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bosnich71 29th Apr 2014 06:40

Chuboy and Ken ...have to agree with you both.
If,and I repeat if, Abbott is going to bang an increase in Income tax on most of the PAYE workers then those taxpayers are effectively paying for paid parental leave etc.
That won't go down too well with those who never got paid baby bonuses ppl etc but are now told that they will have to subsidise those who will.

Ken Borough 29th Apr 2014 06:58

Abbott's proposed PPL sceme is supposed to be funded by a levy on the top 200 (??) companies. On the other hand, he is proposing to reduce the company tax rate. So by use of smoke and mirrors, the extravagant PPL will be funded by the Joe and Mary Bloggs of the country. Work that out!

I see in the MSM that the ALP, Greens and PUP will all combine in the Senate to defeat the 'budget levy'. I wonder if Abbott will have the courage to take them on with a double-dissolution, especially as he will be up front and centre draping himself in the flag with visits to the Western Front Battlefields and to Gallipoli in 2015 in the offing? It's not going to take much longer for the so-called battlers wake up to this mob and give them short shrift. The revelations to come about NSW Liberal Party fund raising May also be a huge embarrassment to our dear Leader. Whatever happened to that pillar of respectability and integrity from the Senate?

bosnich71 29th Apr 2014 08:34

Ken .... the problem is the other lot are even worse.
It is nice to see that the media is now taking an interest in corruption at least now we can see/read about the subject without visiting blogs run by people who Gillard etc.spent time in parliament rubbishing.
P.s. the title "Dear Leader" would be more appropriate for the likes of Mz Gillard don't you think ?

Cactusjack 29th Apr 2014 11:57

It's time for an uprising. You can only oppress the people for so long. Civil disobedience is in order. One rule for all, or off with their heads.

Andu 29th Apr 2014 12:12

Double dissolution? I think the Liberal Party number crunchers are very aware that the political memory of damn near 50% of Australian voters is about on par with a gold fish.

With that in mind, (and I'm sure it is), I think they'll do some very deep thinking before risking all on a DD.

My God, could you imagine it? Albasleazy, Shorten and that blond shrew from Central Europe back on the Government benches six months from now. Abbott (as I predicted here quite a few months ago) has been a disappointment in too many ways, but for all his faults, he's streets ahead of that sorry shower that is Labor, not one of whom has ever acknowledged that they got it so terribly wrong for six long years as they unquestionly followed two very different leaders, who, for all their differences, are indisputably the very worst Prime Ministers this country has ever endured.

Whitlam and Fraser were a hard act to follow in the worst of the worst stakes, but Rudd and Gillard re-wrote the book and created a whole new dimension of bad that even Whitlam and Fraser could not hope to emulate.

...but if the polls are to be believed, the goldfish who are near 50% of Australian voters could well vote the Party who gave us Rudd and Gillard back in.

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Apr 2014 12:33

Abbotomy having an internal stoush with his party,
Now who could of predicted that
High earners levy sounds a bit like a mining tax me thinks

Saltie 29th Apr 2014 21:05

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Can't help but think the Libs are playing at being clever dicks over the PPL. Hoping the Opposition will can it in the Senate so they can duck introducing it while saying 'we tried'. I thought the Libs were all for minimal government interference in people's lives. Having a baby should be a family concern. Not the taxpayer's.

500N 29th Apr 2014 21:07

Just happened to see this in the Age.

What is it with the HSU ???????

Kathy Jackson's secret slush fund

HSU boss turned whistleblower ran union fund that used up to $300,000 in members’ money."

Andu 29th Apr 2014 23:11

The Labor Pardee/Union inner circle (is there a difference?) will do anything to destroy Kathy Jackson, to the point that they will willingly suffer major damage to themselves, so long as they 'get her', and 'get her' properly.

No one does hate like the Labor Pardee. I can't remember which Labor luminary said that, but it certainly was a high profile Labor man of the not so distant past.

If Kathy Jackson survives politically, she'll quite likely end up close to the top in an Australian "NuLabor". However, for that to happen, I think we'll have to have a Tom Clancy moment, where some deranged airline pilot crashes his aircraft into a Labor Pardee annual conference - or multiple buses will have to drive over a cliff - and virtually every current senior man and woman in the Pardee is lost to this world.

Since any such occurrence is highly unlikely, I don't think Ms Jackson will ever be forgiven by the current lot, not ever.

CoodaShooda 29th Apr 2014 23:28

The secretary of the Vic Branch of the HSU was interviewed on AM this morning.

Denied that he had made any allegations against Jackson but $285,000 had apparently been moved around over the period 2001-2010 and this had been reported to the Royal Commission.

He could not say why Fairfax was running with the anti-Jackson line - and, of course, there was no link with the upcoming HSU elections where he would be contesting his position against Jackson supporters.

I didn't catch who the interviewer was but, given the way he tore this tosser apart, I suspect it may have been Chris Uhlman.

7x7 30th Apr 2014 23:47

When I lived in Melbourne back in the 1980s, all the local physios called the Work Care scheme 'Turk Care', because so many newly arrived migrants were drawing benefits from that system with bad backs they had developed within weeks of arriving in Australia - and did not want those 'sore' backs fixed, but just signed off as still 'bad' so they could continue to draw their disability pension.

Am I the only one who thinks Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey could safely pull the plug on this (see below) and draw very little flak from people who actually vote? (You can't vote if you're living in Greece.)

...7313 disability support pensioners are living overseas, costing $99.9 million a year.

The most popular destination is Greece, where 1242 live; Turkey has 849…

Social Service Minister Kevin Andrews said he was seeking clarification on the residency requirements for such pensioners… The Federal Government now disallows the pension for those who are overseas for more than six weeks…

Michael Urdzal kept his disability pension despite living in Bali for almost nine years and returning on day trips for Centrelink appointments.

The AAT ruled last month that although he was not an Australian resident, he was entitled to the pension because of the severity of his disability

Paul Ray, who’s travelled to Bali 18 times since being granted a disability pension in 2003, and who has started a family there, also successfully appealed against a departmental move to strip him of the pension over breaching residency requirements.

Mr Ray, who grew up in Port Melbourne, told the tribunal he suffered a back injury in a car accident in the late 1980s and his doctors had suggested a warmer climate would provide some relief.

Worrals in the wilds 1st May 2014 01:22

Can't citizens living overseas vote? I thought they could send a postal ballot. :confused:
The 'pensioner living in Thailand' thing has been going on for a while; IIRC their argument is that their pension goes further there. I don't really have an opinion one way or the other, but presumably they claim fewer day to day welfare entitlements.

7x7 1st May 2014 01:28

Can't citizens living overseas vote?
For long term expatriates, the short answer is no, Worrals.

An Australian living overseas can vote if that Australian still declares him/herself to be an Australian resident with a residential address in Australia. Doing this involves all sorts of tax implications on the money earned overseas that most expats would not want to go within a mile of.

Worrals in the wilds 1st May 2014 02:16

Cheers. :ok:
I know a few short term expats; working holidays, short term contracts etc. who voted, so I thought that was for everyone. Thanks.

bosnich71 1st May 2014 08:14

Letter from Kathy Jackson on Michael Smith News at the moment which explains a great deal.No doubt the 'Age' and our ABC will ignore it much as they did our 'Great Leader's' indiscretions.

SOPS 1st May 2014 08:19

I wonder what Two Dads would say about this guy? He must be a genuine refugee in need of our help:ugh:

Villawood detainee accused of running drugs ring from inside immigration detention centre - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Ethel the Aardvark 1st May 2014 12:04

Just love the way you righties defend miss Jackson, quite similar to the premier of WA defending his responsible ex treasurer.
Must be a lib thing!

500N 1st May 2014 12:13


So why hasn't he been deported ???

bosnich71 1st May 2014 12:13

Ethel ..... My Wife was a member of the HSU at one time and Jackson was the only one that she had any time for. She may well have been wrong in that opinion but at least she was a member of that union .....were/are you?
Read Michael Smith with both eyes open,we're not all 'righties' as you mistakenly call us.

SOPS 1st May 2014 13:00

My thoughts exactly 500. But I bet if they tried to deport him, some human rights huggy fluff would be representing him, telling us of the dangers he faces back home, and it was all a big mis understanding really.

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