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CoodaShooda 30th Jul 2014 01:28

but first, a binding contract with the unions involved not to hinder or retard the building, it being a matter of national security. Any chance?
If you take the Mining and Waterfront Unions' behavior in WW2 as a guide, you've got the proverbial snowball's chance of a harmonious and cost effective project.

500N 30th Jul 2014 01:34

"or retard the building"

I think the unions are the least of your worries. It is not the 70's or 80's,
they would like to keep the jobs they have and they know it is a fine line.

The contractor "learning how to manage a complex job, on the job"
is causing enough problems without the unions.

MTOW 30th Jul 2014 01:52

Back in my time in the Middle East, on a flight, I spoke to an English flight attendant (one of the "My Mohammed is Different" brigade) who told me a story that proved he really was - and that he didn't abide by the Ayatollah's rules. She said that she had been out in the desert with the boyfriend and one of his mates the day before for an Arabic BBQ, where they took a live goat, which they slaughtered on the spot before eating it.

But immediately before that, both men had their way with the goat.

I was more than a little shocked to hear this, but not nearly as shocked as I was when she told me that she "understood" and that she was still going out with this man, as it was "just a cultural thing". (I have to admit, when she started telling me the story, I suspected she was about to tell me that the boyfriend had offered her to the mate, so the goat 'love story' came as a more or less pleasant surprise.)

She was by no means the only Western young woman making (what anyone who has never lived in the Middle East would consider as) extraordinary allowances to maintain a local partner. "MMID", shorthand for "My Mohammed is Different", was an in joke with old timers as they watched the next batch of "fresh meat" - starry-eyed young Western women who actually believed that, arrive and fall for the extravagant courting rituals of the local boys.

Most remained believers for about 12 months, by which time 99.9% of them had learned that he wasn't. But by then, three or four new batches of "fresh meat" had arrived, so the local boys were happy as Larry with that.


Back to the subject of the Air Warfare Destroyer, the price blowout is just the very tip of the iceberg. A (only recently) ex-Navy mate, who was in a position to know, told me a year or two ago that the problems the Navy is having with that programme make the cancelled Sea Sprite programme look like it was a success.

bosnich71 30th Jul 2014 01:59

I've posted on here previously that I was involved in what, at the time, was the biggest update on any RAAF aircraft. The contract was for 20 aircraft and the schedule was written before the first aircraft delivery from the RAAF. All 20 aircraft were finished on time, i.e. went back to the RAAF on the advertised date etc. and the system worked ! There was some doubt, from RAAF personnel at the time that we would be successful especially when we stripped out the first fuselage..... but all went to plan.
Mind you I did experience a lot of delays and effing about on some of the contracts that followed ....... but NO strikes.

500N 30th Jul 2014 02:00

During the Iraq war, heaps of footage was loaded up, taken by US Pilots using the FLIR Camera of numerous men having sex with donkeys and
I am sure if someone searched hard enough you would find other animals !!!

Worrals in the wilds 30th Jul 2014 02:20

That's what happens when blokes aren't allowed to talk to girls. One of the things that happens, anyway...:suspect:

MTOW 30th Jul 2014 03:28

Very funny article from Mark Steyn.

My Fellow Canadian :: SteynOnline

Some scholars believe that Muslims came to America from West Africa and Europe (Muslim Spain and Portugal) long before Columbus. The theory is still not widely accepted, but it is based on interesting evidence. There is no doubt that Muslims made up a considerable portion of the West Africans who were enslaved and brought to North, South and Central America during the four grueling centuries of the Atlantic slave trade. Conservative estimates say they made up one out of every 10, but sometimes (in states like South Carolina and Louisiana) they made up as much as one out of every three.

The Muslim slaves of antebellum America left some of their culture behind. Many musicologists believe that the American blues and jazz traditions owe much to West African Muslim folk music, especially the beautiful West African Muslim songs sung with the 21-string kora.

I knew most western literature was Muslim - from Sheikh Speare to Louisa May al-Cott - but the jazz and blues thing was new to me. Must remember to check out some of those great little jazz joints in Riyadh next time I'm there. Incidentally, if you woke up this morning and your sheep done left you, the Ayatollah Khomeini recommends you sing a 12-baa blues.
How long before we get a similar line from our home-grown Muslim 'Australians' that this country is traditionally Muslim pre-dating European settlement because of all that contact over hundreds of years between Mollucan fishermen and Aboriginals?

Captain Sand Dune 30th Jul 2014 07:45

We have a problem, and it's not arriving on the boats.
Well said.
To state the bleeding obvious (obvious to any Australians with eyes in their heads, anyway!) the problem is a particular religion and our slavish adherence to 'political correctness' that allows it to thrive unchecked. Our own government does not allow us to address the root cause; we can't even talk about it.

500N 30th Jul 2014 08:40


Some of us don't adhere to the total pc bs so do talk about it,
Whether people like it or not.

SOPS 30th Jul 2014 09:13

I agree, all this PC stuff has gone mad. We are livinging amonst danger, that is obvious now, and we can't even talk about it.

In other news, this will be giving SHY an attack of the vapours. Personally, I think it's the strange Voodoo charm she has around her neck that they may be worried about.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young denied access to Curtin Detention Centre to visit asylum seekers - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 30th Jul 2014 10:12

SHY ..... "I am extremely concerned about the children".
Pity the hypocritical Moo isn't bothered about homeless Australian children, of which there are, no doubt, plenty in Tasmania.

Captain Sand Dune 30th Jul 2014 10:17

Let her witter on. The more she does the more she makes herself and her loony Green mates look......well, looney!
According to the article the previous government also did not allow her access to illegal immigrants in detention.

SOPS 30th Jul 2014 10:39

Yeh, she was so concerned about the children she backed a high court injunction that caused them to float around the Indian Ocean for weeks.

These people are just loonies looking for a cause. And when one cause runs out of steam...the have to find another.

Andu 30th Jul 2014 10:41

Capt SD, sadly - or should that be 'scarily'? - between 8% and 12% of the voting population don't find her in any way loony.

I still shake my head in suppressed horror when I hear some brain dead individual say that she (it's more often a she in my brief experience) say they're voting Greens to "punish Labor because they've let me down". It's the equivalent to saying "I want full blown AIDS rather than a cold sore."

Worrals in the wilds 30th Jul 2014 14:18

...say they're voting Greens to "punish Labor because they've let me down".
To quote Brian Brown in Cocktail (in his role as a bartender), giving advice to Tom Cruise wrt the barmaids 'hating' him; 'wait till you've given them crabs. Then you'll really know hatred' . :E:}

In some circles, these days being openly Labor is seen as quite establishment; almost right wing. :} Maybe the rise of the Greens is an overall benefit to the Labour movement (after all, otherwise they'd all join Labor and regularly turn up to meetings :eek:) but that's a slightly heretical POV. :hmm: An even more heretical POV would be to posit that by joining the Greens, extreme lefties spare the Labor Party from having to accommodate them, thereby allowing the Party to become more centralist (and therefore more populist, aka more votable) while still maintaining a preference alliance with the more extreme lefties. Just a thought...I'm sure it's a thought that's never crossed the minds of the nation's conservative politicians, every time a right wing party springs up...:suspect::}

A protest vote to the Greens is not a problem if it's accompanied by a second preference to Labor. Before you all get too self-righteous ;), the same applies to conservative protest votes to Palmer, Katter or the Shooters that preference the Libs. Where it gets sticky is when there's an optional preferential voting system, as there is in Queensland. Then people do their protest thing but without selecting a preference, thereby effectively removing their vote from the election. :(

the problem is a particular religion and our slavish adherence to 'political correctness' that allows it to thrive unchecked
And the problem is particular people within that particular religion, not the moderate majority. I realise that we may differ on that point, but so be it. Two murderers out of an estimated 470,000 Australian Muslims is a very small minority.

SOPS 30th Jul 2014 14:37

WITW..two are two too many...how many more are waiting in the wings to start their jihad here in Australia? Maybe, I am being extreme, I know. But the images of kids holding signs up in Sydney, asking for beheadings, still haunts me.

I don't recall, Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese, Chinese Immigrants doing that. Nor demanding we bend to their system. I just remember integration. Now I just see a group of people full of hatred for the country they have chosen to call home.

And I see a group of people, born in this country, that have rejected Australian values so much, they choose to go to a war zone to behead people.

Something is very very very wrong.

RJM 30th Jul 2014 14:42

And meanwhile as a nation we have to put up with a system that delivers power out of all proportion to protest parties like the Greens. Such parties do not consider issues from the point of view of the national interest. Rather they exercise their disproportionate power either in favour of sectional interests which give them the relatively few votes they need, or they vote according to their unproven, usually unworkable 'policies'.

Either way the majority of voters, let's call them ordinary, rational Australians, have to sit back and let the Greens and other minorities warp the outcomes of the democratic process.

There will never be a government elected on the platforms of the Greens and the other minorities, but the influence of these minority parties, specifically via the Senate whose role as a house of review they have distorted, is powerful enough to wreak havoc by steering a major party government away from what is best for the nation.

We have seen this clearly with the Green's influence on the last Labor government. The cost has been enormous.

The only way to deal with this while preserving our democracy is to wake people up to the damage done by the minorities, not because they are minorities, but because the present crop of them, led by the Greens, have policies of superficial appeal to some voters but which, exercised in the Senate, are poisonous to our national interest.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 30th Jul 2014 15:43

Two murderers.....

.....quoted an unnamed source that claimed that an unknown Australian soldier from Delta Company, 2nd Commando Regiment had made a shot at 2,815 m (3,079 yd) using a .50 cal Barrett M82 rifle....(from the sniper wiki)
I'm sure they could get closer than that if they had to. Our problem...our fix.

SOPS 30th Jul 2014 17:24

These people are now directly threatening us...I suggest it is a deceleration of war. During World War 2, those that were assumed may be a threat to Australia, were put in camps. I suggest it is time to consider the same now...and if SHY and Co are unhappy...they are welcome to join them.

Caution...link is not pleasant viewing.

Homegrown terrorist Mohamed Elomar pledges to bring the horror here: Australians should be worried, he says | News.com.au

SOPS 30th Jul 2014 18:07

And a report not from the ALPBC...

Now it?s ?Sarah Hanson-Harm?: Spike in detention centre ?incidents? when Greens senator visits, report reveals | News.com.au

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