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500N 4th Jul 2014 22:43


Dead right.

The dutch did get her before the Brits by evidence, just didn't colonise.

500N 4th Jul 2014 22:44

I read someone suggested scrapping the bloated ABC and starting again !!!


Love it :ok:

bosnich71 4th Jul 2014 23:15

Ethel .... so all the evidence being given at the R.C. into union malfeasance is a load of cobblers because it is being reported by Michael Smith ?

500N 4th Jul 2014 23:20


Ethel doesn't like anything if it doesn't come from a lefty mouthpiece spruiking lefty propaganda.

And ignoring any possible "failings" of the left, like thuggery ;)

Why would you pick a name like Ethel BTW, did your mum not like you :p

7x7 4th Jul 2014 23:36

If they scrapped the ABC and re-employed even one person from the current ABC, the same attitudes would be imported holus bolus into the new entity. I've seen others say it before me, but listening to the ABC's spin on a story or current affairs is like being in a parallel universe, so differently do they see events to what I'll call 'the real world'.

Their current concocted outrage about Tony Abbott's 'no settlement' comment is a case in point. Can someone from the ABC show me evidence of one solitary pre-1788 Aboriginal 'settlement' beyond an occasionally used cave?

Hempy 5th Jul 2014 00:09

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8549768)
And ignoring any possible "failings" of the left, like thuggery ;)

Why would you pick a name like Ethel BTW, did your mum not like you :p

Oh the irony and hypocrisy in two sentences. Tell us what a poster's PRRuNe name has to do with anything other than 'playing the man' ? Not trying to bully are we? Maybe hopefully get some other posters to join in too so you can have a Gang? Put the man down so his argument must be down too? Solid (but not unexpected tbh) play..

Google ad hominem and ad ignorantum...

500N 5th Jul 2014 00:19


You dope ! :O

parabellum 5th Jul 2014 00:39

Hempy is beginning to sound a lot like John Hill, just sayin' :)

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Jul 2014 02:22

500 you are obviously not a monty python fan if you do not know who Ethel the Aardvark is.
Mr Boz, the current investigation into Union malfeasance was instigated by the current boss who allegedly has disposed off more money than Thompson ever did, and it appears has close ties with the lieberals so I think there is more too this story than a grubby polly visiting a brothel.
The slipper affair is another one with close ties to the lieberals, Downturn Abbott has paid back many more times the amount slipper blew with cab charges. There is no denying that the libs are good at the dirty tactics,
I certainly don't need to read the likes of Smith and Bolt because within minutes their little rants are repeated on this thread,
I was not aware that lefties were not allowed to post opposite views here. Tough titties as me old mam used to say :ooh:

dat581 5th Jul 2014 03:20


If you are going to use a Monty Python comedic device as your online name may I suggest "spam"is much more fitting to the continual rubbish you post.

7x7 5th Jul 2014 03:39

Hempy is beginning to sound a lot like John Hill, just sayin'
Hmmm, methinks Hempy might = Ethel.

500N 5th Jul 2014 03:42


No, i am not a MP fan. I did look it up.

As per above, Spamalot would be better.

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Jul 2014 05:19

Somehow I didn't think that you would have much of a sense of humour, :hmm:

500N 5th Jul 2014 05:28

Yes, I have a sense of humour but more macabre, a bit perverse.

SOPS 5th Jul 2014 06:01

Getting away from our friend Ethel for a moment, BBC is reporting that 2 boats of Tamil refugees are being transferred by Australia to the Sri Lankan navy. There were 2 boats? The second one was kept very quiet.

500N 5th Jul 2014 06:13


Originally their were two boats, one from indiar sri lanka, one from ??? Indonesia ?

However, it turned out last week that both boats were from the same area, india or sri lanka.

I think it all got lost in the hype of the possibility that the govt was turning back a boat to sri lanka.

SOPS 5th Jul 2014 06:31

So, on that basis, the hysterical screams by Twomanydads and company about Indonesians being towed back in 'expensive' life boats, was complete bulls:mad:it. Why am I not surprised?

7x7 5th Jul 2014 06:50

Someone really needs to do a forensic search of phone records and public announcements (most of which have proven to hopefully predicting events that were possibly planned rather than anywhere near true) made by a number of very public figures here in Australia.

I include Alana McTernan, Sarah Hanson-Young and Ian Rintool, staff at the ABC and the Guardian, as well as a number of others who I heard on the ABC but whose names I did not catch.

This was a carefully planned operation designed to destroy the government's "no boats in six months" claim. It appears to be going not quite as planned thanks to Scott Morrison having the political courage to go beyond what these people thought he would be game to.

That's not to say they will not do everything in their power to exploit to the fullest what's left of their plan after the people they encouraged to get on those boats can be placed in front of a bank of cameras after they have been returned to Sri Lanka.

SOPS 5th Jul 2014 06:59

I agree. Someone has to ask starting some questions. As I said a few posts ago, something stinks here. Really stinks.

500N 5th Jul 2014 07:34

I agree, it was planned and phone records need to be looked at.

Also, it was not well planned, Imho, they called far too soon, allowed the aus govt to find them.

They should have tried to slip in quietly right to the island.

I would guesstimate that two dads and others did not expect the govt to
Find them, board them and take them straight back so a major miscalculation.

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