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Worrals in the wilds 9th Aug 2014 11:45

Then let it be said in court and the matter dealt with once and for all. In that respect, I agree with The Australian (which happens every couple of years :}). However, it didn't go to court, it hasn't gone to court and however much Murdoch likes to snipe from the sidelines, whether it goes to court is not his decision to make. Despite his best efforts he doesn't own the bloody country.

...if they were around the political neck of a conservative politician, no matter how thin the evidence, would have been on every front page and heading every evening television news for months on end.
And that is precisely what has happened to a Labor politician. The story is still raised on a weekly (if not daily) basis, but there never seems to be any new evidence. :bored: There's a whole bunch of 'he said she said' and the words of a proven liar, but nothing new ever seems to be turned up. This article is a rehash of all the previous information (albeit by a retired QC) and doesn't seem to produce anything new whatsoever, just the same ol' story that failed to make it to court last time.

Common knowledge, that is - everywhere -
Common knowledge is not proof. Of course it's often correct (everyone knows a bloke) but sometimes it turns out to be completely wrong. At one stage or another we've all heard The Great Inside Story about some crime, political event or sporting saga only to learn later that the Story was 100% cow poo and the dude with the great inside info had either been misinformed or made it up as he went along. :suspect:

Australian state police forces/services/insert trendy title here are not known for their love of lefty politicians. Even the various police unions are politically slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun :eek:. Additionally, given that the current Victorian state government and the federal government are conservative presumably Vic Pol would now feel confident enough to raise the issue, even if they'd felt threatened before. Abbott and Co would probably give them medals if they had enough actual dirt on Gillard and the AWU to get the matter to trial (and as previously stated (and sometimes later deleted :\) I have no love for the AWU whatsoever).

Ethel the Aardvark 9th Aug 2014 11:49

Woo hoooo, I actually agree with Blabbott, good decision to send humanitarian aid to Northern Iraq.
Shame his hero, Mr Howard helped to create the mess in the first place.

parabellum 9th Aug 2014 12:07

To be honest I don't think the LNP really care about catching Gillard out now and getting her into court, she is history and gone. Different matter if they could have got enough irrefutable evidence whilst she was still PM, might even have been able to force an election, but now there is no political gain.

Only the MSM are interested in hours and hours of pre trial, trial and the aftermath.

7x7 9th Aug 2014 12:56

but now there is no political gain.
I can't agree, parrabellum. Most current Labor politicians - certainly everyone at and near the top of the tree - are (or were) welded on to either Gillard or Rudd. The reputations of the current crop of Labor politicians of the Gillard camp would suffer badly when their part in hiding Gillard's past came to light.

Rudd seems to have ducked a direct hit over the Heiner affair, and I suspect Gillard probably will as well over her many shady dealings before she entered politics. (And I hasten to say that I do not for one moment believe that that means either of them are blameless.) The 'where there's smoke there's fire' axiom, in Gillard's case, holds true. There is so much smoke, and from so many different sources, that I find it hard to believe there isn't a pretty decent 'fire' to be found.

As has been said already, if she was innocent of all these unproven (and, like the Heiner affair, thanks to some pretty thorough shredding and disappearing of documents, possibly unprovable), allegations, she'd want to defend her reputation - and make a few million by proving defamation and libel against her accusers. But she hasn't. Rather than defend her reputation in court, she (quite effectively) muzzled journalists who dared to question her role in any of the murky goings on in her rather murky past.

Saltie 9th Aug 2014 20:54

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
A court case might help undo the re-writing of history Gillard has been attempting since her retirement.

Ethel the Aardvark 9th Aug 2014 23:36

Don't you just love gov court cases, it appears the Jackson whistleblower enquiry will come round and bite Blabbott and Pyne on the bum. Even mr Smith is starting to distance himself.
Meanwhile the hunt for Aussies fighting overseas continues, I hope the same scrutiny is applied to those from here that feel that they have to do their time in the Israeli forces. Me thinks not!

500N 10th Aug 2014 01:04


The difference is, joining the IDF to do your time is not illegal.
Would be the same as going back to the UK and joining the British military
or those that return to Greece to do their bit.

Fighting as part of a terrorist organisation is illegal.

parabellum 10th Aug 2014 01:32

7x7 - I agree she is probably guilty enough to not even dare to try a civil libel/slander case, but most of the politicians who surrounded her during her reign didn't have much to do with the inner workings of the AWU at the time of the fiddling, would there really be such a big fallout if they had enough to nail Gillard now?

Ethel - If you are an Israeli and living outside Israel you are expected, (but not compulsory, I think), to go back and serve your National Service, Danny Fyne, who used to own PPRuNe, is one such Israeli who went and did his bit in the IDF.

Clare Prop 10th Aug 2014 02:55

I always thought that Gillard and co's positions in parliament were probably proportional to the amount of skeletons they knew about. I have often thought the only way someone so obviously not competent or suitable for the job was able to rise to the top, apart from all the married men she bonked along the way, was to have enough dirt on the others.

Shorten was the one I beleive who said re. the AWU slush fund scandal "IF this gets out we are all finished" or words to that effect.

The Theiss money in fact came via WA Taxpayers. Carmen Lawrence was the premier of WA at the time, a member of EMILYs list. I have often wondered how she has managed to keep her name out of all this so far.

Ethel the Aardvark 10th Aug 2014 03:48

No problem with peeps doing their national service if they are from that country, any Australian who goes overseas to fight for a foreign country should all be tarred with the same brush.
Now of course if Shorten has been a naughty boy then he should be dealt with, but go easy on the wild goose chases

Clare Prop 10th Aug 2014 04:02

Wild goose chase, or Royal Commission?


Agree with you re. people fighting for overseas armies. I could be wrong but AFAIK it's not possible to wriggle out of being conscripted to the IDF unless you are one of the exempted groups

500N 10th Aug 2014 04:20

So Ethel, what about a Brit like me (originally) who served in the Australian Army ? I was still a British National
when I signed up and was granted immediate Aussie citizenship (got it in 6 months).

Or British submariners who come out here and join the RAN and Command Australian Submarines.

Or British AAC Captains who come out and join 5 Avn to fly Tigers
and teach Attack Helicopter Tactics ?

Or US Air force or US Navy pilots who come out and fly FA-18's ?

Ethel the Aardvark 10th Aug 2014 05:44

What a week we had watching the Abbott cabinet.

Like a bilby facing off a brown bear, we saw our prime minister threaten sanctions on Russia after they banned our farm exports. We observed the education minister assert women study nursing and teaching, but not dentistry and law. As unemployment reached 12 year highs, palms met faces as the employment minister chose to offer his views linking abortion with breast cancer. We squirmed as our first law officer stumbled and bumbled his way through an interview about "metadata".

It is painful to watch Team Australia play. But could it get any worse? Hopefully not, but who would bet against it?

Acknowledgements story IA

Andu 10th Aug 2014 10:23

I find myself in the unusual situation of agreeing with you, Ethel. For the coalition gummit, it has been a week of own goals (to put it kindly). It's almost like the good old days of Krudd and Gillard.

Looking for a bright side, it's kept Sarah Twottoomanydads off our screens. I could forgive Christopher Pyne for making a total ass of himself - as he did this week - if he manages to do that by hogging the airtime.

SOPS 10th Aug 2014 10:34

I am going to note this day in my diary. I must admit, being overseas, I had missed the abortion and breast cancer story. I just googled it..WTF? As, I say, I am noting this day, because for just this once, I also agree with Ethel.

CoodaShooda 10th Aug 2014 12:14

Sadly, it seems we are "blessed" with two opposition parties rather than a viable governing party.

Must be time to start agitating again for a "none of the above" box on the ballot paper. :E :ugh:

parabellum 10th Aug 2014 12:35

I just have a question for Ardvark; how is it the slightest, almost insignificant, fumble by the current LNP government gets full MSM coverage that drags on for weeks, yet during six years of mis management and zero government from the ALP, the media don't seem to notice?

Puzzled from Gippsland.

bosnich71 10th Aug 2014 12:42

Para ... I'll second your motion/question, not that you will get an answer to it from Ethel.

500N 10th Aug 2014 15:37


Re the "missed the abortion and breast cancer story."

After a day or two of seeing the headlines, I decided to read an article
- the one where the MP said he was cut off by one of the presenters.

I watched the segment after reading what was said and by whom.

I think the MP had a point, the "agony aunt" certainly did cut him off
and although he might not have said what he said he was going to say
- about old research, the fact is he wasn't allowed to finish.

The media then jumped on a few key words and blew it out of all proportion.

Just my HO.

I wish I had watched it live as I saw it was Mia on the panel and
we switched to something else.

500N 10th Aug 2014 23:10

I see Sarah Ferguson is doing a doco on the Rudd / Gillard years.

3 x 1 hour episodes.

Should make interesting viewing.

I wonder with her successful foray into interviewing pollies she'll find a gig
outside the ABC where she can put her skills to good use ?

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