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rh200 11th Aug 2014 00:02


have you got a link to the transcript of said article.

Anything that possibly goes for or against abortion will immediately be jumped on like a ISIS fighter on a western soldier, there is no logic in it. Frankly I would be surprised if you could get any "significant" funding for in depth studies on it. As the results would be condemned by either side.

The fact is the body is a chemistry set, that has particular courses and effect, it has evolved/designed to undertake particular processes. Sometimes you interrupt those processes and there are negative results. Is this the case with this topic, F#$ked if I know, but it wouldn't surprise me.

500N 11th Aug 2014 00:13

Here it is, well the Age article. I could look on youtube for the whole lot.

I think he was cut off - and was hardly given a chance to answer the other questions as well ie bad interviewing technique.

As to what he was gong to say after being cut off, I am not sure.

Anyway, you make your mind up.

It confirmed in my mind what Mia is like.

'I was cut off': Eric Abetz blames Mia Freedman for reports he linked abortion to breast cancer on The Project


Ethel the Aardvark 11th Aug 2014 00:17

Now boys and girls, don't go trying to lure me into a false sense of security by agreeing with me.
Para, the answer you will only listen to is, " the MSM is totally biased to the ALP, it's full of commie,Muslim draught dodgers who hate the right honourable Mr Tony Abbott.
Look forward to hearing Dr 200s paper on causes for breast cancer:ugh:

SOPS 11th Aug 2014 00:44

And this morning we have a photo of a seven year old, the son of Australian jihadist, holding a severed head. What the hell goes on in these peoples minds?

Iraq crisis: Defence Minister David Johnston won't rule out Australian help for US forces fighting Islamic State 'terrorist army'; outgunned Kurds plead for weapons - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 11th Aug 2014 02:57

Mia is quite entitled to get herself all wound up about wimmins rights etc. but I don't think that homosexuality is normal ....... over to you Ethel.

500N 11th Aug 2014 03:01

Women can get all wound up over women's rights but that still doesn't excuse the fact that she didn't let him answer.

IMHO, it is one of the biggest failings of some interviewers here in Aus.

Michael Willessee was the opposite, he let them hang themselves :O

BTW, it wasn't about Women's rights, it was about the link between two things.

rh200 11th Aug 2014 03:06

but I don't think that homosexuality is normal
Normal is only what statistically the majority is doing. So unless the majority of the male population has closet homosexual thoughts or partake its not normal. That has no bearing on right or wrong, which is only a social value.

500N 11th Aug 2014 03:12

OK, one of my biggest bug bears has risen it's ugly head in the paper.

That of "quotas for women" doing jobs in a company.

I'll state my position, I don't like quotas based on gender alone,
preferring those who get positions to do so on merit and the best
person for the job.

Article below re JB Hi fi.

You see it in numerous places where quotas are set but they seem to be rarely achieved.

Now, is this because women don't want to do the jobs, prefer marriage
and kids, don't want the responsibility ?

Some of the JB Hi Fi jobs, that of Store manager in rural areas I am surprised haven't been filled.

And yes, I am fully aware of male bias and the glass ceiling and that
it is a fact, not fiction in some places.

Would be interested in the views of others, especially Worrals.

JB Hi-Fi admits it has a bloke problem

rh200 11th Aug 2014 03:16

Well after having a read, it is nothing but another left wing set up. I note he left in a few conditional statements and admitting such that, for all intents and purposes he didn't know.

I note in typical left wing fashion she was using language as matter of fact, you get the same thing when they like to push their arguments in terms of "genocide etc" in other areas.

The fact is its science, it works on evidence an interpretation, at the moment its in the against factor. But the AMA has been at odds with other world bodies on subjects, so saying just because they reckon, doesn't make it so. Personally I go with what their saying until some evidence from some one else I trust says otherwise.

chuboy 11th Aug 2014 03:58

The study referred to has been discredited many times over since being published over 60 years ago,it was just crazy to effectively validate it's legitimacy by mentioning it in a serious interview.

bosnich71 11th Aug 2014 04:05

I've worked with Female engineers. Some were really good while others were absolute P***s but then again so were some of the Male versions as well.
I note that Feminazis in U.K. are demanding that the Female Royal Navy boat captain who was bonking one of her crew and was subsequently relieved of her command should be re-instated. I know that it was along time ago but when I was in service I wasn't even able, as an 'other rank', to have a girl friend who was commissioned. Luckily for me my wife to be resigned from the Qaranc before that became a problem.
It would seem that the new idea is bonk who you fancy .... Ye Gods !
Chuboy .... the study has been discredited etc. No argument from me there but there was no need for Mia to get agro. just state the facts, as you have, and move on. The problem is that she is ALWAYS RIGHT !

500N 11th Aug 2014 04:12


She THINKS she is always right ;)

CoodaShooda 11th Aug 2014 04:38

Abetz was ambushed and his position misrepresented in the usual media.

Quelle Surprise!!?

It was a standard piece of Political Interviewing 101.

Left leaning journo's do it to Conservatives. Right leaning journo's do it to Labor/Greens.

It's part of the Great Game and should be anticipated and countered by any politician entering into an interview.

Regardless of the subject matter, it demonstrates (yet again) Abetz's lack of skill as a politician.

Sadly, he's not the only one in the current Cabinet.

rh200 11th Aug 2014 05:04

The study referred to has been discredited many times over since being published over 60 years ago,it was just crazy to effectively validate it's legitimacy by mentioning it in a serious interview.
He's a pollie, just goes for what ever study comes to mind at the spur of the moment. frankly I'm glad I my self don't have to as well as the majority of academics don't come under spur of the moment questioning.

The only way anyone on this forum will be able to make an informed judgment is to just go with their favorite source of information, or start downloading the various academic journals with the for and against papers.

SOPS 11th Aug 2014 13:57

Check this out everyone..is scary...very scary. And next time Two Dada or any of her do gooder mates kicks up a fuss..they should be put in a room and made to listen to this at full volume, over and over again.

Tom Elliott with self-proclaimed Islamic State leader

SOPS 11th Aug 2014 14:20

And more about my post earlier today.....

'The act of a lunatic': Islamic State jihadist Khaled Sharrouf's photograph of son holding severed head in Syria condemned by Muslim leader, Federal Government - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

SOPS 12th Aug 2014 08:32

I'm in the UK at the moment, and it is being reported here that the moron being refered to in my above post has his 3 young sons with him on the battle field, the youngest being 4. How the hell did he get them there?

500N 12th Aug 2014 17:34

I wish I had seen this last night. Insight with the superb Jenny Brockie.

Note it says the passport of the 19 year old has already been cancelled.

Australian Islamic State supporter walks off the set of Insight

sitigeltfel 12th Aug 2014 18:43

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8605296)
Note it says the passport of the 19 year old has already been cancelled.

Should have let him leave the country, then cancelled the passport :E

500N 12th Aug 2014 18:44

Agree. That way if good luck plays a part he might not be available to come back.

Or deport him anyway, as his views are not aligned with Australian culture.

Stop pussy footing about.

BTW, had a chat with some lebo Christians that run my local milk bar,
they detest Lebo muslims who don't integrate into Society and fully
agree that other cultures (Greek, Italian, Maltese, Chinese) do integrate.

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