Andu 16th Aug 2014 22:46

There are cultures where kindness and compassion are perceived as weakness, and that kindness and compassion is punished unmercifully by those who are part of that culture.
This is the choke point, where further progress in the debate is impossible in any discussion with the likes of SHY and Ian Rintoul. They simply cannot get their heads around this point, preferring to believe that if we've nice to such people, (as in give them everything they DEMAND), they will grateful and see the light of day and become just like us... Make that 'THEM', as in '...like SHY and Rintoul'.

Here's a free bit of advice from one who lived in such a culture for 20 years*, Sarah: IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.

*Although I see from the reply on another thread that Ethel the AArdvaak has given to another poster who lived in the Middle East for a similar number of years that I wouldn't have seen a thing of the locals and local culture in all that time because (as Ethel informed us), I was driven from my sealed compound in a sealed company limo to my sealed workplace where I exploited the Third World workers who I enslaved.

Ethel, I think maybe we should include your name in that list above with SHY and Ian Rintoul.

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