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Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2014 10:03

You are probably correct. I guess it depends on whether publications such as the Balonne Beacon are included, not that I have any issue with such venerable local newspapers. :} There are many of them, but their national influence is debatable.
Balonne Beacon

IMO News Corp's high circulation is partly due to popularity and mainly due to the monopoly they have in many cities such as Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Cairns. In these cities (and many others) they produce the only daily print newspaper, so naturally their circulation will be high; if you want a sports report or printed TV guide the choice is NewsCorp or NewsCorp. It's not like there's a selection to choose from.

If Fairfax produced a paper copy of the Brisbane Times I would buy it over the Courier Mail, as would many other people. However, they don't :sad:, so I stick with their online edition and (regrettably) buy the Murdoch rag every now and again when I feel like reading a paper paper.

Murdoch has also been known to punt for Labor in the past. It may be that the experience left a bad taste?
Murdoch always punts for Murdoch. Always.
Word was that the previous federal government's (Roxon/Brown's) proposed incredibly crappy, ill-advised media control laws may have been a factor in NewsCorp's swing towards the Libs :suspect:. Rule 2 in politics (after rule 1. don't antagonise the pensioners) would have to be; don't antagonise the media. Anyway, let the Courier Mail continue with their unfettered editorial support of the Libs. It's very amusing, particularly when it conflicts with a 17% by election swing and all the polls. :}

Ignoring the recent Labour Day parade (20,000 plus marchers through Brisbane, but the Courier Mail didn't see fit to report it) and running a headline the following weekend about how Australians are 'whingers' (after the anti-government/budget poll figures whacked them in the backside) is all part of the entertainment. :bored:
According to the Monday Courier Mail... what parade? Not mentioned. IIRC Kim Kardashian's wedding plans made it as general news though, rather than in the gossip section.

parabellum 6th Jun 2014 11:56

seven leans right

Maybe we get a different version down here Worrals but Seven have been very left for quite a while, it was Seven that tried to stitch up Abbott with the "Shit Happens" debacle and their morning programme was a disgrace.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2014 12:18

'Kay. Could also be a matter of perception...:\
I stopped watching the 7 breakfast show after watching what I considered to be rampant pro-Liberal bias (particularly from David Koch) post last federal election.
However, maybe they've changed and/or maybe that was just my perception. Dunno, cause I stopped watching.

BenThere 6th Jun 2014 18:02

Why wouldn't a responsible publication lean toward the Liberals? It's the common sense thing to do, after all.

Andu 6th Jun 2014 22:37

seven leans right
In NSW, Ch 7 is so Left-leaning it's almost inverted. Mark Riley, their political correspondent, is unabashedly pro Labor and makes no attempt to even appear to be unbiased.

500N 6th Jun 2014 22:43

And in Vic.

not that much difference between them.

Sunrise is left leaning, regardless of what Koshy says.

CoodaShooda 6th Jun 2014 23:18

It was Kochie and Sunrise that gave us Kevvie.

IIRC, around 2005/6 a ppruner predicted Rudd's elevation to leader of the opposition on the back of his Sunrise-driven public profile.

rh200 6th Jun 2014 23:33

and their morning programme was a disgrace.
Yep which is why I have gone to nine. Do I even need to mention Andrew on the weekends, and his habit of looking done at the end of his nose with contempt at anyone on the right.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2014 23:34

In NSW, Ch 7 is so Left-leaning it's almost inverted. Mark Riley, their political correspondent, is unabashedly pro Labor and makes no attempt to even appear to be unbiased.
Okay, I'll stand corrected then. I guess I should start watching Sunrise again...:E but I find Kosh really irritating.
Maybe 7 Queensland is more right wing; I based my opinion mainly on the news and dreadful current affair show that follows it, both of which are local.

It was Kochie and Sunrise that gave us Kevvie.
Very true. Didn't Joe Hockey also used to go on Sunrise a lot? IIRC him and Rudd used to appear together regularly.

500N 6th Jun 2014 23:40

"but I find Kosh really irritating."

I find them all irritating so watch none of them.

Then again, might help if I had a TV in the house :rolleyes:

Yes, Joe Hockey and KRudd were the two and yes, everyone said it would get Rudd to the top job. Of course we all know about the transformation after he got the top job !!!

bosnich71 7th Jun 2014 09:00

Get over to Michael Smiths blog and watch the video of Barnaby Joyce answering a question from Tanya Plibeshriek. It's a hoot, whatever side of politics you hang on.

I16 7th Jun 2014 10:58

If you are in Melbourne then try Euromax at 8.00am Tuesday thru Friday on 31/44. Turn off after that and go into the fields!

7x7 7th Jun 2014 11:30

Just watched the Barnaby Joyce reply to Tanya Pill Beserk. Incredibly good debating technique. He actually answered her question at the very end, but squeezed in every point he wished to make at Labor's expense beforehand. The look on Pilbeserk's face is one of someone sucking on a lemon.

Off topic: how much hair spray per day does Bronwyn Bishop use on that helmet posing as a head of hair?

500N 7th Jun 2014 12:59

It is not hairspray she uses.

It is a clear cement and it is delivered by the truck !!!

Takan Inchovit 7th Jun 2014 20:50

RE: Barnaby
Haven't laughed so much since the Keating rants of long ago. :}

bnt 7th Jun 2014 21:58

BTW - that segment from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is online:

Oliver's segment on Climate Change will go down a treat here, I presume. :p

7x7 7th Jun 2014 22:56

Not Australia, but I wonder how many stories there are like this here in Oz?

Who pays the bill? Swedish municipality sue over $560,000 medical fees for a single Muslim refugee family | The Muslim Issue

Tidaholm municipality sues Sandviken municipality for 3.7 million

Tidaholm municipality has decided to sue Sandviken municipality for 3.7 million Swedish Krona (approx $558,300 or 333,000). The municipality requires reimbursement of health care costs for a refugee family, who have moved from the Creeslough to Tidaholm.

500N 7th Jun 2014 23:00


We seem to bend over and take it up the arse for no good reason.

chuboy 7th Jun 2014 23:23

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8512147)
We seem to bend over and take it up the arse for no good reason.

What, refugees going to the doctor or the exorbitant medical fees those doctors charge to everyone? :}

Let's not pretend an otherwise identical family would somehow cost less just by being "legit" migrants or home grown citizens.

500N 7th Jun 2014 23:27

No, but that is not the only thing they get handed to them on a plate.

Concession card, rent assistance and on and on and on.

I don't mind giving people a leg up but we really do seem to
lay it on thick to some.

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