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david1300 14th Feb 2014 03:48

Originally Posted by Worrals in the wilds (Post 8316567)
Man that's a horrible link to read, but I take your point.

Agreed - shows the hazards of posting text off the net. I thought I had managed to purge all the web page formatting, but I sure got that wrong ;) Hope your eyes recover :O

Worrals in the wilds 14th Feb 2014 07:20

The Shiraz didn't help :\.

How long before Corby's back in the pen :eek:? Sportsbet are probably calculating the odds as we speak. :}
Assuming previous stories re the millions were true (which is admittedly a big assmption), I wonder if Channel 7 will get their money back if they don't end up broadcasting their 'tell-all' puke-tacular? IMO they've been bigger bogans than the Corbys, whatever Mike Willesie may like to claim re public interest. Wasn't he once a respectable investigative journalist? Sad, really. :sad:
Schapelle Corby warned over villa and TV interview as new pictures of convicted drug smuggler emerge | News.com.au

Captain Sand Dune 14th Feb 2014 20:10

Once again WITW, well said. The whole Corby affair is a bl**dy embarrassment to every Australian with more then half a brain. I literally cringed when I saw Rosleigh Rose/Corby/whatever on the telly boozing it up with her bogan mates when Schapelle was released, with the media lapping it up. And why do people keep banging on about her being ‘free’? She’s not bl**dy free, she’s on parole. As we know, parole in Australia is a joke; but it’s obviously an entirely different matter in Indonesia where they take it far more seriously. However the bogan Corbys consider Indonesia to be North Perth – like a whole bunch of other feckwits. I’ve already seen a few thinly veiled threats from the Indon authorities telling Schapelle and her bogan mates to wind their necks in or else. Yep – odds on that she’ll be back in the slammer before the year’s out.

500N 14th Feb 2014 20:18

Regardless of your view on the rights or wrongs of what is going on,
I would have thought that they themselves would have the brains to
know NOT to go thumbing the collective family noses at the Indo
authorities, especially in a country where I am sure they know public
and political sentiment isn't with them.

And on top of that, I would have thought her lawyer and PR person
would have told or said to them, don't stick it up the authorities or
they will stick it up you.

And one of her PR people, the ex Ch 7 ? lady would be well versed
in those type of things.

But then again, I suppose Bogans don't have brains or engage them
before opening mouth !

Andu 14th Feb 2014 21:22

Donning my cynic's hat for one moment, (cynic's hat?? moi??), I suspect - (suspect? - make that "I'm certain") - that there's nothing the Australian MSM - particularly the wimmin's magazines and the few surviving 6.30 "current affairs" (!) programmes - would love more than to see "poor Shapelle" - thrown back into the slammer.

Why would they love that? Because it will sell more newspapers /magazines and provide more airhead TV time.

They probably have the first draft of that "outraged, shock, horror" blurb already written.

Andu 14th Feb 2014 21:26

Going on their recent performance, the ALPBC will probably call for a Special Forces raid on the slammer to rescue the **** woman.

Changing the subject in mid post. Am I the only one more than a little bemused to see that Sarah Hanson-Young has not fallen over herself to front the cameras to comment on the 26 year old Lebanese student marrying the 12 year old 6th generation Australian CHILD?

Captain Sand Dune 14th Feb 2014 23:54

Because she knows that the ‘open door come one come all’ immigration policies espoused by her and her loony lefty greeny mates are at least partially responsible for this.

Worrals in the wilds 15th Feb 2014 00:03

I suspect - (suspect? - make that "I'm certain") - that there's nothing the Australian MSM - particularly the wimmin's magazines and the few surviving 6.30 "current affairs" (!) programmes - would love more than to see "poor Shapelle" - thrown back into the slammer.
I think you're right. It's obvious that all the media care about is selling the Story.

Captain Sand Dune 15th Feb 2014 00:08

Victorian readers would be familiar with this abject tragedy.

It boils my blood that the police had flagged the very real possibility that Greg Anderson would cause harm to his family, hence the strenuous objection to bail. An objection that was ignored by the magistrate. How much longer does the Australian public have to fear for their safety because yet again a known felon has been spared imprisonment by a magistrate who is completely out of touch with the expectations of the Australian public and continues to put the interests of the criminal ahead of the innocent?

I note that the names of the police members involved have been included in this article, but not that of the magistrate. So not only are the judiciary out of touch, they don’t have the guts to stand up and justify their contempt for law abiding Australians - they're quite happy for the police to cop all the blame.

POLICE warned a magistrate they feared killer dad Greg Anderson would murder his family but he was released on bail regardless — paving the way for Luke Batty’s horrific death.
Bail documents obtained by the Herald Sun show police opposed Anderson’s bail applications last year because they feared he would harm his son or ex-partner Rosie Batty.
But a Frankston magistrate agreed to grant Anderson bail on June 11.
Despite five warrants being issued for his arrest last month, Anderson eluded police and murdered his 11-year-old son at his cricket practice in Tyabb.
First Constable Paul ¬Topham said in one of Anderson’s bail hearings: “Genuine concerns are held … by police as the accused appears more than capable of carrying out the threats to kill.
“The accused’s pattern of behavior appears to be ¬becoming more erratic and ¬aggressive.”
In another bail hearing, First Constable Clinton Taylor said: “The victim (Ms Batty) in this matter is extremely concerned for the welfare of her son, Luke.”
One bail document, prepared by First Constable Taylor, stated: “The victim is concerned about (Anderson’s) behaviour and believes he is capable of carrying out previous threats to kill and harm.
Chief Commissioner Ken Lay conceded police could have done more and partly blamed IT system failures for the tragic miss.
As anger over the murder intensifies, the Herald Sun can also reveal:
AUTHORITIES were involved with the family on two separate occasions because of reports of violence by Anderson.
POLICE pleaded with Frankston magistrates on at least two occasions not to grant Anderson bail.
DRUG user Anderson also threatened to kill his housemate.
ANDERSON assaulted Ms Batty in May 2012 after an ¬argument erupted about Luke sleeping in her bed.
Police took out an intervention order against Anderson at Frankston Magistrates’ Court on September 9 last year, which covered Luke and Ms Batty indefinitely.
Mr Lay on Friday admitted system failures had contributed to the tragedy and said Anderson had “slipped through the cracks”.
During bail applications opposed by Hastings police in 2013, at least two officers stated that Anderson was “capable of carrying out previous threats to kill and harm”.
A separate document, written by First Constable Topham for the court, stated Anderson was an “unacceptable risk to society”, had a “lack of respect for the law” and “appears more than capable of carrying out the threats to kill”.
After being granted bail, Anderson failed to appear for subsequent court dates before arrest warrants were issued for him last month.
Tragically police were unable to track him down in time and he was able to brutally murder his son on Wednesday evening.
Vic police believe a man who killed his son at cricket training wanted to die in a suicide-by-
It also emerged yesterday that the estranged family were involved with government authorities, first in 2012 and again last year.
However, once court orders were made in relation to Anderson, contact between authorities and the family ceased.
Luke’s mum defended the police and courts, and said both were “woefully under-resourced” in regard to the avalanche of domestic violence cases.
Mr Lay said ¬Anderson had “terrorised the family” and played on fear.
Mr Lay said there were “thousands of Lukes” and “thousands of Rosies” out there, and shortcomings in the handling of family violence ¬issues would be reviewed.
Luke Batty's mum Rosie Batty visits a memorial for her son at the Tyabb cricket oval. A police statement made by Ms Batty, which has been obtained by the Herald Sun, also revealed that 6ft 2in Anderson assaulted Ms Batty after losing his temper because she had shared a bed with her young son.
“I told him that Luke had been sleeping in my bed because he had been getting scared at night,” Ms Batty’s police statement said.
“And that just triggered off a very angry reaction.
“He was very angry and insisted that Luke no longer stay in my bed.”

Worrals in the wilds 15th Feb 2014 00:37

I saw that. :(
We'll keep seeing this happen until our state governments start maintainng decent and effective mental health systems.

From personal experience I know that it's almost impossible to get someone sectioned, even if they're raving mad and turning up at people's houses unnanounced waving weapons around. Even if you can get them committed they get let out as soon as they're stabilised, after which they stop taking their meds, go ga-ga again and continue with the endless cycle.

Mental health systems aren't trendy, cost a lot of money and don't win votes, so presumably nothing's going to change any time soon. :ugh::yuk:

500N 15th Feb 2014 01:41

Nice to see the Police commissioner on the front foot. I know it is a subject that
is dear to his heart but I thought he handled the whole media thing quite well,
including admitting some things did fll through the cracks.

One thing he said that struck me was that even if the warrants had been served and he had been arrested back in Jan when he had contact with the police, Ken Lay said that the likelihood of him being in jail yesterday was very low indeed.

Re this bail / parole thing, we had that shocking murder last year in Preston area (the ABC Lady) which was a watershed and hopefully this will be another watershed moment to push the gov't and mgistrates to do more than let them out all the time. F#ck the human rights, if they are crims they should have less HR than normal people while serving and more consideration given to potential problems.

Ken Borough 15th Feb 2014 01:57

WTF is happening? For more than years than I can remember, we've seen and heard about fatal accidents involving the trucking industry. Clearly, there's a systemic problem that does not appear to be addressed. Self-regulation is obviously a failure. What have the police and other regulatory authorities been doing to allow the situation get to the point that innocent people are still being killed and maimed while large truck fleets have to be 'grounded'? Do the police, as enforcers of the traffic code, and the RMSs and VicRoads of the world, as state regulatory bodies, have blood on their hands? I know that I'm sickened and angered by the apparent lack of action to ensure that only road-worthy vehicles driven by competent, drug and alcohol-free drivers share our roads.

Fuel supplies threatened as safety fears ground Cootes trucks

Jeps 15th Feb 2014 02:06

I completely agree with the whole mental health thing. It's something I often prattle on about but the reality is the vast majority of people with mental illness never hurt themselves let alone other people. Granted, when you look at drug induced psychosis it becomes a different ball game however, when you look at those who are mentally incompetent through no fault of there own very little of that violence comes from them.

The 'institutions' that we used to see are long gone and were before my time anyway. It isn't a vote winner sadly (not sure why?) which is why I am cynical of government on either side. Imagine if they had of put the same amount of money into something like mental health as they did Toyota?

Andu 15th Feb 2014 03:09

While I admit it was a breath of fresh air to hear Ken Lay admit to shortcomings in the VicPol system, the cynic in me thinks that he's attempting to put pressure on the Vic Govt for a new computer/I.T. system. If the existing system "has been neglected for 15 years", it's obviously some clunky, grossly out of date dinosaur that few in VicPol can operate with any degree of ease.

He's playing a clever game to make Dennis Napthine find the funds for a new system after (I'm quite sure) he's been told there aren't any funds for such an upgrade.

If I'm right, I can only say: well played Comm. Lay, and may you win this one.

:) If he gets the new system, I wonder if that will allow his detectives to move a little faster in prosecuting a very old case involving fraud, misuse of union funds and a young and naive lawyer witnessing a Stat. Dec. from 1800 miles away and two weeks before the man who signed the document said he signed said document?

bosnich71 15th Feb 2014 04:51

Ref. Ken's link to Cootes problems, it is worth linking via the SMH article to another link, from the Age, about the tragic events at Tyabb.
There but for the grace of God go us all.

7x7 15th Feb 2014 20:39

Anyone with a daughter or a granddaughter should put aside 7 minutes and 2 seconds to watch this.

...and how I'd love to have some enterprising journalist sit Sarah Hanson-Young down for 7 minutes and 2 seconds to watch it and then ask her to comment on it - as she's all too willing to comment on anything but this topic.

Takan Inchovit 16th Feb 2014 08:48

Liked the vid 7x7, its not just feminists that are turning the blind eye though.

On another note, it appears TA has fixed the drought problem. Next please! :}

TWT 16th Feb 2014 08:59

Another revelation to strain the already parlous Oz-Indo relationship :


Won't help Corby much either.Not that I care,she should serve out her parole inside prison anyway.


500N 16th Feb 2014 09:09

With Pine Gap being able to pick up Comms almost world wide,
anyone who is surprised must have head in sand syndrome !!!

Worrals in the wilds 16th Feb 2014 09:26

This is why cautious lawyers distrust any form of electronic communication. :suspect: Of course that may be a Queensland thing...:}

Interesting video. He echoes criticism from several female Indian commentators after the Dehli rape about the deafening silence from western commentators about women's rights (and lack thereof) in India.

However, the point he doesn't make is that women have always aided women's repression. It's not a new thing. In the recent gang rape punishment incident (also in India) it was reported that women held back the authorities, arguing that the punishment was justified. Women play a big part in the continuing genital mutilation in Indonesia, as recently reported by The Australian Magazine. The girls who dress like nuns are often directed to do so by their mothers and grandmothers as much as (or more than) by their fathers.

I have read several articles in the women's press by Australian women from ME/north African cultures who had decided with their husbands not to have their daughters mutilated, only to constantly fend off their mother's/mothers in law's attempts to spirit their girls off to the ME so the 'right' thing could be done. :yuk: This problem has largely escaped the mainstream press (they're too busy reporting about football and new brands of cheese :ugh:) but it's variously been reported in Marie Claire and the Women's Weekly, among others.

There have always been (and continue to be) women who endorse the oppression of women, whether overtly by enforcing their perceived standard of 'ladylike behaviour' on other women (particularly young women) or covertly by ignoring the problems that affect particular cultural groups, as per SHY et al.

While he makes many valid points I think he fails to examine this issue, and instead continues the myth that female oppression is soley conducted by men. It isn't, and to suggest this continues to simplify the problem as an 'evil men v their subdued women' soundbite. In short, I don't see why he's so surprised. Whether through apathy or direct actions, women have always been a big part of the problem. :(

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