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Takan Inchovit 7th Jun 2014 23:30

The legit citizens/residents would most likely have made some form of contribution toward the medicare levy.

500N 7th Jun 2014 23:32

Correct. I was going to mention the paying of tax
but thought I'd leave it out.

Did you see the kerfuffle re the Sri Lankan who burnt himself to death ?

Now massive arguments over his body and it being returned home.
We can't win.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jun 2014 09:44

Off topic: how much hair spray per day does Bronwyn Bishop use on that helmet posing as a head of hair?
I've seen it briefly in the flesh (or is that in the hair) and it is... interesting. It looks like something out of The Simpsons. I usually try not to make personal remarks about an MP's apperance but the helmet is rather amazing. :uhoh: I'm sure there's some Kevlar in there. :}

Did you see the kerfuffle re the Sri Lankan who burnt himself to death ?
Are we talking media 'kerfuffle' or actual kerfuffle? It didn't make the news here which is surprising, because the Sunday paper had run out of actual news by about page 4 and someone burning themselves to death would have been a bit more relevant than most of the contents.

Saltie 8th Jun 2014 12:23

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Re he Swedish article about huge medical bills for a single refugee family: a mate of mine is from Germany. He says that the Turks there rort the German health system unmercifully. Once one gets his German health card, the whole village back in Turkey take it in turn to travel to Germany and use the one card for all manner of medical treatment.

And before Ethel or Chuboy comes up with some platitude to say it's all our fault or to tell me that's not possible, let me say my mate held a position quite senior in the German government before he retired, so I would expect he knows what he's talking about.

Ethel the Aardvark 8th Jun 2014 13:02

That's not possible and it's all your fault.
However what ever system you have, someone will rort it.
I see Gillard's labor policies are even taking their toll in Sweden and Germany now. Unfarkinbelievable!

500N 8th Jun 2014 13:06


Well you can count on one thing, the Labor and Greens policies ensured that 1000 men, women and children died so they didn't have the chance to rort the system ;)

But 1000 deaths, floating bloated bodies of women and children in the sea is "acceptable collateral damage" to them
"as long as the boats keep coming" !

500N 8th Jun 2014 13:50

Immigration, racism, no wonder it is so confusing :rolleyes:

Worth a read even if it is a bit long.

On the march

Saltie 8th Jun 2014 21:15

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Did anyone else find it a bit unusual that the family of the man so oppressed in Sri Lanka that he took a (very expensive) boat to Australia to seek asylum still has enough money on hand to fly to Australia for his funeral?
The very fact that this point is never raised by the Left, the Greens or the Australian MSM shows why the world takes us to be mugs to be exploited.
Refugees my arse.

owen meaney 8th Jun 2014 21:15

Well you can count on one thing, the Labor and Greens policies ensured that 1000 men, women and children died so they didn't have the chance to rort the system
This is the same logic that says RAAF policy and procedures caused the crash of VH-MDX

Saltie 8th Jun 2014 21:19

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Sorry Owen, but I for don't follow your logic.

500N 8th Jun 2014 21:19


If you stop the leaky, unfit for sea boats from coming, then you aren't going to have them sinking in the middle of nowhere without any chance of rescue.

But Labor / The Greens wanted the boats to come.

Abbot / Liberal policies wanted to stop the boats from leaving which they did.
OK, no AS but also no drownings either !

owen meaney 8th Jun 2014 21:27

There is no evidence that the previous government wanted the boats to come.
I read the article by John Safran, it was noticeable that he seemed to concentrate on denigrating the "immigrants" on the Right wing side, and didn't talk with the "thugs" on the Left.
Refugees travelled, in leaky unserviceable boats, for reasons other than our governments policy.
The pilot flew, with unseviceable instruments into storms, for reasons other than RAAF policy and procedure.

Statistically there is no way to show what difference either policy made.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jun 2014 22:19

The Brisbane thing happened over five weeks ago (people were talking about it at the Labour Day march). IIRC it didn't make the local paper or the TV news and no one was arrested or charged with anything.
Then John Saffran writes about it and suddenly it's all over the Internet.

500N 8th Jun 2014 22:22


I hadn't realised that.

I think it also depends on what media it is in. I look at SMH and The Age daily but the others - HS, Bris Times, Aust, fin Review and others - very so often and more often than not on weekends.

And I reckon the SMH / Age would have a big readership so is likely to get noticed more.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jun 2014 23:07

For sure. It's an interesting article and Safran makes some good points. However, IMO he's doing the journo thing by talking up the numbers and making it sound like a major riot, which it wasn't.

7x7 8th Jun 2014 23:43

Did anyone else find it a bit unusual that the family of the man so oppressed in Sri Lanka.... still has enough money on hand to fly to Australia for his funeral?
Yes, that was commented upon at the 7x7 breakfast table.

A grave site in Australia will doubtless be used as a reason to be granted a visit (yeah, right) visa to Australia in the future. And if the *** Labar Pardee is back in power when it's requested, the whole extended family will be allowed to come and the Australian taxpayer will probably pay for their air tickets - the return sector of which will almost certainly not be availed.

Captain Sand Dune 8th Jun 2014 23:52

A grave site or a gravy site?

500N 8th Jun 2014 23:59

It's a gravy site.

Person is buried, Labor pardee gets in and grants visas to family to come and visit, they stay and get on the gravy train of benefits !

I did hear one comment from the family or someone connected. That why would he want to be returned to Sri Lanka when that is where he was persecuted and tortured ????

FFS he's dead and that was his home !

I do wonder how long this "Tamil" reason will continue to be used.

The interesting thing is, it isn't going to cut it with Aus as we seem to be one friend the SL Gov't has in the world, from stopping the UN in it's tracks to giving them fast patrol boats (minus hardware !).

bosnich71 9th Jun 2014 00:16

Ref. readership figures etc. Each Sunday I buy a copy of the Age, the only newspaper purchase I make, as I like a chuckle on Sundays.
The other Sunday newspaper is the Herald Sun. At my local newsagency there are usually two piles of the Herald,each about two to three feet high whilst the Age "pile" consists of about five copies only.I find that rather ironic given that the Age is rabidly anti Liberal and the Herald is somewhat the other side of politics and that the electorate that I live in has been a safe Labour seat for at least the 33 years that I have lived in it.
However it is always good to read the 'Letters" page of the Age and to hear the concerns of those who live in smarter areas of Melbourne, somewhat removed from reality, who urge the likes of myself to leave our cars .... if in fact we have one ... in the garage and take the 'Tram' to work etc. and so save the world from over heating. If only we had a tram at the end of the street that would be a really good idea, even better if it worked on something other than electricity of course.
This Sunday's edition also had an article ref. the number of "pensioners" who live overseas and still get paid their pensions by the Australian government. It seems, according to the writer, that in the three weeks or so since the budget huge numbers of "pensioners" have left our shores to go to Greece, Italy or wherever as it is so much cheaper to live there than in Oz. I was amazed to read this news as I would never have thought that anyone could up sticks and emigrate somewhere else in such a short period of time and all on a perceived threat to their income from the evil Liberal Party.

Pappa Smurf 9th Jun 2014 01:04

Greece and Italy-----------just returning home.

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