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Fliegenmong 3rd Feb 2014 11:15

And I'd pick better policy......:p

7x7 3rd Feb 2014 11:29


THE federal government is exploring the possibility of stripping Australian jihadists fighting in Syria of their citizenship. Discussion on possible measures has begun between Attorney-General George Brandis and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison but no submission has yet been made to Cabinet.

Up to 120 Australians are believed to be engaged in the civil war and at least four have lost their lives in the conflict, including one suicide bomber. The threat to security posed to Western nations by returning nationals who have been radicalised in the Syrian conflict has been widely recognised.

Last year British Home Secretary Theresa May stripped 20 British dual-nationals of their British citizenship using “deprivation of citizenship” powers.
Many 'Australians' of Lebanese descent maintain dual citizenship because they are unable to inherit property in Lebanon if they are not Lebanese citizens, so it will be interesting to see whether some 'Australians' who were born here might not fall into the dual citizenship (in this case) trap.

Tony Abbott would go some way towards redeeming himself with his core voter base if he actually did this, but somehow I very much doubt he ever will.

Loved to be proven wrong though. (Can you imagine the howls from Sarah TwoDads and the whole Left?)

Fliegenmong 3rd Feb 2014 11:43

Tony Abbott would go some way towards redeeming himself with his core voter base if he actually did this, but somehow I very much doubt he ever will

Won't need to mate....just look around here, his core voter base will always be his core voter base, no matter what he does or doesn't do......simply it is his core voter base...he and his advisers know this...it's the undecided they are after, little bit of welfare here, little bit of welfare there (F#*k the core voter, they are after all, a core voter!)

Why court the 'troo beleevers?', they'll always vote for you anyhow!, no matter how much welfare you splash about to special interest groups! :rolleyes:

But I do agree with scrapping dual citizenship if that is what you are saying....

I am Lebanese/English/Cyprian/whatever country Australian......is not right. I am an Australian of Leb/Pom/whatever descent is correct! :ok: Though if not 'politically correct', I may just have awarded myself another banning by not being 'PC' enough:{

500N 3rd Feb 2014 11:49


If I didn't get banned for what I said a week ago, I very much doubt you will for that.

Anyway, I agree with you. "I am an Australian of English birth / descent".

Bugger PC !

MTOW 3rd Feb 2014 11:50

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I think the issue of dual citizenship will one day really bite this country in its proverbial bum, becoming a huge and insurmountable problem.

500N 3rd Feb 2014 11:53

Why didn't the Aust Gov't do anything when the Serbs, Croats et al went back
to Europe to fight, including serving Australian soldiers who "took leave" to
go over and join up ?

Always puzzled me why nothing was said but every other conflict it is.

Fliegenmong 3rd Feb 2014 12:04

Anyway, I agree with you. "I am an Australian of English birth / descent"


The "I'm an Englishman living in Australia" is a different kettle of fish, as is "I'm a Leb, living in Australia"

'Tis the reason you see those car stickers with a map of Oz on them, and the caption ...."If you don't love it, F*#k off"

And I don't disagree! :ok:

Edited to say that is from someone who simply does not care to go out shooting wildlife in the NT for lunch :ok:

500N 3rd Feb 2014 12:11


As opposed to just buy it at the Supermarket :p

BTW, it is NOT my lunch, they are (or most are) feral animals and they are used to feed Indigenous Australians :ok:

Airey Belvoir 3rd Feb 2014 13:30

Not you Fliegs - more the one obsessed with caterers:E

bosnich71 4th Feb 2014 01:59

Meanwhile it has been reported that China's spending on defence will outstrip that of Britain, France and Germany combined by 2015.
Jeez, and they are only just up the road from Oz .... http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...y_dog_eyes.gif

CoodaShooda 4th Feb 2014 02:06

Is that because Europe can't afford to spend on Defence any more? :confused:


bosnich71 4th Feb 2014 02:10

Cooda, yes partly, but also the Chinese apparently have a barrow load of money to spend on such things.

500N 4th Feb 2014 02:15

All provided by Australia, US, EU and some of the rest of the world.

bosnich71 4th Feb 2014 02:15

Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Lindsay Tanner, Peter Garrett, Bill Shorten, Wayne Swann and Mark Abib ....
Now there are some names that conjure up memories, even nightmares for some.
All it seems, have been told that they will be required to give evidence at a Royal Commission in the Home Insulation Scheme.
I'd like to be a fly on the wall round at Julia's pad when they all get together to work out their stories. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

Takan Inchovit 4th Feb 2014 03:57

Probably already a few bugs on their walls. ;)

CoodaShooda 4th Feb 2014 04:26

Don't get your hopes up.

I expect everything will fall under the Cabinet Code of Silence. (Ask again in 28 years time.)

Regardless, the libs won't lose whichever way it goes.

The key players talk - and confirm the generally held opinion they were a chaotic and dysfunctional rabble.

Or they decline to answer - and appear guilty and evasive.

parabellum 4th Feb 2014 04:29

The thing is, if people come to Australia, claiming refuge from civil wars, internal disputes etc. and then take off and voluntarily throw themselves into the frontline of someone else's battle surely they have negated the grounds on which their Australian citizenship was granted and it should be revoked?http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif

Ken Borough 4th Feb 2014 05:36

Not an unreasonable position, Para. This is not a recent phenomenon: I recall some decades ago many Australians - not dual citizens - were lining up in droves to go to 'fight for the homeland'. Nothing was then said by the Coalition Govt as the race card would have been played. For many reasons, Australia should not permit dual citizenship: you're either an Australian citizen or the citizen of some other country being a guest of Australia.

Worrals in the wilds 4th Feb 2014 07:23

Last time I saw the numbers, by far most duals were British. The current stats don't seem to be readily available :suspect: (if someone has a link feel free to post it) but I doubt it's changed all that much, though there may be a significant increase of Indians in line with increased migration.

Anecdotally the reduction of benefits for NZ citizens residing in Australia led to an increase of dual Australian-New Zealanders, but I don't know how the numbers stacked up.

Removing dual citizenship would impact a number of non-contentious Australians who retain another citizenship for various reasons, not least the right to live and work within the EU.

For the minority (and 120 is a very small minority, even allowing for a few extras who've slipped under the radar) I'd think it would be easier for the government to park the ASIO van outside their respective houses and listen hard. Fighting for a foreign army is an offence (although it's not enforced for legitimate allies such as the French Foreign Legion) so the government could ping them for that without altering the dual citizenship provisions.

Ovation 4th Feb 2014 08:29

A slight change of subject.....

the "Australian Agency for International Development" made political donations in 2013 to the Greens ($220,000), the ALP ($550,00 x 4 = $2,200,000) and the Liberal Party ($1,097,030) - you also have to ask why the ALP gift was split into 4 payments.

So, for those that are not up to speed on the matter, the the "Australian Agency for International Development"was previously known as AusAid. That's right folks, the agency that is funded by yours and my tax dollars to drill wells and build schools for poor people in the third world, is handing it out with much largesse to Australian political parties.

But wait - there's more....

Bob Carr was the minister ultimately responsible for this govenment funded agency. If you think they're misusing the funds here in Australia (where it can be audited), what sort of misuse is possible with the cool billion dollars or so they control once it leaves Australia?

Heres the link: Misuse of foreign aid for political funding

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