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Worrals in the wilds 4th Mar 2014 23:31

And John West does heaps for salmon. :}

Mr Abbott said the area which was protected under Tasmania's forest peace deal was not pristine forest and was too degraded to be considered a sanctuary.
Fair enough, if that's true it may as well be logged. However, labelling loggers as conservationists is IMO ridiculous. The 3000+ poll respondents (admittedly it's the SMH) disagree with his opinion that we have too many national parks by 89% to 8.

500N 4th Mar 2014 23:37


The figures aren't surprising with who is likely to read the SMH :O
$100,000 a year Greenies ;)

The problem with NATIONAL parks is that they declare one, put a gate across it, lock it up for some of the time and don't do much else because it costs so damn much to look after it. So many NP's are weed and feral animal infested it is not funny. Just ask farmers who border NP's, if they aren't getting eaten out by roos and deer the stock is getting killed by wild dogs.

And then of course they ban camping etc in some of them so effectively lock people out of areas they have been going to for years.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Mar 2014 01:47

I agree. Queensland's national parks are particularly badly managed; this has been the case under both the previous Labor and current Liberal governments.

However, that doesn't make the concept a bad idea, and calling loggers conservationists is just plain silly; another suck up to industry. There is a place for logging and a logging industry, but they're not conservationists any more than the mining companies are.

Takan Inchovit 5th Mar 2014 08:15

and calling loggers conservationists
Ironic, as I have oft referred to conservationists as loggers. :8

MTOW 5th Mar 2014 10:23

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I suppose the only thing we can be sure of regarding Krudd's solo diplomatic mission to Russia is that the ALPBC will report on it in excruciating detail - and, of course, in glowing terms of approval. He appears to be trying to "do a Bob Menzies". (Menzies more or less appointed himself as the man who would solve the Suez crisis in1956, much to the horror of all the main players. )

Captain Sand Dune 5th Mar 2014 19:54

You'd think so, but I'm yet to see it. I think even Pravda....oops...the ABC do not approve of the Great Leader as he trashed the Labour brand.

CoodaShooda 5th Mar 2014 22:34

We have a by-election for our seat in the Legislative Assembly on the go at present. Our local member resigned following his dumping as Chief Minister.

The seat's always been held by the Country Libs on a minimum 62/38 2PP.

But there's less than 5000 voters, so the ratios can change very quickly.

The CL's popularity in government can be measured in the last by-election, which saw a safe labor seat swing another 12.7% to labor.

Even though the bookies are favouring the CL's and a labor win will not deliver them a majority in the Assembly, they seem to be going all out on this one.

Bruce Hawker and his mates have been flown in and push polling is on the go.

My wife had a phone call last night with a recorded message from a purported fire fighter currently fighting lung cancer he claims is due to smoke inhalation while in the job. His claim for workers compensation has been rejected by the CL's etc, etc.

This is real, current issue for firies up here. One of their number recently died following a long battle with lung cancer, while still in dispute with the government over compensation.

So the call resonates with the listener.

It doesn't promote any party but finishes by calling for the listener to put the CL's last on the ballot paper.

Given the level of effort labor is putting into a small, backwater by election, I have to wonder whether they aren't using us to develop their next general election marketing strategy.

Further developments are awaited with interest.

500N 5th Mar 2014 22:37


"I have to wonder whether they aren't using us to develop their next general election marketing strategy."

I was thinking that as I read it.

But also working on the long term play book, sowing the seeds etc.

CoodaShooda 5th Mar 2014 22:46

The high transient population tends to make long term seed sowing a somewhat futile exercise. But they are welcome to try.

The key to the local seats is getting to meet everyone in the electorate and hoping your colleagues occupying the Treasury seats haven't pissed them off too much.

The opposition once accused our first local member of 'pork barrelling' his electorate. He thanked them for the endorsement and used it in his next campaign. :E

7x7 6th Mar 2014 02:19

Way back when, if you were away on a long flight pattern and you were lucky enough to be getting along well with the cabin crew, they (the cabin crew) would sometimes set the captain a task - to fit some really unlikely phrase into one of his PAs.

The results could sometimes be amusing.


I can't help but feel that Bill Shorten was set such a task by some pretty young staffer (in circumstances it might be best left unexplored).

Cheese eating surrender monkeys? In what passes for parliamentary debate today?


MTOW 6th Mar 2014 03:12

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
That explanation makes more sense than any other that comes immediately to mind. The man's a total tosspot who I really can't see leading Labor in the next election. The alternative, she of the List of Emily, is almost as bad.

500N 6th Mar 2014 13:13

This could be interesting !
Garrett to front insulation inquiry

Former minister Peter Garrett set to appear at royal commission into Labor's home insulation scheme.

Fubaar 6th Mar 2014 21:03

If Larry Pickering's latest editorial is true, Campbell Newman's putting himself in murky, even unsavoury waters with his supposed favoured candidate for Governor of Queensland.

500N 6th Mar 2014 21:05

Who is it ?


Worrals in the wilds 6th Mar 2014 21:40

Chief Justice Paul De Jersey has just been announced as the next governor. Pickering makes several allegations against him and Rob Borbidge on his webpage.

If it is true, then I've never heard it. Borbidge was rumoured to be gay (and I have no idea if that's true either) but again, I've never heard allegations about underage partners. Queensland only legalised homosexual acts between adults in 1990, so many gay men (and I'm not saying these were two of them) had to conceal their sexuality.

What I do know is that during the 1990s 'boy' was a common word in Brisbane's gay community for a gay male who was young, but over eighteen. IIRC the openly gay Justice Kirby faced similar claims and they turned out to be baseless because he was associtating with young adults, not people under 18. That may be seen as a bit dodgy, but it's not illegal.

CoodaShooda 6th Mar 2014 22:39

I wonder if Pickering can afford a good lawyer. :hmm:

bosnich71 6th Mar 2014 22:54

Pickering has been making statements about various people for some time now and no one has taken him to court .... well recently anyway.

CoodaShooda 6th Mar 2014 22:58

Judges can tend to be a bit precious about their reputations and, if the aggrieved party, may well find the sympathy of their brother/sister judges. :E

Worrals in the wilds 7th Mar 2014 00:10

They also have bottomless piles of cash. :E
He's worded it fairly carefully; he could probably fall back on the 'boy' definition not relating to minors. IIRC the precedent has been that it's no longer defamatory to say someone is gay, but I'd have to look it up to be sure.

Edit: did some sniffing around and apparently there had been gay rumours about PDJ too (no idea if they're true). Again, nothing about minors though.

500N 7th Mar 2014 03:22

Another left over cluster f from the Labor years
and more egg on face for DMO

Navy's Air Warfare Destroyer project blows out by $300m

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