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Clare Prop 5th Jun 2012 08:31

Ask the Greens and the High Court about that. Tony Abbott is all for offshore processing in Nauru. No reasonable person would support the Malaysia "solution" and I'm still waiting to hear what happends to person 801

I just heard Ian Rintoul comparing (favourably) Capt Emad to Oscar Schindler. :oh:

Lex can you explain why it is BAD for Gina to bring in 1700 foreign people to get a major project off the ground, but perfectly OK for Labor to bring in about double that in boat people in the last year?

Andu 5th Jun 2012 08:52

Today's boat arrived on time and on schedule.

SOPS 5th Jun 2012 09:44

Is Ian Rintoul smoking something funny? I just heard the same interview as Clare Prop and the man seemed seriously deluded. His ability to ignore the facts and scew the story to fit his "vision" is amazing to say the least!!!!:ugh:

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jun 2012 10:29

I did mention Joe Hockey though and to be honest I do think that Joe Hockey and Turnbull would be a far better team than Bishop and Dr No.
Hockey? Not a fan. He reminds me of the Queensland Nats. All bluster and bravado without any substance.

Don't mind Turnbull but suspect he's closet Labor. Maybe that's why I don't mind him...:\ Same as a lot of Libs quite liked Rudd.

IMO Jestar/Qantas deserve to swing if their apparent rampant disregard of the FWA and the Immigration Act is proven. By the look of it they have been importing foreign workers to perform domestic duties at the expense of local workers and the federal government has ignored it. The Labor federal government. :yuk: At least Gina asked first, but she doesn't have the luxury of running an airline that can drop foreign employees in and out of Australia without scrutiny. :yuk: My rantings on D&G are boring enough without replicating them here. :zzz:

The same Labor federal government capitulated to AJ's dummy spit when he grounded the fleet and allowed him and the Qantas Board room to manouvre, instead of saying 'Your business, your problem. By the way, we're talking to EK and SQ and they'd love to run domestic services in Australia. Next move, sunshine? Their jets are standing by'. Allowing Qantas breathing room was indicative of a government that's scared of Big Business. Not what the faithful expect from an ostensibly left wing Labor mob who claim to support these strange 'worker' animals.

Weak as piss as always. :yuk:

Personally I prefer Turnbull to Abbott. He isn't as negative, he's very successful and he's not as aggro. However, the Libs chose Abbott and they're entitled to run their choice. Abbott rolled Rudd and for that he's to be credited, but the polls show people don't see him as any more likeable than Gillard. What a choice; the disliked or the slightly less disliked. :ouch:

Unlike many others, my location, my politics, my point of view is not masked. You all know who I am; a search of a couple of thousand posts on many and varied topics will give you everything short of a street address :O. Other posters may choose to be guarded; at the end of the day I don't really care all that much.

It's just the Internet. :)

allan907 5th Jun 2012 12:25

Unlike many others, my location, my politics, my point of view is not masked.
Ditto. Even to the extent that one of the previous manifestations on this thread issued direct threats against me. That individual may or may not still be stalking me under a different guise but not to worry the mods have assured me that the person is gone.

But, hey ho. Everyone is entitled to their point of view - even the paid employees of the ALP who seem to be selling their nation down the gurler for 30 pieces of silver. Some stir the pot and survive; others reply and are consigned to the dustbin (for how long who knows).

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jun 2012 19:45

At the risk of being the Devil's advocate, I don't believe that every poster on here with a Labor POV is a party stooge, any more than all the Lib prunners are. Plenty of people in the community still support the ALP (some still support the current incumbents :eek:) and the views expressed here are indicative of that.

I could sign up ten mates and get them to post their honest political opinions on here; they wouldn't be very different from Matt's or Lex's. Not because they're stooges (though several are ALP members, as no doubt a few people on here are card carrying Libs) but because that's how they think.

Anyway, it would be a pretty boring 'debate' if everyone batted for the same team. :\ It will be an even more boring debate if we get punted again, and for whatever reason the mods don't seem to like identity questions. :suspect:

Andu 5th Jun 2012 22:22

Maybe we could lighten the debate by taking bets on the ETA of today's boat into Chrissie Island.

Andu 5th Jun 2012 23:23

You couldn't make this up.
Capt Imad, the people smuggler who "4 Corners" outed in last Monday night's programme, is alleged to have posed as a refugee to gain entry into Australia after sending his wife and adult daughters ahead of him some 12 months earlier, their cover story being that the wife was a widow.

Unusually, Capt Imad, using a different name to the one he was known as during his 20 years living in Malaysia (and NOT as a refugee), was granted release from detention in under three months, (something that caused comment in many quarters, as everyone else on the boat had to wait for quite a lot longer than that).

Now it comes to light that there are reports surfacing that one of Capt Imad's daughters, (sent to Australia ahead of him), works for.....

.... wait for it...

... The Department of Immigration.

Whoda thunk it?

Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2012 00:00

Wow. What does she work as?
That could all get very uncool very quickly. :eek:

Buster Hyman 6th Jun 2012 00:08

Venus just transited the Sun.

I mentioned at work how interesting it was that this transit was what brought Cook to the Pacific & subsequently the mapping of Eastern Australia....stunned silence. :ugh:

One commented; "I'm not sure what's more impressive. The fact that they were interested in this back then, or that you knew it"

:rolleyes: I lament for this country.

eagle 86 6th Jun 2012 00:10

Abbott is Mr No because everything bar none that rudd/juliar's labor government has attempted to do has turned to [email protected] Fuel/grocery watch, ber, nbn - outdated technology, border protection, home insulation, co2 tax - because of the price of electricity/heavy transport diesel fuel et al under this tax - there will be a rise in price of EVERY item involved in the cost of living. Do you think Colesworths/petrol stations/government departments/ corner stores/DJs/Myer/Clubs/sports stadiums/ vets/doctors/landlords the list goes on and on are going to absorb these costs? No they are going to pass them on to the consumer.
No, no, no until we have a change of government which will be led by Abbott!

Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2012 00:20

I lament for this country.
I knew that (though only from Bill Bryson's book, I must admit :8). Actually they mentioned it on last night's weather report and this morning's TV news, so don't give up yet. ;)

IME it's usually easier to stick with footy or car related conversations at work, then even the complete chimpanzees can follow along. :}

Buster Hyman 6th Jun 2012 02:10

Thought I had an ally in the Law Graduate that sits near me...alas...NFI! :ugh:

(But ask me anything about Mesopotamia....)

Pinky the pilot 6th Jun 2012 02:15

... The Department of Immigration.

What does she work as?/
An Interpreter, apparently.

Worrals, What's the bet that this time something actually gets done?
Somhow I get the feeling I shouldn't hold my breath in anticipation.:hmm:

CoodaShooda 6th Jun 2012 02:31

Just my warped sense of humour but I ponder whether Four Corners hasn't blown a witness protection program. :E

I'm not a fan of Abbott's but have found that labor's relentless negativity towards him (combined with it's general incompetence) has actually pushed me more towards him. Perhaps I imbibed too much of the old "fair go"spirit in my formative years. :hmm:

Not a great fan of Turnbull's either. Strikes me as too much of a smarmy banker.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Jun 2012 03:19

They may have blown an AFP operation. :ooh:

An Interpreter, apparently
Okay, I wondered that. Many interpreters are subbies so there may be some Ministerial wiggle room. I assume it's still the case that APS employees in positions reqiring a security clearance have to be Aussie citizens, so the subbie option is likely.

Interesting to know what she's been saying to the non English speakers. I know of at least one state trial where the Vietnamese interpreter was giving the defendant a very different version of events. :eek: it was only picked up when one of his rellies came to watch the trial and complained to a court official.

RJM 6th Jun 2012 03:23

I've just watched Julia Gillard light a beacon in Canberra for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

After a speech that was banal in comparison with Tony Abbott's a few minutes later, Gillard stood with her lips pursed while Abbott and everyone else sang God Save The Queen. Yet, she was happy enpough to sing Advance Australia Fair immediatly afterwards.

How ungracious and churlish of our Prime Minister. The Queen is still Gillard's Queen - in fact Gillard is the Queen's 'loyal prime minister'.

If Gillard felt that strongly about it, why didn't she boycott the entire ceremony?

Buster Hyman 6th Jun 2012 03:32

Haha...speaking of Venus...

Tracking Venus' flight a once in a lifetime event | adelaidenow

Never mind, the NBN will stop this happening...oh wait...:( *bugger*

allan907 6th Jun 2012 06:25

How ungracious and churlish of our Prime Minister.
Quite. That's just being petty and small minded. Thankfully, she won't be our prime minister for much longer - and a hearty good riddance.

Andu 6th Jun 2012 06:46

I thought Jools looked very fetching in her little hat.

Well, fetching for Jools...

The inner city Sydney/Melbourne cafe latte set would be congratulating her for her honesty in not singing the national anthem of the nation of her birth. Perhaps we should do so as well - it's about as near to being completely honest in something she's done in public life as she's got for some time now.

Re her beacon lighting speech: banal it might have been, but was it just me, or has the dreadful, unique Gillard accent been softened somewhat? Quite a lot, in fact.

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