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CoodaShooda 5th Aug 2014 02:51


Which were the 4 Mile workshops? I remember the old 2 1/2 Mile complex and the Bus Depot a bit further out but can't place the 4 Mile. :confused:

(Genuine question - trying to track the extent of my proto-senility memory loss.)

david1300 5th Aug 2014 03:11

Originally Posted by RJM (Post 8593174)
The ABC's fact check unit, a copycat of US and UK operations, was an (some say) opportunistic gift by Gillard to the ABC in the leadup to the last election.

That doesn't make it illegitimate or biased, though. There have been broken promises, but some are relatively minor - eg permanent residency granted to one illegal boat entry under very particular circumstances. The Coalition is also faced with massive debt.

It will be interesting to see if the shelving of Abbott's pet parental leave payments makes it as a broken promise.

I'd suggest reading the list carefully, and considering the position the country's in.

Does anyone know who 'owns' the Fact Check website. I know that it is meant to be the ABC's Fact Check, but I recall reading recently that the 'owner' is the spouse/partner of either an ABC senior staffer, and a Labor Party connected person.

RJM 5th Aug 2014 03:40

I'm not sure what owner means in this connection. The head of the unit is Russell Skelton, partner of Virginia Trioli, ABC current affairs presenter.

david1300 5th Aug 2014 05:16

Thanks - that is the link I had heard and was thinking of :ok:

bosnich71 5th Aug 2014 07:03

Not that she is biased in any way though .... V.T. that is.

500N 5th Aug 2014 07:05

Nah, of course not ;)

owen meaney 5th Aug 2014 07:10

CoodaSHooda, damned but you are correct, it is my memory suffering with age.
Indeed was 2 and half mile workshop, bus depot was on the other side of Bagot Road intersection with Daly? Street( Stuart Highway anyhoo)
RAAF Gates just south of there.
Prior to Bagot Road becoming dual carraige way.
Works picnic (Labor Day) at Drip Stone Caves area, Casuarina Beach, drove a dirt road from Rapid Creek through the floodway, Dad got bogged many times

Terry Dactil 5th Aug 2014 07:10

I didn't say we could not have the ABC. It just needs washing out and getting some balance in it!
But it is balanced now. Isn't it? :E


owen meaney 5th Aug 2014 07:24

Tery Dactal, that is very funny:ok:

Worrals in the wilds 5th Aug 2014 14:39

Terry, that's cute.
I laughed, anyway. :\

Which is quite bizarre to me, the ALP is/was the parliamentary wing of the Union movement.
Still is; they're family. There's tension, disrespect, power plays and grudging allegiance for each other wrt common goals. In other words; Family :E. To quote Terry Pratchett; 'Yeah, they get on like a house on fire. Ever been inside a burning house?':eek::} Of course that's just the negative aspect. I'm sure that the bulk of high end ALP/affiliated Union interaction is all sunshine, lollipops and 100% focused on benefiting the worker. :}

Likewise, the Libs have the interests of all you small business owners at heart. :}:} I'm sure the proposed federal budget will really help you and your businesses along. Not. :(

SOPS 5th Aug 2014 17:08

Although not strictly polotics...this story is certainaly getting a life of its own

Baby Gammy: Australian father has child sex convictions; Thai mum shocked; child protection authorities investigate - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Andu 5th Aug 2014 20:44

I've just seen Bill Shorten commenting on the government's backdown on section 18C of the racial discrimination act. The man brings a whole new dimension to the phrase "grossly insincere", to the point where even rusted-on Laborites must flinch as they see him sprout words he so obviously does not believe. (He was, after all, a senior member of a Government/Pardee that went very close to getting away with introducing legislation to effectively muzzle the press so they could not criticize the then government.)

Back to the Section 18C backdown: whatever side of politics you're on, it's a very bad look for Tony Abbott. His enemies will gloat, and gloat loudly (aided and abetted by a national broadcaster that can hardly believe its luck as it continues to bite the hand that feeds it). Those on Abbott's side of politics will be saddened, even horrified, as they see him disappoint once again.

I'm beginning to feel that Tony Abbott is Australia's own Michel Gorbachev. Like Gorbachev as the Soviet Union imploded, he is winning accolades on the world stage with all the world outside his own country loving him. But in his own country, he's looking more and more like a lame duck.

Of course he should be given enormous credit for stopping the boats, (Scott Morison could never hope to be given the free rein he has exercised in stopping the boats without Abbott's active support), but sadly, especially with the way the ABC and Fairfax have consistently skewed the news since last September, to Joe Public, who rarely looks beyond the headline that appears at the bottom of the screen during the sport broadcast he's watching, Tony Abbott is appearing to be weak, even accident-prone. And Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, in the way they milked the 24 hour news cycle, proved that appearing to govern was every bit as important as actually governing. And I fear the gnat's memory span of too many of the Australian public might lead them to re-elect a government that APPEARS to be lead by the patently fake Bill Shorten. I shudder to think what that might entail for the future of Australia.

In short, man up, Mr Abbott. You may be doing a really good job of governing, but you APPEAR not to be.

And that's important.

500N 5th Aug 2014 20:51

In short, man up, Mr Abbott. You may be doing a really good job of governing, but you APPEAR not to be.
I have always said that perception is greater than reality.

Re this legislation that he has backed out of, seems the backing out
is more important than the actual laws not being passed.

I need to read into it more to see whether this Muslim link has any cred.

BenThere 5th Aug 2014 21:04

The signature Abbott government achievements I perceive from my filtered Ann Arbor vantage point are that he has stopped the asylum boats and he is the first to stand up to the carbon tax militia.

That alone is enough to earn my endorsement, though I would have endorsed him anyway as I like straightforward, common sense leadership.

500N 5th Aug 2014 23:21

Ironic that on the day that Abbott ditches the race laws, a Black guy tweets about Delta Goodrem - UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN - and then refuses to apologize or acknowledge that what he said was racist.

I wonder what would happen if someone had said "Black chick can't dance" ??????

All hell would have broken lose and the person vilified !

parabellum 6th Aug 2014 03:00

It always gets to me when I read about various societies and associations that are allowed to have a 'Black' branch but God help anyone who tries to set up a 'White' society or association.

Prime example in London is the 'Black Police Officers Association' but there are plenty of others.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Aug 2014 04:47

I was very annoyed after reading Brandis' criticism of the SMH's Israel cartoon. This is the MP who said 'people have a right to be bigots,' but apparently that 'right' doesn't apply to people who criticize Israel. If the SMH do a cartoon about the Malaysian PM and make him look Malaysian, will Brandis also consider that unacceptable? :hmm: I'm sure that his spray has absolutely nothing to do with the majority of Australian Jewish people being traditional Liberal voters :suspect:. Brandis' 'right' to be a bigot only seems to apply to bigotry directed towards Labor voting minorities. :ugh:

That said, Michael Carton's Tweeter comments (as per this morning's Australian) were beyond the pale, and even more so when he identifies as a SMH journalist in his tag line. They read like he'd had a few glasses of red prior to tweeting, followed by a few more to keep the first few company. :uhoh:

Worrals in the wilds 6th Aug 2014 08:15

Worrals, whilst I can see your argument has some validity, how familiar are you with Nazi propaganda cartoons before and during WW2 in regards to "the eternal Jew?". That SMH cartoon was uncomfortably close to those 1930s/40s German caricatures - to me at least.
Fair enough, but I still stand by my comments (with some added caution). I was made aware of the Nazi cartoons today for the first time. However, while I can now see why people got so upset about it, to me it illustrates what was wrong with Brandis and the government's original argument; I don't think people have a 'right' to be bigots. If he hadn't made that comment then I probably would have agreed with what he said about the cartoon and praised him for saying it, but that's not the case. He set himself up as the advocate for obnoxious and hurtful comments wrt race, such as that very cartoon. Turning around and criticizing this particular example (while condoning others) is the height of hypocrisy.

I'm glad to see Carlton has resigned; his responses would have been unacceptable on JB, let alone on Twitter by an identified capital city newspaper journalist who should be professional enough to ignore online whack jobs. After all, we all manage. Mostly. :E

P.S. I really, really detest Christopher Pyne; every time he appears on the news I want to punch my TV. Now I can understand how angry some of you got about Gillard. :uhoh::}

500N 6th Aug 2014 14:32


A chance to wave the flag of Aus on the side of a C-17 in Europe
to capitalize on the UN S/C Resolution.

No, seriously, Aussies come home on Aussie aircraft.

Re this speech thing, agree, it is BS.

Andu 6th Aug 2014 22:59

A group of eight teenagers terrorised a busload of 30 primary school children with antisemitic taunts and physical assaults in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs yesterday. The ALPBC reported that the teenagers, although later apprehended, "were too drunk to be interviewed, so were released to the care of their parents" (WTF????)

The primary school children were from two Jewish private schools. Anyone knowing the code we operate under in today's Politically Correct Australia will understand immediately that if the ethnicity of the drunken teenagers is never once mentioned, they will have been of Lebanese or Arabic ethnicity. However, if they were Caucasian, we'll be told their ethnicity.

This is an ever-tightening ratchet. Once society gets used to this, the ratchet will click one more notch until we get used to the next level. Then one more click.

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