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allan907 30th May 2012 15:42

And how devilishly clever of the Gillard Government

   [ok-si-mawr-on, -mohr-] Show IPA

noun, plural ox∑y∑mo∑ra  [ok-si-mawr-uh, -mohr-uh] Show IPA, ox∑y∑mor∑ons. Rhetoric .
a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect

bob johns 30th May 2012 22:25

bob johns
Childish behaviour it may seem (and with all the important stuff on the back burner ) one could well be forgiven for thinking so, but what about principle? Not a lot of that in this era and CT wouldnt have thought that stunt up all by himself now ,would he ?

CoodaShooda 31st May 2012 00:56


Agreed it was not a dignified display.

However a straw poll around the office today did not find any views critical of Abbott.

To the contrary, the consensus was he was trying to uphold a principle and that this was in stark contrast to Gillard labor's behaviour.

Pinky the pilot 31st May 2012 05:33

Seems to me that as the days go by and Labor's seemingly endless talent for screwing things up is now continuous and getting worse, that the attitude of their 'attack dog' Albo is getting more and more frantic.

On some of the brief excerpts of Parliament I have seen on the various news reports Albo has seemed nearly hysterical in his denunciations of the Opposition.

Maybe now even he is getting scared?:hmm:

he was trying to uphold a principle and that this was in stark contrast to Gillard labor's behaviour.
Cooda; Agreed.

david1300 31st May 2012 10:48

Back from my 2-week holiday on the Gold Coast - not quite sure what I did to earn it, but :confused::confused:

Anyway, here's my contribution for the day:

INDEPENDENT MP Andrew Wilkie says he has been treated like a pawn and his relationship with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, will never be the same again.
Despite their landmark agreement on watered-down poker machine reforms this past week, the crossbench kingmaker said of negotiating with Ms Gillard: ''You do feel used. I am a pawn to be moved around the board.''

Read more: Wilkie: I'm a pawn on Gillard chessboard

Andu 31st May 2012 11:09

It's OK, david1300, she told him she still respected him the morning after.

To think that the man might have led troops into battle... I'm reminded of some German general's comment about British troops in WW1 - lions led by donkeys.

Clare Prop 31st May 2012 11:19

I've been contemplating the irony of Gillard bringing in skilled (?!) migrant John McTernan, a scot, as her spin doctor um sorry "Communications Director". Were no Australians able to fill this position? Perhaps none were prepared to sink that low or are the only ones qualified already on her front bench?

Also wondering if said spin doctor advised her to show her total (selective?)ignorance of the Australian constitution re.minerals belonging to the States, in front of all those mining people.

Pondering the thought that they would rather bring in unskilled people without papers, than skilled people with papers who are here to work and pay taxes to support the unskilled ones.

And finally still wondering how Q and A can get away with calling people "fat and ugly" on TV. Very disappointed in Barry Humphries, maybe I won't vote for Sir Les after all.

CoodaShooda 31st May 2012 11:51

And while we focus on the apparently inept performances within Parliament, labor happily destroys our defence capability.Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

bob johns 31st May 2012 12:41

bob johns
Ref the degradation of spending on defence ,I read somewhere that we are ,now ,in spending terms ,per capita on defence about where we were in 1938. Good stuff ,Jools,but then Bob Carr says Dont worry about China ,the US is still there!! I think it was Thomas Jefferson (a fairly important chap in US history) said ,that the man that beats his sword and gun into a plowshare will plow for the man who did not ! We cant afford ,as a people to drown ourselves in Sport -Hollywood and crass hedonism and allow the UN (sewer of corruption )to dictate to us Australians any longer .

MTOW 31st May 2012 23:16

Anybody out there willing to bet some money on how long we'll be waiting for HMtheQ to bestow this honour on our current PM?

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

FORMER prime minister John Howard has joined an exclusive group of 24 living people to be honoured by the Queen with the Order of Merit.

Mr Howard was presented with the medal by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace overnight, with his wife Janette observing the ceremony.

Earlier this year Mr Howard was hand-picked by the Queen to receive the insignia of a member of the Order of Merit, in recognition of his distinguished service.

MTOW 31st May 2012 23:20

And the Indonesian severe crackdown on the people smugglers continues unabated...

Jakarta people-smuggler suspect Sajjad Hussain Noor goes free

by: Peter Alford, Jakarta correspondent
From:The Australian
June 01, 201212:00AM

FOR the second time in five months, a priority people-smuggling target has gone home free from Indonesia because the Australian case against him was deemed too weak to succeed.

Provisionally arrested eight months ago at Canberra's request, Sajjad Hussain Noor was deported to Pakistan on May 3.

frigatebird 1st Jun 2012 00:13

Wondered who would be the first to mention it....! :yuk:

FORMER prime minister John Howard has joined an exclusive group
For What..??

Purposely fumbling the Independance push 12 years ago..?
Self Interest there, on her part.

For standing up for an Emerging Neighbour against an Aggressive Neighbour..?
About the only thing he did that could be commended.

For making an art of Backflipping and Lying to Parliament..?
They all do it from both sides of the House.

For making it more difficult for responsible citizens to own firearms..?
While supporting Bush as 'Deputy Sheriff' in his adventures, and being on record as prepared to bring in Conscription again to raise the numbers and put the latest (expensive)military firepower in the hands of young cannon fodder.

For managing an Economy..?
Think of that every time you put your hand in your pocket to pay for Goods and Services, his is still there too taking 10% for the Government-Of-The-Day to waste, along with a cut for his In-Retirement Advisory Services.

If it is not Self interest, then the Queen's judgement is off and she, perhaps, should consider Retirement, before alzheimers takes the gloss off the better memories.
Sixty Not-Out is a respectable score for any un-elected Monach.
Unlike Howards Government being voted out and him losing his seat when the people had had enough, he still thinks he is relevant.

The current Federal government thinks it is relevant too, - shows how some delude themselves. They will get the door at election time too.

david1300 1st Jun 2012 00:23

And the internal leadership machinations continue
Rudd recruits for secret strategy to save Labor | Daily Telegraph Simon Benson Blog

THE talk around the thoroughbred circles and coalmining community of the Hunter Valley is of a curious meeting two weeks ago which has been dubbed the Singleton Pact.

As the story goes, Kevin Rudd was driving down to Canberra on May 18 - from Queensland no less - and just happened to find himself in the heart of NSW wine country.

...The pitch was a 20-seat battle plan to save NSW and Queensland MPs, based on clawing back the carbon tax. It was suggested at this meeting that ministers Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese were on board with the idea of at least reducing the $23 a tonne price.

Whether this is true or not is another matter. But the rumour was put into play anyway as part of Ruddís new pitch. Twenty seats was what he believed he could save through recalibrating the tax, if not delaying or dropping it altogether.

...There are other ominous signs for the PM. The night before union leader Paul Howes unloaded on the government over its foreign worker deal with Gina Rinehart, he was seen meeting with Fitzgibbon and NSW Labor boss Sam Dastyari over beers. Howes and Dastyari have been at pains to let people know they wonít get involved in another leadership challenge. In other words, they will not step in to save Gillard. They are leaving the caucus to Fitzgibbon.

And so the picture for Gillard in NSW starts to look pretty bleak. Sensing that momentum has been building again, Rudd has started to emerge from his self-imposed exile. Given that this time the push is coming not from the Victorian left but from the most powerful bloc - the combined NSW caucus - itís no surprise Rudd has been popping up all over this state.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Jun 2012 03:42

He's like a turbine, isn't he? Just keeps on turning away, drawing energy off the Labor Party.

If the NSW caucus members want to do business with him I hope they remember to pack a nice big playmat and a box of wipes to deal with the inevitable dummy spits. :eek: Maybe also a bottle of warm milk and a Wiggles DVD. :}

What they also need to remember is that Rudd's always in it for Rudd. Not for the country, not for the party, not even for their collective glory as victors; only for Rudd.

However, the current caucus do seem to be a snivelling bunch. Have they taken these concerns to the caucus and the PM herself, or is it easier to snipe and backbite in corners, then leak to the media?
There's more than a little deja vu here, I've no doubt Rudd can see the irony.

Pinky the pilot 1st Jun 2012 05:06

Rudd's always in it for Rudd.
Aint it the truth Worrals. I also suspect that Rudd is a firm believer in the old saying; 'Revenge is a dish best served cold.'

Wiley 1st Jun 2012 08:16

According to 2GB news this afternoon, today's boat had only 4 pax and 2 crew on board.

I wonder, are the people smugglers offering Business Class travel for those willing to pay a premium fare?

Buster Hyman 1st Jun 2012 11:09

Only two crew needed for four pax Wiley. One for each exit...port & starboard!

RJM 1st Jun 2012 15:22

He's like a turbine, isn't he? Just keeps on turning away, drawing energy off the Labor Party.
I think he's more like a black hole, Worrals.

MattGray 1st Jun 2012 15:52

And while we focus on the apparently inept performances within Parliament, labor happily destroys our defence capability.
Thankfully the Libs haven't dropped the ball and rumor has it that Coalition strategists have ordered all MPs to stay in Canberra over the weekend to attend boot camp.

It is understood that they'll be concentrating on 30 metre sprints.

Buster Hyman 1st Jun 2012 16:14

Well, at least someone seems happy enough with our dwindling defence budget. :ugh:

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