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500N 7th Aug 2014 06:28


Why didn't the bus driver stop the bus and stop them ?

I am sure he would have seen what was going on.

MTOW 7th Aug 2014 06:47

There are allegations (unconfirmed) that the bus driver stopped at an unscheduled stop to let the drunks on after they tried to get on three earlier buses, whose drivers didn't stop for them. Other reports say that some of the drunks were in parts of school uniforms. After he'd let them on board, I'd say that short of stopping the bus, the driver would have been between a rock and a hard place, quite rightfully in fear of being beaten up or worse if he confronted the six youths or ordered them off.

Back to the story of the 120,000 illegals who've come here by plane between 2010-13, I always understood that someone who overstayed his or her visa was not able to claim any benefits or handouts. Have I got that wrong? I can understand that they'd be putting others out of work by working 'off the books', probably at under award wages - (there'd be plenty of employers out there who'd play along) - but I wasn't aware that someone in that position could line up for benefits.

Does anyone know the answer to that?

Re the reports that 90% of skilled migrants may have falsified their qualifications: anyone who has been in a public hospital and treated by nurses from overseas would not find that hard to believe. I have a close relative who works in a public hospital as a senior nurse and she's been saying for years that many if not most of the overseas-"trained"(!) nurses are dodgy in the extreme.

SOPS 7th Aug 2014 07:19

Can someone please explain what I am missing.

Why are they sitting in a chocolate shop? What is the significance of a chocolate shop?

Why did a school bus driver stop to pick up drunk teenagers? I thought it was a school bus?

Worrals in the wilds 7th Aug 2014 07:21

Who needs misogynous men when you have women like this because it is right up there on the scale.
It may not have occurred to her; I'd say she saw it as a crack at the PM. But as you say, there are plenty of women who are happy to take a crack at other women should the opportunity come up.

She was an employee of the organisation at the time so IMO it's not really a hack per se. If the company really does have CCTV and email evidence then I'd say she's not very good at it and should maybe consider a different line of work. :hmm: It will be interesting to see how the trial goes.

Re the reports that 90% of skilled migrants may have falsified their qualifications: anyone who has been in a public hospital and treated by nurses from overseas would not find that hard to believe.
Is that falsifying qualifications or just poor training though? Either way, I agree that the hospitals are a bit frightening. There are also a lot of foreign 'students' floating around who spend a lot more time driving taxis, dancing on tables and cooking than they do studying. Mind you, it's a racket that's been around for decades.

SOPS 7th Aug 2014 07:24

And in other news we have a convicted Indian paedophile, who thinks he should be let out of jail.

As least the judge that sentenced him recommended he be deported....

Convicted paedophile Navin Edwin appeals length of sentence in ACT court - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 7th Aug 2014 07:33

Why are they sitting in a chocolate shop? What is the significance of a chocolate shop?
Beats the heck out of picketing a windy, cold government building at this time of year. I think it sounds like a fabulous idea :E:}. Hopefully the shop sold a few chocolates to them to make up for the disruption.
Kind of like champagne socialism for underaged leftie...chocolate socialism perchance? :}

500N 7th Aug 2014 07:35


That guy looks a real slease.

Well, some Federal cop is going to get a nice trip to India.

JB Mods 7th Aug 2014 08:01

Just so you know, a lot of posts have been deleted.

PPRuNe policy is that there will only be one MH370 thread and that one is in Rumours and News if you want to comment on it.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Aug 2014 08:15

Sorry. :\

500N 7th Aug 2014 08:49

JB mods

And if we go to the MH370 thread and post anything out of main stream or opposing in any way, they are immediately deleted and if you do it more than once, you get banned from the thread.

Captain Sand Dune 7th Aug 2014 09:00

Re the drunk scrotes who so bravely abused the Jewish primary school kids - wonder if one of 'em was the spawn of a recently dismissed left wing journo.:E

Charlie Foxtrot India 7th Aug 2014 09:44

Sorry guys it looks like other mods have decided to take over moderating this thread. I've done my bit and tried to be fair and kept it going for two and a half years. It's been hard work sometimes and I've copped a fair bit of flak from the people who broke my "no personal attacks" rule but I've enjoyed it.

If anyone sent me a PM or reported a post about the MH 370 posts that apparently led to the other mods jumping in I apologise, nothing reached me and still hasn't.

500N 7th Aug 2014 11:05


Thanks for your efforts, they have been great :ok:

Question re MH370 in this thread, it is very Oz Political because the Oz Gov't just signed a contract
for it and re MH17, we have a C-17 and Police in Ukraine searching for bodies ?

Charlie Foxtrot India 7th Aug 2014 11:23

I agree.

I didn't have any say in it, sorry.

500N 7th Aug 2014 11:33


Thanks anyway :ok: will stay off those topics.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Aug 2014 11:34

CFI, no dramz.
While personally I consider the issue is relevant to Australian politics, I understand that there are bigger issues in play. Undoubtedly the topic attracts cranks like moths to a flame, so I can see the JSF's POV.
The edits have made me look like I'm arguing with myself, but that's nothing new...:\ Pardon Youtube content, hope it complies with the Rules. :}

SOPS 7th Aug 2014 11:42

No drama CFI, I was unaware of the rule.

WITW...arguing with yourself...you mean that is something new?:p

Worrals in the wilds 7th Aug 2014 12:35

Not at all. :}
'Great is truth and mighty above all things.' Carved into the sandstone of the Forgan Smith Building at the University of Queensland, and one of the few true pieces of knowledge I took away from the place. That and how to successfully appeal an exclusion for poor marks...Mea Culpa, mea maxima culpa...:\:}

Truth is a funny thing. Sometimes today's truth is tomorrow's lie...it's very subjective. Take the Flight That Knows No Name as an example; yesterday I was sure about things, then I read Hoofie's post and suddenly wasn't so sure anymore. My 'truth' suddenly seemed to be lies...

I guess the main thing is that we all continue to think and analyse the information we receive. Even when we disagree, by doing so we thwart the multi-billion dollar media/advertising industry ( these days they are largely the same animal) which would prefer that we sat on the couch drooling, while consuming their media/food/grog junk-thought product (advertising or 'editorial', these days they seem to be interchangeable:(). They would prefer that we consumed their junk product and periodically voted how they tell us to, while we're stuffing our faces with fried chicken, cheap plonk and 'reality' TV....then settle down with a bad government and watch shows that tell us how bad our personal choices are, because it's all our fault. Every 'reality' show (the only reality is how scripted they are, and I know this because I know crew on these shows) assumes that we are morons.

Each show plays upon the public's vulnerability and well-meaning belief that what's presented to them is truth. The real truth is that these shows are scripted more than Home and Away, and that the whole thing is contrived for max advertising power while the public are being played for mugs. When it comes to cooking or home renos then who cares; no-one gets hurt. The problem occurs when said networks extend the same thinking towards politics :sad:. Then you get your Palmers and your Lambies. That's what happens when we allow the popular media to dictate what they think we should think about politics. This is what happens when we let the populist morons with Tweeter feeds and FM breakfast shows dictate political thought. Morons beget morons. :(

Vive Internet :E and :mad: the print 'media'. To the self claimed 'media', your subjectivity has become mind-bogglingly obvious. These days you're just boring...:zzz::}

Andu 7th Aug 2014 22:12

Worrals, I haven't watched the show in months, (I considered it an insult, even to my limited intelligence), but from what I remember of it, your second last paragraph could be precised into one short title: "Channel 10's 'The Project'".


Re the deleted posts: my post offering an unapproved alternative theory re the fate of the Flight That Cannot Be Named would doubtlessly have been considered the main offender by the moderators.(My apologies, CFI, but like you, I thought it was entirely appropriate to this thread.)

So the now culled thread will make sense to anyone reading it in later months, perhaps it needs to be said that if the Chinese expert positing that unapproved theory turns out to be right, the wreckage is nowhere near the area where Australia will spend 50 million dollars (all of it borrowed) searching for it.

And the (to me, at least), BIG question remains: why in the world is Australia paying for this search when Australia had absolutely nothing to do with the flight and neither was an Australian airport the departure point, the destination or a possible alternate?

Back again to Australian politics: I saw the small part of George Brandis' interview on Sky where he came completely unstuck in attempting to reply to the question about saving metadata. It was a 'Ricky Muir Moment' of the worst possible kind. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that his Liberal party colleagues are now calling him 'Ricky' - if only behind his back. The fact that the Labar Pardee people will be goes without saying - unless they're afraid of upsetting Ricky and risk losing his vote.

CoodaShooda 7th Aug 2014 23:01

[quoteThe problem occurs when said networks extend the same thinking towards politics . Then you get your Palmers and your Lambies.][/quote]

And Rudds.........:E

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