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500N 29th Mar 2014 19:38


I haven't met or red a huge amount about "NSW Governor Marie Bashir"
but what I have read or heard has been good.

The problem I see with given her a Damehood is that it will then be expected by everyone else in the job. That is why I think TA did a good job as making it on taking up the GG's position, not at the end.

Captain Sand Dune 29th Mar 2014 20:47

Marie Bashir would be well deserving of a Damehood. She should have been GG.

If he proposed Julia Gillard and Nicola Roxon to be Second and Third Dame, they'd find some reason to oppose it.
And being the two-faced opportunists they are, they'd accept!

7x7 29th Mar 2014 22:14

I don't think giving the gong (if that's maybe not quite the right term) to Marie Bashir would be creating a precedent of any kind, if only because, there shouldn't be another current public figure out there who for one moment should feel that he or she rates anywhere near her in the public's - or her peers' - estimation.

In her public life, she's been the embodiment of everything that damn near every other public figure in the country over the last few decades has lacked - charm, grace, integrity - you name it.

Give her the gong, Tony. It would add to the award's credibility and do you not one skerrick of political damage. Shorten would be forced to stand up in Parliament and make a speech in support of your decision. Do it, just to make that mongrel squirm as he woodenly reads his speech writer's words.

Captain Sand Dune 30th Mar 2014 04:53

This will have the huggy-fluff NIMBY lefties in a self-righteous lather.

HUMAN Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson has claimed race hate laws are bizarre and unequal.
In an interview with Fairfax, Mr Wilson said that racial discrimination laws are leading to certain racially loaded terms being used within communities without any implication, but are forbidden to be used by outsiders and punished if so. Mr Wilson sees this as uneven and muddying the waters of what’s considered racially offensive. Asked whether he was referring to the word “nigger”, Mr Wilson said: “I won’t say it, but that’s right.”
Mr Wilson believes that repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which makes it unlawful to insult people based on their race or ethnicity, would restore “equality” to discrimination laws. By allowing free speech he claims it will actually help cure bigotry.
“The provisions provide the basis for a good discussion about getting the balance right, and establish the correct test of equality before the law.”
But refining race laws is not as black and white as that.
Australia’s first indigenous female MP, Senator Nova Peris, spoke out in Parliament about how it felt to be called “nigger” by a fellow athlete:
“We have all seen the devastating effect racial abuse has on people. They are not the same. During my sporting career, I did not care if people attacked or criticised me for my performance on the field, but I did care when I was attacked and criticised for the colour of my skin and called a ‘nigger’ by my own Aussie team mate, and I took action against it. Racism hurts”, the former Olympian said.
Federal Attorney-General, George Brandis, who is spearheading the repeal of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, said this week Australians should have a right to be bigots.
“People do have a right to be bigots you know. In a free country people do have rights to say things that other people find offensive or insulting or bigoted.”
While Mr Wilson believes use of certain racial terms is a way to break down barriers, the subject remains a sensitive issue that others see as giving a green light to racist hate speech.
Poor Nova. I wonder if she has the same sentiments for white folk who are similarly insulted by aboriginals............but that doesn’t happen, does it?:rolleyes:
Brandis is correct. We do have the right to be bigots if we so choose. But what is not mentioned (maybe by design?) is that by accepting the right to be a bigot we must also accept responsibility for what we say or do. ‘Responsibility’ is a word that for many exists only in a dictionary.

500N 30th Mar 2014 05:15


Funny you posted that. I was in the supermarket this morning and noticed the Australian front page.

Act failing to stop black-on-black racism, says Wesley Aird

"A FORMER member of John Howard’s indigenous advisory council, Wesley Aird, says the current anti-racial vilification regime has done nothing to stop racism within the Aboriginal community."

Interestingly, following the "discussion" on this thread that we had about the use of the word "Abo" by me (and others), in my disucussions with others (some who are Aboriginal), it was pointed out that the following is part of the Dept of Human Services.

AbStudy :rolleyes:

Helps with costs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who are studying or undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship.

Re ""I wonder if she has the same sentiments for white folk who are similarly insulted by aboriginals............but that doesn’t happen, does it?"

Never ! You can't lift a finger against a TO but they can against you !

Clare Prop 30th Mar 2014 05:29

Bigtory is everywhere, you can't legislate it out. Most of us couldn't give a toss about what "race" other people are, (just as most of us couldn't give a toss about gay marriage but it is forever being shoved in our faces by the meeja) to my mind we are all in the human race but if someone wants to tell me how to live because they are brainwahsed by a religion be it Islam, Scientology, Jedi or whatever then whatever colour they are they can take their bigoted dogma and stick it where the sun don't shine.

It is the criminalisation of offending people that is the problem, letting the judiciary decide what is acceptable speech and the risks involved in giving them that much power that could easily be corrupted; and was, thank goodness the "bridge too far" for Roxon with her plans to censor the media.

laws won't stop bigotry. Education, open mindedness, banning religious indoctrination of school children in single faith schools and just basic good manners are the key.

It's sad when people are so dependant on the government to think for them that they even need to consider laws like this.

SOPS 30th Mar 2014 06:43

Every now and then Clare, we agree with each other 100%. :ok:

FullOppositeRudder 30th Mar 2014 08:49

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the ABC seems to have become even more blatant in its self assumed role as the full time publicity machine for the ALP?

Their radio news segments are the strongest examples of this. Whatever a federal opposition spokesman utters - no matter how minor - immediately relegates any other news item to a lesser priority. It's also read (by some presenters anyway) with an emphasis and passion which is never present with any other 'news' item.

How much further can they go on this without being called to account? :ugh:


500N 30th Mar 2014 09:22


You are correct, the enthusiasm is so thick it is not funny.

Also, any chance to get the Greens on !

Ken Borough 30th Mar 2014 09:25

Well, guys, if the ABC is so bad, don't listen! I can't stand what Jones and Hadley shout into the microphone so I don't listen. It's really simple!

500N 30th Mar 2014 09:32

The ABC is publicly funded, currently about $1 billion a year !!!

It not only needs to be unbiased, it needs to be seen to be unbiased.

It's not.

Therefore those who want can agitate for funding to be drastically cut and money spent elsewhere.

Ken Borough 30th Mar 2014 09:41


There's plenty of critics who maintain that the ABC is biased but when there are reports into its alleged bias, very little has been found. The claims, mainly subsequently refuted, by Richard Alston spring to mind. There was also a report just after the election, the details of which I can't specifically recall, found that the detailed claims were generally unsustainable. I wonder how many complainants are being influenced by the Murdochracy and other commercial interests who are pushing their own barrows at the expense of the ABC?

Takan Inchovit 30th Mar 2014 09:43

We're all paying for the flamin ABC, so it is our obligation to say it how it is.

500N 30th Mar 2014 09:53


When you have an ex BBC person investigate bias at the ABC and he only finds 4 instances, it's like putting the fox in charge of investigating the chicken deaths !!!

" I wonder how many complainants are being influenced by the Murdochracy and other commercial interests who are pushing their own barrows at the expense of the ABC?"

Plenty, even on here by people who vote the same way as Murdoch. And we acknowledge the fact that Murdoch and the others are biased - and always have been - Murdoch always says who to back in an election (well since I have been in Aus) but that is his money, he can do what he wants with it.

The ABC is publicly funded, my money, your money, therefore read my post above. Not only to be unbiased but seen to be unbiased.

If I want to listen to biased news, I'll listen to one of the commercial stations.

As for "Well, guys, if the ABC is so bad, don't listen!", well some of us cross read or listen to a variety of papers and programs, even if they are opposite to the views we hold.

And as for the ABC, well, the left like to try to hinder the right and orgs that support the right, we are perfectly entitled to try to nobble the ABC by getting it's funding cut so it has less resources to pursue any agenda it has. The more we are vocal and support TA and the Gov't and pollies, the more likely they might realise they still have support for doing it.

Perosonally, $1 billion is one huge amount that is likely to have one hell of a lot of fat in it, one hell of a lot of fat that needs trimming.

rh200 30th Mar 2014 09:54

Well, guys, if the ABC is so bad, don't listen! I can't stand what Jones and Hadley shout into the microphone so I don't listen. It's really simple!
Like f%43 its that easy. You expect the commercial networks to be biased, its the nature of the beast.

You expect organisations as whole to trend towards some bias, its natural. The ABC is the last line to give us unbiased news, hence it should not of gotten to the infestation it has now.

If it can't do an unbiased job all funding should stop and it can become commercial.

Fliegenmong 30th Mar 2014 10:03

And that is the real shame of the Nation isn't 500......

Regrettably, the MSM has become so far accommodating of the political right there is sadly no alternative point of view......I feel it is a real shame it has come to this, I really do......But if the ABC were as compliant as the rest of the MSM, well....welcome to North Korea mate! NO ALTERNATIVE POINT OF VIEW! And if that is what you think is a healthy arrangement for a country like Australia in the year 2014, perhaps you and clareprop are better off holding hands and rowing back to dear old mother england.....it's all worked out so well there!!

When you think about it, it really does work for Tony, Joe, Eric et all.,and by extension Alan Joyce, Leigh Clifford..., They know that their target audience are sucked in by such rubbish as 'Sunrise', 'My Kitchen Rules', 'So you think you can dance'... etc etc.....It is the MSM that reports the falsehoods peddaled by big business here......the LNP and QF Management ,milk it to the extreme......:hmm:

It is a shame that the only counter is publically funded....It is also a shame that it is not recognised the grilling I hear on the ABC of public figures both left and right is or adequately ackowledged elsewhere.....

Anyway, back to the gospel according to Pickering eh??? :hmm:

500N 30th Mar 2014 10:19


The left and or the vocal minority - Greens being one, special interest groups being the other - get more than their fare share of publicity and sway, whether they have the votes or not and often before they have any votes.

The "right" have taken heed of how to do it and now play the game like they do. The Shooters (and Fishers) party in NSW being one good example, two people in Parliament now able to cut deals.

The MSM isn't all right leaning.

I hear the grillings on the ABC (Radio only, don't watch ABC TV) and acknowledge what goes on. Still think they have a left leaning, pro Green bias.

"And if that is what you think is a healthy arrangement for a country like Australia in the year 2014"

The left had 6 years of the good times under Rudd, Gillard, trampling over the right, then they got kicked out. So now the left can cop it. And Abbott has it spot on with tearing down the left monuments, by doing so, making it harder and longer for them to get up again.

Lets use one example - boats, Asylum seekers. While the left jumped up and down about stopping the boats, men, women and children were drowning but no, they were so tied into the ideology, they couldn't see it
but very little criticism of it. But as soon as TA went to stop the boats, shock horror, all hell let loose in the media, especially the ABC yet the deaths stopped because the boats stopped.

I don't pay taxes for the ABC to be that biased and yes, that and the other recent instances do cloud my judgement but IMHO, they made the bed and over played their hand, now they can sleep in it and cop what is coming in the next few budgets.

"perhaps you and clareprop are better off holding hands and rowing back to dear old mother england.....it's all worked out so well there!!"

I've spent more of my life here than in the UK !

500N 30th Mar 2014 10:23

Fliegs / Ken

At least the ABC hasn't become as bad as the BBC, now know in certain circles and Bxxxxx both Children !!!

How can a Gov't funded org like that cover up (condone) that behavior for so long and still have most of the people employed :rolleyes:

Worrals in the wilds 30th Mar 2014 10:38

And we acknowledge the fact that Murdoch and the others are biased - and always have been - Murdoch always says who to back in an election (well since I have been in Aus) but that is his money, he can do what he wants with it.
I read Brisbane's Courier Mail daily (more or less) from the age of twelve until the last federal election. For most of that period (since 1987) it was owned by News Corporation. Its political stance fluctuated over time, as did mine. However, it was always balanced and its reporters had a wide range of political views.

I noticed the change in about 2012; suddenly the political commentary was limited, and a bunch of journos gradually 'retired'. By the last federal election it was unquestionably biassed, and every story had an Angle :(. It was no longer representative of both sides of the debate, even though the last federal election's primary vote was 53-46 %, demonstrating that even after the last federal government's many cockups and well-deserved electoral defeat, the community were still roughly 50-50. The Courier declines to acknowledge this, and still runs a heavy political campaign in favour of the Libs.

In a full free market media world this wouldn't be a problem. If I lived in London or even Sydney I could choose from a number of left or right aligned newspapers, all of which publish intelligent political articles. However, in Brisbane/Gold Coast, I have one choice; Murdoch's Courier Mail or its Gold Coast Bulletin offshoot (which is arguably more balanced). The Fairfax Brisbane Times 'paper' is purely online, so there is only one newspaper, and it is now unquestionably biassed.

So I stopped buying it. After 25 years as a loyal reader I am no longer interested in what it has to say, because I can see the agenda as plain as day and I'm not interested in paying money for propaganda. If I choose to do so I can visit the LNP's webpage and view their media releases for free. I now get my news from the internet and TV, but I miss reading the formerly balanced editiorials from both sides of politics. TV doesn't supply that.

It's easy to tout the free market media concept, but we don't have a free market media in Australia. Not when the vast majority of our newspapers are owned by one corporation. It's a bit like groceries, petrol and grog; two companies control their distribution and squash would-be competitors, which is hardly free market. Likewise the print media. If you remove the ABC then all you will be left with is Murdoch and Fairfax; commercial companies pushing their commercial interests under the guise of 'news'. :yuk: Sell it off and you'll get yet another commercial entity selling news as entertainment :bored: in between reality shows and ads for dodgy finance products. The ABC produces a number of great non-political shows from Rake to Playschool. D'ya reckon any commercial network would find room for Landline in between Australia's Most Feral and So You Think You can Pole Dance? I'd guess not.

I don't listen to a lot of radio, but from what I hear commercial radio is largely about being Controversial. Kyle and Jackie O seem to rule the waves by being obnoxious, trite and boring and the rest of the broadcasters follow along simpering in their wake.

This is where your arguments are valid wrt public funding; you still have a right to complain about the ABC's content and maybe the government will listen to you. If the government wrap it up or sell it off then that right is extinguished; you are left with no public news agency, just a bunch of corporate erks with their own personal agenda. Be careful what you wish for... there may come a time when Murdoch disagrees with you, and then... where are you? What can you say about it?

500N 30th Mar 2014 10:44

I watch a fair bit of the SBS now and have done for years, including the news.

I quite like it.

The most biased person is the sports presenter, Craig Foster who is so pro soccer it isn't funny !!!

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