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owen meaney 24th Jul 2014 04:47

Traffic I_ER_w,
I classic example of how to create an industry.
Child care workers with a BA are paid about 42,000 on starting.

500N 24th Jul 2014 05:05

They are certainly making pre school / kinder part of the learning process,
at least here in Aus.

Teachers with degrees, Assistants with Cert III's.

I can understand the need to prep the kids so they are ready for school
but whatever happened to just letting kids have fun ?

MTOW 24th Jul 2014 07:36

You know how they used to have those competitions at school fetes where you had to guess the number of marbles there were in a large glass bottle?

In the last few days, we've seen reports of the (first cousins, husband and wife, arranged marriage) Lebanese family living in Lebanon and having the (Australian-born) wife returning to Australia repeatedly but only briefly to have each of her seven children, pick up the baby bonus and to update her CentreLink status. This 'situation' only came to light because the marriage has gone sour and the wife wants the Australian government to assist her in getting three of her seven children out of Lebanon.

Back to my large glass bottle full of marbles.... Anyone care to venture a guess as to how many other CentreLink beneficiaries and Disabled Pensioners (or should that be [wink, wink], "Disabled Pensioners") there are in Lebanon and other countries around the Mediterranean pulling similar scams?

Relatives here in Australia would have to be involved, for to keep the scam going long term, (at least for the disability pension), the scammer has to provide a a local address and a local bank account, so someone's passing the money on after cashing the benefits in here.

Solid Rust Twotter 24th Jul 2014 07:44

Well, if you stupid mzungus insist on going around giving away free money....:rolleyes:

Captain Sand Dune 24th Jul 2014 07:48

Exactly. Stop the gravy train called Australian welfare and the problem will slow to a trickle.

SOPS 24th Jul 2014 07:52

I'm not sure what to think about this little gem.......

Family of Sydney mum charged with adultery in Lebanon says she deserves jail time

Solid Rust Twotter 24th Jul 2014 08:02

...“What she did was wrong. If you travel to any country, you have to adhere to their laws,” Ahmed said....

Who knew...?:}

500N 24th Jul 2014 08:04


Paywall stops me from looking at the article.

SOPS 24th Jul 2014 08:11

Try this one....

Family of Sydney mum charged with adultery in Lebanon says she deserves jail time | News.com.au

rh200 24th Jul 2014 09:22

Try this one....
Sounds remarkably like ex was an @rse hole that instead of a good old honor killing, set her up. Sounds like all her support group are of the extremist typ as well.

I'm wondering if we have a case to take the kids off him.

bosnich71 24th Jul 2014 09:36

Was watching an episode of "Highway Patrol" on the Telly last week and the plods pulled over a Sheila, aged about 25 -30,who looked pretty healthy ... she certainly had a healthy vocabulary .... who didn't have a driving licence. Her excuse was that,as she was on a disability pension, Centrelink paid for it and if they had failed to it was their fault.
Harley D on another blog on J.B. reckons that we are all right wing red necks or something similar probably because we don't agree with this sort of stuff.

PerAsperaAdAstra 24th Jul 2014 09:58

Sri Lanka is officially at peace. So is Mexico. So these Mexicans should wise up. All they have to do is throw up their arms and claim to be refugees. Hell, the next thing they know, they'll be having tea and cakes on the White House lawn before they can say "I've thrown away my ID documents"!

7x7 24th Jul 2014 10:22

Mr Baird was due to host an Iftar dinner at NSW Parliament House to mark the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, which Mr Alhadeff (a Jewish leader) is attending.

Arab and Muslim groups intend to boycott the event, saying they will not “break bread” and celebrate interfaith harmony while Mr Alhadeff remains head of the commission...
You couldn't make this up, could you? A (nominally) Christian politician holds a dinner to celebrate a Muslim religious tradition and a Jewish leader agrees to attend - and the Muzzies boycott it. As I said, you couldn't make it up. Either that, or "only in Australia".

Worrals in the wilds 24th Jul 2014 11:28

so someone's passing the money on after cashing the benefits in here.
A few years ago there was a huge illicit trade in exported medication (and there probably still is). Locals (for a given value of 'local' :}) would buy PBA subsidised prescription medicines and export them (arguably for profit or for altruism, depending on whose lawyer was arguing :E) to the relos in Asia. Where there's a will there's a tax/benefits rort.

Try this one....
I'm interested to see how this one turns out. My first instinct is to wonder why a woman would dream of going near Lebanon with an unrelated male, particularly when she's recently separated from her husband. Cairns might have been a better holiday option. :uhoh: Particularly a Muslim woman; if she were Christian my understanding is that the local Islamic court would have no jurisdiction, though Leb Christians are relatively conservative and maybe they still have Church courts? :confused: To me it sounded like a bad move on her part, even if rh200's theory is correct. Why juggle matches in a firework factory?

Either that, or "only in Australia".
The home of Halal approved Tandoori Chicken Pizza, complete with tinned pineapple on request :}. Probably not a bad thing. As long as they stick to skirmishing about dinner invites and don't get violent then it's all good and totally Australian, as long as it stays polite...

Reference our fearless 'Jihadist' - you know, the one who challenged the AFP to find him - sure, he may be feted in some mosques around town but ASIO will know even if he f*rts. He hasn't broken any law in Australia, however I'm sure he knows he'll be nabbed the moment he even thinks about breaking the law.
Pity about being caught holed up in a safe haven with the girlfriend/'wife'. :E:E That's a credibility issue, and it's an issue that often proves politically fatal. If you build your political persona on a particular moral issue (in this case Islam, though there are many fallen Christian examples) and then get copped flaunting the basic tenets of your subscribed philosophy, then you have a fatal credibility issue. The Yanks have seen this with several evangelical pollies who've fallen from grace due to their public 'family man' personae conflcting with their dodgy personal lives.
And he's got ASIO to worry about. Problems, problems...:E

CoodaShooda 24th Jul 2014 12:19


I think one of the reports about the "adulterers" said she was born in Sydney.

Her programming in matters religious may have been corrupted by her environment. :E

Worrals in the wilds 24th Jul 2014 12:37

If I understand how the law works in Lebanon, I don't think her place of birth makes a difference. If she is in Lebanon and identifies as a Muslim then Muslim law applies wrt their religious courts. If I (as a confirmed Catholic) were to travel to Lebanon with a male friend, then I would not fall within the jurisdiction of the local Islamic courts. I would fall within the jurisdiction of the Christian courts, if there is such a thing. From what I can see they have several legal systems that operate in tandem.

Doing a bit of reading today, I read that Lebanon has a civil law system that applies to everyone, but also has religious courts that apply to members of the three major religions. From memory Brunei is similar; while there is an overall civil code that covers murders and easy stuff, depending on your religion different courts have jurisdiction on matters of morality, inheritance, property rights and so on. Your declared religion makes a difference as to how you are treated. How devout you are to that religion makes little difference (unless you are a convert, where it gets really messy :eek: as with the recent well publicised apostasy case in Sudan); it's essentially about what tribe you belong to; that defines the rules you have to comply with, and different penalties apply.

This is very alien to the common law system we practise in Australia (the law is the law; common to all and established by precedent, though always subservient to legislation from parliament; religions don't get a look in), but different strokes et al. To me, it smells like Schapelle Syndrome. :hmm: It's their country, and don't travel overseas without doing some research first.

500N 24th Jul 2014 19:18

It will be interesting to see the poll results in a few weeks after Abbott's efforts regarding MH17.

Personally, I think he has done a great job in getting the resolution through the UN Security council and other things.

It will be interesting to see what others think.

Andu 24th Jul 2014 22:34

This is very alien to the common law system we practise in Australia (the law is the law; common to all and established by precedent, though always subservient to legislation from parliament; religions don't get a look in),
Worrals, do you really think this still applies in Australia? We give it a nice Politically Correct title, but our courts are already practising two sets of rules based upon religion.

We call it "cultural differences", but when you strip all the PC bullshit from that phrase, what does that really mean? And who are the only "Australians" who "suffer" (!) life here by having "cultural differences" that allow well-meaning magistrates and judges to judge them by a vastly different set of standards than by those they judge the rest of us?

Worrals in the wilds 24th Jul 2014 22:53

Got some examples? Serious question, because if you do I'd be interested to read them. Certianly I'm not aware of any in Queensland, but I realise NSW goes through leftie law enforcement phases every now and again. :hmm:

I know the media stir the pot every time someone ethnic gets charged with a crime and claims it was 'cultural', but I wasn't aware of anyone actually getting off using the claim. The jerk who married his pre-teen daughter off to a ped has been charged, and will presumably be jailed. The Lebanese rapists were jailed and served comparable sentences to Anglo gang rapists. There are issues with domestic violence and forced marriages, but the main issue is getting people to report this stuff (which is also still a problem in our own culture wrt DV). Once it's reported I wasn't aware of the courts or police going soft on the offenders.

500N 24th Jul 2014 23:14


You jogged my memory to something that happened this year.

All charges dropped against registered sex offender | Geelong Advertiser

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