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500N 15th Jan 2014 23:35

"but in the rights to do so."

That is what people forget.

Maybe we need to pay some of the pirates that operate to the north
to make the crossing to Christmas Island and others "unsafe" just
like traveling by boat in some Island areas is.

Ken Borough 17th Jan 2014 06:47

Do we have a Dad's Navy? WTF?

Scott Morrison admits Australia breached Indonesian waters during boat operations

rh200 17th Jan 2014 07:54

Hardly, their operating close the edge, and it happens. Anyway stuff the Indonesians, they turn a blind eye to a criminal enterprise involving violating our sovereign borders with human garbage daily from their terroritry.

I see that Bill "can't keep his pecker in his pants" is in a huff, can't be that important if he's delayed a briefing to Feb. Maybe he's got more import things to do like chasing fluff around.

SHY in a uproar, so I would say its working fine, well done government.

p.s trying to blame the government which is obviously a operational mistake is a bit of a stretch, I believe its clear not to cross the line.

500N 17th Jan 2014 08:03

Agree. And mistakes will always be made.

Indo is quite happy for us to go in when they won't go and look
for AS who have capsized.

Anyway, NAV at sea is a not easy although GPS makes it easier.

SHY - Good to see here having orgasms, you know you are on the right track
when she does that. :ok:

The more they rile the Greens on this subject, the less time they can spend screwing up other things.

Pity we couldn't load up SHY and her lot into life boats and
send them to another country.

rh200 17th Jan 2014 08:20

Anyway, NAV at sea is a not easy although GPS makes it easier.
Yea I imagined they would have a big running map type of thing hooked into their gps with a big red line running along a no go area. Guess that shows how naive I am:p

Actually I think hollywood has a lot to answer for, they like to perpetuate these hi-tech images and scenaros that we all see on the screen and think its like that in real life.:)

Ethel the Aardvark 17th Jan 2014 08:25

I wonder what app the Navy are using, google earth or ozrunways, ozrunways 4 is coming out soon, maybe the designers could build in a how not to stuff up and get into an international incident button. :ugh:

Ken Borough 17th Jan 2014 08:31

NAV at sea is a not easy although GPS makes it easier.
Why is that? With modern technology and equipment, straying into places to which you should not enter should be most difficult. Bearing in mind that Morrison's operation is playing a tough game, isn't that all the more reason why Australian vessels ought not transgress Indonesian waters? Rightly or wrongly, I think there's a lot more to this story than we will ever be told. How will that dopey looking general establish the truth and stop a recurrence? Isn't this one for the CDF and CNS to work through?

500N 17th Jan 2014 09:22

I did Nav at sea when you had a compass, protractor, map and pencil / chinograph and worked out things by hand. GPS was only just starting
to come in and even then we had 100 metre off set.

I am surprised if they don't have a GPS with a Map showing the maritime
border exactly on it but I have only been on the older Fast Patrol Boats,
not these more modern one's.

A modern GPS shows the Lat / Long on the screen, even my 10 year
old one does so you should be able to pin point your position from that.

Maybe it's part of a bigger plan ;)

BTW, that dopey looking General happens to be a pretty smart operator.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jan 2014 09:24

Maybe we need to pay some of the pirates that operate to the north to make the crossing to Christmas Island and others "unsafe" just
like traveling by boat in some Island areas is.
Given the recent 'darn Navman :}' episode, I dunno if these guys are capable of running a successful Black Op :E.

priapism 17th Jan 2014 10:36

Larry hits the nail on the head again.

SAY GOODBYE TO SBY - The Pickering Post

Ken Borough 17th Jan 2014 10:59


He may well be a smart operator - to get to where he's gotten suggests a modicum of the smarts. However, his very wooden, stilted and controlled appearances before the media do not engender an ounce of confidence.

Moving along, the latest report from the SMH is suggesting that the Fish-Heads have been querying their masters as to operations in close proximity to Indonesian waters.

Jakarta demands: stop your boats

Airey Belvoir 17th Jan 2014 13:49

I just lurv to see our lefty correspondents having conniptions when they think they're onto something.

Grow up girls - your lot are on the outer now.

500N 17th Jan 2014 14:05

Agree, he does look wooden and I doubt he likes the media bit of the job.

From the article link, got to love this. So THEY DO have some boats that can put to sea. Might be part of the masterplan of Abbott because once he has the boats at sea shadowing Aussie boats then they won't have a choice but to pick up AS boats. Either that or Aust boats might cross the line again ;) and they wouldn't want that would they !!! LOL

""Indonesia for its part will intensify its maritime patrols in areas where violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity are at risk."

Interesting article. It is true that the military are one constant that doesn't change and especially one we have so much close contact with.

SOPS 17th Jan 2014 14:34

I'm a bit confused. I thought the Indos had no ships, so when boats floundered 50m from the Javanese shoreline, Australia had to go and rescue them, under the old Liebor/greens policy. But now the boats are getting sent back by the Navy, all of a sudden Indonesia has seaworthy ships. Do I have this correct?

500N 17th Jan 2014 14:37

Yes, 100% correct.

Which is why it makes them look so bloody stupid and
why I said it might be part of a plan by Abbott to draw
the Indos out into the sea, get evidence of ships at sea
and then they have NO excuse for not rescuing the boats
as the Aussies will be able to see the Indo boats.

dat581 18th Jan 2014 01:49

I wonder if one or two of the RAN's frigates might just be nearbye incase the Indo's try to push around our patrol boats with the frigate they are sending south. I think they would go home with their tail between their legs very quickly if push came to shove.

parabellum 18th Jan 2014 02:29

Don't think there was any unintentional breach of Indonesian waters, the sailors know exactly what they are doing and where they are. The boats are being stopped and an apology here and there costs nothing, especially if you get it in before they even lodge a complaint!http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif

Ethel the Aardvark 18th Jan 2014 02:44

Slippery slope when you start disrespecting another countries sovereign borders.
Is this the same navy that let someone onto a patrol boat and steal their small arms. The mind boggles!

Airey Belvoir 18th Jan 2014 02:49

Slippery slope when you start disrespecting another countries sovereign borders

Would that also apply to the government that saw fit to put listening devices onto their head of state and his missus?

Why does the word "hypocrite" (among other words) keep popping into my head whenever I read anything from this poster?

bosnich71 18th Jan 2014 02:52

Ethel ...." slippery slope etc.'
Indonesian registered boats with Indonesian Skippers ????????

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