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bosnich71 25th Jul 2014 09:58

Fool ...... "a bit touchy are we"?
With Trolls yes.

Takan Inchovit 25th Jul 2014 11:17

I wonder how many things the previous government took the credit for from the then previous government.

Ethel the Aardvark 25th Jul 2014 12:13

Well that's a cheaper way of dealing with asylum seekers, all expenses paid cruise around the Indian Ocean, quoits on the deck, dinner with the captain at his table, clay pigeon shooting.
Maybe they won't lock Morrison up after all!

PerAsperaAdAstra 25th Jul 2014 12:29

"Just how many lawyers have these prxxks got, and who is paying for them?"

Yeah that's a very good question, who is paying for all these lawyers??

SOPS 25th Jul 2014 13:03

I feel, Ethyl, that is some do gooder leftie lawyers had not got involved, they would have not spent the last few weeks cursing around. But I have a feeling, that where ever it I'd they end up....it won't be anywhere they want to be.

Saltie 25th Jul 2014 14:43

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
You can bet SHY and Rintool will move mountains to get all 157 permanent residence

Captain Sand Dune 26th Jul 2014 00:24

Yeah that's a very good question, who is paying for all these lawyers??
I take it that's a rhetorical question.

You can bet SHY and Rintool will move mountains to get all 157 permanent residence
And that shyster Burnside.

I take issue with hypocrisy, and the gracelessness of some who demand kudos and credit for the government's actions in the Security Council, but will not countenance it for the other side, even though they were the ones who obtained the seat, in the face of fierce opposition at the time, in the first place.
Rudd's motivation for securing a seat on the UN security council was to benefit himself. And what good did the ALP make of it when they were in government?
The UN is a joke. A very expensive joke, which I'd like to see Australia not participate in any more.

Saltie 26th Jul 2014 00:43

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I second that, Capt SD.

parabellum 26th Jul 2014 02:25

And weren't Mr Abbott and co, when in opposition, highly critical of the government of the day's attempt to gain a Security Council seat?

It wasn't obtaining the seat that bothered the then opposition, it was the $43million expended in the effort, especially at a time when there was no money in the kitty and the ALP had driven Australia into massive debt.

PerAsperaAdAstra 26th Jul 2014 02:45

Yeah, "We" are paying for the lawyers :* :*...great guaranteed job they have.

Yep Captain Kevin 707 takes command, gets locked out the cockpit by the co pilot immediately after setting cruise power, she goes around at minima after promising the pax a landing at their chosen destinatin and diverts to some alternate with strict noise abatement (if you don't agree with us) laws, then bounces the landing so badly the company is driven into massive deficit by extra landing fees charged on each bounce, not to mention the damage to the taxiway due to them exceeding the LCN because of all the refugee stowaways in the baggage hold. Then the captian regains control of the cockpit, but the pax are already going down the escape slides.

How can anyone ever take the ALP seriously again?

rh200 26th Jul 2014 02:58

it was the $43million expended in the effort
To be honest, thats a trivial cost if it yeilds something, in the noise. Being one of the people who thinks the UN is one of the most useless organizations around, and infested with lefty's, the fact is it serves a vital purpose (no don't come back with the obvious:E).

What needs to happen is some balance bought back, and a good purge is needed. We saw what happened with the EU when the left ignores things. The fact is, we should immediately pull out of a few of the so called sacred UN conventions as a protest, starting with the refugee convention.

This might make a few people sit up and pull their heads in. Note this isn't just a UN cancer, its a western society cancer that is infecting a lot of our traditional organizations.

500N 26th Jul 2014 03:48

Well worth a read about double standards across a rabge of subjects in aus.


Captain Sand Dune 26th Jul 2014 04:46

Well clearly Tom Elliot is a right wing loony!;)

Andu 26th Jul 2014 04:49

If Australia was to pull out of a few of the UN conventions (like the refugee convention), my guess is that more than a few other Western nations would follow, very glad to be shown the way.

Just my opinion.

500N 26th Jul 2014 05:30


But, what is happening now is aust, and other countries are just totally ignoring the convention and it is funny watching the UN jump up and down over it because as has been shown, the only thing they can o is rant. Thy have no power.

james ozzie 26th Jul 2014 06:53

I see Mr Rabbit is promising to send armed policemen and even army elements to the crash site. I can't see those seedy looking rebel types taking too kindly to that intrusion. Rabbit can't be serious or is deluding himself. Has all this sitting with the grown ups given him a big head?

landy01 26th Jul 2014 07:50

In all fairness James, deploying police/defence CPP teams to a crash investigation is routine and happens with a lot (most?) overseas crashes.

Whenever ATSB go to PNG they have armed police or defence with them, as a crash it is a crime scene and must be handled as such and where there may be a risk to personnel you have to provide some protection.

As for the rebels, they can moan as much as they want, it's Ukranian territory and the Ukranian government has ok'd the mission so they have every legal right to go to the crash site whether the rebels like it or not.

So armed protection isn't an issue/problem in terms of sending them and having them with the investigators. I am curious about the ROE's and whether they could use force to gain access to the crash site.

Clare Prop 26th Jul 2014 07:53

I would think that the lawyers were primed and ready well before the boat even left India.

Seems obvious that the lawyers, the people smugglers, Rintoul, SHY, Burnside et al are all collaborating on this and would have made sure all bleeding heart personnel were in place before setting sail.


Worrals in the wilds 26th Jul 2014 08:08

I'm yet to see any evidence that shows asylum seekers are getting legal aid. AFAIK they're not eligible for it, as per the various state legal aid web sites. Therefore, either the lawyers are working pro bono (which they sometimes do), the refs or their families are paying themselves (no one said they were poor) or the various refugee charities are paying. It's probably a combo effort.

Repeating a fallacy ad nauseum doesn't make it true.

SOPS 26th Jul 2014 08:21

I agree with Clare. All these people are working together for one purpose alone, to get a boat load onshore. The article below must have Twomsnydads dripping in her pants.

Lawyer questions legality of returning 157 Tamil asylum seekers to India - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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