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dubbleyew eight 18th Feb 2014 13:53

JAH paid 7 million to take over Jandakot.

Ascot Capital paid 49 million to take over JAH.

Worrals in the wilds 19th Feb 2014 00:13

Cheers for the links.

Although when Ascot Capital took over Jandakot Airport Holdings that is exactly what they said they were going to do...they thought they could shift "Jandakot" to another site, get freehold over the Jandakot "land bank" and develop the whole lot. . :ugh:
Similar rumours were doing the rounds at Archerfield, though it didn't get as far as that. The Act is quite clear wrt the leases and the ongoing requirement to operate an airport on that land, so I don't know why the government ever brooked any debate. Hand in glove with developers as usual, I guess and hoping no-one would notice :bored::rolleyes:.

14 (5) An airport lease complies with this subsection if: (g) the lease provides for access to the airport by interstate air transport or international air transport, or both (whether or not the lease also provides for other access).
Airports Act 1996
While looking for that bit I found another bit in the Act that's interesting, can anyone shed light on it? If I'm reading it correctly (which is always debatable http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/wibble.gif) it appers to state that if the Sydney West Airport is built, the two Sydney airports must be leased by subsidiaries of same company.

The statutary framework document mentions the first right of refusal, but not that it's currently a requirement.

What's the go? :confused:

18 Sydney (Kingsford‑Smith) Airport and Sydney West Airport to be under common ownership
Grant of lease under this Act or under section 22 of the Airports (Transitional) Act
(1) The Commonwealth must not grant an airport lease under section 13 of this Act, or under section 22 of the Airports (Transitional) Act 1996, for Sydney (Kingsford‑Smith) Airport or Sydney West Airport unless each of the airport‑lessee companies is a subsidiary of the same company.

Ken Borough 19th Feb 2014 01:37

Poker machines
There's an interesting article in The Guardian about the hotel (AHA) and club industry seeking concessions on the $250 limit a day on ATM withdrawals.

Pubs and clubs apply for exemptions to ATM $250 withdrawal limit | Society | theguardian.com

If this mob in Canberra give into these powerful lobby groups, it will have lost all trace of decency and its social conscience. When will it realize that poker machine addiction results in a huge impost on social security spending not to mention the terrible social dislocation? I do feel saddened that the lives of so many mothers and children, and sometimes fathers, are destroyed by this pernicious gambling industry.

CAVEAT:there's nothing wrong with gambling in moderation provided the gambler can afford to do so. There's more than enough evidence that poker machines cause much distress and wreck a lot of families.

parabellum 19th Feb 2014 06:35

So, 10,000 country shoppers had their names inadvertently put on the internet until they were spotted. Reason they are supposed to stay secret is so that they can go safely back home, if deported, without fear of reprisal.

Since most of them came by boat and 'lost' their papers the names they are known by here are most likely false anyway! I suspect one of SHY's supporters deliberately did it in an attempt to ensure these shoppers now have to stay, bit of an own goal by the look of it.

Fliegenmong 19th Feb 2014 09:00

If this mob in Canberra give into these powerful lobby groups, it will have lost all trace of decency and it's social conscience

There was a trace to lose Ken??? :confused::confused:

Ken Borough 19th Feb 2014 09:21


I have to give the pr!cks the benefit of the doubt! :}

Fliegenmong 19th Feb 2014 09:23

Bill Shorten, then said he considered Badgerys Creek a ''live option'' but only "so long as they've got the propositions around not being 24 hours".

Just when you thought Labor could not sink any lower into imbecility, their leader comes up with a comment like that.

Badgery's Creek - if it goes ahead (a big 'if') - will be a huge waste of money because pressure groups - pressure groups who VOTE in marginal electorates - will insist upon a curfew, so the airport will be just another Mascot -a bloody disaster that will be just another cork in the arse of progress for Australian Aviation.

Because of its propensity for fog, it will need to be Cat III capable - and in this age of 'user pays', no user will want to foot the bill to maintain that, so it will be expensive to boot.

Before a dollar is spent on Mascot, the Federal Government simply has to bite the bullet and open YSSY to 24 hours a day operations. They can do so with restrictions, (although that won't stop the punters screaming in protest), but the noise levels of modern day jets are a pale shadow of the noise footprint of the 707s and DC9s of the Sixties.

90% of the time - maybe more - arrivals could be routed onto 34 over water through the entrance to Botany Bay, and maybe using a "top of the hour/bottom of the hour" system for arrivals and departures, departures could be to the south staying over water through Botany Bay.

Tony Abbott could really show some leadership on this, but I doubt he - or his Party - has the political will. Badgery's Creek now has too much housing close enough around it to make it too hot an issue for any politician to introduce 24 hour ops.
____________________________________________________________ _____

That's an interesting comment Andu, I do agree Shortens comments are imbecilic, and you and I know both know that TA is in this just for himself, and his party is in this just for themselves, and this has noting to do with the economic interests of the country, but pure political expediency and personal benefit.....and in that regard, TA is indistinguishable from the Red witch or KRudd....except a different set of 'mates' get to benefit, no doubt Max the Axe has been on the blower to TA, and no doubt LC has been handing out the chairman's club memberships to all and sundry as required, and no doubt TA's people and party will recognise LC's significant contributions to party......by ensuring QF employees get royally shafted...:(:sad:

500N 19th Feb 2014 09:43


have to agree with you on this one.

SOPS 19th Feb 2014 09:50

Im starting to get worried, I find myself agreeing with Ken also.:ok:

500N 19th Feb 2014 09:53

My GF said i was getting soft tonight :O


Ken Borough 19th Feb 2014 11:12

My GF said i was getting soft tonight
I am reliably informed that a little blue pill is your saviour! :)

MTOW 19th Feb 2014 19:11

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Not for all, I'm also reliably informed.

Re the issuing of travel documents for our many uninvited 'guests', how does that work? How do they establish the identity if they've ditched their ID?

bosnich71 19th Feb 2014 21:47

I feel a lot better this morning after finding that I'm not the only one agreeing with Ken.

500N 19th Feb 2014 22:09


I think we need that stiff drink !!!

See ya down the pub :O

alisoncc 19th Feb 2014 23:16

Any valid reason why they couldn't open Richmond up to civilian traffic? It's not that unusual for the Mil to share an airport, actually it's quite common around the world.

bosnich71 20th Feb 2014 00:39

Just in case anyone is wondering I have to add that it was Ken's post ref. gambling that I agreed with, I haven't been to a re-education camp just yet, however having had some experience with the local casino and it's operatives ..... not from a personal gambling perspective ... I'm well aware of their shonky methods. The problem is though that our "rulers" are also aware and have obviously decided to look the other way.

P.s. I notice that Greg Combet is following his socialist principals by accepting a job, paying 400 bucks an hour, advising the South Australian government ref. the ,soon to be non existent, car industry in that state.
I'm fairly certain that someone will be on here soon telling me, and others,that he deserves it.

500N 20th Feb 2014 00:43

You only have to look at one aspect, who owns the big one's ?

Packer, the top level of society, Collingwood FC, those with a heap of influence.

bosnich71 20th Feb 2014 00:50

Allison ... regards Richmond, I think it's a bit short, the runway that is. And there's a town at either end.

Ken Borough 20th Feb 2014 00:52


No one needs to be re-educated! Diverse views are good. The main thing is that we respect each other, if not the other's views. :ok:

The problem with casinos is that they seem to be exempt from every piece of legislation concerning gambling. ATMs are one. Smoking (:yuk::yuk:) is another. :E Ba$tard$ :E

gupta 20th Feb 2014 01:07

Re Richmond:
  1. As Bos said, runway a bit short, no room for extension
  2. No room for civil facilities, as these are usually located across the runway from the mil facilities (see CBR, NTL)
  3. Fog
  4. Fog
  5. Fog

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