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waren9 22nd Feb 2014 09:53

exactly right andu

Andu 22nd Feb 2014 10:22

From what I've seen (working with Spaniards) I agree that they really don't like the Muslim immigrants who have come to their country, (possibly a throwback to their not so recent history and El Cid etc., possibly not helped by the massive problems they are currently having with their economy), but from what they told me, the number of Muslims who have moved into Spain (and, as usual, the rate at which those same Muslims are procreating) is more than large - it's approaching the overwhelming.

And if those already there are allowed to vote, those votes will in not too many more years pack considerable clout. Quite some years ago now, the Spanish dealt with their Muslim 'problem' in a way that today, would be considered extreme and would involve throwing away many of not most of the human rights of their Muslim citizens. The nearest thing we've seen to that in the last thirty years (when the major do-ers were not Muslim at least) was the former Yugoslavia, and that resulted in Serbia being labelled a pariah state and war crime trials for those same do-ers that go on to this day.

The only people having babies in numbers that are growing in Europe are the Muslim immigrants. Simple arithmetic dictates that in thirty or fewer years, when the children of those Muslim migrants exercise their vote, the original inhabitants are going to find themselves poorly represented - even unrepresented - in the government of the day.

If those original inhabitants wish to survive, they're going to have to adopt survival strategies that fall quite a long way outside what many in the current EU would consider acceptable.

Stealing 7x7's line: Interesting times ahead in Europe... to put it mildly.

bosnich71 22nd Feb 2014 10:43

Worrals ... sorry but Kevin decided to ignore advice and went ahead with his scheme which ultimately led to deaths which to me makes him as culpable as the shysters who put untrained people into roofs. But no arguing on here as he will never be held accountable.
Ref. the Muslims ... it's not just Spain. The Muslims also reached the "Gates of Vienna" before getting the flick so they were well inside Europe and as Muslims say, any land that they have previously conquered remains Muslim for all time so this has a long way to go yet.
I have relatives in Spain and echo your thoughts about the Spanish having visited a few times ... and not just Benidorm either. The Spanish authorities have no qualms about sorting out illegals, country shoppers or asylum seekers call them what you will. It is common to see the Guardia doing vehicle checks in their efforts to halt illegal entry. Perhaps they don't have a Green Party there.
Whatever, they certainly don't bother with niceties when stirred up as witnessed in the 1930s' when they were quite willing to slaughter their own so I'm sure they won't be too bothered about sorting out those from the South.

BEACH KING 22nd Feb 2014 11:09

We'll, we kevin07 has found a new job !

Former prime minister and noted sinophile Kevin Rudd will lead research on US-China relations at Harvard University.
Mr Rudd has been appointed a senior fellow with Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and a visiting fellow with Harvard's Institute of Politics. He will take up the posts next week.
In a statement, the ivy-league university announced that Mr Rudd would be at the forefront of the school's major research on the "possibilities and impacts of a new strategic relationship between China and the United States".
That will be interesting!
Wasn't Rudd the bloke who referred to the Chinese as "Rat f*ckers"?

Rudd, Gillard, Thompson, Combet, Shorten and all the rest of the Labour gang who "ran" the country for 6 years are the reason that I and thousands like me deserted them and gave our votes to the other lot.
There are Plenty of others who think like you Bos71. How a party could move so far from what it is supposed to represent, defies any logic. However, nothing has been learned! Shorten is the latest extension in wrong direction exponential curve. He is no different to the two who preceded him. Labor need another Beazley.

Ethel the Aardvark 22nd Feb 2014 11:14

Over 100 people died in the Snowy mountain scheme, maybe surviving government ministers should be held accountable as well ? :ugh:

500N 22nd Feb 2014 11:18

Out of thousands and in a vastly different era and much more dangerous working environment !

SOPS 22nd Feb 2014 11:28

Could get very interesting Andu. The French are rapidly, no, make that very rapidly moving to the right. The far right parties and now being seen as mainstream. And one of the big reasons for this swing is uncontrolled immigration.

The Netherlands is also heading the same way, with a big back lash against immigration policies that have failed.

A survey realeased in the UK yesterday shows that 70% of the population wants all, I repeat all, immigration stopped immediately.

The main stream parties are on the hop, the shift to the right has caught them by surprise.

Dutch immigration: Overflow | The Economist

70% say no to more migrants: Survey reveals public's concerns about immigration | Mail Online

Interesting times indeed.

500N 22nd Feb 2014 11:33

This shit goes against what the EU stands for so what will happen ?

The EU will try to dictate to Sovereign nations what is what and
the nations will say, no, we don't like that, take a hike.

I think you'll see European countries pull back from having to
follow every EU edict.

And don't forget the vote of Switzerland last week, did that piss of the EU !!!

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Feb 2014 11:50

Labor need another Beazley.
Beazley lost two federal elections, in 98 and 01. :ooh:
Which side are you campaigning for? ;):}

bosnich71 22nd Feb 2014 12:20

Ethel, as you know, the Snowy scheme was a major civil engineering project that took place over a great many years. Shoving insulation into ceilings was not and had Rudd not been so full of himself and had taken a bit of advice then there was a very good chance that the deaths and property damage would not have occurred.
That the self centred p**t was, nominally, a Labour Prime Minister should not make him somehow immune from criticism from people who vote Labour. On the contrary Labour voters should be the first to damn him and the rest of the P****s for the way that they operated for, not only, the 6 years that they were in government but also for a long time previously and look like doing for a long time into the future. It is no good you and others ,squeaking Abbott, Abbott all the time when the party of presumably your choice, and mine on occasion, were such a disaster from start to finish.
I've been a union member. I've also seen how union officials manipulate meetings etc. for their own political ends. I spent many years ignoring such things until I finally got fed up paying dues to organisations that not only ignore their membership but also busy themselves with issues that the vast majority of members couldn't give a flying F***K about. Gay marriage and women's lib being just two. Going into my union office to sort out a problem which I had been attempting to solve for 3 months, or more, by phone the final straw was to discover that the place resembled a kindergarten. Four Female office workers more interested in looking after their children who were playing on the office floor than running the union
office that they were being paid to do by member's monies. All in the name of equality no doubt. Fine but we, the membership, didn't get a vote on that either.
Ms. Gillard and the rest of the gang may have thought that members dues were somehow the property of a union president to be spent on tarts for the night because he was away from home on union business but many did not agree. I, for one, have the spent many nights away from my wife and children during the course of my working life and I know that had I not been able to provide receipts for every penny I spent on company business I would have been shown the door ..... and that included ice creams ! Oh and my wife, whose dues were spent on tarts is still awaiting recompense.
What we have now as leader of the Labour party, Shorten, is no more a socialist than Margaret Thatcher was. Unfortunately he and the rest are merely using the label .. Socialist .. to get themselves elected to a cushy job which sets them up for the rest of their lives.

BEACH KING 22nd Feb 2014 12:38

Beazley lost two federal elections, in 98 and 01.
Which side are you campaigning for?
Very true, however he had pretty good opponents (much like the AUS cricket team at the moment)
I think Beazley best represented what Labor means to Labor voters.

SOPS 22nd Feb 2014 13:41

I ave to say, as a person that never has voted labor in his life ( obviously), if we had to have a Labor PM, my vote would go with Kim Beazly. I think he is/was one of our more grounded, down to earth politicians.

Clare Prop 22nd Feb 2014 13:54

Alannah McTiernan would be a great PM if we had to have a Labor government.

Andu 22nd Feb 2014 20:37

Alannah McTiernan would be a great PM if we had to have a Labor government.
That would be the same Alannah McTiernan who uses 30 year old and heavily-Photoshopped photographs of her (former) self on her election posters, would it, CP?

Re the casualties of the Snowy scheme: the museum at Cooma is well worth a visit, giving an insight into how they did things in those days. Not a helmet, safety vest or steel-capped boot in sight.

An interesting sidelight: it was the Snowy scheme that introduced Japanese 4WDs to Australia. They brought in a swag of Toyota pickups, (you can imagine how most Australian ex-servicemen among the workforce would have reacted to that in the mid Fifties) and these proved so superior to and more reliable than the Land Rovers, everyone demanded more and (I forget who it was, but a familiar name who became very, very rich) snapped up the franchise for Australia from Toyota.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Back to matters more contemporary: I see from the ALPBC news this morning that most if not all the riotous behaviour that occurred recently at Manus Island is now said to have occurred inside the detention centre, including the death of the 23 year old Iranian detainee.

The ABC and the Greens will milk this for all they possibly can.

500N 22nd Feb 2014 20:52


Apart from the media, I really don't think it is a big issue to a lot of people, they don't care what happens to them on the island. It's only the fluffy luvvies who give a shyte, people are enjoying the peace and quiet and lack of 24 hour "another boat".

bosnich71 22nd Feb 2014 21:10

I see that Kevin is now claiming that the first book that he read was " Essence of Decision" a book about the decision making during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Considering that the book was written in 1971 when Kev. was 14 years of age he must have spent his early childhood playing with himself.

P.s and,probably, still is.

Andu 22nd Feb 2014 21:24

The only thing about Krudd that continues to amaze me is that there continues to be a succession of people who seem not to notice what a total fraud - and utter self-centred ****** the man is. It's not as though he makes any attempt to disguise the fact, for FACT it is.

Within academia, I sometimes wonder if it isn't a question of self-preservation. "I can see you're a total fraud, but then again, so am I. So I'll continue to treat you as someone worthy of respect so long as you continue to treat me the same. And the grants and tenure will continue for all of us."

bosnich71 22nd Feb 2014 22:20

Andu, you've got it in one ! One nods his head and they all nod their collective heads. The Emperors new clothes comes to mind.
Ref. the Cuban business, what a pity that us silly sods over in 2 TAF. that October were not aware that it was all a f******g game for the pollies and that books would be written explaining the decisions made and that a 14 year old future Prime Minister of Australia would not only read it but would understand it ....... what an intellect !

Captain Sand Dune 23rd Feb 2014 00:19

In my experience (though other people may have different experiences) most Gold Coast / Logan Kiwis work or want to work, and the bludgers are more likely to be locals. I come across a lot of Kiwis and Samoans through my own work, and find most of them are hard-working people who want to provide for their families. If anything, their eagerness to work for crappy wages (driving everyone eles's conditions down) is a bigger problem than them wanting to bludge.
One stands corrected.

Ethel the Aardvark 23rd Feb 2014 02:48

That's interesting, obviously the size of work contract is proportional to the percentage of guilt applied to the gov head honcho. Fair enough. Did not know that

So who we knocking now, in the last two pages we have gone from Rudd ( obviously) fluffy lovies, dole bludging kiwis or samoans etc, Muslims ( obviously ). Have I missed anyone? Oops the new Bali drug smuggler,
Please carry on.

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