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500N 10th May 2014 20:14

Just caught a snippet in the Age.

Headline reads

"Abbott to freeze Pollies pay packets, including his own"

I think that is meant to take some of the pain out ???

Takan Inchovit 10th May 2014 21:01

When they close the detention centres next month, what will happen to the people currently there?
Put them on returning boats three at a time. :ok:

Captain Sand Dune 10th May 2014 21:46

"Abbott to freeze Pollies pay packets, including his own"
Not that I'm being cynical (moi?!) but I'd like to read the fine print on that.
Is it just a freeze on pay?
How about allowances?
How about travel? Disband 34SQN and I'll believe they're serious!
How about pollies' super? What a scheme that is! How many years as a serving member before they're entitled to it? 3?
Gold card?
And how long is this freeze for?

Wiley 10th May 2014 21:58

I'm in furious agreement with you, Cap'n SD.

The allowance system seems to have developed into one where the pay packet for pollies goes straight into the bank untouched and they can claim an allowance to cover damn near everything.

The Gold Pass for retired politicians simply has to go (along with the offices and staff for ex-PMs). If Abbott can't see that - and probably more importantly, doesn't have the cojones to scrap it completely - we might as well accept that it's business as usual in Canberra, with one rule for us and a different rule for them in the belt-tightening stakes.

500N 10th May 2014 22:04

Agree. Perks way out of hand.

Staff an office for an ex PM for a few years then wind it down slowly.

Hockey and his mate portrayed a wrong image the other day.
No problems them doing it like they did but at least do it out of view.
They looked like fat cats after having eaten well.

Takan Inchovit 10th May 2014 22:07

What they ^ said. The labour/greens opposition should take the biggest pay cut.

alisoncc 10th May 2014 22:12

Put them on returning boats three at a time. :ok:
Who? The pollies. yeh! yeh! yeh! :ok:

SOPS 12th May 2014 06:39

Read this entire article. I find to very disturbing. Keep up the good work Two Dads.

Domestic violence: Nowhere to turn for migrant women trapped in violent relationships - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 12th May 2014 06:43

I agree.

I think the ethnic women situation is a hidden problem in Aus.

BTW - Why did you mention two Dads ?
I couldn't see her name on the page.

SOPS 12th May 2014 06:48

Only because she is the one screaming that we should be letting these people in. Having read that article, I think we should offer the women protection, and deport those males already here, the offenders at least.

500N 12th May 2014 07:08

OK, got it :ok:

SOPS 12th May 2014 18:47

Are things getting a little out of hand from the Left? Tony Abbott is now Hitler?
Article below.

Scott Morrison and the Australian Border Farce - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Ken Borough 13th May 2014 00:22

Read this linked article and weep. Why won't government crack down on these many lurks that benefit the rich? I know The Rudd/Gillard Govt's did try to tighten some of the rackets but this mob from the Abbottoir is rescinding them and doing nought to address an inequitable playing field. Mendacious ba$tard$.

Budget pain? Not for millionaires who pay no tax

500N 13th May 2014 09:57

Well, the squealing is about to begin !

In view of the size of the budget of the ABC alone, that's not much.

13. ABC and SBS
Cuts of $43.5 million and Australia Network abandoned

Worrals in the wilds 13th May 2014 10:17

I think we should offer the women protection, and deport those males already here, the offenders at least.
Particularly the recidivists. I've read a few articles by Eman Sharobeem; she's a fabulous woman who's doing a lot of good with new arrivals. The Australian method of dealing with domestic violence is very different from what many ME, African and Indian immigrants see as 'normal', and it's a problem.

In these cultures, the traditional method is that the woman's next of kin (be it brother or father) sorts it out. This is not so different from our traditional method, but for many immigrants they don't have their father or brother nearby. He's not here to defend her, but going to the coppers is seen as a betrayal of the family; it's taking the issue outside. A vacuum exists where the woman has no-one to turn to. It's further complicated when that woman turns to family who are here, only to have them betray her and take the easy option of doing nothing, blaming her for being difficult and turning their backs.

The modern method is not fully accepted within the traditional Australian culture either, as illustrated by the statistics on domestic violence :(. We like to think we've moved past the rule of thumb and 'beating sense' into women :yuk:, but in practice life isn't so grand for many dinky-di Aussie women and children either.

That doesn't excuse forced marriages and violence among ethnic communities and I'm not saying that it does, only that we haven't fully excised the DV scourge from our own culture either. The clear message needs to be that this is unacceptable and that penalties will apply, whether the perpetrator is fifth-generation or arrived last week. The other clear message needs to be that it's not only okay to complain, but that it's the right thing to do.

If all you decent guys who don't behave like that keep pushing that message, then there's a hope and you'll have our thanks and gratitude. Over the years I've heard too many quiet stories from too many women (both ethnic and Aussie) about how their home is a place of fear, hurt and suffering but they stay there, because it's their home. Way too many stories. :{
Ken Lay on family violence - Victoria Police News

Pinky the pilot 13th May 2014 10:26

What Worrals said!:ok:

My own view of DV is that any man who subjects a Woman to any form of violence, domestic or otherwise is a piece of shite lower than a snake's arsehole!:mad::mad:

Clare Prop 13th May 2014 11:40

Presumably the EMILYs listers condone this sort of thing as they created this situation where it can flourish. Feminists indeed! Only if "feminism" means they can get their snouts deeper in the trough!

I've always thought it would be much kinder to only allow widows and their children to come here. Goodness knows there are enough of them in those terrible camps. Then the children could grow up without some of those terrible influences and the women could flourish without fear of some of the things that are done to them by their menfolk.

I guess I am just hopelessly naive, and it's probably far too late, but I find it hard to find any sympathy for healthy men who look like they are pumped up on steroids and rioting.

And as for that guy who is allowed to freely prey on children because his "cultural differences" excuse him for trying to drag them away from their parents in public parks. Scum of the earth and the magistrates think his cultural differences are more important than the safety of children, including presumably those in his own ethnic group.

Kodachrome 13th May 2014 16:50

Well, Hockey and Abbott have shown their true colours with this joke of a budget.

Hopefully saner heads will prevale and it will be blocked by the Senate. Bring on the double dissolution.

500N 13th May 2014 16:56


"I've always thought it would be much kinder to only allow widows and their children to come here."

In some ways, I don't have a problem with that, even though it might cost Aus a fair bit.

Would need to look at the numbers though, how many AS men with families find jobs ? If not many, then might as well just bring the widows and kids.

500N 13th May 2014 19:17

Interesting table here to show where you tax goes !

I like it that it shows how much goes to the ABC !

Federal budget 2014: Where will your tax dollars go?

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