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7x7 18th Jun 2014 03:58

Let me get this straight... Australia Post announces that it will sack 900 workers because it isn't doing too well. Then it gives a two million dollar bonus to its CEO (on top of his 4.6 million dollar annual salary). I thought bonuses were given out when the company was making money and being successful in its enterprises.

...and he donates that two million dollars to the Australian Muslim Museum - or as some are saying, towards building the mega-mosque in Bendigo (on which the Bendigo Council is voting today). http://pickeringpost.com/glance/toda...ga-mosque/3398

You couldn't make this up. Or should that be "only in Australia".

500N 18th Jun 2014 04:02


I was going to post that article. Yep, I did a double take this morning when I read it.

I think that is on top of $4 million he himself (or his family) gave.

Now, I know it is his bonus to do what he wants with but I'd love to know how this goes with the tax department as by donating it, it is not income to him and can probably be written off by AP.

Either way, I don't like it, if the CEO doesn't want his bonus then AP should keep it.

chuboy 18th Jun 2014 05:34

Originally Posted by BenThere (Post 8526351)
That's the answer to most of the free world's social ills.

Except the ones that involve petty crime as people start to steal for basic necessities :=

Solid Rust Twotter 18th Jun 2014 05:35

Mr Nitro...

Why ? Firepower !

Shirley you jest? M16s and M4s hardly count as firepower. SCAR 18 on the other hand. Always liked something that could penetrate a brick wall and screw up someone's day on the other side.

500N 18th Jun 2014 05:40

Agree. I liked the SLR for that reason - shoot through bricks and trees.

But alas, they decided to go Steyr and the SS109 round with the steel penetrator.

Even so, you can put down one hell of a lot of bullets with 100 soldiers all firing M16's etc.

We even demolished a wooden building just using bullets at the Woomera Rocket launch site - took about 60 - 90 seconds before it collapsed !

Solid Rust Twotter 18th Jun 2014 05:49

...you can put down one hell of a lot of bullets with 100 soldiers all firing M16's etc.
Doesn't help if the target is behind a brick wall/sheet of cardboard/butterfly's wing or whatever it is that stops 5.56mm. The random unaimed fire on full auto is a distasteful habit some soldiers have that gnaws at my trained and economical soul.

Does make them an easily identified target though....:E

bosnich71 18th Jun 2014 05:53

"The random un aimed fire on full auto" etc. Wasn't that one of the reasons that the British Army stuck with the Lee Enfield for so long, and the country couldn't afford too many bullets ?

500N 18th Jun 2014 06:04


I agree. Never liked full auto except when told to put down covering fire
and even then, well spaced, well aimed shots did the same thing.

We used to try to train soldiers in the ambush to not all reload at the same time.

I was watching a video of US Soldiers the other day, firing over the top of a wall without looking and also,
all 4 of the machine guns were down and either being reloaded or being cleared at the same time.

Was interesting viewing ! :rolleyes:

BTW, I am firmly in the aimed shot camp !

parabellum 18th Jun 2014 06:15

The first year of the SLR in the UK was, I think, 1961, possibly 1962 - it was the first year we used it at Bisley. Didn't seem to be an ammunition shortage then, we used a lot in practice, no limits mentioned! :)

500N - Didn't see any point in leaving it, I was short on detail, only knew what the British did! :ok:

SOPS 18th Jun 2014 07:38

Sense has prevailed. The Greens of course, are in melt down.

Asylum seeker detention on Manus Island is constitutional, High Court rules - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Andu 18th Jun 2014 07:56

I have read a couple of books written by soldiers who served in Gulf War 2, in particular the battles around and in Faluja (sp?). I was surprised by the number of times the authors mentioned hitting enemy soldiers with their M16s/M4s and having to do so again and again - it seemed to me on average four rounds were required - before the enemy stayed down. With a .303 or a 7.62, I understand one well-aimed round usually sufficed. I know that in the Falklands, a number of Brit SF troops mentioned ditching their M16s and taking up abandoned Argentinian FNs, for the very same reason.

The .303 and to a slightly lesser extent, the SLR also doubled very nicely as a club. (I'm told the AK47 rates pretty well in that department as well.) I have no first hand experience of the Steyr, but it looks a bit light weight to be of much use in a swinging match.

Now... back to some real blood sport. Australian politics. Did I hear correctly on the news today that the court has thrown out the Christmas Island compensation case? If so, it seems a rather quick decision and one that will be almost certainly appealed.

500N 18th Jun 2014 08:10


If I hit you with the slr butt, you would be out for the count and then some.
It was also good for bayonet drill :O :ok:

Steyr, you would crack the stock !!!

A .308 tends to blow a hold in things, a 223 not so much.

bosnich71 18th Jun 2014 10:19

Para ... ref. the ammo shortage, I was thinking more of wartime not playtime as at Bisley.
There was a story of the first time German troops were engaged by regular British troops at the start of W.W.1 where the Germans thought that they were being fired on by machine guns where in fact it was well trained riflemen using the Lee Enfield.
Maybe some ex Pongo can enlighten us.

7x7 18th Jun 2014 10:31

Your recollections are correct, bosnich71. The pre-WW1 British Army were a seriously well trained lot. When the Germans first faced the British in Belgium in 1914, they suffered such high casualties in the attack that they believed they were facing machine guns. In fact, the allocation of machine guns to British units then was slim in the extreme - I think it something like one per battalion. But the highly professional pre-war Tommy was capable of an extraordinary rate of accurate fire with his 10 shot Lee Enfield - so much so that highly skilled shooters of today find it almost impossible to replicate.

Saltie 18th Jun 2014 13:38

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
The Greens have provided the double dissolution trigger, but it would be highly unlikely for the government to pull said trigger at this stage. Christine Milne - I think the woman truly is delusional - was carrying on like the cat who'd got the cream , saying Tony Abbott is a lame duck PM because he won't go to an immediate election.

SOPS 18th Jun 2014 13:40

Milne and the rest of the greens are all delusional.and she is calling Tony barking mad. She should look in the mirror.

500N 18th Jun 2014 22:44

Check this out from Julian Burnside re Asylum Seekers :rolleyes:

I have just cut and pasted the first couple of paragraphs, it gets worse !

"There are better ways of responding to asylum seekers. If I could redesign the system, I would choose between two possible models.

The Regional and Tasmanian solutions
Boat-arrivals would be detained initially, but for a maximum of one month, to allow preliminary health and security checks. That detention would be subject to extension, but only if a court was persuaded that a particular individual should be detained longer.
After that period of initial detention, boat arrivals would be released into the community on an interim visa with a number of conditions that would apply until the person’s refugee status was decided:
• they would be required to report regularly to a Centrelink office or a post office, to make sure they remained available for the balance of the process;
• they would be allowed to work;
• they would be entitled to Centrelink and Medicare benefits;
• they would be required to live in a specified rural town or regional city.
A system like this would have a number of benefits. First, it would avoid the harm presently inflicted on refugees held in detention. Prolonged detention with an unknown release date is highly toxic: experience over the past 15 years provides plenty of evidence of this.

rh200 19th Jun 2014 00:10

A system like this would have a number of benefits. First, it would avoid the harm presently inflicted on refugees held in detention. Prolonged detention with an unknown release date is highly toxic: experience over the past 15 years provides plenty of evidence of this.
He forgot to add another benefit from his view point, that most of us see as a negative in both consequences, and as such justifies the present treatment, it would go like this.

"It would encourage more people to get on boats and make the perilous journey. As such there will be a percentage of these that flounder, and hence have a death toll of woman and children.

This added benefit will help in the media by projecting the image of desperate people willing to die to escape persecution. Thereby furthering our cause. P.S make sure the media doesn't get any more pictures of them in Macdonald's before they leave."

parabellum 19th Jun 2014 01:21

Difficult, (but not impossible), to believe a QC/SC can be so blindingly stupid.

Burnside only has to look at the UK to see what happens when asylum seekers, who are pending a final decision, are released into the community.
The admitted figure is between 300 and 500 thousand people, who regularly reported to the office then just disappeared among the other 57 million people on the island when told their application was unsuccessful.

The only way Burnside's system could work is if, when told they are unsuccessful, the asylum seeker is immediately taken into custody to await deportation.

SOPS 19th Jun 2014 02:23

Can we get a boat, put Burnside on it, and point it towards the South Pole? And put Milne and Two Dads with him for company.

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