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500N 22nd Jan 2014 00:19

If you deny them the licence to work as a tradey then you are denying them
the right to work as a tradey, just because they are or associated with a bikie
or bikie gang ????

IMHO, taking it a bit too far.

waren9 22nd Jan 2014 00:52

so, soon to have a yarn to a stranger in a pub or street corner we'll all be carrying round previous history disclosure forms for the other bloke to sign?

just in case a cop is watching?

i'm not on fbook, but is it getting to the point where you should be thinking about cleaning up your friends lists of the people you really dont know that well?

can do has lost it

500N 22nd Jan 2014 00:59

report on Australia's Human Human Rights record by Human Right watch.

We don't get a good mark.

I do like this bit. If they want to bring it up, let them but talk about
telling a sovereign country WTF to do. I like Abbotts response :ok:

"Australia also has been increasingly unwilling to publicly raise human rights abuses in countries with which it has strong trade or security ties, fearing that doing so would harm its relations with Asian governments," the report authors wrote.

"Such reluctance to speak out validates the stance of those who mistakenly view raising human rights as an act of diplomatic aggression rather than a normal part of principled diplomacy."

Mr Abbott has said it's not his job to stand up and give lectures to the wider world."

Australia marked down in rights report

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Jan 2014 03:05

It doesn't just apply to OMC members, it applies to 'associates' which is defined as whatever the coppers feel like at the time. Associates are not members of anything and have not been charged (let alone convicted) of any criminal offence. The state is being run by coppers, and it isn't pretty. There's a time and place for coppers, and running the place isn't it.

Nor has it even detected much real organised crime.

A phony war: bikies aren't the only problem on Queensland's Glitter Strip

The end justifies the means: why Queensland is losing the bikie war

bosnich71 22nd Jan 2014 06:07

Fliegenmong ..... " So a typical Brit/Pom/English resort to violence and thuggery".
Yes, you're correct of course. Only the English resort to thuggery as you say. The average Aussie on being abused would probably invite the perpetrator home for a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich wouldn't they ?
Here's a suggestion Fliegs, old chap, take a walk down your local shopping tomorrow, approach ,say an Islander or Maori, and call him a black 'anything'. Probably you would get a lot more than a fat lip. If you think that may be a bit dodgy for your well being then you could always refer to any Scottish person as a "Pom" and see what reaction you get then.
Perhaps you had a bad time in Britain because of your well balanced persona obviously having a very large chip on both shoulders would be a slight problem. Time for Australia and Australians to grow up, with regards to the English, after all it has been 200 years since our ancestors discovered the place and gave us all somewhere nice to live. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

P.S. You really shouldn't question my intelligence, or lack of it, on the basis of one blog entry, to do so may make others question yours. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

Airey Belvoir 22nd Jan 2014 07:10

Guys. Can we keep pom bashing and counter arguments off this thread please?

Similar "wars" caused previous threads to be shut down and the perpetrators banned for life.

Pom can either be a word of affection (or at least not downright abuse) or a vicious racist taunt. Let's not go for the latter.

Perhaps some apologies are called for.

Ken Borough 22nd Jan 2014 08:14

I'm an Australian but have often been mistaken for being English. How bad is that? Seriously though, the use of the 'P' word in 2014 is surely a mark of affection. I think it's all part of our mutual love-hate relationship that I hope long continues. Chin up Boz. :ok:

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 08:23

And similarly Andu I couldn't let this one go by unremarked....

Fleigs, I couldn't let a comment you made on the last page go unremarked.

being ex military, campby is most unsuited to a leadership role in the general populace..
That might go down well in your highly educhaded latte-sipping inner ciddy circles, but in (dare I call it) the real world, perhaps not so well.

With respect Andu, that is a show of pure ignorance, I've nothing to do with "educhaded latte-sipping inner ciddy circles"., I can spell for a start, but really, when read out loud that sounds as though it comes from the lips of that mincing Prissy Chrissy Pyne!! :ugh: .....still and all, you don't know me so your ignorance is excused, and I understand your prejudice...

You may or may not notice my posting times, they are at night (local), as in the day I do occupy a place in the real world, at the coal face, as it were....not too hard to look around here (SEQ), amongst those of us in the real world who are not particularly impressed with lil campby's ways....some of his antics have been downright embarrarssing....and pedantic, it reminds you of how oppositions don't win, as much as Governments lose.....Campbell is setting up a future loss....

An interesting aside...

No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

So if TA was so popular, then why not capitalise on it? Even more so surprising is this is a story in the MSM :eek: Highly unusual!

bosnich71 22nd Jan 2014 08:26

Airey .... the whole "Pom" thing on this thread started with myself stating that I had been educated in England in a reply to Worrals ref. my spelling of the word Labour.
Worrals then replied using the phrase 'raised as a Pom', or something suchlike, which I answered. I have no problem whatsoever with Worrals regards this but I do object when someone else had put his two pennyworth in and accuse the English of using violence and thuggery if they, the English, are upset by someone using what you yourself has called a racist term.As you say apologies are called for but it is not from me or my fellow countrymen.
However I will not comment further on this subject and hopefully neither will others whose aim in life seems to be to stir up hostility.

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 08:42

It was your post Bosy Boy!

"I don't mind being called a pom, to my face, if it was and I disagreed with the speaker I could at least attempt to give them a thick lip."

I've seen a lot of atrocious violence in the UK (and elsewhere!)....but a remark like that reminds me of it....the Brit/English/Pom violence I've witnessed, and that's only in the supposed civilised South East :eek:

And Bosy I have never said the Term Pom was racist.....not as bad as 'F&*king Aussie Cnut' to which I was regularly subject...'Pom' is positively benign

....but are we starting to see a 'whinging Pom' perhaps

Think of it as an acronym for Preferred Old Mate :ok:......but don't expect an apology from me for a declaration of violence by you :=

One punch can kill and all that...(from someone who lost a mate to a 'one punch')

Airey Belvoir 22nd Jan 2014 08:49

In the previous threads there were certain posters of a leftish persuasion that spat out the word "pom" with great virulence as if they thought that a naturalised Australian citizen had no right to comment on the political situation. That eventually escalated into a "I know where you live" type of PM exchange. Those posters bit the dust.

Seriously though, the use of the 'P' word in 2014 is surely a mark of affection
Yes, it can be. But the recipient of the word instantly knows when it is an "affectionate" term and one of abuse. Abuse in my book is defined by words such as

So a typical Brit/Pom/English resort to violence and thuggery
No call to descend to those levels on this thread. Whatever you may or may not have been called in the UK Fliegs it doesn't excuse retaliation here after so many years. It's a brave and magnanimous poster that knows when to back off.

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 09:00


"I don't mind being called a pom, to my face, if it was and I disagreed with the speaker I could at least attempt to give them a thick lip."

Is acceptable to you Airey?

No retaliation from me Airey, very much a turn the other cheek and walk away (as fast as possible) sort of person, just an observation of what was posted that's all..

"I could at least attempt to give them a thick lip".....Is for me not acceptable....that sort of rubbish belongs in the dark ages

500N 22nd Jan 2014 09:06

When I left the UK and came to Aus, a big readjustment was required.

In the UK (well at school), if you didn't like someone you generally
got sent to coventry and / or had the piss taken out of you.

Coming to Aus, if someone liked you - as in you were a good bloke
and / or could "cop it", you had the piss taken out of you.

If they called you a "Pom" and you laughed, took it as good humour
or threw a good one back at them, didn't take it too seriously, all good banter,
but if you rose up and objected, they piled it on even more just like Aussies
tend to do.

Not sure what the situation is in the UK now but that was what was
my understanding of it 30 years ago.

500N 22nd Jan 2014 09:08


Are you saying you never gave anyone a fat lip in your younger days
or at school ?

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 09:26

As much as possible avoided physical confrontation at all costs at school or in my younger days 500....absolutely!

Are you saying that Airey is in his younger days or at school???

Airey Belvoir 22nd Jan 2014 09:29

The first time that I encountered the word 'pom' in anything other than a piss-taking manner was from a work colleague who probably saw me as a threat to his employment because I was able to do the work faster, smarter and with more good humour. He became quite vicious until the boss decided he'd had enough and got rid of him. That bloke probably tries to punch 'poms' in the bars that he used to frequent (and being almost constantly pissed was one of the reasons he was got rid of) because of his "justified" reasons for hating poms.

The second occasion was on here and the circumstances of that have been stated.

All in all it gives one a very fine tuning in the way in which the word 'pom' is used. Use it viciously and I can see the temptation to give a fat lip in return. But my personal philosophy is that it says more about the abuser than the recipient.

Can we now draw a line under this crazy direction that the thread has turned?

500N 22nd Jan 2014 09:30


So did I as much as possible, mainly because I wouldn't have a problem ripping someone's head off so decided it best not to get into physical confrontations as I know it would go too far.

SOPS 22nd Jan 2014 09:43

Can we please get back to government and boats and stuff?

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 09:48

"so decided it best not to get into physical confrontations as I know it would go too far"

Lack of discipline/self control?? Did the Army teach you some later on?

Can we now draw a line under this crazy direction that the thread has turned?


How about Bill Glasson :8 candidate for Griffith (It is Oz political thread!)....here -

No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

Oh dear that song is woeful!..but really, why does he have to say this is not about TA or CN??? Why try to remove himself so far from the party he is representing? Are they not doing a good enough job? If they were 'killing it'...he'd be promoting TA & CN!!.....

500N 22nd Jan 2014 09:49

OK, what did you think of the reports of the AS with burns and bruises ?

I posted the link before and since then every media outlet has carried
the story but no one has commented on it.

I think TA had a plan as stated in one of the articles above that meant
Indo put ships to the south and therefore have no choice but to stop AS
boats as the Aussie boats will tell them where they are.

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