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MTOW 22nd Mar 2014 19:23

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Surely to God this 'extended sick leave' scam will kick the search for the missing airliner off item one on the news? Sadly, that's unlikely.

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Mar 2014 05:17

Perhaps both...
Or multiple visits from the Faceless Men of both the ALP and the Libs. :E

500N 23rd Mar 2014 05:29

Looks like Labor is getting South Australia.

I think in the next few years some changes will be made to the electoral process in that state.

MTOW 23rd Mar 2014 05:51

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
53% of the popular vote to the Coalition. One of the independents duck shoves the issue completely and pulls a sickie - but will doubtlessly continue to draw his parliamentary salary and all the perks... And the other independent decides to put Labor into government. Situation normal in Australian politics. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Captain Sand Dune 23rd Mar 2014 06:36

I refer to my post #11630. Here’s a little background on Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan (my bolding):

Who is Bernadette Callaghan?
• Brother is Magistrate Chris Callaghan
Former state secretary of the Federated Clerks’ Union
Former joint national president of the Australian Services Union
Bid for a Labor Senate seat in the mid-1990s
• At the centre of a party factional fight over misogyny
• Appointment to the Queensland Theatre Company board in 2001
• Appointed as Magistrate by Attorney-General Rod Welford in 2002
THE former Labor attorney-general who appointed Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan has been shocked by her decision to free a coward-punch attacker. Rod Welford said he appointed Ms Callaghan in 2002 because he believed that she was a “cut-to-the-chase sort of person”.
“I appointed her because I thought she was competent at her job,” he said. “She was a pretty solid and dedicated person, hard-working and a no-nonsense sort of person. The sort of person you want as a magistrate, because magistrates, unlike the judges in the higher courts, sort of have to get through a lot of work and make a lot of quick decisions summarily.”
Mr Welford, who said he knew little about Ms Callaghan’s involvement with the union movement and the Labor Party’s Socialist Left at the time, conceded he was surprised by her decision to let Virgil Macquarie Power walk free, but emphasized there may have been unknown factors taken into account.
Any surprises?

Pinky the pilot 23rd Mar 2014 06:49

Any surprises?
None, sadly.:(

bosnich71 23rd Mar 2014 08:39

Ref. the state election,(debacle) in Sth. Oz...... in a news report on channel 9 this evening a "female" appeared who bragged that,presumably after a huge win by Labour,the South Australian Tourist Board could now promote itself as "Liberal Free'.
Well,Darling, that's 50% of the population that ain't going to visiting your neck of the woods in the near future,not that a moron like her would realise that.

500N 23rd Mar 2014 08:59

Now that is funny and just shows how delusional they are.

SOPS 23rd Mar 2014 09:12

A huge win???....a what?.. It's a hung parliament for heavens sake. These lefties are on drugs, they have to be.

bosnich71 23rd Mar 2014 09:24

SOPS ... my use of the phrase,"huge win" was me being ironic. But yes, at times, they do seem to be on some sort of mind bending pharmaceutical product don't they?

500N 23rd Mar 2014 09:45

Considering the state of the SA economy, I would say that they are not in a position to alienate half of the population and should be trying to get everyone to visit !

I also very much doubt the SA Tourist board would be pleased with her comment "the South Australian Tourist Board could now promote itself as "Liberal Free'."

FullOppositeRudder 23rd Mar 2014 09:53

Following a most recent electoral re-distribution in South Aust, I now reside in the electorate where the "independent" who has turned Labor has also accepted a ministerial post in the incoming Labor government at the same time. :suspect: (The bigger the bait, the bigger the catch).

The interesting part is that Weatherill now finds himself (possibly unexpectedly) back in power, and will almost certainly have to address the ongoing consequences of his mob's lunatic reckless spending over the past 12 years.

We are expecting horror budgets, and it will all be our fault. :uhoh:

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Mar 2014 11:23

We are expecting horror budgets, and it will all be our fault. :uhoh:
No matter which side wins you'll be getting that spin. It's the only issue both major parties seem to agree on. :ugh:

Andu 23rd Mar 2014 21:21

An upcoming horror budget from a fourth term State Labor government?

Standby to be told (and for 50% of the population to swallow it): "It's all AbbottAbbottAbbott's fault".

How long, I wonder, can our politicians continue the way that do before the Australian populace quite literally rises up like those in most other parts of the world would do in similar circumstances and says "no more, we're not copping this"?

The fact that we don't might be mute testament as to how unimportant we think politics - and our politicians - are.

500N 23rd Mar 2014 21:30

Anyone notice the article that Paul Howes is resigning from the AWU and moving to a job in the corporate sector, prior to a planned move in the future into Politics !!!

Another Hawke, Shorten et al !

bosnich71 24th Mar 2014 02:24

500N ....." prior to a planned move in the future into politics".
Problem is ,that like a majority of union heavyweights, he's been in 'politics' since joining the union.

bosnich71 24th Mar 2014 02:51

ANDU .... "it's all Abbotts fault"

When Labour lost the last state election here in Victoria our local member lost no time in accusing the incoming Liberal government of being the cause of the huge traffic problems which the town that I live in experiences each rush hour ... if not all day.It's all the Liberals fault etc.Within weeks of losing power he was photographed standing at the roadside,complete with placards etc. calling for the new government to "Do SOMETHING". Build new roads,traffic lights at every junction,major road works to get more traffic onto the freeway where it could join all the other traffic parked up waiting to eventually drive to the city about midday !
The fact that he had been ROADS MINISTER for the previous 8 years did not seem to bother the moronic "journalists" who interviewed this plonker and who merely wrote down what he had said. Neither did the "journalists" ask the ex roads minister about the time when the local council objected to a new housing development that would add 5,000 houses and their occupants to the daily chaos on local roads. Our 'representative' had not even blinked when his government colleague, the Planning Minister,an ex Footie player F.F.S ! stated that the development would go ahead regardless of what the council thought ....as it it did.
The ex roads minister and his fellow Labour Party colleagues are now promising to get rid of 50... repeat 50.... of the rail crossings that blight the life of Victorians. Never mind that no costings are being given,never mind why they never removed one crossing during their previous 11 years in government etc. etc. etc.
I suppose,to be fair,that the journalists can't really be blamed for being non existent in the interviewing mode as we now the town council hanging on every word of our representative and nodding their collective heads at all of his verbal B*******s.

SOPS 24th Mar 2014 10:06

I see the ALPBC is at it again, publishing unsubstantiated stories from country shoppers about alleged abuse from Navy personnel. They just can't help themselves, can they?

Asylum seekers describe boat turn-back at centre of burns allegations - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 24th Mar 2014 10:23


I heard that on the radio, ABC PM, this evening when driving.

Made me livid, so much so I am going to send an email to
the ABC.

WTF can't they just let go of it.

Takan Inchovit 24th Mar 2014 10:32

Seems like Junior ABC reporters are cutting their lefty teeth in Indonesia.

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