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500N 3rd Apr 2014 18:52


We have a Melbourne version of Scott, called Adam Bandt.

I haven't heard that much of him but he certainly comes across as slightly
different (less radical) than most other Greens and has captured the vote well and truly in that inner Melbourne block.

I reckon he will end up leading the Greens eventually.

500N 3rd Apr 2014 20:55

WOW ! And this is what we can look forward to in the future ??????????

Anti-Islamic extremist group member targeted in shooting

A man who was targeted in a shooting in Sydney's west on Thursday night is a member of an anti-Islamic extremist group.
Nathan Abela, 24, was not shot but suffered a minor injury to his shoulder when he dived to evade up to six bullets that were fired at his apartment in Greystanes.

Police said they were called to the apartment block on Cumberland Road at 11.15pm to reports that a number of shots had been fired.

No-one was seriously injured in the shooting, however Mr Abela was treated by paramedics for a minor injury to his shoulder suffered when he ducked for cover.

Mr Abela is a member of an anti-Islamic group, which says its aim is "standing up against Islam now, not when its (sic) too late".
The group is active on social media and claims to have members across Australia.

The group released a video message saying Mr Abela was recovering well and woule be "back fighting again soon, stronger and better than ever".
Police said the investigation into the shooting was in its early stages, but they believed it was a targeted attack.

A NSW Police spokeswoman would not comment on whether police believed Mr Abela's involvement in the anti-Islamic group was linked to the shooting.

Ken Borough 3rd Apr 2014 22:14

WOW ! And this is what we can look forward to in the future ??????????
Unfortunately that may be the case. The constant demonisation of asylum seekers, many of whom are from the Islamic world, by the shock-jocks and tabloid press does little to contribute to a peaceful society. The proposals of the uber-right to roll back the 'hate' laws will empower the unbalanced of all stripes to sprout and stir their hatred as we see in other western countries. I'd rather we be muzzled in what we say than have minorities sought out for abuse.

500N 3rd Apr 2014 22:18

I think your stretching it a bit there Ken !

The fact is, they don't know any other way - or don't want to know
- other than shooting or bombing opponents.

No sit down and talk.

Plenty of people in this country willing and able to play the same game without the constraints of ROE and no inhibitions about male, female, child either. The good thing is, the Police - state and feds - are often on top of it as demonstrated by the arrests a few years ago in Melbourne so hopefully they can "nip it in the bud" so to speak !

CoodaShooda 3rd Apr 2014 23:09

I'd rather we be muzzled in what we say than have minorities sought out for abuse.
Sadly, a well intentioned attitude which allows minorities to play the victim card and attain a level of power over society far in excess of that which their proportional numbers should allow in a democracy.

Just to throw in a few (mis)quotes :

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

"All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

There is no place in a functional, democratic society for genuine, "expressed through violence" racism. But I would argue that a democratic society can only be functional if all ideas and values can be open to debate.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't political correctness a concept developed in a communist think tank in Berlin in the 1920's as a means for bringing down capitalistic society?

500N 4th Apr 2014 00:40

Interesting that Indonesia is up in arms and pays blood money to stop
a Indo maid from being put to death in Saudi Arabia but they object when overtures are made to them re people on death row.

$2.1m in 'blood money' saves maid from Saudi death

500N 4th Apr 2014 01:06

Interesting article on the Greens.

Greens take democracy when it suits them

"Stripped back, it asserted that the Greens speak for the majority and that Tony Abbott lacks legitimacy.

But where is the evidence given that this government has not even served out a single year of its three-year term nor handed down one budget?
It is not as if the government has done anything, excluding imperial titles, that can even be said to be outside its explicit mandate. Like it or not, Abbott's authority to repeal the carbon and mining taxes, re balance the budget, and to stop the boats, could not have been clearer.

Greens take democracy when it suits them

chuboy 4th Apr 2014 03:50

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8417879)
Interesting that Indonesia is up in arms and pays blood money to stop
a Indo maid from being put to death in Saudi Arabia but they object when overtures are made to them re people on death row.

$2.1m in 'blood money' saves maid from Saudi death

Are you surprised at their attitude given Indo's track record RE: corruption?

If they are objecting to overtures being made to them then it most probably means the overtures are... insufficient :suspect:

Captain Sand Dune 4th Apr 2014 06:32

Since we’re talking about illegal immigrants, here’s some interesting commentary:

The biggest news of the week was that in the last 100 days there have been no boats under the control of the usual criminals landing their clients on Australian territory.
You wouldn't have thought so from most of the media who were obsessed with matters of such importance as the former Governor-General becoming Dame Quentin Bryce and the opposition's campaign against the Speaker bringing order to the House of Representatives.
Given that the ALP, the Greens and the commentariat said that turning back the boats was just a slogan and that Tony Abbott could never achieve that the 100 days free of illegal immigration was a signal achievement by the PM and Minister Scott Morrison. Indeed, it was suggested that any attempt to do this could lead to hostilities with Indonesia. Well, it's worked. In the same period last year 66 boats arrived with 3879 clients. And how many lives were saved? Over a thousand people lost their lives since the Rudd government in 2008 abandoned the borders and outsourced a significant part of Australian immigration to criminals. It was clear few illegal immigrants were genuine refugees , notwithstanding the assessment process loaded in their favour.
Why are so many paperless when they would have had to show a passport to fly into Indonesia? Sailors comment that asylum seekers seem well dressed and well fed. According to a 2012 report a RAN sailor was admonished by an asylum-seeker who wanted more care taken with his bag. Why? It contained a laptop.
Another sailor lamented: "Last I checked, I was not a baggage handler at the airport, but a sailor in the Royal Australian Navy."
This was maintained by the Gillard government and when the Rudd government returned they measure last in a desperate attempt to block some illegal immigration by an agreement with Papua New Guinea, but without any turn back policy or ''taking the sugar off the table'' as the Indonesian government pleaded. Was this gross incompetence on the part of the Rudd and Gillard governments? Or was it part of a deliberate policy to bring in large numbers of illegal immigrants most of whom would remain welfare dependent and be able to bring in more family legally?
Political parties in other countries have already adopted policies converting illegal immigration into an electoral advantage, no matter what this does to the country.
That is why we must make our politicians accountable to the people 24/7. Not just in elections between often between candidates hand chosen by faceless powerbrokers from each of the major parties.
The big news of the week was that for the past 100 days there have been no boats delivering the clients of the people smugglers onto Australian territory. Contrast that with the situation last year. Prof David Flint asks why has this been downplayed. Could it be that so many politicians and experts in the Gallery said that turning back the boats was impossible? Is it that they suggested the Indonesians would never accept this and it could result in hostilities?
Prof David Flint is lawyer of note and is a staunch monarchist. Interestingly, the only political party he has been associated with was........the Labor Party where he had been a branch president.

Captain Sand Dune 4th Apr 2014 06:43

Interesting article posted on another thread about where we could be heading.

BBC News - Birmingham Muslim school probe 'glacial', MP Byrne says

500N 4th Apr 2014 06:50

Hostilities with Indonesia ????

Who comes out with this crap ?

The. ADF has very very good relations with the Indo military,
Regardless of what pollies say, especially indo pollies.

They would nog go to wad over AS !

Captain Sand Dune 4th Apr 2014 07:24

Hostilities with Indonesia ????

Who comes out with this crap ?
Who ya reckon?:rolleyes:

bosnich71 4th Apr 2014 08:19

Sand Dune ...
I was going to put a reference to the B'ham school story up on the "Sharia Law In Britain" blog but decided against it as it would only have brought accusations of my being a Troll,Right Wingerrrrr,EDL member,BNP member,KKK member. Even a member of 500N's Cadre.
Now that last one really is worrying.

500N 4th Apr 2014 08:34


Did you forget the :O at the end of the sentence ?


We have plenty of those types of schools around us !

bosnich71 4th Apr 2014 10:16

500 .... I've been having trouble with my 'Smiley' thingummy so have had to stop using it... obviously .... perhaps some have been taking me too seriously.
I've never been accused of being a member of a Cadre before let alone actually being one.Perhaps I should give it a go,does yours have positions available ? ( add 'smiley' here).
Ref. the happenings in Brum I note that Cameron is going to give the situation his immediate attention.For some odd reason I have a sense of impending doom.

Anthill 4th Apr 2014 13:14

Meanwhile in Bankstown..

500N 4th Apr 2014 15:08


It's OK, I got the meaning of your first post, I was having a bit of a joke !

Positions always available ! :O

Saltie 6th Apr 2014 13:25

It would seem the WA Senate election has not gone the way Tony Abbott would have preferred.

SOPS 6th Apr 2014 13:48

I think that many people in WA used the Senate election as a protest against the Barnett Liberal government in WA. And as much as this may shock some people on this thread, I can understand why. I actually feel that Colin Barnett has lost the plot, and is making almost dictorial type desicions. Even I have to admit, that at the moment, I struggle to find a reason why I should vote Liberal in the next state election.

500N 6th Apr 2014 13:53

Of course Abbott would have preferred better but this was always going to go against the Gov't, all "by election" type elections tend to and even though this was a Senate, it is still a type of by election.

The Labor vote shocked me, didn't think it would be as bad but that might be the Greens taking the Labor vote.

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