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500N 24th Feb 2014 05:16




Very good.

Pinky the pilot 24th Feb 2014 05:35

I dunno Worrals. I had this mental picture of Shorten standing rigidly to attention whilst having a strip torn off him by Cosgrove, as only a senior Officer can do!:ok:

I can visualise Tony Abbott and his Ministers in the same position as well.:D

SOPS 24th Feb 2014 05:51

What is everyone's thoughts on our friend Mr Thompson? Do we think he will serve jail time? And what about misleading parliament? Your thoughts please.

Captain Sand Dune 24th Feb 2014 06:23

What is everyone's thoughts on our friend Mr Thompson?
Guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo!

Do we think he will serve jail time?
A politician serve gaol time?:hmm: Well deserved, but I ainít holding my breath. Although Iím wondering who will finance his inevitable appeal. Somehow I donít think the HSU will be amenable. And the ALP have dumped him, so I think heís sh*t outta luck there. Wonder if heís got any other credit cards he can use.:E

And what about misleading parliament?
Donít they all?:rolleyes:

Fliegenmong 24th Feb 2014 08:04

Mate, I trust your young fella has fully recovered and that the police got the fecker that did it.

Thanks CSD! Thankfully he wasn't one who was hit, one of his mates was, forced to hand over their possessions by way of threat of violence, now he's without a phone it's hurting him! Lessons Hopefully learnt....thanks again

Worrals is right, a lot of sensationalist reporting, but then again it is not wholly undeserved either! But Byron Bay has gone the same way...

Fliegenmong 24th Feb 2014 08:07

Wonder if heís got any other credit cards he can use. :D:D

Donít they all?

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 08:08

I've been talking to an ex work colleague now working for quaintarse who's more or less resigned to being thrown on the scrap heap. This will be his second dumping as it happened to him at Ansett. He remarked that the two union blokes who turned up at Ansett to "save " their jobs were messrs. Bill Shorten and Greg Combet. Both as useless as the proverbial tits on a bull as he said.
Never mind I replied they are both doing o.k. for themselves. Bill is now the leader of the Labour Party and could be our next P.M. and as for Greg,well he's retired on a nice pension and is now charging $400 an hour to give advice on how to save the jobs etc. of Holdens employees. It was about then that mate turned somewhat puce and was actually lost for words ... for the first time in the 30 years that I've known him.
" I suppose that's another vote lost by Labour then", was my parting comment.

Fliegenmong 24th Feb 2014 08:35

bosy, no doubt said mate would have formed a voting habit after 'that year' already :ok:

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2014 08:49

He remarked that the two union blokes who turned up at Ansett to "save " their jobs were messrs. Bill Shorten and Greg Combet. Both as useless as the proverbial tits on a bull as he said.
AWU is an acronym for two different titles. One of them is the Australian Workers' Union, the other is arguably more accurate :oh:. However, in fairness...if a company really, really, really wants to get rid of people, there's a limit to what the unions can do. Political heresy for both sides (both the ALP and the Libs [email protected] on mightly about the Invincible Unions, for equal and opposite political purposes) but it's a limited truth at best. Qantas is a sodding basket case, but I've already wasted enough PPRuNe bandwidth about my views on that.

What is everyone's thoughts on our friend Mr Thompson[sic]? Do we think he will serve jail time?
Yep. Not a bad thing, either; it will serve as an example to other grotty little pigs who see their union's funds as a personal piggy bank :mad:. He has brought the union movement into more disrepute than it was in already, which is quite an un-achievement. Like abusive priests, the honest majority have been publically tarred with the same brush. Also like priests, IMO the union movment has to learn that harbouring theives (even just by inaction) harms the movement more irreparably than even the Australian Business Council could dream of :ooh:. There's a place for loyalty, but defending criminals (or pervs) isn't the place.

Fliegs, I agree re Byron and that's based on personal experience. It's gotten very unpleasant. I dive down there fairly regularly, and these days I dive and drive away as quickly as possible. :sad:

I dunno Worrals. I had this mental picture of Shorten standing rigidly to attention whilst having a strip torn off him by Cosgrove, as only a senior Officer can do!:ok:
Reckon he'll make them do morning PT? :E:}

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 08:51

SOPS .... never mind about Thompson, that's just Tarts and Ice Cream, for the real Mc.Coy let's all talk about Michael Williamson and his involvement in HSU affairs.

Fliegs ... I think he weakened on a couple of occasions and reverted back to the "Socialist" party but as I said to him, if you can't vote for the Shortens,Abbotts and Combets of the world then vote for an Independent because if a majority did so then we could kiss the other T***s goodbye .... unless they listened of course ... sarcasm intended.

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 08:58

Worrals ....."if a company really, really wants" etc. Couldn't agree more, and "Qantas is a basket case", also agree.
Problem is that the arrival of Joyce didn't solve any of the inherent problems as usually happens when accountants on big salaries and even bigger pay outs arrive.

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2014 09:07

Joyce just added another problem, namely Joyce. IMO appointing him as boss was like taking a patient with acute heart disease and breaking both his legs. :uhoh:

However, I believe that he's just Clifford's tool, that Clifford is someone else's tool and Howes' girlfriend (or fiancee these days, apparently, it's all very cosy :yuk:) is a subsidiary tool of Joyce's. Maybe they should get a Snap On sponsorship. :} They have dragged the reputation of what was once the nation's airline to the level where you need cooling fans and water pumps. :mad:

The whole thing is murkier and smellier than the Brisbane River before they closed down the tannery :hmm:, and for the most part both federal governments have been happy to nod along. Xenaphon has done his best to ask the hard questions, but at the end of the day he's just one Senator and they're now a private company.

I suppose in the decades to come we'll find out the truth about Qantas, and why they persist in running the company so badly. :suspect: Many other former government departments have thrived (or survived) as private entities; even Telstra is less of an IR basket case than Qantas :uhoh: and it turns a very healthy profit. Anyone heard of Sensis or the ABC Shops? Any newsworthy IR issues at the nation's airports? No, because by and large their new managements moved them from government departments to sucessful private corporations without repeatedly humiliating/denigrating big chunks of their workforce and airing all their shit stained laundry in public. :ugh:Nor are any of them making a loss, though Qantas-nomics is probably worthy of its own university subject, particularly wrt Jetstar P&L.

Imagine that Telstra decided to 'ground' the nation's telephone/internet network. Imagine that a private company decided to inconvenience millions of Australians and their businesses for IR purposes. That's what Qantas did, albeit on a smaller scale. Of course us rank and file bogans will never know what went on behind the scenes, but the impression many people got was that the Labor government capitulated to them and the current Coalition government continues to do so. No doubt the Chairman's Club memberships some MPs avail themselves of have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The current Qantas PR spin likes to gloss over the grounding incident as if it never happened but it did, and people remember. :mad:

Fliegenmong 24th Feb 2014 09:30

But as I said to him, if you can't vote for the Shortens,Abbotts and Combets of the world then vote for an Independent because if a majority did so then we could kiss the other T***s goodbye

Ha ha!, yeah, I well remember TA on the radio pleading not to vote independents just because it's 'trendy' or 'smart' to do so last August / September...

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 09:55

'Her Indoors' is in hospital at the moment so I've had a bit of time on my and have taken the opportunity to do some reading. Australian history was one such book. Not the Burke and his mate type history but the history of "Commeng". It was enlightening to discover just how self sufficient Oz was in the 'old days' and it set me to thinking of how the country's infrastructure seems to have been deliberately allowed to run down by both sets of pollies.
Whatever it does seem that the industrial capabilities of Australia are suffering a down turn deliberately or otherwise.

Fliegenmong 24th Feb 2014 10:14

Sorry to ear that Bosy, hope Mrs Bosy makes a full and swift recovery! :ok:

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2014 10:16

Same as what Fliegs said, all the best for a speedy recovery. :)
And yeah, wrt infrastructure. Global economy is all well and good, up until the time other countries decide we're not worth supporting. :uhoh: Unfortunately infrastructure is a long term goal, and our political system rewards short term goals.
Don't disregard Wills BTW; he was arguably the brains behind the show, not that either history or his outcome thanked him for it. :sad: All too often brains is outranked by BS, though in the B&W case it proved more fatal than is usual in modern politics.

I've been to the DIG tree a number of times, and each time it always amazes me that someone could leave such a reasonably bountiful place to strike out across the desert without adequate supplies. It's quite a nice place, with Cooper's Creek full of fish and birds to eat and trees to sit under, surrounded by murderous desert that's extremely indimidating, even when you're driving a fully equipped 4WD with icy cold drinks at the ready, a satphone at hand and a ready supply of rellies back home waiting to call out the emergency services if you're half a day late. For all the academic articles on the subject, I'll never understand why they left it. :{

SOPS 24th Feb 2014 10:25

I wrote a post a while ago about where my dad worked, a steel manufacturer. Next door was a white goods manufacturer who used the steel. Down the road was a plastics factory, they made the protective stuff that the white goods shipped in. Dad had a company car, you could choose between a Ford or a Holden, because they bought the steel that Dad made,

It's all gone now.

SOPS 24th Feb 2014 10:28

To quote Bill Bryson...the only qualification it seems you need for the Burke and Wills expedition was a unusually large amount of facial hair.:p

500N 24th Feb 2014 10:33


re the dig tree and coopers creek, agree.

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2014 10:33

It's all gone now.
Likewise the tannery, the Ford factory, the James Hardie factory where dear ol' Dad started his career (fortunately not for too long, though I still get nervous when he gets a cough :(), the Arnott's biscuit factory, the Weet bix factory.... to borrow from Bladerunner; all those things will be lost, like tears in rain.

Of course many of those products were mediocre. People bought Australian cars because the tariff system made imports less affordable. Much as they like to deny it now they're suffering at the hand of internet shopping, Harvey Norman and Co offered imported electronics that were cheaper and often better than the local product people had previously put up with. James Hardie were correctly run out of business after many lawsuits and deaths, and the food manufacturers were snapped up by multinationals who can play a bigger game with more cards.

What we put in their place is up to us. There must be something we can do that the rest of the world can't or won't. We can't rely on the pollies, because all they care about is the next election. It's up to us to find it.

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