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Worrals in the wilds 25th Jul 2014 00:04

Thanks for that, I'd forgotten about it. It does also say that the prosecution couldn't prove a criminal case, maybe there was more to the interview?:confused: Maybe he claimed he was just taking her over to the swings or something? Dunno. The copper certainly didn't sound happy.

500N 25th Jul 2014 00:36

There was another one, out Dandenong way I think that involved a Somalian or Etheopian.

That was a few years ago.

parabellum 25th Jul 2014 01:20

Like to see anyone plead cultural differences in Saudi, having committed some heinous crime!

"I'm culturally different, don't cher know!"

"Yes. yes, we know all that, now, if you would just stretch your neck out a little further, that's it", Thwack! :zzz:

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jul 2014 03:12

For sure, but that doesn't stop Westerners trying a variation of the 'cultural diffrerences' line when they get arrested for being rotten drunk, walking around in their undies or smuggling narcotics :rolleyes:. Maybe not so much in Saudi, but it's certainly pretty regular in Indonesia, the Gulf States and similar.
Personally I think the Indons put up with far too much crap from feral Aussie tourists. Their behaviour would be unacceptable enough here, let alone in what is a fairly conservative Muslim/Hindu country.

bosnich71 25th Jul 2014 03:26

Parabellum ... " like to see someone plead cultural differences in Saudi" etc.....
Many years ago, when most people in the world had never heard of Saudi and the Gulf countries, except for British servicemen of course, British Aerospace flogged a heap of Lightnings to the Saudi Air force. The servicing of these aircraft was contracted out to a British company who used civilian contractors, mostly British in those days. One of these cocked up big time causing a loss of oxygen supply to the Saudi pilot which nearly caused his demise. As most of the pilots were related to the ruling classes in Saudi this was a major problem and the groundie was due for some serious neck stretching. The problem was solved by the company posting him back to U.K. as his Grandma had "died". Funny enough he didn't return, cultural differences didn't exist in those days that's for sure.

bosnich71 25th Jul 2014 03:30

There's a nice post on Michael Smith's blog with ref. to the handing over of casualties to the Dutch authorities.
Everyone on here, even those who aren't "right wing nut jobs" should take a look. Regardless of politics etc. The AUSTRALIAN government did a good job and from what the article says it was much appreciated by the Dutch ....who also should be congratulated for the manner in which they have acted.

Andu 25th Jul 2014 04:17

Tanya Pillbuttsuck can't bring herself to agree with you, bon. (See the Bolt site.)

500N 25th Jul 2014 04:28

Christ, you can say that again.

Credit where credit is due, even if you don't like the Liberals, Abbott and Bishop.

Very few motions get passed unanimously in the Security Council, to do it in 4 days when one of the participants is guilty and China has it's back up re what Abbott had said in my mind goes a long way.

(I think China might have been paying back some of the help
given during the search for MH370 !).

Fool Sufferer 25th Jul 2014 04:50

Which government was it that got you that seat at the Security Council?

500N 25th Jul 2014 06:32

Only because Rudd wanted to big note himself and get a
stepping stone to the top job.

Andu 25th Jul 2014 06:42

Juat saw this on the Michael Smith site, and having read it, can only say "Well done 36 Squadron, (RAAF)."

Hello Michael,

Just thought I write you this, I don't know where to post it on the blog or if.

It is something, which I felt was so nice and really Australian in regard to MH17.

Yesterday with all the ceremonies in Holland, when the planes arrived with the coffins, my brother told me in his words (only translated):

First the Dutch plane arrived and when this was parked on the ground, here came this enormous huge Australian plane, what a sight that was, fantastic.

Then relations from the victims had been invited 'by the pilot himself' to be shown how the remains had travelled inside this big plane.

The praise for this pilot have been wide-spread, it was really appreciated and apparently the manner in which this was done, was beautiful.

The people in Holland are of course as devastated as we are, in Hilversum, where the bodies will be identified) not a big town, thirteen people were killed.

There is developing a great friendship between the Premier of Holland and our Prime Minister and all the people, who are now involved in 'bringing them home'.

Because there is so much sadness around this tragedy, that I thought perhaps this is a nice thing to tell you.

I leave it to you, whether you put it on the blog somewhere.

Best wishes to you Michael and take care,


Elisabeth (Liz of Vic)

PerAsperaAdAstra 25th Jul 2014 06:52

Nice, some girl who was getting divorced and went out with some other dude, now her family want to "put a bullet between her eyes", the whole of the middle east is in flames, suicide bombing is in high fashion, and these local Muzzie officials just keep on insisting Islam is a religion of "tollerance and peace"......:}:} I sure would hate to see them when they get violent!

Fool Sufferer 25th Jul 2014 07:21

"Only because Rudd wanted to big note himself".

So "credit where credit is due" is only applicable if it's the conservatives getting the credit.

And weren't Mr Abbott and co, when in opposition, highly critical of the government of the day's attempt to gain a Security Council seat?

bosnich71 25th Jul 2014 07:31

Fool ..... but after the, "attempt to gain a Security Council seat," wouldn't it be a little bit foolish not to actually sit down in it ?

Fool Sufferer 25th Jul 2014 07:39

Of course it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. No argument there.

I take issue with hypocrisy, and the gracelessness of some who demand kudos and credit for the government's actions in the Security Council, but will not countenance it for the other side, even though they were the ones who obtained the seat, in the face of fierce opposition at the time, in the first place.

CoodaShooda 25th Jul 2014 07:57


Are you suggesting Rudd foresaw this event and that it motivated him to seek membership of the council?

Fool Sufferer 25th Jul 2014 08:01

No, I am not suggesting that at all.

bosnich71 25th Jul 2014 08:02

When I posted the reference to the item on Michael Smith's blog I took care to note that it was the AUSTRALIAN government that should get praise, regardless of political affiliation.
However ! ! Some who come on this blog and refer to everyone on it as "right wing/red neck" or whatever really need to step back and, maybe, stop doing what they accuse everyone else of doing, i.e. being one eyed.
F.F.S. a European country praises Aussies and the left have to find a b*****g negative.

Fool Sufferer 25th Jul 2014 08:24

A little touchy are we?

SOPS 25th Jul 2014 08:48

It looks like their cruising days are over. But what really p:mad:es me off is the bit in the last part of the story...." Lawyers for ONE of the AS....."

Just how many lawyers have these prxxks got, and who is paying for them?

Sri Lankan asylum seekers to be transferred from Customs ship to onshore detention centre - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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