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500N 27th Jul 2014 08:14


Yes, I have a sense of humour, especially about a thread with "war" in the title yet no blood, killing, maiming, bodies.

The war hasn't even started yet.

See Gaza, ISIS.

Maybe we don't want to be taken over by ISIS types.

7x7 27th Jul 2014 08:56

Here I go again, Ethel, cutting and pasting yet another Bolt article.

How typically stupid we were to believe weightlifter Daniel Koum:
Arriving in Australia, he had a sports visa that was valid for one month and allowed him to compete in the [Melbourne Commonwealth] games. However, seeking to put the hardship of life that encompasses Cameroonians behind him, he spoke with the Red Cross, in order to gain assistance in claiming asylum and remaining in Australia.... From there he spoke with Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre in Fitzroy and they provided him with a free migration officer, who assisted in having him placed on a bridging visa… After 2 years as an asylum seeker, under a permanent residency visa, he was granted full citizenship.

Today he’s competing for the very country he says he had to flee for his life:

Koum’s protracted and bitter falling out with the Australian Weightlifting Federation saw him compete for his native Cameroon in Glasgow instead of Australia…

“In January I put in my application to represent Australia and it was rejected. I immediately contacted Cameroon to say I am available and had been released by the Commonwealth Games Association so I was free to compete. I’m originally from Cameroon so it was easier for me to represent them again,” he said.

If we’d just given him a temporary protection visa we could now ship him right back to Cameroon.

500N 27th Jul 2014 09:00


I wonder if the article explains why he is not representing Australia.

He was the guy who threatened not to lift in the lead up (in an event) unless he was given $5000. If he hadn't have lifted, it would have affected
the whole team getting to the games.

Hence why he was suspended and then rejected.

Bugger him.

Solid Rust Twotter 27th Jul 2014 09:10

Cameroon? Seriously?:confused:

Used to work there. Was probably safer there than back home in SA.

SOPS 27th Jul 2014 09:12

And who gets the only quote in this article...Two Dads of course...balanced reporting, balanced.

Group of 157 asylum seekers depart Cocos Island for transfer to Curtin Detention Centre - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 27th Jul 2014 10:52

personal attack edited

And, all on this blog are not right wing it's just that some have seen the 'Light on the Hill' fade into insignificance.

bosnich71 27th Jul 2014 23:08

I note that I have had an entry deleted due to a "personal attack".
I believe the word I used was 'ramblings' which is quite mild when used to describe what Ethel posted and which is still there for all to see.

owen meaney 27th Jul 2014 23:25

Saw on the news that if one is over 50 and on dole payment one would have to apply for 40 jobs a month to keep receiving benefit, under the governments proposal.

Bosnich71 I note that I have had an entry deleted due to a "personal attack".
Only one deletion and he complains??

7X7 channeling Andrew Bolt How typically stupid we were to believe weightlifter Daniel Koum
I wouldn't say typically stupid at all, this was a one off case. The false argument here is that because he is safe to compete for his country he was safe to return to his country. That may or may not be true.

CoodaShooda 27th Jul 2014 23:48

Was it apply for 40 jobs/month or research 40?

I suppose it's one way of keeping us irrelevant, over the hill, (potentially)unemployed mob occupied.

(Otherwise, we might start using all our hard earned guile and cunning in planning a social revolution.)

parabellum 27th Jul 2014 23:48

Come on Owen, be honest, do you really believe that someone who flees his own country, family etc. for fear of persecution would then be happy to represent them, anywhere, internationally? It is a very long bow if you do believe it. :)

owen meaney 28th Jul 2014 00:02

Well PAra, One has to be careful of arriving at a conclusion with very little information on which to base that conclusion.
As you intimate, he may well be welcome in his country and was taking advantage of Australia. It may well be a plot between Camaroon and Koum to get training in Australia at no expense.
Should we now send him back to Cameroon and see if he gets shot?

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 28th Jul 2014 01:51

I guess that would settle the argument!

500N 28th Jul 2014 01:54

Should we now send him back to Cameroon and see if he gets shot?
Do you really think I give a shyte if he does ?

If you do, you are badly mistaken.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 28th Jul 2014 01:59

Along with Lefties coming to their senses, others already have (you could insert "disadvantaged" of choice):

Why I burned my 'Proof of Aboriginality' - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 28th Jul 2014 02:03

Talking of Aboriginal. How is this one.

Someone described themselves as

1/2 Maltese
1/4 Australian
1/4 Aboriginal

Now, from my mind, you should be

1/2 Maltese
1/2 Australian with 1/4 Aboriginal descent.

Just my HO.

Seaeagle109 28th Jul 2014 02:26

How about they just describe themselves as Aussie, regardless of ancestry?

Thanks for the link Traffic_Is_Er_Was, certainly a thought provoking article, good on her for calling bullshit on any privileged treatment due to ancestry.

IMHO, we'd all be much better off if we all identified as Australian first, regardless of race, religion or anything else and then any other ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, etc., if you really feel it's necessary.

Andu 28th Jul 2014 02:31

Is there someone out there who could give me a definitive answer to this question?

Sarah Hanson-Young has been elected to the Australian Senate to look after the interests of the people of South Australia. Would a trip to RAAF Base Curtin in northern Western Australia fall an any way within this remit? If not, how can she charge the taxpayer for her (and her staff's?) travel and living expenses for this trip? I also assume that while the Senate is not sitting, she is supposed to keep herself busy on Senatorial duties, so will she be taking leave for the days she is in Curtin following what can only be described as non job-related, extra-curricular interests?

CoodaShooda 28th Jul 2014 02:45


You'll probably find she is a member of some Senate committee or other that involves itself in AS matters.

It doesn't make her any less a waste of taxpayers' dollars but she could also claim she's representing the small number of SA voters who put her there.

Clare Prop 28th Jul 2014 03:37

I see she got a whopping 7% of the votes.

Senate Results: South Australia - Australia Votes | Federal Election 2013 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 28th Jul 2014 03:54

Owen .... am I complaining ? Read the post again then you see that I "noted" that I had a post deleted.
As I said I used the word ramblings ref. a post which contained quite a few words which were "personal" not a hanging offence I would have thought.

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