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500N 3rd Aug 2014 21:38

Ref us not doing so well at the Comm Games as we have in the past,
I sometimes wonder if we have a superiority complex.

Every nation goes up and down in the medal tally, it was obvious England would still be up and we would win less.

Australia's Commonwealth Games medal tally to draw internal review

7x7 3rd Aug 2014 22:52

Pickering's latest offering really gets stuck into Tony Abbott, reflecting an attitude and a disappointment in Abbott's performance since becoming Prime Minister that I suspect would be echoed by quite a few here.

News - TELL YOUR MUM IT'S ALL OFF - The Pickering Post

7x7 4th Aug 2014 03:32

Big surprise?

Probably not.

AIDS conference delegates seek asylum in Australia
At least 25 delegates who attended Melbourne’s high-profile AIDS conference intend to seek asylum in Australia after failing to board their flights home last week.
The men and women, who are mostly from African countries including Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia, decided to stay in Melbourne after the week-long conference finished on July 25.
Many of them are now homeless and have been put up in motels, backpacker hostels and rooming houses across the city.
AIDS conference delegates seek asylum in Australia

SOPS 4th Aug 2014 07:02

Why can't we give them some help to get on an aircraft, if they can't do it alone?

parabellum 4th Aug 2014 07:24

As they are on an all expenses paid trip, paid for either by their country, (whom they are supposed to be representing and supporting), or an aids related charity, or the UN(!) and come from countries that are not at war then I would say fat chance, but this is Australia and SHY will be on their case like lightening! :mad:

I suspect their claim will be that now, having sought asylum, they will be in trouble when they get back, so they should to!

RJM 4th Aug 2014 07:55

SHY's like a loose cannon.

Cannonballs... God they're big. If only you could get the t*ts without the mind...

Aaargh! What's wrong with me! :eek:

Clare Prop 4th Aug 2014 08:07

Seem to remember some African athletes who just kept running during the Sydney olympics and were found holed up with a refugee advocate? I wonder if they got asylum?

I don't have a problem with "plane people" as we knew who they were when they got thier visas.

Andu 4th Aug 2014 08:48

Not forgetting the Cameroonian weight lifter who sought asylum here some years ago and was accepted, demanded an extra $5000 payment during the Commonwealth Games trials or he wouldn't do his lift - (if he didn't lift, the whole Australian team would have been disqualified). He was dropped from the Australian team, so represented - the country he "escaped" from to come to Australia. And he remains a permanent Australian resident.

Ethel the Aardvark 4th Aug 2014 10:25

The Abbott Government has busted the half ton. That is, 50 broken commitments in ten months. Five per month. That makes it almost certainly the worst regime for policy delivery in modern history — anywhere.
At least they are consistent!!
Abbott?s broken promises reach 50 as the ABC joins the party

RJM 4th Aug 2014 10:45

The ABC's fact check unit, a copycat of US and UK operations, was an (some say) opportunistic gift by Gillard to the ABC in the leadup to the last election.

That doesn't make it illegitimate or biased, though. There have been broken promises, but some are relatively minor - eg permanent residency granted to one illegal boat entry under very particular circumstances. The Coalition is also faced with massive debt.

It will be interesting to see if the shelving of Abbott's pet parental leave payments makes it as a broken promise.

I'd suggest reading the list carefully, and considering the position the country's in.

Pinky the pilot 4th Aug 2014 10:46

Has anyone else here also formed the opinion that a certain poster on this page is a Labor Polly's staffer or am I just a bit too cynical for my own good?:confused:

parabellum 4th Aug 2014 12:13

Think you have hit it on the head Pinky, mostly we just ignore him/her. :)

"There will be no carbon tax under any government I lead" = Must be worth about fifty of the minor ones claimed against Abbott?

RJM 4th Aug 2014 12:35

There's no sense of proportion, para. With a Labor government, the ABC if it doesn't actually spruik for the government, stays silent about its failings.

With a Liberal government, the ABC suddenly sees its role as holding the government to account as a sort of de facto Opposition with endless media access.


SOPS 4th Aug 2014 13:02

The sooner the whole fiasco that is the ABC, is shut down, cleared out and restarted, the better.

owen meaney 4th Aug 2014 13:43

Those of us who don't earn a pilot's income, no longer have a parliamentary party to represent our interests. Thank God for the ABC:ok:
Or Allah or Deity of your choosing

SOPS 4th Aug 2014 14:01

I didn't say we could not have the ABC. It just needs washing out and getting some balance in it!

500N 4th Aug 2014 15:36

It just needs washing out and getting some balance in it!
+ 1

It certainly does feel like it has become an opposition.

owen meaney 4th Aug 2014 22:19

Be that as it may, Sara Ferguson's interview of Minister Morrison about the 157 asylum seekers and the machinations of their legal team was very informative, to me anyway. I'm sure one could say it was slanted, but that can be ignored by more intelligent adults and the facts concentrated on.
I was pleased to hear that our government stayed ahead of the High Court, and was considering all options, including putting the whole lot onto vessels and sending them back to India.

parabellum 5th Aug 2014 01:11

owen - please don't tell us that you honestly believe that the ALP support the lower earning brackets? They will shaft you as soon as look at you, their interests all start with P, power, position, pay, perks, pension, press, in any order you like but 'people' simply don't figure in their plans.

owen meaney 5th Aug 2014 01:40

Parabellum, how did you glean from my posts that I support any party or believe any party has the workers interests to hand.
In fact I stated

Those of us who don't earn a pilot's income, no longer have a parliamentary party to represent our interests
All of them are very close to business interests, and the ALP's neo basic philosophy excludes the "working class", vis a vi their divorce from the Union movement. Which is quite bizzare to me, the ALP is/was the parliamentary wing of the Union movement.
Back in the day, when my Dad was shop steward at 4 mile workshops, Darwin, for old Department of Works (NT), they used to nominate the Territory and Federal Labor candidates from the paid up membership.

Both major parties march to the beat of the Capitalists drum, work until you die and then get fed into the mincer - that's an allegory BTW

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