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SOPS 24th Mar 2014 10:39

500, I am sending an email to them as well, with a CC to TA, with a request ( yet again) to reconsider funding of the ABC while this treasonous rubbish continues. It makes me furious.

500N 24th Mar 2014 10:40

Seems like Junior ABC reporters are cutting their lefty teeth in Indonesia.

Welcome to the ABC, OK, we are sending you to Indonesia, you have 4 weeks to dig up some dirt that we can use to criticize the Abbott Gov't :rolleyes:

500N 24th Mar 2014 10:45


I was going to include something in my email along the lines of "your funding should be cut back".

I think I'll take your lead and send a few emails to pollies every day or so so it becomes a continuous reminder to them. Hopefully my new email software will allow me to set it up to do them automatically.

I know a group exists called "The friends of the ABC", anyone know of a group that is actively working the other way, to lobby the Gov't to trim the budget so they have to cut back staff and therefore the possible influence of the ABC ?

The next 3 - 6 months is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Liberal Gov't to nobble the ABC, I hope they take it
by the horns and run with it, will be a real shame if they don't.

Pinky the pilot 24th Mar 2014 11:07

I noticed the promos for the 'exclusive new' info on the country shoppers to be shown on the 7.30 report.:ooh:

I watched Mythbusters instead!:O

Did any poster here actually watch the ALPBC 7.30 report? And your impressions?

Ken Borough 24th Mar 2014 12:42

The ABC has not committed any treasonous acts by reporting serious allegations of misconduct by ADF personnel. Just because Blogs is, for example, in the RAN, does not imply that he or she is always innocent of any or all allegations that are made. There's plenty of evidence about that the military has problems: Skype affair, children over-board, bullying. Need I go on? Is anyone suggesting that the media outlets that broadcast stories of these affairs are treasonous? In the case in point, the allegations have been dismissed without any of them being tested by formally interviewing those making the assertions. Once that has been done and we're then satisfied that the allegations are just that can anyone be genuinely critical of any media outlet that raises them? In a lot of instances, allegations, initially claimed to be baseless, have turned out to be quite the opposite. I think we could all cite an example of police misconduct, wherever we may live. The military is no different.

500N 24th Mar 2014 13:20

be genuinely critical of any media outlet that raises them?
And we can be just as critical of the media outlet that raises them and say whatever we like at whatever time, just like the ABC.

Maybe not this story but others, a collection that add up.

"In a lot of instances, allegations, initially claimed to be baseless, have turned out to be quite the opposite."

IF they were so certain these claims are true, then why didn't they take someone from the ADF along to interview them after going to all the trouble of tracking them down, IF they are the people involved ? Anyone can be told to quote the number of a ship !!!
The ABC are quoting unverified stories where the ABC AND those people HAVE A VESTED INTEREST in making Australia look bad !

And re claims, vice versa as well, Al Sweady in the UK, 22 million pounds of public money spent and the lawyers turn round and say their clients claims are baseless :rolleyes:

Just remember Ken, it is PUBLIC MONEY THE ABC USES, so therefore if WE, the providers of that PUBLIC MONEY do not think it is being spent in the best way, we have the right to say to the elected Gov't that we think the money should be spent elsewhere or better spent elsewhere. If the ABC loses funding because of it, so be it, maybe they need to learn to play politics a bit better,
since we are only using the tactics of the often vocal left !!!

Edit 2
Have a look back a few pages at the swearing, threatening Asylum Seekers in the boat.
With behavior like that, leaving them in the boat was the nice thing to do,
Shark food was the better alternative.

SOPS 24th Mar 2014 13:49

ABC broadcasts interview with a bunch of would be illegal immigrants, ie people who are happy to break the law and threaten to kill members of our armed forces, they make unsubstantiated claims, which are presented as fact.

They have a right to present such stories, I have a right to call it treason.

Ken, you have a right to disagree with me, and it will fight for you to maintain that right.

But I will never accept the constant left wing, huggy fluff bias, that pours out of the ABC.

500N 24th Mar 2014 14:07


Look at this Frogshyte the ABC published.

"Two Somali passengers interviewed by 7.30 each described losing a brother overboard during rough weather when closing on the Australian coast, just hours before they were intercepted and turned back to Indonesia."

"One of them has called on the Australian Government to provide information about his brother's whereabouts or release his body."

WTF ???

If a body had been found, it would have gone to the Coroner and released once COD known.

WTF do they think the Australian Gov't would know where it is if we don't have it ?

Someone needs to tell him that if it entered the water near Darwin, it either became Shark or Crocodile food !

I noticed afterwards that the Skipper of the boat said no one went overboard and Customs noted that the sea was "benign" at the time !!!

Asylum seekers describe boat turn-back at centre of burns allegations - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Fubaar 24th Mar 2014 21:18

Craig Thomson is due to be slapped across the back of his wrist with a wet lettuce today.

500N 24th Mar 2014 22:07

I see the AS issue has hit the papers.

No Gov't official is going to investigate it so it is likely to be dragged up again and again and even if they did investigate it, it is one persons word (with a vested interest to discredit Australia) against an Australian sailor.

One thing is for sure, they have signed the "no entry into Aus under any circumstances card" so not sure what they were expecting out of it.

500N 24th Mar 2014 23:18

Aaahhh, now this is refreshing !!!

A Gov't that doesn't let the media wag it and set the Agenda :ok:

We don't need to disprove the asylum seeker burn allegations: Scott Morrison

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the media need to “move on” from claims that asylum seekers had their hands deliberately burnt by naval officers and that the matter is closed.

It comes after the ABC's 7.30 aired further claims on Monday that force was used on a group of asylum seekers who reached the northern tip of Australia in January before being towed back.

The story backed up earlier allegations from a Sudanese asylum seeker who claimed to have witnessed abuse with claims from a second asylum seeker who alleged his hand was burnt intentionally by officers after they stopped him from using the toilet.

Mr Morrison told ABC Radio on Tuesday the allegations were “recycled”, offensive and baseless and the government would continue to strenuously deny them.

He also attacked the ABC for not correcting the record after Media Watch argued it had overreached in earlier reports by airing unverified claims from Indonesian police.

“I choose to believe the assessment that has been given to me by the navy,” he said.
“I know that others are doubting those assessments, they're free to do that, it's a free country.
“I believe the navy.”
Mr Morrison said it was not up to the government to disprove criticisms but that “it's for those who have the allegations to be actually able to prove them positive.”
He said there was nothing in Monday night's report that made the claims “any more credible” than what was first aired two months ago.
“Nothing's moved on, I suggest the ABC should,” he said.

CoodaShooda 24th Mar 2014 23:43

There's plenty of evidence about that the military has problems: Skype affair, children over-board, bullying. Need I go on?
Yes you do, Ken, if you wish to prove your argument.

The Skype affair was not covered up by the military. It was certainly overblown by Smith for base political purposes but the Commandant's handling of the case was exonerated by subsequent reviews.

Children over-board was, again, misrepresentation of the navy by politicians, in this case Reith and Howard.

Bullying was never a secret. It was once an acknowledged rite of passage that is no longer acceptable in polite society. The military seems quite open about the way it is now dealing with changing cultures.

The problem with the ABC is that it has presented unsupported allegations as "facts" in order to embarrass the government and is now continuing to try to justify its position. Other media outlets reported the hand burning allegations at the time but dealt with them as being unsubstantiated....as they are.

I dined recently with a retired naval officer who trained and led boarding parties in the Gulf and against people smugglers in the days of the Howard Government. His view was strongly expressed that the culture and processes of the boarding parties would not allow an act as alleged to occur and that, if someone had gone rogue, it would not be able to be covered up.

I have been a long time fan of Chris Uhlman but his attempt this morning to link the alleged burning of AS's hands by naval personnel to the Catholic Church's cover up of paedophilia has lost him a number of points on my "Respect For" scale.

I suggest that the longer the ABC persists in trying to justify its unjustifiable position, the more "swinging fans" it is likely to lose.

500N 24th Mar 2014 23:52

"Bullying was never a secret. It was once an acknowledged rite of passage that is no longer acceptable in polite society."

Bastardisation was what we called it !!!

But as you said, a right of passage, a few whelts on the back or backside
from running the gauntlet !

"Children over-board was, again, misrepresentation of the navy by politicians, in this case Reith and Howard."

And wasn't it the V CDF, Angus Houston who flat out refused to confirm what the pollies were saying and stood his ground ?

500N 25th Mar 2014 00:29

"Craig Thomson sentenced to 12 months' jail, nine months suspended

Ken Borough 25th Mar 2014 05:45

The Bunyip Aristocracy?
How backward is Abbott's latest brain-fade? :ugh::ugh:

'Pre-eminent' Australians could be made Knight or Dame under a new award, PM Tony Abbott says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). :yuk::yuk:


Viva la republic, and bring it on RFQ!

500N 25th Mar 2014 05:48

I was just reading that in the paper !!!

Trust you to post it with text to suit :O

I'm glad he has listed who it is aimed for and specifically said NOT politicians :ok:

Ken Borough 25th Mar 2014 05:49


More than just a pretty face! :ok:

rh200 25th Mar 2014 05:58

God save the queen, and stuff the republic:E Oh wait I'm an atheist, oh well its the thought that counts, I'm sure Liz will understand.:p

500N 25th Mar 2014 06:03


That makes two of us :ok:
(Atheist and monarchists)

What have Labor ever done ?
Got rid of something and not replaced it with much !

I suppose Rudd will be phoning Tony to ask if he can have a Knighthood :O

bosnich71 25th Mar 2014 06:26

I noticed on the link to the ABC article that the usual ABC Lefties are complaining once again .... out dated Imperial honours etc. etc.
Funny no one complained when the Imperial honours were replaced by Australian awards but kept what is probably the most prestigious award of all,the Victoria Cross.Same medal,same ribbon colours,same words,same gun metal to make it .... maybe a touch of hypocrisy there,Ken ?

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