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I16 25th Apr 2014 11:13

Maybe Hugh was correct - it is a big celebration for the Turks, they did win that day. Solo-Turk sounds like an aussie!
Anzac Day 2014: Turks welcome Australians and remember Gallipoli campaign in exuberant style - WWI Centenary - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 25th Apr 2014 12:42

Ref. the F35 ... as this aircraft is generally believed to be a crock of s**t then perhaps everyone should buy the Russian job as I suggested earlier.
Then everyone would have the same airyplane and it would not only be heaps cheaper but also, in the event of a conflict, the side with the best pilots would win ... and we know our lads are by far the best are they not.
Oh,and no electronic aids either, they only cause trouble to the groundies,just one machine gun each.

P.s. the F 111 may have looked the bees knees flying about with a flame coming out of it's back side but from the short experience that I had of it I thought it was a pig of a thing,but then I wasn't one of Gods chosen.
And there are quite a few people who were involved with the inside of the F 111 fuel tanks who have had major health problems since.

500N 25th Apr 2014 12:45


Re marching, the one that got me was the 3 VC winners dong them march past
Of the GG and Prince WIlliam. They all saluted eyes right at a different time !
I would have thought one of them could have given the command !

rh200 25th Apr 2014 12:49

the side with the best pilots would win ... and we know our lads are by far the best are they not.
Actually it can also come down to numbers as well.

bosnich71 25th Apr 2014 13:13

RH .... alright then 20 each,even cheaper.

Many years ago when I was a young lad freezing my B***s off waiting for the Ivans to come over the fence into West Germany the accepted opinion in NATO was that the Russians had heaps more aircraft than the West but that it was O.K. because 'ours' had more advanced avionics than 'theirs' and would therefore shoot down heaps more of 'theirs' than they did of 'ours'.(Funnily enough no one mentioned tank numbers for some reason).
Anyway this all sounded plausible and gave all us young blokes a warm feeling about our immediate futures until ... the rumour went round that the Yanks were selling electronic gizmos/know how to the Soviets.

SOPS 25th Apr 2014 19:20

I just would like that we gave all the money that Julair and friends spent on illegal country shopper boat persons, to our brave men and women that have served this country.

There is something that is out of whack....big time. Fight for your country, come back home, and fight for your own survivale.

Hop on an illegal boat, and bingo, house, lawyers, money, UNHR people crapping on, Two Dads saying to the world how unfair it all is.

I have a big radical soloution, but I think the huggy left would go into such a terminal meltdown it would never work.

(Self interest disclaimer, grandson of Somme Veteran survivor, 1914 to 1917)

And I have to add, I have his discharge papers. During the few years he enjoyed the lovely sights of France, it seems he lost his original slouch hat badge. Charged for on leaving the Army.

500N 25th Apr 2014 20:29


The good thing is the govt isnT responding or cow towing to the UN
Every time they speak. This report from 3 days ago !

"The United Nations refugee agency has asked Australia to prove it is not breaching the Refugee Convention with its policy of turning back asylum seeker boats."

"Speaking in Jakarta, the UNHCR's regional representative says the Australian Government has not responded to the UN's concerns about the policies.

The request for information was made in january.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Apr 2014 21:45

And there are quite a few people who were involved with the inside of the F 111 fuel tanks who have had major health problems since.
That's because the RAAF were too cheap to give them proper protective gear. :ugh::yuk:
One of the bushy cousins did that job for a few years; fortunately his health seems okay so far. His opinion of the pigs was similar to yours, and his opinion of the RAAF was somewhere below that. :uhoh:

Captain Sand Dune 25th Apr 2014 22:04

Re marching, the one that got me was the 3 VC winners dong them march past Of the GG and Prince WIlliam. They all saluted eyes right at a different time ! I would have thought one of them could have given the command !
You tell 'em!! I think given their achievements a little laxity in drill can be excused.

500N 25th Apr 2014 22:11


That is where you and I disagree.

Yes achievements superb and rewarded but the focus is on them in front of the Nation and they represent all the services now.

It only takes one of them to give the command and all have done the Cpl's course !

The GG would have noticed being an ex military man.

Andu 25th Apr 2014 23:47

Re the standard of marching: daughter tells me there is a very funny movie somewhere out there (Yank) about a course of military recruits who had someone within their ranks who took a look at the course syllabus and convinced them all to concentrate on the parts of the course that had the highest loading in the marks given for minimum effort.

Of course, their group of geeks and malcontents topped all the other recruit platoons on the base and the Army brass wanted to showcase these brilliant recruits. Only problem was... the geek had seen that the Army gave almost no loading to drill, so they'd spent no time at all practising their drill, and when they were marched on to the parade ground to accept their prize.... well, you can imagine. Dare I say it, they looked like many of the Army units in yesterday's ANZAC Day parade in Sydney.

There was one poor sod (a cadet from a school Cadet unit that passed by quite early in the march) who'll be suffering a major razzing from his school mates today. He suffers from a malady one of the blokes on my RAAF pilot's course had (you know who you are!) that no amount of drilling and shouting or threats by the dreaded WOD (Warrant Officer Disciplinary, aka the drill instructor) ever cured. When his left leg went forward, his left arm went forward as well, and likewise with his right extremities. It is a most ungainly gait, and one that stands out like a sore thumb with the arms of every other marcher in the formation going one way, while the offender's, totally out of synch., goes the other.

As I said in an earlier post: I've definitely descended into Old Fartdom.

On a more serious note: I think there's been a major move by the ex-F111 ground crew to have their serious medical problems from working in the fuel tanks recognised by DVA.

The USMC PR people are trying to put a positive spin to it, but apparently the unit introducing the F35 into US Marines service is still operating under enormous restrictions because they cannot operate the F35 in a hostile environment without legacy (=old) aircraft supporting them.

CoodaShooda 25th Apr 2014 23:47

Seems to be consistent with the ANZAC tradition of being somewhat disinterested in observing the 'proper forms' for saluting. :E

In any event, VC outranks GG in my book. :)

bosnich71 25th Apr 2014 23:48

I was once involved with a parade for a Royal visit.Lots of practicing involved to the point where a Drill Instructor was flown in from Halton to teach us to march properly etc.Wet weather parade practice in a hangar and everyone is getting out of step.The Wingco who is standing in for the royal personage shouts out,to the D.I. "Flt.Sgt.Murphy,call out the time". "Half past eleven Sir",replies Murph.
Cue collapse of everyone involved.Then again we were RAF.

500N 26th Apr 2014 00:06

Yes, agree. One of the best orders I ever saw was my OC who deemed that except for parades, berets would not be worn for the duration of time at depot :ok:

Of course outside the wire of course normal military bearing was to be maintained !

Andu 26th Apr 2014 00:13

bosnich71, the WOD I referred to above was ex-Coldstream Guards, and he took his drill a tad more seriously than we students did. He was always screaming at us to keep our heads up whilst marching, often saying "There's no hole in the parade ground Mr Bloggs! Keep your head up!"

Of course, that led to a bunch of drunks getting out onto the parade ground one Sunday night armed with a couple of empty jam tins and digging a hole in the sacred gravel. Much hilarity within the ranks on Monday morning when the WOD made his usual comment.

And a very unhappy WOD when he found the hole.

Captain Sand Dune 26th Apr 2014 00:35

CSD That is where you and I disagree.
Like I said mate, perhaps you can tell them their drill isn't up to scratch. I'll stand back and watch:E

500N 26th Apr 2014 00:51

I'll leave that to the SASR RSM or RSM A ;)

Having served under one who had been, you wouldn't want to cross them and yes, he often picked people up on things like that !

parabellum 26th Apr 2014 01:36

Re marching, the one that got me was the 3 VC winners dong them march past
Of the GG and Prince WIlliam. They all saluted eyes right at a different time !
I would have thought one of them could have given the command !
A bit pedantic perhaps, but as they were all VCs would they not have been returning the salute? They would have taken their time from the GG or D of C, except they were in civvies, so the salute would have been initiated by the various aides who, themselves, may well have been a bit ragged as it would have been an unusual situation for them and probably not discussed beforehand by either saluters or salutees. Just a thought.

(other wise the VCs could have taken their time from the parade commander who was about to give the eyes right to the troops behind the VCs, but, as already said, the VCs were actually returning the salute).

bosnich71 26th Apr 2014 09:04

Not anything to do with Oz politics but worth recounting as we are talking about parades past and present.And I'm sure that the blokes we honoured yesterday will have had the same sort thing happen to them.

After our royal visit,which funnily enough went off without a hitch,it was decided that some of us,being now proficient in arms drill,would be given the honour of doing a parade in Antwerp,Belgium to celebrate the deliverance of that city from occupation by German forces in September 1944. Our contingent of RAF chappies was part of a joint parade of us, the Royal Navy and a British Army contingent as well as members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Everything was going well until our Flt.Lt. handed us over to an Army Major who none of us could understand .... none of us as in RAF that is.
The order,as we found out later,to order arms was given by the Major. The Navy ordered arms with their Lee Enfields and the Army ordered arms with their FLNs' and the RAF followed suit.....after looking along the ranks to see what the senior branches were doing..... only some of us did the Lee Enfield version and some of us did the FLN version.The Major then shouted out the only words that I understood him to say all day and that was,"Wake up RAF detachment" !
The Belgiques laughed themselves silly though and we did get the biggest cheers of the day as we ambled off.

Winch-control 26th Apr 2014 10:15

Maybe I m a bluff old traditionalist, but I was very embarrassed to see the guys in uniform in front of Memorial hall in Queenstown yesterday morning with baseball hats and cigarettes, then later playing "party games" at the "Pig and Whistle".
Not the standard I expect of our military. Some might respect the actions and sacrifices, some have no understanding....

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