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rh200 14th Jan 2014 04:47

If his wife was, indeed, doing electorate work from home, the outcome will be interesting.
Conditional problem here, if done by the greens or the ALP then it is good, as there helping the enviroment by working at home. It was the big "In" thing for a while.

Raises the question of whether politicians wives should be expected to support their husbands only on a voluntary basis; ie, not be paid for their efforts.
Now now Cooda, some huggy fluffy training for you, with the correct use of English. Change "wives" and "Husbands" to spouses please. If Tony said something like that we would never hear the end of the calls for apologies etc.

SOPS 14th Jan 2014 11:03

Typical, Liebor says its all down to the great job they did, and Two Dads is foaming at the mouth.

Labour, please note, you are no longer in government and we have no desire to hear what a great job you did in your own, self dilliousional, eyes.

Two Dads, please note, you are totally irrelevant in all factors of life. Please go away.

Immigration detention centre closures set to save Government $88.8m - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 14th Jan 2014 11:08

Anyone notice that the Greens have come out and said the Lord's Prayer should
not be read at the start of Parliament as Pollies are supposed to represent everyone and not everyone is a Christian ?

Sounds to me like they are trying to stay in the limelight !!!

SOPS 14th Jan 2014 11:45

All those who are offended by having the Lords Prayer read are invited to pick up a free, one way ticket on a small boat to an Island destination (yet to be announced). Miss Two Dads will be your tour leader.

For those of you that wish to stay in Australia, but still find the reading of the Lords Prayer offensive, I find paying you welfare from my taxes offensive as well. Perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement.

RJM 14th Jan 2014 12:28

The opposition has accused him of attempting to politicise the curriculum, and has labelled his chosen reviewers, Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire, as ideologues.
Thanks for posting that article by Nick Cater, Cooda. I hope every schoolteacher in Oz reads it and considers it. Sadly, some of them may ask, 'So what's wrong?'.

They would be the ones who see no irony in the quote above. If anyone has politicised the curriculum, and are ideologues, it's the grim, humourless Lefties who wrote the rubbish.

I agree with Nick Cater. There's no redemption for thus document. It must be replaced entirely, as it could be in a few dozen pages.

What was the quote? 'The Left's long march through the education system...'

Well it's clearly time someone turned them around and kicked their arses.

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Jan 2014 13:15

Boy oh boy,
I am glad that the chosen one was voted in.
You righties are such a happy bunch I hate to think how enchanting you all would be if Mr Rudd was re elected.

RJM 14th Jan 2014 13:53

I invite you to respond to the article in the Australian, Ethel, perhaps after reading a bit further about the document produced by the 117 staff of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority. I'd be interested to see how you'd argue that the new curriculum could be effective in reversing the decline in our national education standards since, well, since Gillard became federal education minister - passionate though she claims to be about education.

As to the re-election of Rudd, the figures show that he would have Buckley's chance. Even his re-appointment as PM by the same Caucus that threw him out was a cynical exercise in damage control, rather than an expression of confidence in him, as everyone including the ALP knows.

chuboy 14th Jan 2014 16:19

Originally Posted by SOPS (Post 8263505)
All those who are offended by having the Lords Prayer read are invited to pick up a free, one way ticket on a small boat to an Island destination (yet to be announced). Miss Two Dads will be your tour leader.

I find it about as offensive as having a prayer from the Quran read out before parliament sits.

Developed civilisation has long outgrown organised religion, and any inclusion of it in the day to day activities of government is unnecessary and arguably inappropriate. Australia is a secular country so if you don't like that then I suggest you buy a one way ticket on a small boat, lead by Cory Bernardi, to an island colony free from the oppression of non-believers, or perhaps the American Deep South.

500N 14th Jan 2014 16:40


That is not organised religion. Australia has grown in 200+ years based
on Christian values of one sort or another, denying it is just like we have
done with a heap of other history (Aboriginal).

No harm is done by it, you or they don't have to partake in it.

I have never taken part in religious activities since I was a kid.

Why then have courts get you to swear on your religious book of choice
and by your religion then ? (If you don't take an oath or affirmation) ?

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Jan 2014 21:40

I see where you are coming from RJ,
Christy Pyne wants more religion and good recent history included,
None of that lefty stuff where you head east whilst praying but good old fashioned Christian belief. Maybe compulsory Sunday school will smarten them up.
Maybe the kids are too smart to believe in imaginary beings.

500N 14th Jan 2014 22:28

The Gov't really is playing hard ball. Looks like the Navy might use force to achieve the mission. This will get the lefties up in arms.

"Navy personnel carrying out border protection were quietly stripped of some workplace safety protections and obligations last month in an apparent preparation for dangerous operations such as turning back boats.

The Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley, used his powers under workplace safety laws shortly before Christmas to exempt Navy sailors from their obligation to take ''reasonable care'' to ensure their own safety and that of other sailors and asylum-seekers.

The change aims to give sailors legal protection, meaning they would ''not face individual criminal sanctions under the Act for giving effect to Government policy'', an explanatory statement issued by General Hurley states.

CoodaShooda 14th Jan 2014 22:40

Maybe the kids are too smart to believe in imaginary beings.
Is Gaia an imaginary being?

I wasn't aware that Pyne was pushing for the teaching of a specific religion. The argument seems to be more about raising awareness of religions plural rather than taking the Greens approach of denigrating any system of belief other than their own.

I was a product of the Victorian government school system from 1962 to 1973, so saw the transition from the hoary old disciplinarian teacher with his/her cane or strap to the long haired, dope smoking, free thinking (as long as you agreed with their views) new brigade.

At age 11, I was reading Tolkein. My younger sister, coming through the system 5 years behind and possessed of a higher IQ, was by age 11 still struggling with Enid Blyton.

From what I experienced of my own childrens' education, in both private and public schools, the situation has further deteriorated. The best education any of them received was at a Christian School; which did not demand that my unbaptized heathens attend Religious Instruction but did undo a lot of the damage the other schools had inflicted.

A few years on, it seems that I have a family comprising well read and well travelled non-practicing Anglican, non-practicing Lutheran, Buddhist, Hindu and Atheist members. But most of their comprehension skills and world views have been developed outside the contemporary classroom.

The only child with a completed degree actually missed years 9 and 10 through illness but still got sufficient year 12 results to go to UNSW. That alone begs the question of whether our children are wasting their time with much of the current curriculum.

Saltie 15th Jan 2014 00:51

Magistrate refuses to release Julia Gillard documents

Are we in any way surprised?

Airey Belvoir 15th Jan 2014 08:41

Probably a very smart move. If the documents were to be released (Note that the ABC is one of those organisations requesting) then they are almost certain to do something which would result in the collapse of any case against Dullard et al on the ground that they would not be getting a "fair trial".

The Magistrate's words ....I am satisfied that, in each instance, the communication was made or the document prepared in furtherance of the commission of a fraud or an offence.

The documents have been released to the cops - the tsunami is just over the horizon. Patience is a virtue.

SOPS 15th Jan 2014 08:43

Chuboy, I am glad you have that opinion and I would fight for you to keep the right to express it.

My point was this...when the Greens get up and say that it's time to get rid of the Lords Prayer because it might offend people, I know the people they are thinking about, and it is sure not people such as your good self.

RJM 15th Jan 2014 19:48

Give it a break, ABC!

My local ABC radio news led this morning with criticism of the Australian government's 'boats policy' which appears to have stopped refugee boats from landing - without anyone being hurt - at least for the time being.

'This policy of turning back boats is a slippery slope,' warned one interviewee darkly, without saying why.

The piece ended with the statement that 'It has been reported that an Australian ship has fired a warning shot across the bows of a refugee boat.' No details, just a nice, memorable message to end the report - we are now firing shells at the refugees (according to some unnamed person).

You can imagine the ABC employees whose job it is to massage the real news bristling and seething as they struggle to contain their prejudices within the ABC's so-called Charter.

500N 15th Jan 2014 20:03

I notice that only the age has reported that as arrivals to indonesia have dropped a lot. These are figures from the UNHCR.

Firing shots across the bow is good, internationally recognised way
That transcends language.

Good on the navy :ok:

Ethel the Aardvark 15th Jan 2014 22:06

Surely if a boat arrives in our sovereign waters and we tow it to another countries sovereign waters does that make the RAN similar to Indonesia's people smugglers. Or only if we towed it to NZ
I hope the kids on board (if true) were suitably excited when the RAN fired off their warning shots. Another proud day in maritime warfare.:D

500N 15th Jan 2014 22:10

International waters.

Looking at the UNHCR numbers coming into Indonesia, the message seems to be getting through that Aus is no easy push over like it was.

The Gov't is saying no boats have arrived in 3 weeks :D

"Another proud day in maritime warfare.:D"

Another proud day of having a Gov't that has the balls to stop people
doing stupid things like getting on rickety boats and drowning like
the fluffy huggy lefties like them to do.

rh200 15th Jan 2014 23:32

Very much doubt that they fired shots across the bow, but in the rights to do so. And if they did, like it was going to do anything, the people on board know fair well that where not actually going to shoot at them.
They probally p!ssed themselves laughing at the time if it did indeed happen.

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