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gobbledock 14th May 2012 12:04

Please, a tissue for the poor hard done Pollies
I love how the SMH on Sunday had a big spread showing Shorten parading around happily with the Governors daughter! Truly a marriage made in heaven. Shame on all those rumor starters saying he knocked up his P.A.

The best bit was Shorten, even Fat Boy Hockey saying, pleading that their families be 'off limits', asking that families not be 'hurt'!
Well I hate to tell these political parasites this but you worthless pigs have made things very personal with OUR families! We are struggling to pay a mortgage, the cost of living is rising, you political trough dwelling grubs continue to rape the taxpayer purse to pay for your own perks and luxurious lifestyles we get shat on..sorry you swine but your inept managing of our economy, spineless inaction on banks and corporate greed and self serving conduct effects MY family every day, and they and I suffer as a result.

So you want it all your way do you, public anonymity for your family so as to make their lives wonderful, free of pain and pampered to all ends of the earth? Nah, screw you all, your lives may be wealthy but I hope the rest of the crap that is heaped upon you makes all that money a curse.
You are all a scurge. You get no political vote or sympathy vote from me.

bob johns 14th May 2012 21:33

bob johns
HEAR HEAR Siseman and so say all of us

Lex Talionis 14th May 2012 21:57

Here's a challenge to see if anyone here would actually like to have a political discussion and not just a lambasting of a political party.

Let's talk about the similarities or not of the Slipper debacle and the Mal Colston affair.

To me it is only the latest example of a political party willing or desperate enough to stay in power and is exactly what John Howard did when he was in need of an extra vote.It shows that politicians are not interested in what is good for the country but themselves.

parabellum 14th May 2012 22:58

the Liberal government led by an arrogant man lost in 2007.
The only problem I see is that an even more arrogant man (If that is possible) is likely to win the next election and we will find ourselves back where we were before
Oh bliss, back where we were before, no significant debt, a real budget surplus, an immigration policy that did stop the boats, no carbon tax on the horizon, not a $23 a ton one, anyway, no outdated National broadband using outdated technology, the list goes on and on!

Worrals in the wilds 15th May 2012 00:09

Let's talk about the similarities or not of the Slipper debacle and the Mal Colston affair.
Sure, there are plenty. They're both self serving spivs who have variously supported both parties for their own ends. Both parties were complicit in that. Of course a lot of Qld Libs were very happy to be rid of Slipper. It's also why they were moving to disendorse him. Unfortunately I don't know enough about Colston to take up your challenge but I'm sure they're as bad as each other and the Libs were as happy to welcome Colston into the fold as the ALP were with Slipper.

However, Slipper is not the only problem the ALP have to deal with. I think Slipper on his own would have been nothing more than a week's amusement for the press, with maybe a slight drop in that week's polls. The trouble is, they've also got Thomson, who along with the executive of the HSU is a disgrace to the party and the union movement :yuk:, and yet still has Gillard's support.

Decent union organizers are copping jibes all over town thanks to him and the HSU. This is not conductive to good vibrations from the party faithful at the ballot box.

Then there's the Carbon Tax that prior to the election the PM herself promised wouldn't happen. Compare that to the GST which was successfully run as an election promise. A similar situation with asset sales cost the Qld ALP a hell of a lot of grass roots support, and where the CT is arguably worse is that asset sales weren't actually mentioned prior to the election. This was and people are dirty about it. Abbott's not just making that up.

There are still about 25% of Australians who are core supporters, as there are probably a similar number of core Liberal voters. I would respectfully put both you and Sisemen in this category. If the Liberal Party was floundering the same as the ALP is at the moment, no doubt we'd all still be on here chewing the cud and your positions would be reversed. In a few years that may be exactly what happens.

These voters do not win or lose elections because they vote the same way every time. It's the swinging voters that actually decide most seats and from what I see, they're pretty unhappy with the ALP at the moment. In addition, a lot of formerly Labor faithful are also quietly pissed off (even if they don't admit it in public, though a growing number are starting to) and that's when an election defeat turns into a drubbing.

It is exactly what happened to Howard's last government and why they got trounced at the ballot box. When a party stops listening to its ordinary supporters its chances at the next election are zero. Howard learned this the hard way and I believe Gillard and Co will learn the same thing soon enough.

You think you are the only person who has watched politics in Australia or anywhere for that matter.The only people I see who have a visceral and indeed a pathological hatred for Labor are the ones here who admit it.
You should come up to Queensland and talk to people.
There is a massive sense of betrayal amongst grass roots Labor people at the moment. Nor do they like Gillard; they think she's weak and dishonest.

Read Richo and you can hear the genuine anger in some of his columns. IME his views are the same as a lot of Labor supporters; they don't have a hatred of Labor itself (far from it), but a hatred of the current leadership and their student union cronies, the spivs who have infested the NSW Labor right and treated union funds as a personal piggy bank and the people with no integrity, the people running the show at the moment who have the nerve to call themselves workers when in fact they bought their first ever pair of steel capped boots for a Ministerial photo op at the local abbatoir (and then spent the whole time trying not to :yuk: and asking stupid stuff like 'so what do you do with all the cow feathers :rolleyes:'?.

So Colston's as bad as Slipper? For sure, but the Labor Party is supposed to be better than that. :( In the eyes of a lot of grass roots supporters; they're supposed to be the good guys. IMHO they will be punished for betraying that promise.

HotDog 15th May 2012 01:02

Colston is long dead and buried, Slipper and Thomson are alive and enjoy the covert protection of the Labor government, who are fighting for their political lives.:yuk:

RJM 15th May 2012 01:09

Despite 'all politicians being spivs' etc - which may be true but hardly constitutes an argument - there is a good way to compare any two governments. Compare the deficit they leave behind them for the next lot.

So, in what shape will Labor leave the country at the next election? About $300 billion in debt, apparently. An absolute record and many times more than the last time the Libs had to clean up after Labor.

That should be enough to determine your vote, regardless of personal behaviour etc.

david1300 15th May 2012 01:39

@Worrals - another good post :ok:

Andu 15th May 2012 01:50

Sadly, RJM, history will repeat itself yet again when and after the Libs take over.

The measures the Libs will be forced to introduce to pay for the last five years of profligate spending and gross mismanagement - (imagine how bad the debt would be if we weren't 'the best economy in the Western world', Lex) - will bite deeply into many peoples' back pockets. Many - particularly those who've been feasting on the Labor gravy train - won't like it, and memories being short, the swinging voters will swing yet again and fall for the promises of Labor and vote 'em in again, and the cycle will continue.

What was the comment that came out during the recent French election (where they're just entered the cycle we entered back in 2007)? "The biggest problem we have is that the people who work for a living are outnumbered by people who vote for a living."

That is exactly what Gillard and Co are attempting to implement here with all the handouts they're dishing out. Alexander Tyler said it way back in the 1870s. (To paraphrase): history has shown that democracies have about a 200 years life. They are doomed the moment the voter realises he can vote himself more money from the public treasury than he puts in - and there will always be politicians out there willing to promise him he will give him that money for nothing.

Andu 15th May 2012 02:02

"Irregular Immigrant Shipping Lines would like to announce the arrival of SEIV 355, the daily scheduled service into the Promised Land from Java and all points west. Passengers can pick up their free housing and lifelong government handouts from carousel 3."

Navy intercepts boat carrying 123 | thetelegraph.com.au

AAP May 15

THE navy has intercepted a vessel carrying 121 suspected asylum seekers off Christmas Island.

Patrol boat HMAS Glenelg made contact after it sought assistance northwest of the island on Monday night, home affairs minister Jason Clare said.

"HMAS Glenelg provided assistance to the vessel," he said today.

There were 121 passengers and two crew on board.

The persons will be taken to Christmas Island, where they will undergo security, health and identity checks and their reasons for travel will be established.

sisemen 15th May 2012 02:06


Buster Hyman 15th May 2012 02:10

Just been told that 1 in 3 Victorian Public Servants will be going. Mostly Contractors & Fixed term staff, but Voluntary packages are being drawn up.

Now, I can accept that there is an argument that the Libs are being opportunistic here, but it just goes to show how fiscally bad the ALP are. :ugh:

Worrals in the wilds 15th May 2012 03:09

Just been told that 1 in 3 Victorian Public Servants will be going. Mostly Contractors & Fixed term staff, but Voluntary packages are being drawn up.
Wow :eek:. Were there really a third too many public servants? I can't see how you could cut a third of the staff and not have some impact on frontline services...
Thanks for the background, Sisemen. I don't have an issue with core supporters; everyone is entitled to their POV and most people support one party either all or most of the time.

Buster Hyman 15th May 2012 04:51

There, arguably, were Worrals.

There is a concession, and that is Frontline staff Can be replaced. It's the one's hiding away in dark offices that will bear the brunt.

Worrals in the wilds 15th May 2012 06:11

Sisemen; likewise. I wasn't having a go either. :ok:

Years ago, several bushy cousins voted for the Queensland Nationals in the 1989 election after Joh and Co had been outed by the Fitzgerald Inquiry, despite the rest of us laughing at them loudly :E. So did 24% of the state's voters. This was after the former Police Commissioner and two former ministers were jailed, and JBP and Hinze only escaped trials by respectively being 1. too old and 2. dead.

The same number (approximately 25%) cropped up again in the recent election but in reverse, with Labor getting 26% of the primary vote. In the 2011 NSW election (another declared wipeout) Labor retained 25% of the vote.

Maybe it's a state thing but it says to me that the baseline of diehards (ie people who will vote for a particular major party whatever the policies) is about 25%.

Federal elections traditionally have a much smaller swing. Even with Howard's trouncing in 07 the Coalition retained 47% of the vote. Possibly more people vote federally on party lines and the magic number may be closer to 45%. Certainly even in the famous 'landslide' federal elections where a number of seats fell (such as 2007, 1996, 1983 and 1975) the less favoured party still retained at least 43% of the vote. Of course the federal seats are held by much tighter margins and a five percent swing can have a big impact on the seat tally.

The figures suggest that a lot more people vote on party lines federally than at the state level, and I don't know why that would be :confused:. Maybe voters feel the federal government is too important to leave to the 'enemy' (no matter how badly their own team is performing), or inversely, maybe people don't get as engaged by federal issues and mostly just rock up and tick the box Dear Ol' Dad did :zzz:, or maybe there's another reason. Dunno...

Obviously it's not an exhaustive study. Victoria seems to have much milder swings, and I didn't look at the other states.

It's the one's hiding away in dark offices that will bear the brunt.
Great, a rudderless ship. We're now looking forward to that in Queensland...:hmm: Having seen the results at the federal level before, I always worry about the baby/bathwater effect when governments start trumpeting about public service cuts. They always claim that the front line won't be affected but often it doesn't turn out that way. Some of the 'all talk no substance' types can hang on like limpets.

RJM 15th May 2012 08:09

So it's not just a matter of breaking out the popcorn and settling back. We'd be wise to fasten our (five point) seat belts as well.

Worrals in the wilds 15th May 2012 10:31

Can they hear the music...:\
Pretty songs by pretty people about solidarity, allegedly the song of the movement. No doubt the elite loved it.
Personally I thought the song of the movement was more of a chant, didn't really have a tune and doesn't lend itself to Footy Final worthy renditions with lots of vibrato and arm waving. Seven words repeated by a bunch of angry, desperate people don't easily translate to a So You Want To Be a Prat style showstopper. :bored:

Pretty words about how the ACTU and the PM think rorting is Disgusting, even though the PM continues to accept his vote and the ACTU accepted the HSU's operating rules (loosely summarised as 'hop in, fellahs'!) without question.

Pretty excuses about how the decline in union membership is due to the increase in casual employees and fixed term contracts, and nothing to do with widespread community disgust about standover tactics, rorting and favours. And don't forget Big Nasty Howard.

Guess what, comrades in chief? Maybe the casuals were the people you should have been targeting. IME they're the people who are most insecure about their conditions and rights, and they're the people the ACTU didn't want to know. :yuk: Not proper workers, apparently, even when they wanted to join up.

Pretty denials from Ged Kearney on The Project about how the union movement is really going well, despite hemorrhaging numbers and being about as popular with the community as herpes, though apparently not nearly as catching. :ooh: Maybe she got the hint when the whole panel laughed at her, and they're all fairly pro Labor.

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

Thomson scandal to overshadow ACTU Congress - Yahoo!7

Pretty :mad:ing lame. :sad:

Clare Prop 15th May 2012 11:20

What do we want? A general election!
When do we want it? NOW!

MTOW 15th May 2012 22:48

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

JULIA Gillard has conceded that her government is in political trouble but blamed a "relentless" fear campaign by Tony Abbott and the media's failure to report her achievements.

The Prime Minister has also implored unions to help ease voter concern over the carbon tax and cost of living pressures, urging Labor's industrial wing not to allow the political pressure to lead to a "council of despair".
I'm reminded of that often parodied bunker scene in the Hitler movie where Adolph is moving non-existent divisions around the map in a vain attempt to stave off Zukov's attacking armies.

Now that would be a hoot; someone doing the Hitler rant scene with a Julia voiceover. ("Naow, everyone who voated for Kevin, leaaave the rooam.")

Worrals in the wilds 15th May 2012 22:52

Now that would be a hoot; someone doing the Hitler rant scene with a Julia voiceover. ("Naow, everyone who voated for Kevin, leaaave the rooam.")
Off you go then. We're all looking forward to it now! :ok::cool:
I'm fluent in bogan and can to the voiceover if you send me the script. :E

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