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Worrals in the wilds 4th Jun 2014 02:13

Just head that Doc Neeson died this morning. :sad:
Sad news for Angels fans.

The Angels' Doc Neeson, 67, dies

500N 4th Jun 2014 02:23

Very sad, too young. RIP Doc, one of the trail blazers !

Well, we ain't
Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.

bosnich71 4th Jun 2014 05:42

Dunno about phychiatrists (?) in schools but a few of the Male teachers I ran across were definitely 'Physcho'.
Then again I could have been the problem .

rh200 4th Jun 2014 05:49

The counsellor at my school was a long black cane !
Standard counsellor for generations, and a damm fine one. It is perfect for keeping the majority of young bucks in line, though there's always one that used to think it was a badge of honor to get it.:ok:

500N 4th Jun 2014 06:10


Yes, well, I got it far too often ;)

I was a good boy :rolleyes:

chuboy 4th Jun 2014 07:13

Cronyism still alive and kicking with the "transparent" "adults" in our Federal Government I see...

The National Broadband Network has taken the extraordinary step of hiring one of the most senior executives of media organisation News Corp Australia to be its new chief financial officer, in a move which appears destined to bolster theories about the Coalition’s close connections with the Murdoch publishing empire.


Rue’s appointment runs directly contrary to comments made by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull prior to the election that he would seek new management for NBN Co which had direct experience with the telecommunications sector, with Rue appearing to lack such experience. In addition, Rue’s appointment also comes as a number of executives who have had close links to Turnbull or the Coalition have been appointed to senior positions at NBN Co.

News Corp CFO to lead NBN Co's financials - Delimiter
NBN Co's new Coalition-appointed board is certainly spelling out their contempt for the Australian people loud and clear. :yuk:

Ethel the Aardvark 4th Jun 2014 10:25

So we do have a defence minister, just heard him blaming the breakdown of Phoneys BBJ on the last labor government, allegedly as intelligent as canine droppings :ugh:

500N 4th Jun 2014 21:59

I see that Abbott and the Indo pres said that boat arrivals and turn backs are over.

What is interesting in the articles is the reason they are not leaving Indo is because they can't get to Aus as they know they will be turned back or shipped out to somewhere else.

As a result, Indo has 10,000 Asylum Seekers with nowhere to go (according to them :rolleyes:).

I wonder if Indo will eventually start shipping them back to wherever they came from ?

To be honest, I am surprised that Abbott actually managed to achieve stopping the boats
so quickly.

rh200 5th Jun 2014 00:02

To be honest, I am surprised that Abbott actually managed to achieve stopping the boats
so quickly.
Its not over till the fat lady sings, stop crowing or you will jinx it:)

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jun 2014 00:23

To be honest, I am surprised that Abbott actually managed to achieve stopping the boatsn so quickly.
So am I. I didn't think it would be so effective, and certainly not so quickly.
Credit where credit is due.

I wonder if Indo will eventually start shipping them back to wherever they came from ?
Or underground perhaps :suspect:? The Indons aren't known for their charity.

500N 5th Jun 2014 00:32


Well, in my view, at this stage the fat lady has sung.

Reason being as stated in Indonesia yesterday, the AS are not even leaving Indo shores, they are not even trying to get to Australia because they know damn well what is going to happen.

So, by virtually guaranteeing that they won't land on Aussie soil, he has stopped them from leaving, as opposed to just catching them at sea and turning them back - which in my eyes doesn't cut it as some will always get through.

By stopping or making it not worth them leaving, he's solved a heap of problems in one hit before the problem even occurs !

Not saying it won't change with different circumstances but at this stage that is the go.

I wouldn't put anything past the Indos but that's for them to worry about !

7x7 5th Jun 2014 05:03

As a result, Indo has 10,000 Asylum Seekers with nowhere to go (according to them ).

I wonder if Indo will eventually start shipping them back to wherever they came from ?
Why? They're not on any form of welfare - quite the opposite. They're paying Indonesian landlords (almost certainly very high) rent for the properties they're living in while they wait for the situation in Australia to change/improve for them.

You can also guarantee they're being ripped off at every turn by every police and military man they come in contact with. I'd be guessing that the businessmen and shopkeepers in the areas these hopefuls live in are also racking in a nice little earner from all the extra mouths that must be fed.

It's only Australia that feels the need to pay benefits and make handouts to people who present themselves at our door step, uninvited.

500N 5th Jun 2014 05:10


I did see something written a few weeks ago that said some of them had decided to return "home". It was only two sentences but I thought it interesting.

bosnich71 5th Jun 2014 05:30

Perhaps what will happen, in the short term at least, is that they will stop arriving in Indonesia ....... and go to U.K. instead after all the government there is as daft as our previous one was.

Solid Rust Twotter 5th Jun 2014 05:43

Go to the UK? That won't do. Air tickets home to visit the rellies in the hell hole from which they had to flee for their lives are a lot more pricey from the UK than Oz.

500N 5th Jun 2014 05:46

They wanted a boat trip, give them one !

Seriously though, it's good they were stopped and it's good we are back on an even keel with Indo.

Also in the paper today, the Indo's have jailed for quite a few years two Indo people smugglers who caused the deaths of 102 people (that mass drowning that Two dads couldn't see was caused by the policy of letting boats come).

Anyway, good to see they are doing something about it.

bosnich71 5th Jun 2014 06:31

Solid rust etc. ..... air fares home can't be that expensive from U.K. to wherever as airports in Britain are full of "refugees" who are either going to or from the places they fled from in fear of their lives etc. etc.

PinkusDickus 5th Jun 2014 06:37

Did anybody mention that one of SBY's personal security staff was only recently sentenced to about 5 years for facilitating people smuggling?

This would have to be just the tip of the iceberg, and the Indonesians would be more than a little embarrassed and chastened considering the blame they've directed at Australia for wanting to stop this evil trade.

SOPS 5th Jun 2014 12:41

So where are these 'poor" refugees getting all the money from to support themselves in Indonesia? It won't be from the Indonesian government. Is Two Dads sending cash? Some how I doubt it. They have money and just want to milk Australia for more. I really hope they have been stopped.

RJM 5th Jun 2014 14:55

...I don't know who is the bigger embarrassment, Two Dads or Clive. :bored:

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