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SOPS 6th Jan 2014 11:01

Now this is interesting. This article discusses how most 'refugees' from Lebanon, are economic 'refugees' and will probably return home. Awaiting comment from SHY.

Lebanese asylum seekers in detention on Nauru and Manus Island consider returning home voluntarily - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Fliegenmong 6th Jan 2014 11:39

How dare the ABC report such things!!!

What's TA & SM going to do about it?!?!??

I think we should be told!!! :ok::ugh:

Captain Sand Dune 6th Jan 2014 22:14

You're right Fliegs; an unusual burst of impartiality from the ALPBC there. However I see they've returned to form by frothing at the mouth about the boat of illegal immigrants that sunk late last year. According to the ALPBC it's all the Navy's fault for turning them back and how dare we weren't told about it immediately and it's all Tony Abbott's fault yadda yadda yadda.....

Clare Prop 7th Jan 2014 01:48

Apparently they didn't sink, they got turned around with enough diesel and then ran aground on an island and got nicked by the Indonesian cops. Not sure about the stand off with three Navy warships bit.

And SHY is wailing "OMG They might have drowned!" I wonder does she realise how stupid that sounds when hundreds have lost their lives by drowning thanks to her hand wringing? :ugh::ugh:

500N 7th Jan 2014 02:00

Agree, SHY was a bit OTT re the boat. IMHO it made her look a bit of an idiot.

I think this comes from them all having to try to be relevant and strive for oxygen
in the Tony A era where the environment isn't so "Green" friendly.

Captain Sand Dune 7th Jan 2014 03:16

I think this comes from them all having to try to be relevant and strive for oxygen in the Tony A era where the environment isn't so "Green" friendly.
And that's where Pravda24 comes in, giving plenty of oxygen to socialist/Green dogma. Just saw a breathless SHY on the 3 o'clock getting all het up about the boat running aground (sorry, it didn't sink as I claimed earlier!).

500N 7th Jan 2014 05:05

Your mention of Pravda reminded me of an article I read when away
of that Greenpeace ****** from Tasmania who got arrested in Russia
saying the Aust Gov't should have done more and the Deputy PM saying
what was done and costs might be recovered !!!

How about not breaking the laws of the foreign country you are in being a start before jumping on the Gov't about "not doing enough" (which I doubt he has any idea what they did behind the scenes anyway) :ugh::ugh::ugh:

Made me see red.

SOPS 7th Jan 2014 07:40

As I have said before 500, I can't work these idiots out. They go into another country, climb all over someone else's oil rig, and seem genuinely surprised when special forces arrive and throw them in jail.

A bit like SHY, they are so rapt up in their 'one and only truth', that they never realise that they are 1, breaking the law, and 2, a lot of other people may not actually think the same way as them.

500N 7th Jan 2014 23:31

Interesting article in The Age. Shows just how the country has shifted tot the right, however I question the size of the sample of 1000 as being quite small.

Anyway, I agree strongly with treating them more harshly and stopping all Gov't assistance until proved they are proper refugees. Interesting getting views from other parts of Aus in my travels, NT seems to be very right wing.

Australians want boat arrivals treated more harshly: poll

Most Australians think asylum seekers who arrive by boat are not genuine refugees and there is strong support for the Abbott government to treat boat arrivals more harshly.
A nationwide opinion poll by UMR Research shows that 59 per cent of people think most boat arrivals are not genuine refugees.
The poll, based on a nationally representative sample of 1000 online interviews, shows only 30 per cent of Australians believe that most asylum seekers are genuine refugees while 12 per cent are unsure.
A strong majority of Australians, 60 per cent, also want the Abbott government to “increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers.”
Groups most strongly favouring harsher policies are older Australians (aged over 70 years – 68 per cent), and self-employed people (71 per cent). People in Queensland and Western Australia are slightly more supportive of a more severe approach (65 per cent and 64 per cent respectively) than in Victoria and NSW (both 62 per cent).

Only 30 per cent of Australians think asylum seekers should not be treated more severely, while 9 per cent are unsure.

A majority of Australians - 59 per cent - oppose refugees receiving government welfare assistance. Only 27 per cent believe that refugees should receive government support.

You can read more here.

Australians want boat arrivals treated more harshly: poll

Captain Sand Dune 8th Jan 2014 00:08

THE Federal Government is remaining tight-lipped about reports it's buying large, engine-powered lifeboats on which asylum seekers could be sent back to Indonesia.
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the government would not comment on or confirm the reports, saying people smugglers had used official commentary to "make dangerous assumptions about our maritime operations, which puts people at risk''.
"The government will continue to take all steps necessary to stop the boats consistent with our commitments to the Australian people and to protect safety of life at sea,'' he said in a statement.
Labor's acting immigration spokesman Mark Dreyfus said Australians were being left to guess at what the government was doing in their name.
"The minister and the prime minister are not wanting to explain to Australians what's going on because that would make clear just how disastrous the impact this is having on our relationship with Indonesia,'' he told ABC radio.
"(Australians) shouldn't have to read about it in The Jakarta Post or to be told by Indonesian authorities what our government and what our navy is being asked to do.''
Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said reports the government was buying the lifeboats were proof its asylum-seeker policy has failed.
"I think this just shows what tatters Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott's policy is in,'' Senator Hanson-Young told ABC radio today.
"First we heard they were going to stop the boats, then they said we'll buy back the boats, now they're going to start giving away boats.
"The fact is this government is obsessed with doing everything they can to push refugees out of sight, out of mind, rather then helping them.''
The government is purchasing up to 16 hard-hulled lifeboats on which asylum seekers can be transferred if their own vessels are deemed unseaworthy, according to a Fairfax Media report. The asylum seekers could then be returned to Indonesia on board the lifeboats.
The purchase of the lifeboats is said to be an attempt to combat the practice of asylum seekers sabotaging old fishing boats at sea, leaving Australian authorities with no option but to rescue them.
The engine-powered lifeboats have roofs, and can carry dozens of passengers, as well as food and water for at least seven days.
The boats have enough fuel and supplies to get asylum seekers caught close to Indonesian waters back to land, the report says.
Yesterday, Mr Morrison would not comment on conflicting reports that the navy secretly turned around at least one asylum seeker boat in recent weeks.
Speculation about possible boat turnbacks follows a stand-off in November when Australia tried to force a vessel back into Indonesian waters.
The Abbott government backed down after Indonesia refused to accept the asylum seekers, who were eventually transferred to Christmas Island.
Oh puleeeaze!! They cannot be serious! Firstly, it does not maintain the impression of a ‘tough’ border control policy, to Australians or to potential illegal immigrants. Getting tough with illegal immigrants was one of the LNP’s main promises that got them elected, and this is what the public expect to see. Handing out boats to illegal immigrants is not ‘getting tough’.
Secondly, the LNP will shoot themselves in the foot politically if this goes ahead if for no other reason than SHY and her ilk will seize on this and milk it for all it’s worth. The ALPBC – true to it’s charter of promoting socialist/green dogma – are already airing SHY’s hysterical reaction to this issue and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

rh200 8th Jan 2014 00:18

are already airing SHY’s hysterical reaction to this issue and will undoubtedly continue to do so.
Actually I would think her public pronuocments are doing her cause more harm than good.

Andu 8th Jan 2014 00:28

The Labor Party's (and the Greens', and the ALPBC's) publicising of the government's plans to put asylum seekers into life boats and return them to Indonesia cannot be described as anything but a 'spoiler action', i.e., it is designed to make that plan fail by pre-warning the people smugglers and their clients of these measures so that they can take measures to defeat them.

If the people smugglers had not known of these measures, four or five boatloads might have been turned back - causing major damage to the people smugglers' business plan - before they worked out what was happening and took measures to sidestep the Australian government's plans.

Now, thanks to Sarah Hanson-Young, Anthony Albanese and every talking head employed by the ABC, they can save themselves those three or four turnbacks - they'll brief their passengers to be ready to sidestep the government's next move.

How, I hear you ask?

My guess would be self-harm. The government would be loath to put people back on a boat who have been injured and require medical attention. And if you really want to pull the world media's heartstrings, how about (shades of the 'children overboard' saga) injured or mysteriously ill CHILDREN?

Oh Sarah, you're going to go through whole packets of tissues on camera in the months to come...

7x7 8th Jan 2014 01:00

Sarah HansonTwodads would do well to take a look at this:

Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - Updated 2010 - YouTube

Very interesting argument.

500N 8th Jan 2014 01:21

That is an awesome video. Thanks for posting.

Reminds me of something my uncle said in the 60's when he came back
from India, along the lines of you would be better off giving each person
a wheelbarrow, spade and a rake instead of $$$ in aid !

rh200 8th Jan 2014 01:22

Aldi cops backlash after advertising 'inflammatory' Australia Day shirts | News.com.au

Anyone know where I can get one of these shirts now:E.

500N 8th Jan 2014 01:25

Yes, 5 minutes from my house.

I'm going down to buy one on the 11th Jan.

Flying Binghi 8th Jan 2014 03:33


"Bureau overheat figures by 4 degrees! (2013 was not Australia’s hottest year on record)"

Samuel's Blog » Bureau overheat figures by 4 degrees! (2013 was not Australia?s hottest year on record)


"Another year, and another announcement from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that it is getting hotter.

According to Dr Jones, (Manager of Climate Monitoring and Predictions at the BoM) the hottest place in 2013 was Moomba in South Australia where a temperature of 49.6°C was recorded in January. What Dr Jones didn’t explain, however, is that temperatures have only been recorded at Moomba since 1995. "

Jennifer Marohasy » Last Year, 2013: A Hot Year for Australia


Ken Borough 8th Jan 2014 03:44

Rednecks will now have to produce their own t-shirts carrying insensitive messages.

Aldi pulls 'Australia Est. 1788' shirts. :D:D:D

Airey Belvoir 8th Jan 2014 05:17

Insensitive (to some) it may be Ken but it is factually correct. Prior to 1788 (or whenever it was named by Europeans) there was no country called Australia.

There's a letter in today's West Australian that starts off "I am an Aboriginal man...." and goes on to complain about aboriginals being called "indigenous". According to that author they should be called "Noongar", "Balladong", "Whadjuk" or whatever. And that certainly bolsters the argument that there was no Australia prior to us Europeans naming it.

There are certainly some thin skins out there.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jan 2014 05:21

Offensive and factually incorrect. The Commonwealth of Australia came into being on the First of January, 1901 :8. Prior to that there was no country called Australia.

  • 1814 - Mathew Flinders publishes A Voyage to Terra Australis. Throughout the book he uses the name Australia to refer to the island continent. This book helped boost the popularity of the name Australia and until 1824 there was a mixed unofficial use of all three current names, Australia, Terra Australis and New Holland.

Naming of Australia

Of course a foreign owned supermarket chain probably neither knew nor cared, and I'd guess that the shirts weren't made in Australia either.

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