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Captain Sand Dune 31st Mar 2014 00:52

Interesting article from Paul Sheehan. Must have read my post #11785! He makes an interesting connection of Howe’s departure from the AWU and the establishment of this royal commission. I thought this was a prelude to Howe’s tilt at political office, following the well trodden path of other ex union heavyweights. Maybe it’s that as well as some pre-emptive a** covering!
On another subject, I fully support the government’s decision to pull funding for legal challenges by illegal immigrants. I’m sure the legal fraternity will mourn the demise of this particular gravy train. I expect an outpouring of self-righteous drivel from the likes of SHY et al.

Mr Morrison said on Monday that services would still be available, but the government would no longer be paying for them.
"If there are others out there who wish to provide pro bono advice for these sorts of things, we'll facilitate that and we're happy to do that but the taxpayer won't be funding it anymore," he said.
I’m not holding my breath waiting for the likes of Julian Burnside to start doing pro bono work for illegal immigrants.

Ken Borough 31st Mar 2014 01:37


1. Just because someone disagrees with your POV doesn't necessarily mean that what they say or write is drivel. There is a lot of drivel emanating from both sides of politics. And a lot here!

2. Check your facts before denigrating Julian Burnside. I'm certain that he already done work for asylum seekers on a pro bono basis.

Worrals in the wilds 31st Mar 2014 01:47

He makes an interesting connection of Howe’s departure from the AWU and the establishment of this royal commission.
I dunno. Everyone's got a theory...:8 Mine is that he wasn't going to get a senate seat, so he packed up his bat and ball and humphed off.
If he's going to get pronged by the Royal Commission resigning won't help.

EDIT: Turns out I wasn't the only one with this theory.

Mr Howes' failure to secure pre-selection for the vacant Senate seat, which led to him falling out with his factional ally, former NSW Labor secretary and now Seantor Sam Dastyari, is said to be a key reason for his disaffection with the labour movement.
Nor has getting engaged to the Qantas PR Bitch-in-chief helped his labour movement career, IMO. :ugh::yuk: People get funny about that sort of thing.

500N 31st Mar 2014 02:03

"I'm certain that he already done work for asylum seekers on a pro bono basis."


He is also some high up person in some AS Organisation or migrant org.

Captain Sand Dune 31st Mar 2014 02:19

Check your facts before denigrating Julian Burnside. I'm certain that he already done work for asylum seekers on a pro bono basis.
Fair cop. I have a measure of respect for people who put their money where their mouth is. Still don't agree with him though.

PinkusDickus 31st Mar 2014 03:41

You want something funny? This is almost as funny as the reintroduction of knighthoods
I couldn't think of a better person to replace Mike Rann (AKA media mike). He did nothing for South Australia, he had some questionable associations, but then, should you expect any better from the ALP?

former barmaid Michelle Chantelois says she had sex with Mr Rann in Parliament House

bosnich71 31st Mar 2014 05:36

Hollande and the "Socialists" are getting a battering in local elections in France.So much so that they have now taken to attacking those who they see as "Far Right".
Ain't democracy wonderful ?

P.s. Burnsides' a Grub.

500N 31st Mar 2014 05:53

I think the Socialists are getting battered everywhere at the moment.

Saltie 31st Mar 2014 12:16

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Sadly , with every three year electoral cycle, we have a whole raft of 18 to 20 year old fresh out of 12 years of Socialist Indoctrination who have no recollection of what a total clusterf##k
Labor were AND who believe the one sided version of "history" that is taught them by the political aparatchiks posing as school teachers drum in to them. And so it will be two and a half years from now.

Ethel the Aardvark 31st Mar 2014 13:15

And there I was thinking that the reason for the media silence after the election was that after his dynamic win and finding the country in such shambles Abbott disappeared to France for a few weeks of skiing,
In comparison Gough Whitlam was hard at work the next day after his win at 7.30 am I believe.

Ovation 31st Mar 2014 13:22

The International Court finally decided that Japan's Minke "scientific"whaling kill was a sham.

If the Rudd/Gillard government had one positive achievement during their tenure it was this, and I applaud Peter Garrett for having the courage and determination to see it through.

And Ethel, if Gough had gone skiing for a few weeks he would have had less opportunity to squander the country's wealth - a trait of the ALP in power.

500N 31st Mar 2014 13:29

Doesn't mean Japan will adhere to it though.

Saltie 31st Mar 2014 16:03

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Ethyl, I was there - right up close and personal - in those (you'd probably call them "heady") days immediately after Whitlam's victory in 72. I saw the "Gang of Two" (Whitlam and Lance Barnard) at very close hand, almost on a daily basis, and I think a kind description of those days would be that they threw quite a few babies out with the bath water. Whitlam himself has said his only regret was that he had to include Barnard in the broad brush slash and burn the two of them conducted - his arrogance was such that he wanted to run the whole caboodle all by himself. Tell me, if a right wing or conservative Prime Minister admitted to that, what word would you and 99.9% of the MSM use to describe him? Would it start with a 'd' and sound like a slang term for a penis? Whitlam did enormous damage to Australia, and there are far too many who know it but can never bring themselves to admit it publicly because it would make them look like the utter fools they were on their unreserved adoration of the man. A bit like Global Warming ... Sorry, Climate Change.

bosnich71 31st Mar 2014 21:30

Ethel ....
Yup, Gough was a real success wasn't he ?
A true "Labour Icon" in fact.

SOPS 1st Apr 2014 19:59

This guy can go and live with Two Dads. And what the hell is wrong with there lefty huggy fluff Magistrates? And I note that the ABC seems to be ignoring this story.

Tougher character tests for asylum seekers as child sex fiend allowed to stay | News.com.au

Clare Prop 2nd Apr 2014 02:09

So if you are in a paedo ring, (and it's hard not to wonder in this case if this magistrate was protecting one of his mates) and want to get a few more victims just get a "refugee" to gather them up for you and the hand-wringers will ensure he will get away with it so he can do it over and over again. :ugh::ugh::ugh:

500N 2nd Apr 2014 02:29

"was only given a two-year community corrections order for indecent assault involving two boys"

The mind boggles.

Assault two under age boys and get a minor "community corrections order" ??? You have to wonder what this country is coming to, cultural differences or not.

If any of us did something like that, wham, bam, slam, lock.

This country has 3 standards, Aborignal, White, those with / from overseas.

500N 2nd Apr 2014 04:58

On the other hand ..................... remember this story ?

I'll tell you that Christ they have moved fast, Feb arrest, deported by April !!! :ok::ok::ok: Obviously the fluffy huggy lawyers didn't gt hold of the case and string it out in the appeals process !

Cleric who 'married' 12-year-old believed he had done nothing wrong

A Muslim cleric living in Australia on a religious visa believed he didn't do anything wrong by "marrying" a 12-year-old girl to a 26-year-old man because the union was never officially registered.

Muhammad Riaz Tasawar, 35, of Mayfield, appeared before Parramatta Local Court on March 19 where Magistrate Peter Miszalski accepted the plea to the offence of solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person.

He was fined $500 and was deported to Pakistan :ok: upon the cancellation of his Religious Leaders visa.

"He was arrested and charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with an underage child. The girl's father, 61, has also been charged. :ok:
Police allege he allowed his daughter to be "joined in an illegal union" in his Hunter Valley home on January 12 and to start a sexual relationship with the man.

The 26-year-old, who was was living in Australia on a student visa, has also been deported :ok:

hoofie 2nd Apr 2014 06:06

500N - From what I read of the that, the Cleric has been deported.

The man who "married" the 12 year old still hasn't been on trial, not her father who allowed it.

Leftie magistrates or not, I don't see him getting away with a fine and deportation for that one.

500N 2nd Apr 2014 06:13

I read it as both had been deported and the father charged but will defer to you if you have more knowledge.

Either way, it's good to see that we haven't stuffed around this time.

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