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SOPS 27th Jun 2014 10:33

Looks like they are back!!!

Federal Government not confirming reports of leaky asylum seeker boat off Christmas Island - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

7x7 27th Jun 2014 11:39

My guess is that it's only a matter of time before the people smugglers in Indonesia take a leaf out of the Mexican coyotes' book and load a boat up with kids, the younger the better, and present those kids either at Christmas Island or sink the boat when intercepted by an Australian ship.

Captain Sand Dune 27th Jun 2014 11:51

Fairfax Media says it has spoken to two people claiming to be on the boat with 151 others.
Refugee advocates, who say they spoke to people on the boat on Thursday,
Really? So our ‘refugees’ set sail with the phone numbers for Fairfax Media (who else, of course!) and ‘refugee advocates’? Got to mobilise the NIMBY lefty agitators and their associated tame lawyers in advance I guess.

Worrals in the wilds 27th Jun 2014 11:51

7x7, yep. :( The people smugglers are nothing more than 21st century blackbirders, and the left needs to realise that. All too often, kind people who care about poor foreigners and believe in a fair go get caught in the moral cross-fire, and inadvertently end up supporting cross-border criminals who only care about how much money they make per human meat shipment. Worldwide, the three most lucrative illegal imports are guns, narcotics and people. All three trades are run by psychopaths who trade in human misery for their own profit. That doesn't make their victims bad people; it makes them victims. The blackbirders/gun runners/ traffickers don't give a shit about them as long as the money rolls in.

Worrals, what happened regarding Pixie Skase when she asked to have her Australian citizenship reinstated?
IIRC they knocked her back twice, then quietly reinstated it. Probably the correct decision; she has family here, expressed regret and isn't really hurting anyone. She came from Brisbane and was regarded as a nice enough woman until she got caught up with all Skasey's BS.

Really? So our ‘refugees’ set sail with the phone numbers for Fairfax Media (who else, of course!) and ‘refugee advocates’?
Mate they've probably got their own Tweeter accounts :}, though in fairness it's not hard to set up an online media persona and/or google the media these days; look at the Somali pirates. Strange days indeed. :eek: Mind you we're all proud members of a culture that still exaults bushrangers...

rh200 27th Jun 2014 12:24

Being reported that the boat left from India, and was 300 km away with an oil leak. The refugee advocate is pushing for us to rescue them as we are the only ones with capabilities. Sounds like he's worried that if we leave it and they do a mayday then the Indo's might have to rescue them.

Supposedly Sri lankins, isn't that war over, why are they not being sent home to help rebuild their society?

SOPS 27th Jun 2014 12:43

Oh, the boat has a oil leak? Give them a couple of new ones and a free tow back towards India. Refugee advocates are welcome to join them, to keep them company.

500N 27th Jun 2014 15:14


Sounds like a plan of the refugee advocates gas gone wrong and they are worried someone might die.

If from Sri Lanka, they will get sent back straight away, the aus govt has so very hood relationship with the Sri Lankan govt.

500N 27th Jun 2014 15:47

They should conduct phone checks on these refugee advocates, and if they had been in contact with those on board before hey left, arrested and jailed for 5 years for endangering life and arranging illegal activities.

I am sure they would get a few.

Saltie 27th Jun 2014 21:07

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
On a slightly different tack, the 7 year old who died when left unsupervised by his parents at Mt Buller ski resort turns out to be Pakistani. On Channel 7 news last night, the father blamed the rescue services, who apparently reacted immediately when notified, for taking too long to rescue the child. Hence it was the rescuers' fault and not the parents' that the child, whose body will be returned to Pakistan for burial, died.
How long do we wait for the compensation claim to be lodged?

Watched ABC news at 7.00 to see what their spin would be on this tragedy and the father's accusations. It didn't rate a mention.

Saltie 27th Jun 2014 21:17

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Re the prediction of a boatload of small children possibly arriving at Christmas Island. Some might not be aware of it, but currently, unaccompanied children are arriving at the US border in their tens of thousands after the Obama administration let it be known that children would not be turned back.

Many apparently come armed with the phone numbers of relatives in the US.

500N 27th Jun 2014 21:24


I didn't see that.

I'll have to go and have a read but the Rescue services should have publically refuted that very loudly.

500N 27th Jun 2014 21:33

15 minutes is all it took for the Police to arrive, started searching with torches and then 45 minutes later started proper search.

15 minutes is quick, I know from my time at Hotham and Buller that it takes that long to get from one end of the town to the other, even on a Ski mobile.

I notice the father popped inside to change his wet shoes and then sent his 13 year old daughter out to check on the boys and she came back and said he was missing !!!

Having a think about it, I think that guy has real cheek blaming the rescuers in the media. A real cheek. I'd give him a verbal tongue lashing if I saw him about his responsibility of looking after his children before he goes blaming others.

Saltie 27th Jun 2014 21:51

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
ABC news this morning reporting on the imminent arrival of the Tamil asylum seeker boat, positively gloating (the only term that comes to mind) over the fact that they will not be able to be sent to Indonesia.

500N 27th Jun 2014 21:54

No, but Nauru isn't much better.

I see two dads has got her little bit in and is gloating like the ABC in that it can't be sent back to Indo but she also said that if the Gov't was going to create a diplomatic incident with India then we need to be told.

Shop them to Nauru and let them fester for 5 years and send a letter to their families in India saying that we will get round to processing them within 5 years or take a few $ and we will send them home now.

Worrals in the wilds 27th Jun 2014 22:45

On Channel 7 news last night, the father blamed the rescue services, who apparently reacted immediately when notified, for taking too long to rescue the child.
The Courier Mail reported that it took the family 20 minutes to call rescue services, after they'd searched themselves. :hmm:

I guess the guy's pretty upset and probably wants someone to blame (fireys and ambos cop aggro and physical threats all the time at car crashes :sad:) but he's out of line.

7x7 27th Jun 2014 23:08

Worrals, that's pretty well the way I heard it. Talk of a sudden snow fall came later - the fact is, the child was allowed to play out in the sub-zero conditions unsupervised for an unknown period of time and the rescue services not notified until 20 minutes after the family noticed he was missing.

'The Dawn' (Karachi English language paper) and all the Urdu Pakistani papers will be full of it, saying that the Australian rescue services were at fault.

Re the asylum seeker boat: if it comes to the point where these Tamils need rescuing, why can't 'Ocean Viking' simply take them straight back to India or Colombo? (It might require a dozen SAS or similar guards to keep the males in in line to prevent a repetition of what we saw with the Tampa and other ships in years gone by.)

Sarah, Labor and their mouthpiece, the ALPGBC, are simply slavering at the thought of being able to say that an asylum seer boat has arrived and an asylum seeker has set foot in Australia since Dec 19th. They will loudly sell this a huge failure for the Abbott government.

It seems to be an incredibly fast boat. Last night it was 300 miles from Christmas Island. On the 7.45 ABC news this morning, 250k away - and on the 9.00am news, offshore.

Sadly, it will be seen by many - (especially in the Australian MSM) - as a huge political failure for the Abbott government if even one asylum seeker sets foot on Christmas Island. My fear is that these people will do harm to one or more of the children so that they will be need of immediate medical attention. Don't put something as despicable as that past them - and don't put it past some 'well-meaning' "refugee advocate" safe in Australia to suggest something along those lines to the people on the boat.

500N 27th Jun 2014 23:15

I took it that the temp was - 10 taking into account wind chill.
I don't suffer the cold that much and spent a few weeks up there
as a teenager but that is damn cold and young, probably skinny kids, unsupervised ???

One year we were up there the snow was up to the roof line, tops of 15 ft windows, snow was always sliding off roofs and dumping around the lodge - we had to clear it each day to create safe paths.

rh200 28th Jun 2014 00:05

It is still being reported as 300 km west, what is our search and rescue zone. I wouldn't be surprised if was just magically in our zone.

I think Sri Lanka is just on the the way back to India, so just establish processing center their and put them straight in it.

500N 28th Jun 2014 00:11

I am pretty sure Australia has a special relationship / agreement with Sri Lanka re AS's and that they pretty much go straight back. I remember a bit of a hoha over the forced removal of some.

500N 28th Jun 2014 00:17

Austtralias SAR zone extends over half the distance from Aus (WA Coast)
to India / Sri Lanka.

So it is a long way to get in our SAR zone but even further to get to Aus
and about the same to get to Xmas Island.

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