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500N 16th Mar 2014 09:59

“Democracy doesn't end at the ballot box,” the invitation says. “It is the right, if not duty, of all Australians to hold our elected representatives to account; to remind them that they are, above all else, public servants.”
No it doesn't end at the ballot box but the whole country voted in a democratic election and this Gov't was installed with the policies well known.

Can't be more democratic than that !

Andu 16th Mar 2014 10:12

Saw one of the organisers of the March for March (?) demos interviewed by Chris Kenny on Sky tonight.

All I can say after listening to him - and, (along with Kenny, judging by his comments immediately after the interview), not in any way understanding what he was trying to say - is:

...oh... my... God.

He's up there alongside 'red bandana man' Peter Fitzsimons in thinking he's being terribly, terribly clever in what he says when he's on camera - so incredibly clever that ordinary idiots like me (and Chris Kenny?) just aren't smart enough to understand.

Clare Prop 16th Mar 2014 10:16

Hmm. I got an "invite" to this and it initially said "we demand the immedate removal of Tony Abbott and his government"
(no alternative was proposed)
This stance seemed to have been toned down a bit later on but the intent was still the same.
Fool the Gen Y (or are we up to Z now?) sheeple into thinking that democracy means "getting what I want NOW stuff the constitution and everyone else" Perhaps they should go and live in Ukraine.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Mar 2014 10:26

A man collapsed in Brisbane following a march through the city
After being hit by a police car, according to local sources who were present :hmm::suspect:.

7x7 16th Mar 2014 11:02

Historical SA election results for the past 30 years:

1985 - ALP 53.2% 2pp =ALP govt

1989 - LIB 51.9% 2pp = ALP govt

1993 - Lib 61% 2pp = Lib govt

1997 - Lib 51.5% 2pp = Lib govt

2002 - Lib 50.9% 2pp = ALP govt

2006 - ALP 56.8% 2pp =ALP govt

2010 - Lib 51.6% 2pp = ALP govt

2014 - Lib 52.3% 2pp = ??????

SOPS 16th Mar 2014 12:11

So what were the tree hugging lefties actually protesting about? Not getting their own way? No one listening to them, although they are obviously correct?

Sounds like a standard Greenie thing.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 16th Mar 2014 12:28

After being hit by a police car
That's terrible news. Hope there wasn't much damage.

SOPS 16th Mar 2014 13:56

Why don't we organise our own march. No boats coming..well done Tony. Country Shoppers already here...ship them out. Carbon Tax can't be repealed..lock up Two Dads and mates. To hell with it, jail the entire opposition and while we are at it, the UN as well.

We could express our vision of democracy, that should get the tree huggers worked up.:E:E

MTOW 16th Mar 2014 20:11

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
The f###wit interviewed by Chris Kenny did more damage to his cause in five minutes on screen than all his placard-carrying idiot followers took all day to do on the streets. But he probably does't think so. I had no idea what he was trying to say, and nor did Kenny. Sad that so few see Kenny's show in Sky. Paul Murray (straight after Kenny) deserves a wider audience than he gets as well. His opinions are usually a breath if fresh air, even if I don!t always agree with them.

bosnich71 17th Mar 2014 05:11

Six new boat arrivals at Christmas Island.

Don't worry though they were a shipment of "lifeboats" being delivered to the Island to provide transport back to Indonesia for Any "asylum seekers".

500N 17th Mar 2014 05:33


I'd love it if Morrison sent out a press release saying 6 new boats had arrived on Christmas Island !!! The media scramble would be funny to watch and then when they got there and found 6 new life boats all lined up ready to go, hold a press conference :O

Captain Sand Dune 17th Mar 2014 06:24

Good article from news.com.au:

THE latest March in March rally is today in Canberra and not surprisingly some of the biggest names in federal politics are ignoring it.
Busy man that he is, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was not scheduled to address the rally in front of Parliament House and nor were any of his senior lieutenants.
Certainly Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his ministers have other things they want to do.
Deputy Greens Leader Adam Bandt was to address the protesters, a token presence of elected politics from the party now deemed most likely to lose an election.
Yes, but the vital part of a protest is having some words to say.
You need to pick one of the names on the ballot paper.
It would be unfair to claim these rallies are pointless. But while the Sunday March in March gatherings in capital cities were said to have attracted more than 80,000 people, they were mass demonstrations looking for a purpose.
There were bits of anger over asylum seeker policy, over economic management, over workplace laws. In Sydney Billy Bragg turned up to sing about Gina Rinehart.
Meanwhile, Tony Abbott was relatively comfortable with other endorsements, such as the Liberals’ 55 per cent two-party preferred vote in South Australia and the Liberal victory in Tasmania.
The only point of march cohesion appeared to be a concerted belief Mr Abbott should not be Prime Minister, which makes the rallies about seven months too late. They should have been out on the streets last September.
Or they should have postponed their action until next September.
It is difficult to argue that this Government should be attacked for what it has done over the past six months, because most of its energy has been aimed at undoing things put in place by former Labor governments.
It won’t be doing much in its own name until the May Budget and the arrival of the new Senate in July. That’s when it might be appropriate for some to march.
Pretty well nails it.
There was a bunch of images with the article that I couldn't include. However imagine a bunch drop kick rent-a-crowd types and you'd be pretty close.:hmm:

SOPS 17th Mar 2014 07:16

Saw some pictures of a mob in WA. Looked like the usual tree huggers and go to a protest on any day of the week mob. I can't understand what they thought they were trying to achieve.

500N 17th Mar 2014 07:24


That is a very good article.

re the protests about the AS policy of this Gov't, I would have loved someone to ask the crowd if they would prefer to go back to Labors policy and the 900 - 1100 drownings and see what the response was :rolleyes:

SOPS 17th Mar 2014 07:42

Asylum seekers give details on Operation Sovereign Borders lifeboat turn-back - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Here we go, the ALPBC is at it again. And note the guy is complaining that the lifeboats are not sea worthy, what was the boat like he was trying to country shop in? And he threatened to kill a customs officer. Yep, these are people we want in Australia. Unless they live a Two Dads place, I suppose.

500N 17th Mar 2014 07:46

Love it, right up the ABC's alley !

I like this bit ""They told me, 'That's not our problem, that's yours. If you die in the Indonesian water, [it] makes Indonesian government in trouble and responsible. That's not our problem'.""

I very much doubt an Aussie would say that as Indo would NOT get in trouble and they are only responsible for fishing the bodies out !

bosnich71 17th Mar 2014 08:37

Captain Sand Dune ... ref article ..... "and Billy Bragg turned up to sing about Gina Rinehart".
Par for the course for that Bragg T****r. A "socialist" who raves on about the benefits of out of control immigration into Britain,vibrant cities etc. etc. ad nausea but lives in a very large house on the top of the cliffs near the village of Burton Bradstock in Dorset. As my cousin,who lives in Burton, says there isn't a lot of ethnic diversity in Dorset and that's how people like it.

Captain Sand Dune 17th Mar 2014 09:12

Time for another of my rants on the complete ineptitude of the Australian judiciary. Honestly, do they really have any concept of reality?

A SEXUAL sadist with a history of horrific assaults on women dating back to when he was 15 has been released from jail by a Supreme Court judge in Perth.
The inmate, referred to as “TJD’’ for legal reasons, has been released despite being classed as one of WA’s worst sex offenders.
In a decision handed down last week, Commissioner Kevin Sleight revoked an indefinite detention order handed to “TJD’’ in 2011, which came after attacks on 13 women, including seven times when he used a weapon or replica weapon to threaten his victim into submission.
“Great care needs to be taken to ensure that another woman is not the subject of such an attack, which is likely to have long-term and severe psychological consequences,’’ Mr Sleight said. However, Mr Sleight said he was satisfied “TJD’’ could be released under a strict 10-year supervision order, which will include wearing a GPS tracking device. He will have to abide to a night-time curfew, and is banned from unsupervised access to children.
“Although Mr TJD is a serious sex offender, the level of supervision, monitoring and treatment is such that the risk factors identified earlier ... are substantially controlled and minimized,’’ Mr Sleight said.
The man’s criminal history began in 1991 when he attacked three women in two days — culminating in a rape of a 17-year-old girl he threatened at gunpoint in a toilet block. After three more attacks that year, ``TJD’’ was sentenced in Perth Children’s Court to three years detention. Six weeks after being released, he committed indecent assaults, which led to more prison time.
In 2000, he raped a teenager a knifepoint after abducting her as she walked home from a train station.
And in 2003, he assaulted an 18-year-old woman in a Perth cemetery as she visited her grandmother’s grave.
Having been jailed indefinitely in 2011, “TJD’’ was released on a supervision order in 2012 — which he breached almost immediately.
He failed to take his anti-libidinal medication, failed to complete his psychological counselling and used cannabis, and was again jailed.
So let’s re-cap:
Started offending 23 years ago as a minor.
Continues to re-offend.
Jailed indefinitely (apparently) only to be released a year late and re-offends.
In spite of his clear record of recidivism, Commissioner Sleight releases TJD on a supervision order.
My predication is TJD will re-offend, and soon. Any harm to the poor woman this animal attacks next will be on Commissioner Sleight’s head.

SOPS 17th Mar 2014 09:28

These people can only live in Two Dads lefty huggy fluff la la land. It's the only explanation.

500N 17th Mar 2014 10:28


The number of these that occur is unbelievable.

After the ABC Lady, Jill, got murdered and the other one at the same time,
it makes you wonder WTF the judges and parole boards are thinking.

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