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tinpis 23rd Feb 2012 20:32

Parliamentary pensions should be means tested. Same as my miserable stipend bloody well is

criticalmass 23rd Feb 2012 21:42

I watched Rudd's presser when he landed in Brissy. That wasn't a speech about leadership of a party; that was an unashamed election campaign speech.

Would Rudd be prepared to resign and potentially bring down the Labor government, resulting in a new federal election?

alisoncc 23rd Feb 2012 21:57

Australian politics has got to the point where you don't vote for the person who will do the most good for the country, you vote for the person who will do the least harm. Within that context Gillard, Abbott and Brown have no chance.

frigatebird 23rd Feb 2012 22:01

Fliegs, Worrals, love the passion and the penmanship.... shows you're interested in the outcomes....and you express MY thoughts so well....:ok:
No matter how turned off by the shenanigans, I could never NOT mark a ballot paper, even if I have to eschew the major parties on occasion..

Can't help thinking that some Cousins in the Republican Party in the U.S. must be feeling similar, as they select THEIR next party figurehead - but at greater expense than the Party-Politicians-Select-Their-Own-Leader System in effect here. (All the while in full public view tho..)

Andu, if you ever need a seconder for bringing back those Roman rules, then just show me where to sign.

CoodaShooda 23rd Feb 2012 22:47

Ladies and Gentlemen

May I remind you that this is an Australian Politics Hampster Wheel.

There is no place here for broad and general agreement. :p

PS Is anyone else missing some of our past, regular contributors? :O

david1300 23rd Feb 2012 23:19

@Worrals - thanks. Although I suspect that we may have some differing political opinions, I really appreciated your last post (sorry, make that latest post - I don't mean to inadvertently bump you off).

tinpis 23rd Feb 2012 23:32

Wish I could write like this

Labor has been reduced to its miserable parts a mewling, puking party with no coherent leadership, no record of achievement. Nothing but spite and bile and self-interest. _____Piers Akerman

sisemen 23rd Feb 2012 23:54

I find it astonishing that the level of bile and vitriol keeps rising by the hour. The ALP is certainly on a course for self-destruction - if it hasn't reached that stage already. Ultimately this is not good for a democratic Australia. And God forbid that the watermelons take over the role as second party.

It makes one wonder how it was that so many people trusted this lot of incompetents with the running of the country.

I'm now starting to feel angry at what they are doing, not amused and entertained as I was before. :mad:

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2012 00:36

No dramas david, and thanks. :)
Good quote, Tinpis, sums up the current state and federal mobs very well, unfortunately.
"PS Is anyone else missing some of our past, regular contributors?"
It usually takes them a few days to rock up. I don't think they're normally 'every day' PPRuNers.

Flying Binghi 24th Feb 2012 03:03

Brisbane airport excitement...

Happy supporter.....


Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog


rh200 24th Feb 2012 04:30

I think the GG should sack them, and bring on an election and let the people decide. I'm sure the Libs get back in, as the people will be thinking when you sort yourselves out you can have another go.

Abbott may be as boring as batsh!t and not lingistically gifted, but I think he would most likely be ok. Frankly I not into all these grand vision "gunna" types. Most of the anti Abbott stuff is hype.

Howard Hughes 24th Feb 2012 07:00

Straw poll for the fun of it...
Say you are a Caucus member and had to vote on Monday. Local issues aside, who would you vote for? Jools or Krudd?
Me, Gillard (albiet grudgingly).
As much as I don't like Prime Minister Gillard, if I was placed in that unenviable situation I would probably vote for her. I think Mr Rudd will be trounced on Monday, if he even shows up!

Next step will be resignation and by-election, despite what he is saying to the contrary, he is going to 'stick it up her' anyway he can.:ok:

I hope for the future of the Labour party they don't go with Shorten in the future, otherwise it will be more of the same.:rolleyes:

I think the GG should sack them, and bring on an election and let the people decide.
The Governor General should have withheld assent long ago on some of their policies, he (as it says in the Constitution) also should have stepped in when clearly we ended up with a Government that we did not vote for.

Sadly this GG has been asleep at the wheel...:{

alisoncc 24th Feb 2012 08:00

Straw poll for the fun of it...
Say you are a Caucus member and had to vote on Monday. Local issues aside, who would you vote for? Jools or Krudd?
Kevin. Gillard is so two faced I find it hard to believe anything she says, and Rudd is the only chance the country has to keep Abbott out. Turnbull I would vote for if he led the opposition.

Frank Arouet 24th Feb 2012 08:42

The GG is very well aware of the state of affairs and it will come to bite her on the bum in due course for her conflicts of family and duty. Perhaps Great Britain should invade Australia like they did in Ther Falklands if the Queen's representative isn't up to the job?

I hope Gillard wins. Abbott then will definitely win the next election.

Abbott is the only bloke promising an election to decide the minority government business. If Gillard and the Independants were game they'd do the same. But they're gutless.

If anyone wants a better government and can't bring themselves to vote for Abbott, just vote for the Greens like last time. That should ensure a total clusterfkuc.

Good luck to you all, I'm thinking of becoming a Kiwi.

radeng 24th Feb 2012 08:58

Surprised no one has mentioned something called

"Krud Kutter brand biodegradable stain removers"

Maybe Joolyah could do with that.....

Fliegenmong 24th Feb 2012 09:06

I fail to see how this bunch clowns, who can see how much more popular Rudd is than Jools so blindly side with her....(Publicly at least), I mean do they so desperately wish to return to the opposition benches?

I live in fear of abbott and the faceless Libs though......that is a scary thing, a deeply disturbing thing.

The punishment the 'Born to Rule' bunch will dish out on the Aust. populace for ever voting them out in the first place will be extreme....

What do you suppose they may call it?? The Pineapple agreement? Well, we won't know about it at all until after the election will we? Just like There'll never be a carbon tax, or never ever a GST.

No doubt Tone will tell us he has a mandate to insert said Pineapple agreement as hard and fast as he can...even though it was dead and buried and absolutely gone forever and for good.

I had lunch out on the verandah today with a few of the younger crowd (I'm less than 40 OK.... Just... but less) I guess they're mid 20s I suppose, one male one female. If it weren't for the current soap opera, the conversation would never have turned to politics, but when it did, to say I was stunned at their ignorance, of A) who and what, B) our political system, would be a very big understatement,................and they vote!!!!!......And if they are like that there must be others!, many others!...and these were educated bright kids who call ME old!!

Both had never heard of my mate The Mad Hatter! Since rectified :E

On the 24th March Bob may well allow me the pleasure of casting a vote neither for the remarkably inept bunch of idiots here now, or for the undoubtedly equally as inept bunch that most unsuccessfully try to convince me otherwise.

Andu 24th Feb 2012 09:10

Am I the only one who feels that all the main players in Labor are living in what amounts to a parallel universe? I get the feeling that 70% or more of the Australian population simply doesn't give a tuppeny you-know-what who leads Labor - it just doesn't matter; whoever runs Labor, it's still the same slow motion train wreck heading inexorably towards the collapsed (very high) bridge. (However, I spent some time in Campbelltown yesterday and I think I may have crossed paths with quite a few of the other 30%. Talk about 'parallel universes'!!)

I share the grave misgivings others have expressed of William Shorten Esq. He's like a rat with a diamond tooth, and to me, he represents everything that's wrong with Australian politics today - a professional union rep/politician who's never held a real job in his life. I think my earlier comment about anyone aspiring to hold political office being required to have achieved a minimum number of 'ticks in the required box' of life experiences is one we as a nation should aspire to (not that will ever happen - it would gut the very heart out of the ranks of the parliamentary office holders of both major Parties, in particular Labor).

Wiley 24th Feb 2012 09:19

Fliegenmong, I was speaking with my uncle from Queensland yesterday and he expressed very similar concerns to the ones you mentioned - the absolute ignorance of politics of so many people - people who get to vote thanks tour crazy mandatory voting system.

He said he was amazed at the number of people he'd run across who thought Bob Katter was a candidate in the coming Queensland State election. And as I said, al these people get to vote.

JB Mods 24th Feb 2012 10:07

david1300 please re-post your last comment without the personal dig at the end. That is the way these threads start to go downhill and then get locked so don't do it.

david1300 24th Feb 2012 10:15

Thanks for the guidance.:ok: Will do a little later :)

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