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500N 6th Aug 2014 23:08

Agree re ethnicity not being mentioned.

It's a sad insight into what we have become.

Hell, it's a long way from "sheilas, wogs and poofters"
from the 80's and before.

BTW, Did anyone notice how they must be really "manly" by attacking a load of school kids,
not just any school kids but "primary school children".

500N 6th Aug 2014 23:32

I see they have charged an ex student with accessing and releasing info on
the scholarship Abbott's daughter got.

Serious stuff.

chuboy 7th Aug 2014 00:59

All in the name of privacy law, I'm sure.

parabellum 7th Aug 2014 01:00

500N - Sorry, don't know. If a person died in hospital whilst on holiday overseas I would have thought they were entitled to repatriation of the remains, haven't read a travel insurance policy though, not in such detail!

Good piece in the Weekend Australian about how the information concerning Abbotts daughter's grant got out, renowned left winger at the centre who teaches at a university and edits a left wing news sheet, bet you can't guess what she teaches? Correct, journalism! Couple of left wing students involved and one other jouno.

chuboy 7th Aug 2014 01:10

Originally Posted by Andu (Post 8597115)
Anyone knowing the code we operate under in today's Politically Correct Australia will understand immediately that if the ethnicity of the drunken teenagers is never once mentioned, they will have been of Lebanese or Arabic ethnicity. However, if they were Caucasian, we'll be told their ethnicity.

Fairfax reported that the teenagers were of Caucasian appearance.

Ironically, blaming this event on Arabs or Lebanese based on your preconceptions "filling in the blanks" is a manifestation of the kind of racism you go on to warn us about RE: ratchet tightening.

CoodaShooda 7th Aug 2014 01:22


I think you have taken Andu's point a step too far. I don't see him blaming Arabs or Lebanese.

If the media reports they were Caucasian, that tends to support his point about how the media is reporting events.

So, from the reports I've seen, they were under-age drunk, teenage Caucasians who made anti-Semitic threats and shouted Free Gaza.

With that sort of upbringing, it seems only right that they are consigned to the care of their parents. :ugh: As Andu says "WTF"?

I'd like to know how they got on the bus in the first place.

500N 7th Aug 2014 01:26

about how the media is reporting events.
The first reports did not have the Caucasian words,
these have been added.

"I'd like to know how they got on the bus in the first place."

So would the Police according to the article, why the bus picked
them up on the road they were picked up on.

BTW, Lebs can look Caucasian.

david1300 7th Aug 2014 01:58

And for some light relief - this is how this ad appeared in my Facebook feed this morning:
Depending on how you interpret Ass (American or UK) this could lead to an interesting night ;)

david1300 7th Aug 2014 02:01

An afterthought - can you specify that the Government Ass you lease is 'Well Hung' or otherwise well endowed :p

Worrals in the wilds 7th Aug 2014 02:56

Fair enough Hoofie, interesting.
If someone's selling government ass there wouldn't be a big enough trailer to cart them all away. :}

7x7 7th Aug 2014 03:28

Front page of the Sydney Morning herald this morning with some figures that a more than a little staggering. 120,000 entered the country through airports between 2010 and 2013 (during Labor's rule) who apparently came in on falsified visas have now disappeared. A staggering 90% of skilled migrant applications found to be false or contain false information. Oh, and the vast majority of those "skilled" migrants? - cooks.

bosnich71 7th Aug 2014 04:09

500n ... ref. the trainee journalist hacker.
Mz. Freya Newman, aged 21,lists as her area of interest and inquiry on the University of technology website the following ......

Indigenous or aboriginal studies.
Settler colonialism and it's legacies.
Sovereignty, colonialism, indigenous studies,
Imperialism, Empire,
Post colonial feminism.
Critical race theory.
Transnational feminism.
Critical disability studies.
Feminist disability studies.
Gender studies.

She's probably got an eye on a future career at the A.B.C.

500N 7th Aug 2014 04:22


That can't be right, that many chips can't fit on her shoulders !

She can add another two soon, "computer hacker" and "criminal record" :ok:

The other question I have is if she is involved in feminism, then why
did she do something against or to put down another woman ?

Not very supportive of the old skirt brigade, is it ?

bosnich71 7th Aug 2014 04:49

500N ..... that's the problem the Left hate everyone, Female or Male, who is not one of 'them' but more especially so when they are the progeny of ABBOTT !

bosnich71 7th Aug 2014 04:52

7X7 .... the Age was critical of the government concentrating on "boat arrivals" instead of the 'greater danger ' of those coming via airports on dodgy visas.
And there was me thinking that the boaties destroyed their paperwork before embarking.

500N 7th Aug 2014 04:55

Who needs misogynous men when you have women like this because it
is right up there on the scale.

Would like to hear Worrals take on it.

SOPS 7th Aug 2014 06:14

At least sense prevailed and he didn't get bail. However I note he was assaulting
people as soon as he got his protection visa. Why was he not deported after his first conviction. Because Two Dads and Co would have kicked up a stink, that's why.

Now he has killed someone.....I am so happy we have a multi cultural immigration policy.....

Westfield stabbing death: Bail refused for man accused of Parramatta shopping centre murder - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

MTOW 7th Aug 2014 06:16

30 left wing students occupying the Max Brenner chocolate shop in Kensington "until Israel gives the Palestinians back their land". Hmmmm... I think they must be planning a lifelong career sitting in chocolate shops. But seriously, that many (non-buying) non-customers in a shop would prevent real customers getting in the door just by mass of numbers, to say nothing of the grief they'd doubtlessly give any real customer.

I wonder, does Max Brenner Management have the facility to sue either individuals occupying their premises or the Sydney University Students' Union for loss of income?

It will be interesting to see what happens at closing time this afternoon.

Edited to add: I have just heard on the radio that the 30 students have disappeared from the Max Brenner shop.

500N 7th Aug 2014 06:22

People have an inherent fear of suffocation and dying.

You only need to get them to smell gas and they will be out of there.

Or roll in an open Gas canister, they will leave quick smart.

MTOW 7th Aug 2014 06:23

I hate to say this - and really hope I'm wrong - but the Seth Effrician mother whose three daughters were traumatized by the six drunk teenagers on the school bus sounds as if she's prepping the grounds for a compensation claim.

I wish her all the support in the world if she sues the parents of the lowlife cretins who assaulted the kids on the bus, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why the taxpayer should pay compensation to victims in circumstances like this - and if she tries squeezing money form the public purse, my support for her evaporates entirely.

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